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This is the minigame section. This is where you can find tips on how to win at the various minigames in Xenogears. If you have tips to share, send them over using the mailbag section.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Card Game Tips (otherwise known as "Men of the Sea Card Game") 

Rock, Paper, Scissors
(tips from Ignacio de Lucas)

A house in Lahan has a guy playing rock, paper, scissors. If you decide to challenge him, you'll have to select the option quite quickly (as you  would in a real RPS game). Each time you win, he'll give you 50 G, and each time you lose, he'll take 50 G from you (fair enough ^_^). However, should you manage to beat him five times in a row, he'll give you the "Mythical RPS Hero Badge" (AKA RPS Badge), which will be useful in getting seom rare items (see the secrets section under the badges secret).

There IS a way that you can increase your chances of winning. It is not COMPLETELY random. The critical key here is that once the man is beaten he will always change his signs. At that point you want to pick the sign that will not lose. Allow me to show an example: You throw paper and he throws rock. He'll lose, which means he WILL change signs. The remaining options are scissors and paper. Scissors will defeat paper but paper can't beat scissors. Throw scissors and you will tie at WORST, win at best. If you tie ---- good luck, that I have found is completely random. On the other hand this little strategy will increase your chances greatly.

Assuming you won the previous round, your chances are now 1/2 of winning and 1/2 of tying, and if you tie now, you have 1/3 of losing, 1/3 of winning and 1/3 of losing. Since if you tie, you'll have to draw again with the same chances over and over, it could be considered as 1/2 of winning and 1/2 of losing.

So that's 1/2 of winning straight, and 1/2 * 1/2 of winning if you tie. That makes 3/4 of winning each time instead of 1/2, which is quite an improvement! So, to win 5 times in a row, you must win the first game by pure luck (1/2), then four more by using Strasa's tactic (3/4), so in the end it is 1/2 * (3/4) ^4 = 81/512 = 15.82% instead of (1/2)^5 = 1/32 = 3.125%, almost five times as much chance as before! Quite an improvement, huh? Also, since you win more often than you lose, you'll end up gaining money.