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The Site's History
The Nuts and Bolts -- How we made this site


So how did this site came to be? Well, it all started way back January, 1999 when Nutz made the very first layout. It was a bit course, and it prompted the author to re-layout things again. The second one was better, but still unsatisfactory. It was mid-february when Nutz made the 3rd layout, which looked pretty much like this:

Due to lack of space, Nutz decided to apply for free hosting in Gamer's Reality. She was accepted, and thus, the construction for the final layout began. Seeing things were way too big for her to handle alone, she asked for help, and got 5 wonderful staffers after a week's screening. The final site was opened late March, and many good feedbacks (and some bad too) poured in. Due to the immediate transfer of the site, many links were broken, but everybody in the staff did (and still are doing) their best to fill in every link. Despite the number of dead links, the site still was appreciated by many, and the 5,000 hit mark was reached 3 days after the site's opening. The 10,00 hit mark was reached last April 17, and currently, the site's day-hit record is 380 hits, and its average hit per day is more or less 310. A small number... but it's not too bad for a site that's only 6 weeks old. ^_^

 THE NUTS AND BOLTS - How we did things

How did we make this site? Well, here are the things we did and used:

Graphics - the re-worked images in here are all made by Nutz using Adobe Photoshop 5 and Paintshop Pro 4
Layout - the layout was first made in Photoshop 5 (the whole page... a bit taxing on PC memory, but hey, it was worth it). Then it was cut up into several pieces and patched in the HTML editor. The editor used was Adobe Pagemill 3, and most final editing was done using Notepad. You see, WYSIWYG editors like Pagemill do not offer the exact result in browsers, so you need to check the codes in the HTML source itself. If you will observe, you'll noticed that the whole of the page is one big table broken down in endless sections, ridding out the need for frames (which Nutz definitely hates).
Javascript and the technical stuff - this site utilizes very basic Javascript, only those used for opening pop-up window frames and questions on the X-quiz. CGI was also used for some convenient purposes like the Jukebox and pull-down jump menus. Lastly, some ASP stuff were used in the mailing sections.
Contents - the contents were mostly original works of the staff, written from various sources and thorough researching. Some are from various contributors, and in these sections their names and e-mail addresses are oftenly dislplayed.
The Biggies - the big downloads like Movies and MP3s are The Contact's works. He's the genius behind all that exhausting extraction and encoding. If you need to know how in the world he did his work, just send him a message.

Well, that's just about all the things we did to put up this site. If in the future we use any other advanced methods in here, we'll sure mention it in this page.