Boss Tactics section is further narrowed down into TWO sub-sections, one for disc one bosses, and one for Disc 2. This page contains all the Disc 1 bosses in chronological order. To go to the disc 2 bosses, click here (but erhm, I'm still not through typing it all up, sorry)

I'd like to thank Tips and Tricks for most of the info in this section. =)

Blackmoon Forest
-- Rankar (480 HP) This one is easy since he's the first boss in the game. No problem here
Ignas Desert  
-- Wyrm (200 HP) -- Wyrm can only be defeated by using level 1 attacks
-- Brigandier (800 HP) -- Attack using the square button. You'll defeat him easily
Stalactite Cave  
-- Calamity (2,500 HP) This is the first serious boss in the game. You have to have all the available gear parts available in Balthasar's shop, or else, you'll be having a hard time beating him
Bart's Lair  
-- Sword Knight (700 HP), Aegis Knight (700 HP), Wand Knight x2 (700 HP), Claw Knight (600 HP) -- These first four battles are fairly easy, however, there are no breaks in between. Just conserve your fuel, and do level 1 attacks as soon as you could
-- Schpariel (4,500 HP) -- This one's a bit tougher than the others. You can beat him by continually attacking him and using level 1 deathblows as often as you could
Aveh, Bledavik Tournament  
-- Gonzales (400 HP)
-- Don't use deathblows on Gonzales, or else he'll be doing his "I can't take it anymore" attack on you. Take heed, this attack of his can black you out in two turns.
-- Big Joe (800 HP) -- You'll be seeing Big Joe in a lot of places, but this is the only area where you can really do battle with him. His attacks are really weak, however, his fans in the crowd can heal him by about 140 HP per turn, and they can also damage you as high as 70 per turn. Save your AP so that you can do deathblow combos on Big Joe, right before the crowd heals him up.
-- Scud (600 HP) -- Like Big Joe, Scud can't damage you that much, and she can heal herself up real well. A deathblow combo would prove best in this battle.
-- Dan (450 HP) -- Dan is fairly weak, but as the battle progresses, he'll build up more angst and therefore increase his power. Keep your HP above 100, otherwise, Dan's later attacks can kill you in one turn. Don't do combos, just use your strongest Deathblows.
-- Wiseman (? HP) -- You can't damage Wiseman at this point, and he'll leave after a few turns. You end up winning by default.
Fatima Castle, Bledavik  
-- Ramsus (500 HP,
1,000 HP)

The battle with Ramsus
After rescuing Margie using Bart, Ramsus and Miang will confront you. There will be two battles, and in the first one, you have only Bart in your party. Margie will only heal you, and you can't control her. Fortunately, Ramsus will be inflicting damage all by himself, with Miang healing him often. Save your APs for a deathblow combo (make sure it's a 20+ AP combo). Warning! Whenever Ramsus changes his stance (Mirror stance), don't attack him! He'll be inflicting as much damage as you did, even if it's not his turn. Instead of attacking, just use this chance to cure yourself. After you give Ramsus enough damage, Fei will appear and help you out. This now signals the second battle, where Ramsus' HP is doubled, and Miang's curing power is amplified. Good thing though, is that you now have Fei in your party. Just use the same technique you did in the first battle, and you'll easily win.
Mountain Cave
-- Wand Knights x2 (700 HP) -- Real easy foes, but conserve your fuel.. there are other battles waiting after this one
-- Claw Knights (600 HP), Sword Knight (700 HP), Aegis Knight (700 HP) -- All these three will be battling you all at once. Defeat the sword knight first, then go after the Claw Knight, then the Aegis knight. Concentrate your blows on one enemy at a time.
-- Vierge (Elly) (2,500 HP)  -- This one is tough to beat, primarily because your HP and fuel are not replenished from the last battle. Vierge's blow attacks are fairly tolerable, however, her Aerods attack is extremely powerful. Don't use your booster, and just do deathblow attacks as soon as you reach Level 1 or 2. Don't use X attacks since Vierge will only be dodging them.
Ignas Desert  
-- Main Gun (1,800 HP) -- You'll have to battle a sand cruiser flanked by two small guns. Ignore the small guns and focus your attacks on the Main Gun.
-- Dora (Vanderkaum) (3,000 HP) (700 HP shield) -- It'll take you about 5 or six turns to break the shield. After that, you'll inflict greater damage on Dora. If you have enough fuel, then use the booster
Alley in Nortune  
-- Leonardo (500 HP)
Heinrich (500 HP)
Vargas (600 HP)
Suzarn (800 HP)
-- The first two battles are easy. However, Vargas can be a tough one so use 28 AP deathblow combos on him. Be careful about Suzarn too, since his blows can easily halve your HP in one turn.
-- Rico -- You'll be forced to lose this battle.
Nortune Battling Areas

The early battles are easy, and you can do more damage if you shoot ether bullets the moment your opponent falls down. Using the hit-hit-hit-run technique would prove effective in winning, and don't worry too much about the button combos as you can do enough damage with just plain XXX or square-square-square. Don't use ether bullets when your opponent is standing -- it has a great chance of missing its target, or can easily be blocked. Lastly, when your gauge is heating up, you can go for a swim in the water parts to cool your engines faster than on normal terrain.
Kislev (Nortune) Sewers  
-- Redrum (4,300 HP)

This opponent can be extremely tough. He can steal all of a character's HP and use it to heal himself. You'll want to have a lot of Zetasol before you face this guy, since you'll be reviving your party quite a bit. Redrum uses fire elemental attacks, thus, making water elemental attacks effectively powerful on him. Save up your APs and give him 28+ deathblow combos. This will bring him down even before he steals somebody's HP. It would be best that you also use Citan's Renki and Healing abilities for the benefit of all members of the party.
-- Wiseman (1,000 HP)

You can use 15+ AP deathblow combos on Wiseman, and this'll take him down easily. Remember to maintain your HP above 100, or else he can knock you out before you do.
Nortune Gear Dock  
-- Ranker R (600 HP)
Aegis Knight R (1,800 HP)
Sword Knight R(1,800 HP)
Claw Knight R (1,400 HP)
Wand Knight R (1,800 HP)
-- These are the same guys you battled before, but now they are powered up. However, they are still the wussies like they usually were, so there'll be no problem beating them up.
-- Dominia (8,700 HP) -- Occasionally, the Hecht's cannon will appear and will sit around for a couple or more turns. Don't mind it, though... and concentrate your attacks on Dominia herself.
Goliath Factory Goliath
-- Grahf (? HP) -- You have no way of winning this battle. Grahf will practically mop the floor with you. =)
-- Goliath Guard (6,500 HP) -- During this battle, you need to have a lot of fuel in order to use Boosters. Use level 1 and 2 attacks, as level 3 blows take more turns and would waste a lot of time. Speed here is essential.
Thames Thames
-- Haishao (Dominia) (2,700 HP)
Bladegash (Dominia)
(3,000 HP)
Haishao (Ramsus)
(4,000 HP)
-- This battle is very similar to the previous encoulnters you've had with Ramsus, except that now, everyone is in Gears. Miang will still be there healing Ramsus up, and Ramsus will be changing his stance as often as usual. Use the same strategy as before, and use your booster as early as possible. Use level 3 deathblows and the battle will end real soon, of course, in your favor.
Reaper's Ship  
-- Bloody (4,300 HP) -- This foe is the same as Redrum, but with more powerful attacks. Use combo attacks as usual
-- Giant Wels (4,300 HP) -- You can only use Billy's square attack here since most of the normal attacks will deal him minimal damage. Don't use ether attacks as those will only power up your opponent.
-- Seraphita (2,000 HP), Tolone (2,500 HP) -- Focus your attacks on Seraphita first, since she's the weaker of the two. Tolone's attacks are wind-based, so it'd be wise to use wind-element protection, or earth-based attacks.
-- Id (3,000 HP)

-- This is probably the hardest, gearless battle you'll be encountering before you reach Disc 2. Id's attacks can kill your party in two turns, and can bring down two characters in one turn. It'd be wise to bring Citan Uzuki with you, since his speed is twice Id's. Citan will be getting two turns before Id does, so better make advantage of this and use one of his turns for curing your party. Revive your members as soon as they die, because Id can wipe two people out in one turn -- so having one member still alive can lessen the chance of a gameover. Take heed... do not use deathblow combos on Id, and instead use your strongest individual deathblows in every turn. If you're using Elly, then it'd be best if you use ether attacks rather than her deathblows -- her magic is stronger than her blows by this point in time. Lastly, equip everybody with the speed accessory, because speed is very essential here.
-- Alkanshel (Stone)
(12,000 HP)
-- It'd be best if you pre-equip your gears with Hp restoring parts (FIX FRAME) before your face Stone's gear. This battle will be real tough, since he has more HP than any of the previous enemies. During the first few rounds you won't be damaging Alkanshel that much, but in the later parts of the battle, you'll be inflicting progressive damage. Stone will sometimes use a technique that will halve your HP, so it won't be a good idea to heal often unless necessary -- you'll be saving fuel this way.
Babel Tower  
-- Wyvern (Ramsus)
(5,000 HP)
-- As usual, Miang will be there to cure Ramsus up, about 1,200 HP per turn. This battle is easy that you only need to use Level 1 attacks .
-- Siebzehn (Maria)
(5,500 HP)
-- She's easier to beat than Ramsus in the last battle. No special techniques needed
-- Generator 1:
Solaris Guardsx6 (500 HP)
Littlefoot x2 (500 HP)
-- It'd be best if you use Elly in Elly in Generator 1this part. Her ether area-wide attacks can take out the guards all at once, and damage the littlefoots, if not bring them down in one turn. Don't use anybody who doesn't have area attacks -- it'll take more time killing just one guard every turn.
-- Generator 2:
White Knights x3 (300 HP)
-- This isn't too much. You can use practically anybody. Billy would certainly do.
-- Generator 3:
White Knights x2 (300 HP)
Citadel (5,000 HP)
-- You're better off using Citan here, since you'll be needing his speed. Take out the White knights first, then go after the Citadel. Citadel has a sonic boom attack that could chip off 4,000 HP per turn, so it'd best if you equip your gear with FIX FRAME parts before the battle.
-- Generator 4:
White Knights x2 (300 HP)
Avalanche (5,000 HP)
-- This is the toughest battle between the four generators. Better use your most powerful character here, preferrably Fei.
-- Achtzehn (Nikolai)
(3,000 HP, 8,000 HP)
-- Insanely easy, even with using just Chuchu. Just use your X or square attacks and Level 1 deathblows on him. After this battle, you can now use level 7 human deathblows, plus Yggdrasil can now fly. Citan will also be using his Katana skills from this point onwards.. making him one of the most powerful characters in your party.
Ignas Gate Cave (Solaris
Gate #1)
-- Shakhan (18,000 HP) This battle is the first one where your Gears have a reasonable chance of reaching Attack Level Infinity. Because Shakhan heals himself a lot, you'll want to use your boosters right away. You should also have Maria in your party, since her gear is very powerful. Also make sure that you have your FIX FRAME parts equipped, plus seal/electric attack accessories. Build up your attacks until they reach INFINITY LEVEL while Shakhan is healing himself up, for he cannot reach you while he's hooked to the gate. Once he lets go of the gate, rain all your strongest attacks before he can again hook up to the gate for healing. You have approximately 3 - 4 turns before he heals himself up again, so better make sure you inflict as much damage before his healing turn.
Babel Tower and Ft. Jasper (Solaris Gate #2)  
-- Battles 1 & 3
Bladegash (Dominia)
(5,000 HP)
Marine Basher (Kelvena)
(5,000 HP)
-- Better go after Marinebasher first, since she's the one who does all the healing. As for Bladegash, take note that she can change her elemental attack once every turn. In her next turn, she'll be attacking you with her sword, using the element she just charged in her previous turn. This will inflict double the damage compared to her elementless attacks. You can, however, cancel her elemental charging by attacking her with an element opposite the one she just charged with. For example, if she charges with water, you must attack her with fire before her next turn. Remember to conserve your fuel because you still have another battle after this.
-- Battles 2 & 4
Grandgrowl (Seraphita)
(6,000 HP)
Skyghene (Tolone)
(5,000 HP)
-- Attack Skyghene first because she has less HP and she can inflict more damage. Take heed on using some of the character's Level 2 and 3 deathblows.. sometimes they can heal the opponent. Again, conserve fuel since you'll be battling these two twice.
Undersea Gate Cave
(Solaris Gate #3)
-- Crescens (14,800 HP) -- This battle shouldn't be too hard at all, even if Crescens has a lot of HP. Simply use your Level 1 and 2 attacks on her.
-- Executioner (5,000 HP)
Grahf (7,000 HP)
-- This is the last battle you'll be having before you turn over to Disc 2. This will be a bit harder thanThe Executioner usual, because both enemies aren't total pushovers. Attack Executioner first, since she can kill your characters easily than Grahf. Use your strongest deathblows right away, and you can kill her in three turns. As for Grahf, you can choose saving your AP for combos, but regular deathblows can be sufficient.