Character Relationship Tree

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This is the tree diagram of all the important characters and their relationships with each other. To further explain the tree, please read on...

Relationship Tree:

(Starting off from Fei)
Fei and Id are one and the same person.
Fei's ancestor is Kim, from the Zeboim Era
Kim made Emeralda using nanotechnology.
(Going back to Fei)
Fei is Lacan's reincarnation.
Fei had a bestfriend, his name is Timothy.
Timothy is Alice's fiancee.
Alice is Dan's sister.
(Going back to Lacan)
Lacan's love interest was Sophia
Lacan is split into two, his soul is reincarnated as Fei, whilst his will is Grahf, an entity that posseses other humans from time to time.
Lacan is Krelian's Friend
(Going back to Fei)
Fei's parents are Karen and Kahn
Karen became Miang in one point of her life.
Kahn is also the Wiseman, in disguise
Kahn and the wiseman's mentor was Gaspar.
Gaspar had three other associates, Melchior and Balthasar.
Balthasar is the father of Nikolai.
Nikolai's daughter is Maria.
Maria's guardian and queen is Zephyr.
(Going back to Krelian)
Krelian's mentor was Melchior.
Krelian made Ramsus using nanotechnology.
Krelian's elders were Cain and the Gazel Ministry members.
Cain and the elders were the first humans on planet
(Going back to Ramsus)
Ramsus' subordinate was Shakhan, who in turn had a subordinate named Vanderkaum.
Ramsus had a special guardian unit, called
"Elements". There are four members: Seraphita, Tolone, Kelvena, and Dominia
Ramsus was once part of a group of Solarian high officers, the
There were three other members of the re-elements, they were Jessiah (Jessie) Black, Citan (Hyuga) Uzuki, and Sigurd Fatima.
Jessie's son is Billy Lee Black.
Billy's sister is Primera
Billy's superior is Bishop Stone
(Going to Citan Uzuki)
Citan had a wife and child. His wife was Yui, and his daughter, Midori
Citan is the Solarian spy sent to observe Fei.
(Going to Sigurd Fatima)
Sigurd's half brother is Bartholomew (Bart) Fatima.
Bart's cousin is Margie, Margie's Pet is Chuchu
Bart's guardian and butler is Maison
Bart's ancestor is Roni Fatima
Roni Fatima's friend is Rene
Roni is also friends with Lacan, Krelian and Sophia

(Going to ELLY)
Elly's parents are Erich and Medena
Elly was the leader of a special Gebler unit. Her troops are named Renk, Lance, Heimholz, Stratski, Broyer
Elly was Sophia in the past. Sophia was Lacan's love interest.
Elly is the "will" part of the first woman. She was the product of Zohar and the Wave Existence. Elly's other half was Miang.
Miang (not in Elly's body) was the Executioner

(Going to Rico)
Rico is Sigmund Kaiser's son
Hammer is Rico's friend

(Going to Thames' Captain)
Thames' captain had a loyal crew, his name is Hans

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