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In the Beginning... When the world was young, and darkness ruled chaos that was to be Ignas, a huge interplanetary ship ventured amidst time and space. Carrying people seeking refuge from a universe where technology has surpassed humanity, this ship was but an ark of hope, threading void in its search for a new home.
It was not good, as the techies at the bridge looked at it. Someone, or something, was slowly maneuverung its way into the ship's controls, causing frantic commotion among the crew."Sir, its speed is overwhelming!" exclaimed one of the female personnels. "It's taking over!" "Stop it by cutting the main lines..." came the calm and composed reply of the ship's captain. The female pilot flipped a switch. "No good, it's still active! And it has taken over the auto-pilot system!"

It's speed is overwhelming!
"Sir!" was the cry of yet another female crew. "It's heading for the main planet!"
After estimating the coordinates of the newly plotted ship course, it was fairly obvious. The entity was controlling the ship and was causing it to land on the nearest planet.
The entity wanted to escape.

"So it's planning to attack us?"
The captain stood up. He picked up the phone and tried calling the engine room. There was little chance of manipulation if the engines were shut down.
"Hello? Engine room? Engine room....?" There was no reply. The entity now has complete control over the ship. All crew then turned to stare at the bridge's screen as these words filled the monitors:
 "You shall be as gods"
The captain had no choice. "Everybody, we're evacuating the ship. Make sure all the people are assisted to the escape shuttles. I will follow soon and send a dispatch after we have evacuated."

The Bridge taken over

Then, the tragedy worsened. As the passengers panicked into the shuttles, the ship's main turrets and shooters were activated. The captain stared helplessly at the massacre that was happening right before his very eyes... The ship murdered its own passengers, shooting down every escape shuttle that was launched. None was spared.

He then sat down and collected his thoughts. His wife and daughter came to mind. He took out a pendant. And then he activated the ship's self-destruct mode. No hesitation... It was the end. But then... From the remains of the ship that crashed on the planet, a woman stood and stared at the night's dark blue sky. Two stars fell as they kissed the sun rising in the horizon. A new day has begun. No, it wasn't the end... instead, it was the beginning.

Violet-haired woman staring at the morning sun