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Nutz: Eyaaaahhooo!! Finally got this mailbag special up. October surely is a special month... The Nisan Sanctuary got its 100,000 hit count (LE), and we have two staffers celebrating their birthdays too. One is The Contact on October 19, so let's all flood his mailbox with greeting cards and make his bday memorable. MAIL HIM HERE! As for the other celebrant, er, I won't tell!! ^_^ Anyway, have fun with this Mailbag special, and on to more hits!! Thank you all!

yuga: Jeez, I came aboard when the site was only about 40,000 hits. I helped celebrate 50 000 as the rookie, but now I can help celebrate 100 000 hits as an experienced person. For you Xenofreaks today, we have over 20 letters, ranging from the normal, to the inquisitive, to the downright wacky. Special thanks to all of you who have sent letters previously, and to those of you who will in the future..

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Hyuga and the Nisan Sanctuary staff present the Mailbags Special 100 000 Hits Edition. It should be a blast, eh?

To submit HTML questions, comments, suggestions, violent reactions about the site or any other thing other than Xenogears, then use the
COMMENTS FORM. Otherwise, if your mail is XG related, submit your messages HERE.

(October 1 - 15)
1. Input Password
Q: On disc two i went down the elevator and i cant solve a input number A to D.
Hyuga: Easy, the password is as follows:
A = 2
B = 4
C = 8
D = 5
2. Deep Freeze
Q: Hi, I recently purchased Xenogears. My playstation has Gameshark attached to it but I have turned it off. Any how when I started to play the game when I went to the options menu and tried to save, a message came up which said checking memory card---then the game just froze up on the screen---I could not continue --- in fact when I reset and went through it again, the same thing happened--is this some sort of glitch in the software?
Could it be a defective game? How would I tell? Any help would be appreciated.
Hyuga: My advice would to be remove the GS period. I've noticed that the thing seems to reject Squaresoft games often. FF7 wouldn't load unless I had started the file with a GS. If that doesn't work, exchange your copy of the game at the place of purchase. It probably is a defective piece of software if the GS doesn't cause it. Also check your memory card. Nutz reported that her XG game also froze sometime in Disk 1 while loading a saved game. She found out that Xg *is* highly sensitive to a memory card's quality, and what she did was copy the save to a new Mem Card. It ran quite smoothly after that.
3. The Heat
Q: Well I'm a little behind, and I'm stuck in the sewers and cant figure out how to move on. I already began battling but my gear overheated and now when I go to the battle arena they tell me I cant go in for security reasons. I would appreciate any help you can give, thanks in advance.
Hyuga: Go back to your dorm and sleep. Despite the fact that you woke up there, it should bring you to another day. If that doesn't work, try exploring the town. If that still won't work, mail us again with complete details on your current location.
4. Japanimation
Q: Out of all the Xenogears websites, this by for has to be the best. Now on to the questions. I was wondering, what's the difference between the Japenese and American version movies in Xenogears. I'm too lazy to download one of each, so it would be great if I actually knew what I was downloading.

Hyuga: From what I know, the only difference is that they show a little more of Elly at the end. Now that I've said this, there are probably many guys going out there and downloading these videos. Sickos.
Nutz: Not quite, Hyuga. I took a shot of the Japanese video, and here it is. The only difference between the versions is maybe the language. (of course Niponggo for the Jap version, doh?)

Elly and Fei Running - Japanese Version
The Japanese movie still is a rip off. Over censorship sucks. ^_^
5. Movies and More
Elhaym Raven
Q: I don't know if this is a silly question or not, but what is the LAST line Krelian says? I always miss it! When you do that Lunar view movies code, on the second disk, while showing the silent films and a couple of the ship and Yggrasil ones, they play Star of Tears. I thought that was really neat :) Also, what's your thoughts on FF8? I personally thought it was a bit dissapointing story-line wise. Xenogears is still the best!

Hyuga: I believe it's this that Krelian mutters: "Actually, I envy you two."
Really? I only tried the first disc. I'll have to try that.
Well, the thing with FF8 is, it's like Zelda. Over-hyped and can't live up. I liked it overall, but it was still disappointing. Movies were great. Music was horrible, almost every tune hurt the ears, until the end. That last boss music is great, but Eyes on Me stinks. The story is cliché, though it was done fairly well up until the end. Finally, I'm still not too sure what was going on at the end, since they did a horrible job at explaining. The ending video was confusing. I liked it more than FF7, but it's still under Xenogears in terms of, well, everything but graphics. That's my 2 cents.

FF8 Sucks!! Rinoa says so herself!
So does FF8 suck? Rinoa says "Nyah!" =P