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note: This section contains spoilers
This is the FAQ Section. Here you can read questions frequently asked, and you can even send in your questions by e-mailing them to me. For questions, proceed to the mailbag section

1. What's that big ship at the beginning anime of the game?
A: It's the Eldridge, a ship that carries Deus.

What happened to the ship? Why'd it crash?
A: Deus took control over the ship, manipulating it to land on the nearby planet. The captain, at the sight of the ongoing takeover, caused the ship to self destruct.

Who was that violet-haired woman that stood naked after the ship's crash?
A: It was Miang, the first woman. Zohar made her so as to produce its biological parts. These biological parts, in turn, would one day merge to become the "fleshly" parts of -Deus-

I noticed that there are no action menus while battling. What should I do??
A: You need to do button combinations so that you could attack. The Triangle button makes you do a weak attack at the cost of one AP. The square button gives a medium attack for 2 APs, and lastly, the X button gives a strong attack for 3 APs.

Why do my X attacks always miss?
A: As a result of the strength of the blow, characters usually execute X attacks slower than triangle or square attacks. With such pace, your enemies have more time to dodge your blows.

On disk 2 one the second anima relic what do you do with the pillars and the holes in the floor? (q by Matthew - 022599)
A: Here's the trick. Examine the back of the leftmost pillar (if you stand facing the pillars from the door) and a piece of round block will fall. Now push this block in front of the middle pillar, and using it, climb up the middle pillar. When on top, jump once, and another block will fall down. Push these two blocks on the holes. Now you need one more block. Go to the right-end wall (if you're facing the room from the door), examine it and you'll read some instructions (I'll confirm tomorrow the exact instructions). Do just what it says, and the last block will fall. Push this into the remaining hole, and voila! I'll leave the results to you.

Are Dominia, Ramsus, and Miang playable characters?
A: No. Squaresoft has already assured players that these characters are not playable.

How in the world do I solve the puzzle in one of the Anima dungeons, where there's a pool with 4 switches? Seems that I can't cross the lake unless I solve this puzzle.
A: I'll start by assigning numbers to the switches. Viewing the room from above, the switches are numbered as such:

2 3

In words, the leftmost switch on the wall will be assigned as "1"; the leftmost switch on the floor as "2"; the right floor switch as "3"; and lastly, the rightmost switch on the wall is assigned as "4". Now, using this labelling system, press the switches in this exact order:

4, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2, 4, 3, 1, 2

9. How do I defeat -Deus- in the end?
A: Take out his most important orbs first, Sundel and Marlute. Sundel is Deus' healing core, and without it, Deus cannot heal himself. Marlute, on the other hand, is Deus feul drain core. Without it, Deus will not be able to rob you of your fuel. For more info, visit the Boss Tactics section.

Can you layout my homepage for me?
A: Uhmm, since I am currently tied with so many obligations right now (layouting other sites, as well as doing office work in the morning), I simply must say I cannot fully give you my word for3 helping you out. However, I am offering my services for business arrangements (in other words, paid work ^_^), and I put those projects in top priority. If interested, just mail me.