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100k Mailbags Special
Page 2
6. And the nominees are…
Q: Which characters should i use in the game and why?
Hyuga: I'd choose Fei, Citan and Emerelda. Here's why:
Fei: Yamikei makes him one of the best fighters. His strength is increased to a good amount with the LongDarkCoat. His Gears are also great.
Citan: Whether fighting hand to hand or with a sword, Citan is the best. His speed is amazing, allowing him to sometimes get in two attacks before anyone else gets one. Heimdal isn't very good, but Fenrir is great. I consider Fenrir to be better than Xenogears.
Emeralda: Strong, speedy, and ether powered, Emeralda is like a dream character. What her Gear lacks is HP, it makes up for with it's speed and power.
And for fun, the three worst characters:
Rico: Strong yet slow. Citan can get two or three attacks in before this hulk. Stier is good, but it doesn't make Rico useful.
Maria: Okay, so Seibzehn is great. If it were faster, we'd place Maria's ranking higher. But it's not. Maria herself is slow, weak, and deathblowless. And her voice…
Chu-Chu: So here we are in a serious game, and out comes this thing. Chubacca is weak, slow, annoying, and useless. The Chuwy Gear can't use booster and has low HP. All it can do is heal Gears, but usually dies before it can.
7. Blast from the Past
Q: Who were those guys chasing Kim and Elly in Zeboim? Go figure.....
Hyuga: Military soldiers probably. The government wanted Emmy right? So they send soldiers to kill Kim and Elhaym, then they take custody of Emeralda. Nutz and Amber hypothesizes them to be under the command of the Prime Minister and Miang herself, but until we get the PW translated thoroughly, we'll never know for sure.
8. I'll take LUNAR for 100
Id (not the Nisan Sanctuary Id)
Q: In reference to the site, it rules. My friend showed it to me this summer. Out of curiosity for the quote of the week. Would the game would be Lunar silver star story specifically, the man who represents hot girl magazine?
Hyuga: Nice try, but try again. The answer is not that man, but it is from Lunar. Everyone suspects the sick guy. Hey, while the nicknaming NPCs is still common, let's name this guy Hugh. Heh, heh.
9. What are those Jr. Dolls?
Q: What are those Jr. Dolls?
Hyuga: They are special dolls with hidden effects/meanings. Let's look at their hidden effects/meanings:
Elly Jr. Doll: Ether damage randomly does +50% damage, or -50% damage
Bart Jr. Doll: Emeralda only, raises critical hit rate
Emerelda Jr. Doll: Counterattacks deal same damage
Fei Jr. Doll: Emerelda only, raises critical hit damage
Billy Jr. Doll: Raises accuracy and evade
10. Like a Schoolgirl
Q: Hi Hyuga! Oh my gosh! I'm like your biggest fan! I LOVE these mailbags!! I just read them over and over and over. Thanks to you, I know more about Xenogears than I ever thought possible (well, you and Nutz :)! But I still have a few questions that I don't have resolved.

1.) What was the role of Miang during the Zeboim era? She seemed related to the leader or prime-minister or something. Was she responsible for the war?
2.) Okay, so like when Miang was in Karen (Fei's mother I think), Ramsus was being created. But his creation was not completely finished properly with the appearance of Fei (right? I think... tell me if I'm right). So then Ramsus is all "grown" up and he has Miang next to him as his co-commander. And, well, they're like bed-buddies too... but doesn't Ramsus know about who Miang is/was? Because if he does, isn't that like... kinda twisted? It seemed that Miang (when she was Fei's mother) had a hand
in creating Ramsus. If that's the case, then Ramsus and Oedipus have something in common, huh? It'd be even better if Ramsus wanted to kill Krelian... hehehe.
3.) Do we know anything about the Miang in Fei's time? We know she's Ramsus' co-commander... but that's it, right? Do they tell us what life she led before the latent Miang gene manifested itself? Do you know where I can get this kind of information? HELP! I can't read Perfect Works! Oh yeah, did I mention how cool you are? And no, it has nothing to do with posting the letter (it's up to you :). I just think you're really really really cool! And you know a lot about Xenogears, which makes you the most amazing person ever (well, you and Nutz, because you both do such wonderful work at this site!). Oh yeah, and tell DMC that the new images section is great! Hope you don't mind if I stay connected to your server browsing
through all this info forever and ever and ever! :D BYE!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

Your biggest fan,
-Margie "I wish I could marry Bart" Manelesco

P.S. Can I get a signed autograph of you? PLEASE?? PRETTY PLEASE?
Hyuga: Well, what can I say? The autograph I give wouldn't be my real name, but maybe I could send you one anyway ;-D.

1). Miang has always kept a close eye on the leader of anything. Must be that lust for power and the fact that she's the first lady (bad joke, I know). She may have been responsible for the war, but it sounds like the people were responsible.
2). No offense to your "name", but many parts of Xenogears were kinda twisted. Bart and Margie, cousins, marrying? Uh, I'd go for someone not related to me. But, I doubt that Ramsus thought it was anyone but someone with the same name. Very few people knew the truth about Miang after all. Still, it is twisted.
3). Not much is known about the current Miang. We know she stayed close to Solaris, was the Executioner, kept an eye on Ramsus, and died to let Elly become the new Maing. (NUTZ says: Perfect works holds a lot of info about this Miang. I think it read something like Miang being part of the previous Elements, if not being the one protected by it. Until we translate PW as a whole, we won't know for sure). As for Perfect Works, we have already recruited a translator, and DMC is working with this new guy into making a PW section here. Watch for it!
11. Sensor Excel
Q: I just love this web site, since its the only one out there that actually has good information. But I was wondering, I just bought Xenogears a couple of weeks ago, and I made it to the underground cave with Bart. I was wondering how do reach the second sensor that is suppose to be overlookingthe waterfalls. I would really appreciate if you gave me some assistance in this area. Thanks again for such a great site.
Hyuga: Well, I'm not totally sure which one you mean (one is waterfall sensor, the other overlooks a waterfall). So, here's a quote from my trusty Q&A helper, the strategy guide:

1). Follow the path to the west, at which point Fei passes the Sensor overhead. Keep going and then jump on the stone ledge. Perform a Big Jump over the chasm to reach the Sensor.
2). Return to the Terrace Stones and jump onto the northwest passage near the Memory Cube. Follow this pathway back to the cave's start. After heading under the archway, head due west over a stone bridge to find the Sensor.
12. Secrets of the Sanctuary
Q: I was just wondering, can you tell me how to make those cool format of your page? I could really use some tips, thanks.
Hyuga: I know the basic way to do it, but I'm no expert. If I want to do something, I just fiddle with the HTML until I get the results. But, the site designer Nutz will answer the tips part.
Nutz: I layouted the whole site on Adobe Photoshop first, then kind of chopped it into pieces. I then fitted those pieces into a table using Adobe Pagemill, and voila, this was the result. I did tons more of HTML editing by hand using Notepad, coz Pagemill does suck (LOL).
13. I'll take LUNAR for 200… (Someone finally Got it Right!)
Q: Not sure, but I think that the quote came from the kid at the end of the game who's in the group of kids imitating the heroes; as I recall, he began by saying something like "I, Nash, am the second-greatest magician in the world! Who's the best?", then continues on to the given quote. Afterwards, someone (Alex, I think?) comments that that was the best imitation of Nash that he had ever seen. Of course, I don't remember the quote verbatim, so I don't know if that's it...

Hyuga: It's about time someone guessed this. Dan, you are absolutely correct. "Her name is Mia… Mia Ausa… Hubba, hubba." Is indeed exclaimed by that Nash-wannabe. In fact, you even got the next quote right, although it was Nall who said it. Your prize is a jar of Soylent Meat. It'll be shipped to your house from the Solaris Soylent System on Earth Ltd within a few days. Enjoy.
Dan here's guess was the fifth guess. We even had our own LUNAR expert The Contact try his hand at the quote, and he too guessed the HOT GIRL NEWS guy. You people…

Hubba Hubba!
`Ere's the screen, and there's the quote. Hoorah for Dan!