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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(Mailbag Special 50k edition)
(August 1-15)
The Nisan Sanctuary reaches 50000 hits
Hyuga <hyuga@quakecity.net>

Hyuga: This section is a special edition of the Mailbag. Last July 24, we celebrated 50,000 hits. Everyone has their own little way of celebrating such an occasion, and this is mine. Double the Mailbags! For today's edition, we have 17 mailbags instead of my usual 8. Yep, 20. Including a guest appearance by Id, and a letter from The Contact. We also have more people asking about Xenogears 2, anime, and Ramsus. Some interesting letters facing things like mod chips, cooking show music, nuns and more.

Happy 50 K hits!! =D
1. Trio of Terror
Spawn <milliegarza@netzero.net>
Q: First of all good website. Second you explained Grahf and Fei but where does Id come into play and what are his relations?

Hyuga: Id? He's the staffer who does the cheats section. You ever talked to him? He's a pretty cool guy. His relations with Fei and Grahf? I don't think he has any. Wait, I'll ask him myself...
Id: We occasionally go for drinks at the Black bear pub and bowl on league nights. =D
Hyuga: There you have it. Case closed. Well, honestly, Id is part of Fei. Since you already know Fei and Grahf and their bit with Lacan, I'll cut to the chase. *SPOILER WARNING STARTS NOW* Fei (our Fei, the one you play) has Multiple Personality Disorder. He has three personalities. Fei, the one we know and *cough* love. The next would be the Coward, the part of him that shunned out his past that Karen did experiments on. After Fei couldn't take enough, he formed Id, the evil personality. Id was the one who took in all the anger and hate, and thus wanted to destroy the world. Id lives inside of Fei, and when Fei reaches a weakened mental state, Id comes out to play. SPOILERS OVER

Fei = Id, but who might this little shadow be?
Fei = Id, but who could this little shadow be?
2. Renmazuo the Omnipotent and more
Opi <waldo761@aol.com>
Q: Hey great site! I've found stuff here I haven't found anywhere else. Thanks, and now to my question. I have been looking for sometime for a site or place that has the places listed where you get your omni/new gears and thought that if you knew where you could just e-mail me (I'm a power freak I try to get as much new stuff as soon as possible). Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hyuga: You, sir, are the unlucky man of the day. To be a power freak, level up. That's all. Deathblows power you up, and can be gotten at almost any time, but Gears? Nope. New Gears are unfortunately automatic. No choices. If you had choices, I'd have Fenrir from the start!

Still want a list? OK: SPOILER WARNING

Fei: Xenogears. This Gear is gotten late in the game. On Disc 2, after your side trip to Merkava, you view a cutscene, then Fei runs off. After this next event, Id's Gear changes colors and becomes Xenogears.
Bart: Andvari. Only one to be available on Disc 1. You get it in Fatima Jp., after Shevat.
Citan: Fenrir! Being a Citan fan, Fenrir is my absolute fav Gear. Heimdal is replaced on Disc 2 by the samaurai Gear. Go Fenny!
Billy: Renmazuo. Disc 2, Anima Relic dungeon 1.
Rico: Stier. Disc 2, Anima Relic dungeon 2.
Elly: Regurus. You only see this Gear in a cut scene. Never get to use it.

The Omnigears Class picture
Yep, all `em Omnigears `ere. Can you name them all?
3. Case of the Missing Nuns
TK <tkahn@postmark.net>
Q: I'm on the part of the game called 'Operation Aveh', and I've been on this part for about 3 months now because some people just don't help me! All the walkthroughs say that you're supposed to go to the Inn and a nun takes you upstairs. But the nuns in the Inn don't do anything like that. They just talk rubbish and the guy at the counter says that they are full and gives you something that reduces your weight a bit. And, there is NO upstairs to the Inn! So what the heck am I supposed to do? nobody else in the town seems to be of any importance! Please help, I'm really frustrated!
Hyuga: Nuns don't "take you upstairs"! You have to put some elbow grease into it and go up yourself. Geez. Some people! Still need help? Go up the stairway and to the far right is the nun. From somewhere outside there's also a window entrance to her room.
Nutz: Now, now, Hyuga, be nice to the person.. LOL. I think he meant the nun who's suppose to give you a discount to the inn? Er, but hey, what do I know? But to get that discount, talk to the first nun you see when you enter Bledavik, one near the entrance, to the right side of the screen. She's the first person to see, so you won't miss her. Screenshots follow tomorrow. =D
4. Cooking with Yui: Now on TV! (Pirated game music on the boob tube?)
EvilYiu <evilyiu@aol.com>
Q: Well, I was watching some Chinese TV series on tape that my parents borrow from friends. Half way watching the tapes, I notice that they have a similar music that I heard from before!! I check my Xenogears ost, then I notice that they are using music from our beloved game. The tracks they are using is the Blackmoon forest and the Jaw of ice for their evil theme! Did Square give them the right to use it?? Did anybody notice a similar situation happen before?? Please print this message, so everybody would know this is happening!!
Hyuga: : I believe I've read something about this before, but I don't recall hearing that Square gave them permission. But hey, must mean that they enjoy good ol' Xenogears music as much as most of us do. What's next? Creid on TV (that'd just plain rock. Creid is awesome)? But, any of you heard of Square giving permission to use the tracks from Xenogears? Let me know.

Nutz: Yep, happened to me before too. I suddenly heard one of the local tv programs here use the music from Tomb Raider 2 in their show. This ain't nice, but I guess these small programs are too trivial to attract much legal attention. Maybe they didn't mean any harm, and maybe it wasn't their idea that their budget was so low they couldn't make their own music. Oh well, some people just don't value copyrights. They'll get their just meals one of these days, I hope.