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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(50k Special Edition)
(Aug 1-15)
Page 2
5. Xenogears Manga? Hah!
Spider Shock <shockwav00@aol.com>
Q: I like to thank you for making this site for one of the best games in the world, your site rocks keep up the good work! Well this is my question. In your mailbag I saw this person write: At the end of the game and the credits it said THE END Xenogears Episode V (and of course Nutz gave an answer) but she said something about Xenogears 2. Is SquareSoft really thinking about making another? Also is there any chance for this game to become a Anime in the near future made by Manga or Pioneer?
Hyuga: Thanks for the compliments, we try (yey Nutz!). Let's start with the anime/manga topic. Chances are so-so. I continue with my argument that Zohar being destroyed disengages most machines, including Gears, but I get the counter argument that it could be based on Deus' home planet. So, yes a comic is possible, but in my mind is not likely. Square keeps a closed fist on other side publications other than the game itself. Xenogears 2? Check the news. 8D
Nutz: There are a lot of loose ends left with Xenogears, that we see the possibility of a a sequel, or maybe prequel, or even a manga/anime. However, Square has remained silent on the matter, and all we have are little bits and rumors about possible plans. We are yet, unsure of anything, so don't get your hopes up so high. =D
6. Elemental GearBlow
Lu-chan <magicmack@hotmail.com>
Q: Hi. First, I just want to tell you that this is the BEST Xenogears site out there! I have two questions. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. The first question, how do you use the deathblows that you equip on your gear (such as the one you get from the woman you defeat in the card game on the Thames)? They are suppose to permit you to do level 1,2, or 3 attacks depending on which one you get. But when I equip it before a battle, during the battle I get no kind of options that would permit me to use it. The second question, how do I know when, and on who, to use an elemental attack on? Thank you very much for your response.
Hyuga: Argh. Again with the DeathBlower items! Quick fact: DeathBlower items are the most common item who's use is a mystery to many people. Back to the answer, to operate one of these funky items, build up. These things need real power to work, baby. Normal Gear Deathblows need the first 6 character ones to operate. 2 per level. The next 3 are needed for the item in question. So, DeathBlower1 needs character Deathblow #7 (X-X) to work. Think in those terms. Those attacks cost as much as a normal Gear attack, and deal a lot of damage.

As for elemental attacks, try different things. Usually, if an enemy is attacking in one specific element, it's great to use it's opposite. Opposites are Fire-Water and Earth-Wind. So, use an earth element deathblow on that wind enemy.
7. Colossal
xenoman <doctor58@hotmail.com>
Q: Hey, how's it going! I must say that this site is by far, the best Xenogears site in existence. I have a few questions but I will try to make them brief. I beat the game but I have a few areas of the story that still seem a little blurry.
1. First question concerns Deus and the Zohar Modifier. I know that Deus was an interplanetary weapon created by some civilization and that Deus went out of control. This question is kind of segmented. Was the Zohar Modifier created before Deus and was then used by Deus as an infinite source of power? Or was the Zohar Modifier a part of Deus from the beginning?
2. Next, when everything crashed to earth, was Deus the one who used the Zohar modifier to create humans or did the Zohar just act on its own?
3. Was Deus the one to capture the Existence in the modifier, explaining the infinite amount of energy? I know this is long, I'm sorry.
4. One more question for now. Did Abel observe Zohar on the ship or after the crash? If on the ship, does that explain why he didn't die and if not, why was he the chosen one?
5. Was it also proven that Abel was the first of the Fei bloodline or just a guess? And if so, then because Abel observed Zohar, he was given the power to remember past lives along with the power to kill Deus? Sorry for so many questions and random thoughts but any help would be greatly appreciated. You guys rule!!!!!!!

Hyuga: Yes, we do rule! Heh. Nice set of questions, so let's get cracking.

Abel sees, Zohar reacts, Mother inherits Existence Will
The Abel-Zohar-Mother Phenomenon

1. From what I remember, Zohar was created as Deus' core, it's brain, or central neural system to be exact. Thus it was made as part of the whole scheme.
2. The Eldridge only carried Zohar, since Deus was carried off as separate parts when Planet Alpha (my name for the home planet where humans originated from - not official.. just a nickname) realized what they had created. Zohar is Deus' thinking cap, so Zohar's action is Deus' action. Think of Zohar as Deus' brain, and like us, we can manipulate our brain, and in the same sense, it can manipulate us. Deus, using his brain, Zohar to invade the Eldridge's computer systems, took over the ship and forced it to land. However, Mr. Captain blew it up. Zohar then created the -Mother-, who would re-create the species known as humans to become the fleshy part of Deus (good description, Nutz).
3. (Nutz speaking) The Wave existence was only trapped inside Zohar the moment Abel observed it. Abel's contact with Zohar triggered a dimensional rift where the Wave Existence was pulled from its higher dimension down the path of Sefiroth (see the trivia page for explanation on what Sefiroth means), then trapped into the modifier. This transmigration gave Deus enough power to gain control of the ship by first utilizing the bio computer Kadmony. That very monet too, the -Mother- was created, and along with it, the Wave Existence's Will which came from Abel. From that moment on, The Wave Existence, Zohar, Abel and the -Mother- were one. (Nutz shuts up)
4. We all assume that Abel found Zohar on the Eldridge, which allowed him to survive. Contact with Zohar and the existence gives a certain amount of invincibility and immortality, as how Grahf survived from his imperfect contact (him being imperfect, only his will remained immortal, possessing other people). When the -Mother- created Elly, the opposite version of Miang, who happened to be very similar to the captain's daughter, Abel falls in love with her. Elly, harboring the Existence's Will of a Mother, sees Abel and remembered him, then sought ought to take good care of him until she eventually fell in love too.
5. We just assume that this was Abel. But, think about it, doesn't Abel just throw the whole Episode V theory of the different Episodes being Fei timelines? Yup. Luckily, The Contact did that research, which can be found in Nutz's last Mailbag in the
MAILBAG ARCHIVES. (Nutz talks again) It is quite logical that it was Abel. Fei clearly said in the game that "he" was the only one who survived the Eldridge crash (from the memory he inherited from his forefathers), and knowing from history, Fei's first ever ancestor was Abel. (Nutz shuts up)

8. Number 4, we have a missing child in Bledavik.
TST <jwalsh@nbnet.nb.ca>
Q: This is by far, the best Xenogears site in the world. I don't think anything can beat it. Anyway, my question. To get the Hide-and-go-Seek badge, you have to find that kid 5 times. I found him twice, and your site says that the third time he is at the Ethos HQ. I looked all over that place, but couldn't find him. Can you be specific on where he is? It will help a lot.
Hyuga: Hmmm… Nutz, can we have that fixed? It's not right. Close, but not right. The Ethos HQ is a different area, and the kid isn't there. He is, however, in the Ethos Shop area. Tucked away in a little corner. You'll find him by moving the camera around.