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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(50k Special Edition)
Page 4
14. Uh, the Xenogears Anime/Mecha Fest
Isamu <macross_isamu@hotmail.com>
Q: First, I would like to thank for this great site. It is the best source on XG I have ever stumbled upon. Now, I am a fan of mecha concept, and I devour any and everything that includes a mecha, Evidently Xenogears too... :) And I am also interested the mechanisms and design of the mechas too. It is only natural for me to think about gears in XG, and compare them to the ones in some other milestone mechas in Anime/Manga culture. Here it comes: I was thinking about the drive/control system of Weltall/Weltall II/Xenogears/Id's gear. Is the control and life support systems of them similar to YF-21 in Macross Plus; or EVA Unit 01 in Shinseiki Evangelion; or something like the armors of Escaflowne? Or does it start like the simpler systems of Megazone 23 III, Madox or Orguss-02 mecha and then evolves to another human symbiosis mechanism like Guyver and Orgun? I assume the last form of Xenogears shown in the ending of XG is a far more advanced entity than the first Weltall...
Hyuga: Uh….yeah. Xenogears is the almighty Omnigear, so has more advanced setup and control functions than any other Gear. Uh, the others? Any staffer want to touch upon this? Any readers? I don't get any Anime here besides the junk known as Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Voltron (G-Elements combine!). So, this answer is up for grabs.
Bio-Booster Armor Guyver
Nutz: Lol, Hyuga... so here I am grabbing the question for you. While I'm no Mecha Guru myself, I happen to have seen a few mecha anime only available in OAVs and Asian territories. Xenogears' normal gears aren't the symbiotic bio-booster type like this guy in the left (heh, he's the Guyver person, a fellow you wouldn't want to mess with), but instead, they are your common-piloted vessels, just like any plane or car. Weltall, however, is a special type of unit that corresponds with its pilot, much like Shinji's Eva Unit. A little bit coarse than the Eva, but Weltall is a special gear given special functions by the power of "The Contact", and of course, it aligns only with Fei. The Omnigears are in the same way like these, by aligning with their animus, they hold that special attachment to their pilot, and rids the use of too much mechanical control. And we all know that omnigears are parts of Deus, so they hold in some level, a tint of life after alignment. Same holds true for Seibzehn, but only here, this massive gear is totally man-made and configured to correspond with Maria's thoughts and emotions, thus making Seibzehn fully automatic and semi-sentient. Xenogears, the last one, is the perfect gear, which is a living being in itself, brought to life after its perfect contact with Zohar. It is however, attached to Fei as how the earlier Weltalls were... maybe because Fei is "the Contact".
15. You got yer Fei, you get yer Elly, now for Miang.
The Contact <thecontact@zenogias.com>
Q: Who were all the incarnations of Miang we see in the game?

Hyuga: Yes, this really is from The Contact. Ugh, Miang. The ability to become Miang was in every woman. That certain "Miang Factor" was implanted on every female alive in the planet. The ones that we actually saw though? Let me think about that.
Ok, back. From the start:

1. Opening video. The Miang who was created by Deus. (Debatable, but Nutz firmly believes this is not Miang, but instead, the -Mother-)
2. Zeboim Era. Seen standing near a man in a pic file found in the lighthouse.
3. Fei's childhood. His mother, Karen. She became Miang.
4. Most of the main Xenogears time period. The Miang who follows Ramsus around.
5. End of game. Elly. Ramsus kills Miang, and Elly becomes Miang on the spot. She's a long haired version.

The Miangs.
The Miangs, from top right to left, the original
-Mother-, Miang Hawwa, Karen Wong, Miang of Zeboim,
and lastly, Elly Van Houten
16. Not Star Ocean
Robert <AnimeGuru0@aol.com>
Q: Hey, the site rocks, just to let you know. Are there more than one ending to the game?
Hyuga: I wish there were, but there is only one. Good idea, however. Maybe we only saw the 'Episode V' ending! =D Or not. There's really no space to add the video to, Disc 2 had enough anime as it is. Come on though, if there were multiple endings, would you want to play through the game again to get it? I've gone through Xenogears 3 times, and caved in and bought the guide to save me some trouble.
Nutz: But ever wondered what would be the ending if you didn't let Emeralda grow up? She's a big girl in the anime ending, but what if we didn't let her be like that? =D
17. Messages from Nutz
Nutz <nutz@zenogias.com>
Q: NOTE: This letter is from Nutz to someone else. She told me to post it. However, I lost the original mail from the original sender, but I think it was a question regarding Krelian's change of hair color from blue to beige.

NUTZ: Hello Socko, hehehe, I dunno about Krelian's taste in hair dyes, but I think his hair color was a product of the nanomachine implants in his body, plus his age (whoot, for a 500+ year old geezer, beige hair isn't so bad!)
Hyuga: Heh, Krelian's hair isn't that bad for his age. I know people who complain of greys, Krelian has none. Lucky guy. Maybe he dyed his hair. He was trying to fit in with the crowd, perhaps. Heh, Clairol on Krelian? Dunno. It looked good on me……
18. Regrs
Willdog <thewilldog@worldnet.att.net>
Q: The game really needs a site like you have. The story was sooooooooo complicated, I was as impressed as I was confused by the lot of it. BTW- couple of the many plot questions I had, what are the Shevat people talking about when they say "Did you notice how the Omni gear reacted to Elly?" and such. I never noticed anything like that, but they bring it up like three times. Also, what exactly was the great tragedy of 500 years ago? So many people talk about not being able to forgive themselves for it. Was it because they betrayed Sophia? I thought there would be more, and that it had something to do with the old imprisoning and torture/execution devices that were in lower Shevat. Also, I thought the bomb collars were supposed to detonate when they were taken from the D block area of the Kislev compound. But Rico wears his through out the entire game. Maybe that's just a discrepency.
Hyuga: I was hoping for more on Regrs (the Shevat Omnigear) as well. Didn't happen, though. Too bad. It reacted to her since her gene code was the same as Sophia, and it was Sophia's Gear.
The tragedy was the war between Shevat and Solaris. Visit the PREVIOUS MAILBAGS for more info. It's under Diabolos.
Well, Rico's was defused since he was the Champ. He probably just never actually took it off. Or maybe they were designed just to keep the person intact, or Square was just too lazy making another image for Rico wearing no collar. =D
Nutz: According to one source, there are considerable hidden info that are proof that the Diabolos war really did happen between some mystical beings. I'll go ask her for more details and keep you updated as soon as i confirm the whole story.