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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(50k Special Edition)
Page 5
19. What if……
Deus <andamax@aol.com>
Q: At the end of the game, when Krelian is talking about his many sins, they show a little creature across the screen. Could this creature be Ramsus? And another thing, are there two versions of the ending. Because you can beat the game with young Emeralda, or adult. I only beat it with adult.ding of XG is a far more advanced entity than the first Weltall...

Hyuga: Well, I didn't see anything scuttle across the screen. Nutz, did you? As for Emmy, it doesn't matter which version of her you get, same ending. Hey, at least Chu-Chu ran away at the end! Bye bye Chubacca.
Nutz: Heheh, those "sins" that Krelian was talking about were his nanomachine experiments, which, are in this case, were creatures created straight from the tubes. Truly, manipulation of human DNA is a sin, and that's what Krelian actually did. It doesn't necessarily mean these little creatures shown on the screen are Ramsus, because Krelian made many other beings aside from him. In fact, the screen showed two beings, not just one. =D

Ramsus baby picture?  Oh, nah...  I swear he had blue eyes.  =D
The creatures from Krelian's lab
20. Do Deathblows really help?
Fred <st-aur@online.no>
Q: I have a question about Deathblows. How do you learn them quicker? The first time I played Xenogears I landed up at the end of the game with only 3-4 Deathblows for Fei! Please tell me how to learn them quicker!!!!!

P.S Is it normal to have 2 deathblows for Fei when you're at the sewer level in Nortune (Kislev)?! Great site!
Hyuga: Umm….Not normal. Having 3-4 then is normal.
Getting Deathblows takes time and patience of pressing the right combos in battle. Keep pressing them until your Deathblow status bars go up. You can only learn them in character form.
I had horrid Deathblows my first time too. I didn't get Koho (x-x) for Fei until Anima Dungeon 2. My second time through, I had his last Deathblow learned, but unusable until L80, entering Solaris. It's possible to get all of Citan's right after leaving Shevat. I just went to the Aveh desert and killed all the big Gears as humans.
Nutz: Here's a trick for easy deathblows accural. When you are in the snowfield, or just about any place with really tough common enemies (like maybe Tears and Forbidden), have one character ride a gear, while the others are on foot. The enemy will mostly attack the gear, making your un-"geared" men free to practice on the enemy. And since these Forbidden and tears have high HPs, they will not die easily with normal moves. So, practice your combinations here. Eve if the foes are strong, they can't wipe you out since you have one person with a gear! And these hard enemies give good Experience points and money too! =D

This week's mailbag is dedicated to a good friend of mine. She knows who she is! Gave me some refreshing thoughts on Xenogears, yes she did, among other discussions. Thank chu *evil grin*! You've been a great help. Heh, I dedicate the mailbag for a 50k edition. Good for me.
Thanks to all of you who visited from the start. This Mailbag is for you!

Where do my Hyuga "special quote insert" Ricdeau quotes come from? No prizes, but see if you can guess what game it is from and who says it. They are not Xenogears quotes. The other quote at the bottom is.
Ok. This thing's up, so Hyuga's going back to his den. He must hibernate until next time. Mmmm, sleep. Sounds goo…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

-Hyuga "Don't you know? You can't win just because you're big" Ricdeau-

Quote: You are indeed my pretty little bird, Elly

Hyuga's Question of the Week: Like my face? *(<=-{D)