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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(50k Special Edition)
Page 3
9. Need to kill some time?
Xeno <lockeman13@portalinc.com>
Q: Yes, I discovered that you can easily get almost all of your lvl 6 Deathblows in the sewers of Kislev. Just keep on the first lvl of the sewers, near the exit just in case you get hurt, and start fighting these REAL easy guys. After you built up your Deathblows to as high as you want, just exit out and go on with the story, I kept this up and ended up completing Grahf on the Goliath in six turns! Is this impossible? Let's just say that it isn't for me, but might be for you. Do this if you're REALLY bored with life, cause it took me about two hours.
Hyuga: Thanks for the tips. If I ever seriously need to kill some time, maybe I'll go there. But geez? Completing Grahf on 6 turns isn't something to be proud of! That battle only finishes if your characters (`cept for Elly) die in battle. Level has nothing to do with it, Grahf's just gonna mop the floor with you anyway, so what is there to be proud of? Huh? Even if you did really beat him up, the story just goes on like as if you were beaten...
10. The Truth is Out There
Pegimoso <fuelish50@aol.com>
Q: I really think that your Xenogears web site is the best out there. My question is: Can Ramsus be a playable character? If not then are there any other hidden characters?
Hyuga: Thanks, I think it is too. Ramsus unfortunately is not a playable one. Rats! If you've seen my profile, you'll know that he's my second favorite character. But, alas, Kahran (ewww. Awful name!) Ramsus cannot join your troops. I have some serious proof to why he can't join. Also, only Emerelda can be considered a hidden character, with her adult form. See previous mailbags for more info.
I put up a news report on why Ramsus or any other character can't be played. Just take a look at it some time. =D
11. Great Minds Think Alike
HyugaUzaki <Hyugauzaki@aol.com>
Q: Whats up with this? I remember the days when all the Xenogears pages had somebody named Citan, but ever since I made this screen name every Citan is now known as Hyuga! What's up with that?

Hyuga: Actually, I have a real reason to why I use Hyuga. I used to be called Citan, until that name got out of hand. I noticed that Citan gets his sword after his true name was revealed. So, I decided to use Hyuga. It has a better ring to it than Citan. Hyuga also sounds more mysterious. I like it, you like it, so let's just admit it's too catchy not to be used by tons of folks. =D

Hyuga:  Now a brand name found anywhere
Give it a few more years and "Hyuga"
might appear as a cereal's brand name
12. Modding for NTSC
J-Cool <jcool_2@hotmail.com>
Q: I wonder if you could tell me when/if there are going to be an European (PAL-version) release of Xenogears. I'm really desperate to find it out, so please help. and finally, thank you for a VERY good web-site.
Hyuga: From what I know, a PAL version of Xenogears isn't planned. Square doesn't seem to like you guys do they? (LOL, no offense meant, just kidding) But, if you people still want to enjoy Xenogears, there's hope! Expensive as it is, importing is a way to play games from around the world. I don't know much about all that, so I asked The Contact. J-Cool, lucky for you and me, he gave me the answers for what I was looking for this time *cough again*. Here's a three-step process for playing an import Xenogears (NTSC) on a PAL PlayStation:
1. Modify your PlayStation. You need this to play the games. I think Pro Action Replays do the job well, too.
2. Get a PAL-to-NTSC converter. This will allow your PAL system to run an NTSC game.
3. Import Xenogears. Now you can enjoy the game that we all love.
13. Elly's dubious Mom, the twins, and ugh, the Manhole again
El-Fenrir <cjvoverklift@usa.net>
Q: How could Elly's mother even have doubted the fact that Elly wasn't her daughter if she didn't even gave birth to her .... ?!? As for my question(s); -How come the boss Calamity looks so much (almost identical) like Seibzehn??? I've finished the game but now I want to make Emerelda grow up, I've looked everywere for a manhole but I can't find it anywere, I wondered if you could put a picture of the manhole on your (by the way the best Xenogears- site), that would make it a lot easier to find (I do have Emeralda in my group by the way). Also, I'm running out of G-Godfather ammo, were can I buy more ?!

Hyuga: Just because you didn't give birth to a child doesn't mean that you can't love them and treat them like your own. Adoption is like that. But maybe she was doubting if she really filed in the right legal papers? Heh, seriously, I think it's a flaw in the story, unless it went that Elly's surrogate mother gave birth to a child who died, and Elly was the replacement, making the mother think Elly was the very one who was just born. Sounds like a plot for a soap opera, I think.
Argh! You just HAD to mention Calamity didn't you. I happen to hate Calamity quite a bit. Why? Because you readers love asking about him. Grr. Calamity was the prototype for Seibzehn. Made by the same guy. Nikolai Balthasar. That's why.
Emmy? Check out Nutz's last mailbag. It had a description and a pic. But for your sake, here's the pic again:

Manhole again?!
Again, for the nth time, the yellow arrow's pointing
at the manhole lid

The ammo can be bought at Big Joe's shop in the lighthouse. It's in one of the buildings.