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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(July 21-28)
Elly and I are One
Esyplacopa <lockeman13@aol.com>
Q: This'll sound weird, but, there's an error, I'm not sure if it's in your games or just on mine. But, in Solaris once you are in the room where you have three stores, go to the right and talk to the kid with the bouncing boots. He'll say, the Imperial model is cool, or something like that. Then you'll see Elly's picture, but instead of her name, it'll read 'Fei', as if Fei is speaking through Elly's body.
Hyuga: This is in fact, an error. It was in my copy too. I believe that Fei was talking, and the programmer accidentally added Elly’s image. I’m surprised that no one has pointed it out before. Maybe I’ll have a screenshot of it next week.
Musical Tubes
Son Gokou <ssl_4@email.com >
Q: I need help. I'm stuck in Krelian's Lab (or whatever his name is). Anyway the point is the I need to input this password that are actually sounds. I've been trying to figure out the order but I just can't. Please help me.

PS. Your page is the best Xenogears page I have ever seen.
Hyuga: Thanks for the comments. We appreciate them. To get the password, simply head towards the opposite side of the corridor. If I remember correctly, you enter the corridor and you can go left or right. To the left is the door with the lock, and to the right is a lab. Inside the lab are tubes that contain monsters of some sort. Fiddle around in there. When one comes up, it emits noises. This is the password. Input it with the correct buttons at the door and voila!
Book Report
Supratik Lahiri <dmc@risecom.net>
Q: Hello, is there a book or novel on XenoGears?

Hyuga: Yes. I will be generous and give you the info outright, unlike “some” people *cough, cough*. (Nutz and TheContact's reaction: "Ugh.. hehehe") It’s called Xenogars Perfect Works. This Japanese book has pics, in color and b&w, text (in Japanese) explaining more about the game, and tons of other info, but I don’t have a copy, and it’s in Japanese. If you can locate a copy, it’ll be rather expensive. It’s also no longer in print, making it quite the collectible. We DO have a copy, but that's it... just one for us. We'll just post scans in the images section soon. Well, to really rub it in, here's a picture of the cover for you to drool at, and click on it to get a bigger version.

Perfect.. Works!
Roswell Crash?
Mike <mfrankos@aol.com>
Q: I am confused about the part when the Eldridge crashes and Miang is standing there. Is she the only person who lived and she somehow made Fei and Elly or did Fei and Elly survive from the crash?
Hyuga: All right, I’ll try my best at this.. BUT SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven't reached the far end of the game, I suggest you skip reading this part!

The Eldridge was the carrier of Deus and many other humans seeking a new planet to live in since theirs was destroyed. Deus’ part on this ship was Zohar, as the elders had separated Deus’s parts after realizing it’s sheer power. The ‘Fei’ on board, who went by the name "Abel" (then a small, small boy), made contact with Zohar, allowing him to survive when Zohar took over the Eldridge forcing it to crash down on a nearby planet. Abel and a violet-haired woman survived, this woman becoming the -Mother-, splitting into Miang and Elly after giving birth to the first humans, Cain and the Gazel Ministry.

This area has always been kinds shady, but Nutz had a real good answer on some other mailbags and section in this site awhile back.
Visit the old Mailbags to find her posts regarding this. If anyone has a different take, tell me and I may post it next time. Also, XG: Perfect Works probably has the true answers straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Good luck getting a copy though... =D

Whew, good thing we here in the Nisan Sanctuary have our own Perfect works copy. We'll be posting scans as soon as we get them all tidied up.
Marc Joseph Henderson <arcticfox@mindspring.com>
Q: I had a question about the game. At the very tail end of the game, right before the "The End" screen, it shows a picture of a landscape. In the foreground of the picture is some sort of metal structure. It is similar to Solaris' structure, but it's not anyway big enough (unless it isn't proportional to the landscape). Any ideas what this structure is?
Hyuga: It is the Eldridge crash site. Watch the opening video.

Nutz: Sorry to butt in, Hyuga .. I just can't keep myself from talking =D

Actually, this is a spoiler, but I'll tell you anyway. That little metal structure is what remains of the Bio-Computer Kadomony (whoops, maybe wrong spelling, but I'll look it up again). For your info, that computer is the very birthplace of the -Mother-. You see, Zohar, while on the Eldridge, used this computer to print out the -Mother-'s genetic codes and managed to produce an artificial life being that's a replica of the humans capable of giving birth to offsprings. Ok, so you know, that being is the -Mother-.