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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(July 21-28 Page 2)
Emerald in the 9 Star sky
WISE MAN <oupee@azstarnet.com>
Q: This is the very best Xenogears site I have ever seen! My question is, Is there ANY hidden characters in the game. I have done all the side quests, and have beaten the game twice. I also have been looking for secrets (and haven't found any!) and am becoming bored, any ideas?

Hyuga: Ideas? Yes. Get a new game. Emeralda’s adult form is the only secret character that's really available. I could go on about why, but I’ll spare you the time of reading it. =D

Well, if you want more secrets, visit the
SECRETS SECTION of this site. It helps, really! =D

Ever wondered what ending you'll get if you didn't let Emeralda grow up?
Xenogear Videos!!!?
XenoVulpix <raichu52@yahoo.com>
Q: Damn, this site kicks major ass! Sweet layout! Okay, now for my question. My friend says that he purchased a Xenogears movie. Is there REALLY Xenogears anime movie, or an XG movie at all? Or is my friend talking bs? Please tell me! If it is real, and you find out where to buy it, please tell me!
Hyuga: Your friend is most likely pulling your leg. I have heard nothing of a Xenogears Anime anywhere but in rumors pages. Sorry. You ought to give your friend a little pat in the back for trying to BS you... and make that a really strong pat enough to knock him out of his smart alecky wits... LOL.. just kidding! I think all these "violence in games" thing is getting into me. :P
Shark Skulls
Shire <rusher@ezonline.com >
Q: Hi! I love your site. I just have one question: I saw that Elly's best weapon is the skull rod, but it’s said to only be available with GameShark. Is that true? And if it is, what is the code to get it?
Hyuga: Yup. Elly’s best weapon is the Skull Rod, and it is only available through the GameShark. Code? Visit www.gameshark.com for the code. See the one labeled All Items? That’s it. When input, scroll down to Debug Item in the Item menu. Use it to gain 10 of every item, including weapons. Or, you can just visit this site's Cheats section to find that code =D

SPECIAL INSERT: Hyuga's Afterthoughts

Hyuga in doubt? nahOverall, a successful first column. Keep sending those emails in, and I’ll see about answering them. How about this? We run a contest that’s just for fun. It's called, "Locate the Quote". At the end of every column, there’ll be a new quote. I promise to publish at least one email that has the right answer. Kay?

umm, as for prize, let's, er, ask Nutz for this *twiddles fingers*

-Hyuga “I can join the Imperial Troops” Ricdeau-

Quote: You are indeed my pretty little bird, Elly.