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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(May 02-July 02)
Getting Emeralda (and ignoring Franz)
Caspar <caspar@freemail.nl>
Q: I must say this is the best Xenogears site I've seen. There are just some thing that bother me for example:
1. In your 'Secrets/Tips' section you were saying that I had to look for a manhole near the parking lot to see Emeralda grow up , I've looked everywhere but there is no manhole I can enter even if I have Emeralda in my party ... ?!?
2. And is Franz REALLY a playabale character ? (Big Joe Accounts)

1. Ok, to settle all the fuss about that hard-to-find manhole, we took a screenshot of that part in Zeboim. It's in the parking lot in the south end of Zeboim. You have to step out of your gear to access it (press X on top of the manhole, of course). In this shot, the yellow arrow's pointing at the manhole lid, so don't miss it.

Oi, here's the rabbithole, Alice!!

2. As for Franz, no, he's not a playable character. Take note that Big Joe's Accounts does not contain all the truth -- and are only meant to be jokes.

LiquidSabre <justin@melbpc.org.au>
Q: First of all this is the best xenogears site out. Now for my question... what do you know about Diabolos? I was playing the game from the start and found out about them at Shevat. They were some kind of force that attacked everyone 500 years ago. Any ideas where they came from?
Nutz: This is a tricky one. As from all the research we made, it appears that the Diabolos story was nothing but bull**it. It was made up by Miang and the Gazel Ministry to cover up the conspiracy that occured 500 years ago. To back this up, somewhere in the game you'll read a line from Miang saying that they weaved such myth only to make people believe more in God, making it easier to manipulate them. This Diabolos story was also used by Shevat to cover up the big, regretful mistake they made during the war. If you recall, the war was only between Solaris and Shevat. However, people gathered in Nisan under Mother Sophia, which posed potential threat to the Shevat-Solaris war. The two fighting countries, out of paranoia, feared that the war would lean toward Nisan's favor. With this, both promised truce in exchange for two things -- Solaris to give Miang to Shevat, and Shevat to give Nisan's head military troops to Shevat. Treachery and deception occured, and thus the demise of Sophia, the birth of Grahf and Krelian's madness. All of these lurid details were later masked by the Diabolos story. So that's it. Diabolos is nothing but horsefeathers.
Episode 5 (this is not from Star Wars)
Amanda Gaudet <Maureen@Sympatico.ca>

Q: First off, your page is great and I enjoy looking through it for information. Anyway, my question is after the credits and the short movie with the feather floating across the screen, there is a message that read,

Episode 5
The End

If you know what this means, please inform me in the mailbag section, I would really appreciate it if you could post your answer up for me, and everyone else who is wondering about this. Thank You

Nutz: Here's what I make out of it. Taking consideration all the main generations of Xenogear's story starting off from the Eldridge tragedy, you'll come up with this sort of arrangement:

EPISODE 1: The Eldridge tragedy -- the Xenogears story Genesis
EPISODE 2: Abel's Story
EPISODE 3: Kim's Story
EPISODE 4: Lacan's Story
EPISODE 5: Fei's Story

Hmm, do I make sense or what? =P

But seriously, The Contact did some research and found out what Episode V means. Apparently, it appears like it is time(year) relative. Having such, can we expect Xenogears 2 to be set on the future, having to be Episode 6? Here's the arrangement:

EPISODE 1 = 15000 years ago
EPISODE 2 = 10000 years ago
EPISODE 3 = 4000 years ago
EPISODE 4 = 500 years ago
EPISODE 5 = the Xenogears game timeline - Fei's time (now)
EPISODE 6 = near future

A Feathery Story -- Episode 5