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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(September 12 - 30, 1999)
Longest letter yet
Q: I do have to say this is one of my favorite Xenogears sites, especially since you all give more information than just the standard stuff. And now on to the questions! Muahaha! Oops, ok here goes:

1. The Nisan mother: Alright, Sophia was the founder of the sect and she was the first Mother, right? And we know there's a tradition of the Nisan Mother marrying the Fatima prince/king. Obviously Roni Fatima didn't have the chance to do that and the tradition probably wasn't started then so any guess as to when it started and who started it? How was the next Mother chosen after Sophia went bye bye? When did it pass into the Fatima line, or was it a coincidence that Marguerite was also a Fatima?

2. This one's about my favorite character, Id. Ok, when Fei becomes "weakened" ("You wouldn't like me when I'm angry..."), Id pops out. Any clues as to why his coloration totally changes? By coloration, I mean the hair, eyes, skin, that sort of thing. And the cute armor/spandex look..does he just create those? Are there any limits on his powers really? How much of that comes from the Gear and how much from him? Did he have any powers before becoming the Contact (I mean Abel here)? I'd guess he uses the Wave Existence to do all the stuff he does but I'm curious if Abel would've had any powers if he'd never been the Contact, if that makes sense. It also looks like the Id "appearance" is something that the Contact does, because Grahf does it in that scene that shows what happened after Sophia died. So it's not just something that Fei made up to cope with trauma, or rather it wasn't original to this incarnation. *listens as 'One Who is Torn Apart' starts playing on the CD player* ! Not sure if it's here or somewhere else who mislabeled it, but 'One Who is Torn Apart' is usually listed as Id's theme, though it also plays in Kislev after it's been blown up, which is kinda interesting. Can ya guess it's my favorite song? ;)

3. Someone was asking about Xenogears anime/manga and I've got one word for them: doujinshi. There's oodles and oodles of doujinshi, some made by Clio Saga, one of the designers for Xenogears (she designed Bart, Billy, Hyuga, and several others). She's got several pictures from some of them on her site (http://www.harcourt-vega.com). One of the doujinshi mentioned there is 'Liquid Sky' from Movic Co., Ltd., as she puts it, apparently a story from the time period when Hyuga and Sigurd were Elements. There's plenty of stories that could be told about Xenogears without having to go into the future or to the time period where Deus was created, like how Hyuga and Yui met, about the dynamic between Roni, Lacan, and Krelian, how the Gazel Ministry lost their bodies, and so forth. And that's just off the top of my head. Anyhow, being able to read Japanese would probably help ;) but Clio Saga's stuff, at least, is so beautiful, I don't mind not being able to read it.

...and finally (for now)...

4. Renmazuo...in a fairly recent Animerica, (or Manga Max) they were showing pictures from a show that had a guy and his mech as the main characters (not too unusual) except the mech was wearing a cape and used guns, just like Renmazuo...it was even shaped like it. Can't remember the name of the show offhand but it was kinda spooky.

Well, that's all for now. I gotta go ink this picture of Id.

Hyuga: Whew, this is one long letter Runey. And the mwahaha and on to the letters? Sounds like me!

1. My guess to who had started the Fatima - Nisan tradition is someone in the middle of the 500 years between that time and current time. The new Mother of Nisan in my opinion would be the second in command. So if Margie went bye bye, it would probably be Sister Agnus who would become the new Mother of Nisan. About Margie being a Fatima, I think it's just a coincidence. I hope it is, because I don't want to get into a discussion about why cousins will be parenting the next generation of Fatimas. Also, the Fatima Mother before Margie was her mom, but that's an obvious one.

2. Fei does get all the sunlight doesn't he? Might be why Id is so pale. It's probably due to the fact that in a way they are totally different people living in the same body. The personalities have talked among themselves quite often. I believe that the bulk of Id's power comes from Xenogears, it being the ultimate Gear and all. There are limits to his powers and his powers can be stopped almost entirely with the right type of armor. Heck, you had Citan and gang knock of Id as a human and as a Gear. As for Abel, everyone has some powers, but Abel being the Contact probably didn't hurt his strength. --- And 'The One Who Was Torn Apart" is technically Id's theme, but it plays elsewhere also. Same as June Mermaid, which is Emerelda's theme and my favorite song. It plays in the Battle Arena when Id's theme plays. It's your favorite song huh?

Nutz: Just a little side note. I believe me and Hyuga have two totally different ideas regarding Id's change of clothing and hair color. Here's mine:

Id doesn't draw his power from Xenogears, instead, the gear draws its power from the Contact. Remember that Weltall seems close to being a normal gear when piloted by any other person? (Evident at that time when the pilot was thrown off during that first encounter in Lahan). Id, being much aware of his powers probably because he was under Grahf's wing for some time before Khan rescued him back, knew a bit on how to control his "contact" capabilities. The Contact uses the power as shared to him by the Wave Existence, and Id usesit to his own purpose. The spandex look, hair color, are probably from that time when he worked as an assassin for Grahf. Grahf might be the one who designed those skimpy outfits for him, or maybe it was from Id's tastes too. Id also hates "The coward", and in any way possible he strives to have his own color scheme and change his color hair.

BTW, Weltall was designated as the gear of "The Destroyer of God" mainly because it was Id's gear during that time he was still with Grahf.

3. Yes, this site is a glory to all those looking for Xenogears art in anime/manga styles. There's one that is a freaky picture of the Ricdeau family….. apparently I'm 12 and am the kid at the bottom and the rest of the people died from a plague (?). That one scared me.

4. Anime is very hard to find here, so I have little knowledge of the stuff. But I'm not surprised you saw some art similar to Xenogears. Game designers often get their ideas from things that they see around. That would be kinda spooky.

5. Okay, so there's no question 5. But in a second email, this guy mentions hearing about a Xenogears art book that is different from Perfect Works. He was asking about rare Xenogears pics he saw on Manga Max and a newsgroup telling him to be on the lookout for 'Xenogears Memorial Album: Thousands of Daggers'. It is still on sale on some site, and I did get the cover image. It's for 70 dollars, I think. Also, after searching a bit on the Net, I did uncover another image that is the cover of a Xenogears novel or art book that is yet unknown to me.

Memorial Album - Logo
XG Artwork Book Cover

Memorial Album - Cover
Memorial Album Book Cover