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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(September 12 - 30)
Page 2
Getting Ramsus - Not!!!
Q: I have found site that you can get Ramsus to fight with you in the final battle. The site is


It is part 28. I don't know if it works because I never tried it out.
Hyuga: First off, the link doesn't work. Just go to Gamefaqs and Xenogears should be on the Top 10 list. And it's xenogears_secrets.txt. Second, it actually says: Getting Ramsus (joke!!). So it really is true that Ramsus isn't playable! I was right. "smirks"
Extractomania II
Q: Hello, Hyuga . . . This isn't a question, but after reading the message you posted from "Blast Chamber," and the Lunar joke that followed, I have a *real* answer (and it also involves Lunar!). It is possible for anyone who owns both Lunar SSSC and Xenogears to view the movies on both Xenogears discs. No messing around with extracting of raw data from the CD is required! You need only to insert the Making of Lunar CD, wait for it to begin to play, open the cover and put in the Xenogears disc of your choice. You will then see all of the Xenogears movies, one after another in the order they are stored on the disc.

Hyuga: The order stored on the disc must not be the order shown, because I don't remember seeing the Lahan scene halfway through Disc 1. But, the trick works. Just plop in the Making of LUNAR cd and when the video starts, simply replace the discs. Bam! The movies are there for your viewing pleasure. Appreciate Elly's dubbing all over again. Thanks Naiobrin.

Making of Lunar
Just pop in the Xenogears CD while this movie is running, and voila, instant access to all those wonderful XG Anime and silly dubbings. Hey, the Lunar making ain't bad either.
Let's talk about the plot
Q: Hi! Just have a few quick plot questions and notes to share with everyone. Firstly why is it that in the intro we clearly see the Eldridge explode in space yet later in the game its in one piece and appears to be fully reconstructed? Secondly does Deus remain onboard the eldridge up until episode 5 when Krelian moved it to his Arc (Merkava if memory serves me correctly).

Thirdly what is Malakh? The name comes up a few times I think it may be the race which created Deus but I'm not really sure, any ideas?

Finally I've heard people say that the Abel/Fei persona is passed down through the same bloodline. This makes no sense, Kim and Elly only had one child, Emerelda who I doubt had children and Lacan didnt seem to have any children either. If you ask me its just the souls which are reincarnated and the bloodline is irrelevant.

Well that's all for now.
Hyuga: Firstly, that is a very good question. After reviewing the video I think it's safe to say that parts of the ship fell to the ground and were not completely destroyed. This would explain seeing the cockpit.

Secondly, I would assume that Deus was aboard the part of the ship that fell to the ground, and thus tried to survive until Krelian moved it to Merkava. (Nutz note -- the actual "Deus" onboard the fallen ship was none other but a degenerated terminal, that one you fought that looks like a giant deformed cockrach-louse thing that halves HP with one attack. Deus' main essence remains in Zohar.)

Thirdly, what IS Malakh? I don't recall that name, though there were quite a few M-names. Any takers?

Nutz: Malakh are the orders of angels from Deus' final vessel, Merkava -- which is according to the game. They server as Deus' army, which you can obviously see as you fight them. In Hebrew-Christian tradition, however, Malakh refers to the "angels", and describe them as "messengers". Malakh refers to these pure-spirit creatures' function, which is to be the "bearer of God's will". These descriptions can be clearly read in Chapters in the Bible such as Job 1:6, Ps. 89:6, Dan. 4:17, Joel 3:11, and many others. Some of these phrases also describe Malakhs to constitute an enormous number to be the heavenly army. Malakhs are also given other names in the New Testament, some of which being "spirits", "principalities", "powers", "thrones", and "dominions". These other names might sound familiar to XG players as names of the Elements.

Hyuga: Finally, the reincarnations can be bloodlines or otherwise. Let's look at Fei and Elly. No bloodlines bringing the spirits through the times. Now let's look at Bart. He resembles his ancestor Ronny a great deal. That would be a reincarnation via bloodlines.
Wong Fei Fong Hong
Jason Tang
Q: I just finished Xenogears (yeah, I'm a little behind the times :), and I noticed something interesting about Fei. His name is very similar to that of a Chinese Folk Hero, Wong Fei Hong, who also happened to be a martial artist (he was played by Jet Li in Once Upon a time in China). Is there any connection between these two characters? Or am I just digging in a little too deep...

Hyuga: Well, I seem to recall this in XG trivia on this site. It seems that Wong Fei Hong (note in Japan that Fei was not Fei Fong Wong, but Wong Fei Fong) WAS the inspiration for Fei. If not, then it's quite the coincidence.
Nutz: Yup, Wong Fei Hong is the inspiration for our Fei. Same goes for many other characters in the Anime and Videogame world. To mention some, I'll point Wu Fei (Gundam Wings), and the female counterpart, Li XiangFei (Fatal Fury). The features are eerie -- both Wu Fei and XG's Fei sport a ponytail, are clad in loose top shirts and baggy pants, plus the cliche armbands and chinese-style attacks. The serrated hairlines are also prominent, and Li XiangFei looks and moves a lot like WuFei.

WuFei from Gundam Wings

If you haven't yet, everyone go to Harcourt-Vega. Go now. You won't regret it.

Next afterthought issue is the quote game. We had two guesses and both were wrong. A little hint for you all. It's from Lunar and it's not Nash. Nope. Heck, I even quizzed our own Lunar expert, The Contact. Even he couldn't get it. If I don't get a right answer before the next mailbag, then I will add a new quote.

It's September, so you know what that means? School's back and we're so very close to an english release of Final Fantasy VIII and Sega Dreamcast. I've got FFVIII pre-ordered, but I'm not getting a DC, at least not yet. Why? No money. The thing costs $299.99 here! I don't have the cash for that. Plus there's no RPGs yet for the DC. And the controller is just plain weird. Any readers going to be getting one? Put down your opinions on Dreamcast and a question about Xenogears and send it via the Mailbag. Thank you, come again.

-Hyuga "That pic really is my family. It's green and one guy has my glasses" Ricdeau-

Quote: "Her name is Mia…Mia Ausa…. Hubba, hubba."