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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(April 18 to 24)
The Lost Weltall
Arson <Arsonknght@aol.com>
Q: I'm stuck, and I cant find Weltall. Right before Fei has to save Rico from the Rankar, Fei must get Weltall. I had him at first but I got off and left the Gear Hangar. When I returned Weltall was no longer there. I looked to see if I could find him where I did at first, no luck... Do you know where Weltall is at??
Nutz: Hmm... In the Nortune Gear Hangar, I think you'll find Weltall in the leftmost gear revolver/container. You need to play with the switch on the wall, and the revolver will show a series of useless gears. Keep on tapping the switch until the gear revolver reveals Weltall.

Now, if you're saying you already did this and just got off Weltall, then why don't you try equipping your gear again by using the menu (gear --> get on) or pressing L2 and R2 at the same time. If this still won't work, then, uhm... you're screwed. =P

Now if anybody can help Mr. Arson here, please do send him a mail or you can send it to me so that I could post it here. To Arson, good luck. =)
Ether Ammo How To's
Mean Jon Green <crmsngreen@aol.com>
Q: I was wondering if you could tell me how to use Billy's Ether ammo? I have purchased all the types of ammo (fire, earth, wind, water-all infinite amounts) now how do I use them??? Am I waiting for a special gun or something?
Nutz: To equip Ether ammo, you need to access Billy's weapon sub-menu. To do this, enter the menu (Square button), then choose Equip. Choose Billy's equip screen, then point at the Weapon (gun). Press left or right on the Direction Pad. This will open a secondary menu showing Billy's guns. Point your D-pad to the Ether Guns (Right or Left Ether gun) then hit X. You will then be given an option to change your Ether ammo. All the available Ether ammo you purchased before are shown here, and you can choose which element you'd like to use. Take note of the opposing elements convention, which would result to inflicting more damage. For example, Wind is against Earth, so when Billy uses his Wind Ether ammo on any Earth-elemental creature, most likely he'll inflict more damage than any other ammo.

To get a more detailed info on Billy's guns, then go to Margie's room in the Yggdrasil and talk to Primera (actually, she won't talk to you -- instead, she'll show you a text note on how to use Billy's weapons)