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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(April 4 to 10)
Where are my 7 APs?
Steven Yuen <steven@timsweb.com>
Q: Greetings! I just started Xenogears one week ago, and am hooked on the game, but there's something I've been wondering about, after you leave Shevat in Disc 1, your limiters are supposed to be removed and, you are supposed to get 7 AP in battle. I left Shevat, they told me that my limiters were removed followed by some Chu-Chu stuff, I checked, but I still have 6 AP. Then I went back to Shevat and searched for that guy (I forgot his name, but I think he trained Wiseman and Kahn.) and never found him. How are you supposed to get 7 AP?? And how are you supposed to enable the elemental deathblows??
Nutz: Great to hear that you're hooked in the Xenogears fever too, Steven. As for your question, well, we honestly think the 7 AP will automatically be available after you leave Shevat. We also experienced the same problem, and searched for Melchior or Gaspar, but they weren't around (but I vaguely remember them being in the laboratory). Anyway, don't worry about your APs, they'll automatically become 7 later. Elemental deathblows will also be available to you later in the game, and you can get them the same way you get normal death blows.
Experience on the Go!
Yassar <y_raja@hotmail.com>
Q: Hey, just wondering- hows the fastest way to increase experience where can I get the most? I have most of the Deathblows but I cant use some of them unless I reach level 70 or something (im currently level 62!) Thanksa lot for your help!
Nutz: You'll get really big experience from fighting the monsters in the snowfield near the fallen Shevat. The baddies usually are Neo Gimmicks, Neo Tears and Forbiddens (annoying ones, yes?) but they give not only huge EP, but also nice prizes uch as Gold vest, Gold hood and Gold nuggets. Not only are they easy experience, but also easy moolah!! Yadaaah!
Xenogears: A new hope?!!
Brind <brindsff8@hotmail.com>
Q: This is a wonderful page, that was the first thing I'm going to point out. I have searched everywhere since I bought Xenogears, and this is the first remarkable website I have found. So let me just say "Thank you for creating such an exellent page."
I just recently started being an rpg fan. First it was just action games for me, but it wasn't enough. I wanted a game with a storyline, graphics, and strategy. Then I heard from a friend about Final Fantasy 7, so I bought it. That was the best 50 hours of my life!!!
For the first time in my life I was hooked on something so much. After Final Fantasy 7 I bought more of rpg's, but none of them even compared to Final Fantasy 7. Parasite Eve was good but short, Wild Arms just plainly sucked, and every other rpg coming out was that great. I thought that Final Fantasy 7 was just an exception. But then, there was hope! I seen Xenogears on the shelfs, I don't know why I bought it, I guessed it was fate. The first hour of playing it put me back into life since, oh yeah, Final Fantasy 7. I enjoyed every second of Xenogears, but finding a webpage for this game was miserable. Then I found this page, so again thanks for putting up an exellent page.
I do have one request, could you tell me and the rest of rpg fans what games to look foward too in the near future?
Nutz: Uh, yeah, thanks for the comments, and don't get too hooked, you might get stuck in rehab center for too much addiction. As for news on other RPGs, well, we could always feature news on some related material, but not all.. after all, we're a Xenogears site, and not RPGgamer! *wink*
Franz What???
Tondogg <tondogg@mailcity.com>
Q: Is Hanz related to Franz?
Nutz: No, but we think they're fated twins. Naaaah, ok, so we won't kid you. Honestly we have no idea, and we thought it was just some Squaresoft humor to put in two stupid looking penguins with earphones in a serious game such as Xenogears. Well, maybe they were saving pixels or just plain lazy to render new characters. After all, Ken used to look and move around like Ryu except for the hair (in the old SFs), but they were never related. =)