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Featured Mailbag Questions
of the Week
(September 1 - 9)
Hey now, I'm an all-star.. sorta
Q: Hey, how come you get to have all the fun with mail? Can I help? How did you even get employed here in the first place?

Hyuga: Fun? Hmm, this isn't that fun of a job. My mailbox is filled with your letters, and then I have to write a column every week. Okay, I do enjoy it. But I don't need any help.

If you'll recall a few months back, Nutz put up a help wanted sign on the site. I applied for mailbags, and in two days, was "accepted". It took a few months of really slow updating when Nutz told me to start working. So updates #1 and #2 were done by me on vacation.

You want a job? Ask Nutz.

Nutz: Hmm, hard to say, but we're kinda full in here right now. We're like the G-elements, and we five make up a five-man team. Say what, tell me how you can fit yourself in the G-elements mech and we'll see if we could get you a role. Drop me a note, but don't dare take Dominia's Bladegash, it's mine. =D

Our main dream is to build one of these someday
Q: I have successfully learned every deathblow with Fei, except for one. Yamikei is the hardest one to learn. In the deathblow/skills section it says yamikei-100 and stays there! Am I supposed to do different combos or what? I don't know what to do. Please help me.
Hyuga: How'd you get two straight letters posted? Geez. Yamikei is available after you reach Level 80. Its deadly power can make it worth it.
Blast Chamber
Q: Hi, I was wandering how you guys extracted the movies from the xenogears cd. Thanks!
Hyuga: This really isn't my field. This looks like a job for The Contact.
The Contact: By offering the blood of the Seven-Toed Goat to the Godess Althena.
Nutz: And make sure you do the offering on the 235th day of the year, exactly when the moon is blood red, and its light shining upon the stone of agony on a desolate island on the Bahamas.
Hyuga: Someone needs to make these guys a Lunar patch that works in the same way as a nicotine patch. They need it. Seriously though, I asked The Contact once before. He told me that it was a Sanctuary Secret. This was when I was a member. I bet that the only ones who know are Nutz and him. Heck, I do know how to extract the movies, but they always come out in poor quality AVI. And I could never do anything with my 28.8. Plus they were huge. The opening video to Ehrgeiz was 50mb.
Q: I just have one question. How do I remove, or rather find the movie files that are on the Xenogears CD? i put it in my cd-drive and there are only 2 files on one cd. PLEASE TELL ME! that 78 meg file will take too long to download..... VERY nice web site btw (obviously)
Hyuga: Obviously it's a very nice site, look at the creator (I stick one of these suck ups every mailbag. =D) (NUTZ' note: if Hyuga does more of his sucking up, he's gonna get stomped by my Bladegash, I tell you). Yeah, the compression of the CDs really makes it hard to crack. Without some special device (that will probably cost you more than the net time it will take to download) you may be able to decompress everything. I doubt there is any cheap way to view all the movies though. Try replaying the parts of the game and save before the movies.
Q: Thanks for a great site, now to the questions:
1.I'm in chapter called "Protect Nisan" and I´m about level 61,is this normal?
2.Could i be able to get a sword for citan?
3.Where can i get some handgun ammo for Billy?
4.Wich is the most ballanced party i can have right now?

That´s all, and again thanks for a great site!
Hyuga: Yep, it is a great site.
1. For the love of Sophia you're high! I was around L40-50 when I did that. I didn't reach 60 until the second disc. You're very patient.
2. Citan doesn't get his sword until the end of Disc 1. Wait a bit.
3. Handgun ammo for Billy is very scarce until a little bit later on. I think that they might sell some in Nisan or on the Yggdrasil.
4. A balanced party? Depends what you want. I always have Team Speed, which consists of the one member you don't have right now. Citan, Fei and Billy is a good bet. If you can get the LongDarkCoat (won form Big Joe in a card game on the Thames) equip it on Fei for a nice attack boost. I personnaly don't like Elly in a party, but if you can stand her speed she's a good fighter as well.

Anyone care to guess on our quote of the week? No? Dang. No one entered, so everyone enter. J/K. Give it your best shot.

Next notice. How would everyone like to see more interactive features such as the "Who is this guy at the ending video"? We had some very good responses to that. If you send in a great reply to one of those to me, you could end up in the Mailbag!!! I'm the king of cheesy prizes.

-Hyuga ""Sonic boom, sonic boom, sonic boom. Trouble keeps you running faster." " Ricdeau-

Quote: "Her name is Mia…Mia Ausa…hubba, hubba."