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 FRANZ, Playable Character

Whoaaa!!! I've heard of Ramsus, Miang or Dominia playable character rumors, but this one really is OUT OF SIGHT!! Here's a real funny from a guy named ARCRIST No.1. If you have any problems with his composition, the don't blame me.. hassle the author!

Franz's skills:
1. sonar--puts all enemies to sleep; 2ep
2. shockwave--earth elemental on area; 4ep
3. waterspray--water elemental on area; 4ep
4. siren--accuracy falls on all targets; 6ep
5. blip--attracts enemies to Franz; 5ep
6. waveblaster--confusion on area; 8ep
7. soothing wave--HP restore & status cure; 8ep
8. shatter--lv. transferred to attack; 10ep

Franz's deathblows:
 DEATHBLOWS  AP cost deathblows button combination Description
Wave-cut 4 uses sonar to elevate enemy then an uppercut
Dolphin flip elevates enemy then does a jump out of water 2x
Dolphin uppercut 5 elevates enemy, fellow dolphin hits target
 Waterfall 6 water spout flows from franz's flippers
Barrel roll 6 rides a crest and barrels into enemy
 Franz-spin 6 spins around the screen on a water spout
 Supersonic 6 does a couple flips then uses a sonar spin punch
 Tsunami 7  water elemental; conjures a huge wave
Tremor 7 earth elemental; pounds ground several times
Black hole 7 uses sonar vibrations to open up blackhole; dark element

Franz's gear:
It would look basically like franz, and would have huge speakers mounted on its shoulders; a huge flipper (mammalian) would be mounted from its back; would use the flippers mounted on its fore-arms and back as razor blades; it would be slow but packed full of strength, and would have the highest ether enhancer of all the gears.

franz's normal gear: Byzantine
franz's omnigear: Neptune
HP: 250,000 (to begin with)
FL: 5000 (to begin with)
WEIGHT: 4000 sharls
EthDef: 150
Response: 50
Agility: 10
EthAmp: 150
equip: (initial)
lite alloy
level 1 T,T--flipper T,S--fin strike
level 2 S,S--hose S,T--rollcage
level 3 X,S--rocket X,T--rotary blade
infinite T--hosedown S--divebomb X--FRANZ!
omnigear appearance: roughly a big see dragon head and tail mounted on a humanoid form w/ long claws

Miscelleanous about Franz:
When he's not in your party and you talk to him in the Yggdrasil (sitting in his usual post) you can choose from which sound FX you wanna' hear

dolphin pajamas, headphone (protects against confusion, sleep), dolphin chain, weapon type: trident

How you would be able to get Franz:
1. Beat everybody at the card game on the Thames
2. Talk to Hanz and beat him at cards (bridge) After beating him he'll mention his brother and give you a 'dolphin crest'
3. Talk to the 3 dolphins huddling in the sick bay and they'll give you a 'dolphin crest'
4. Take Franz to the Thames and talk to the 3 dolphins at night. Hanz and Franz will have a card game to see who will take the family gear
5. In the morning take Franz to the screw elevator; you will automatically be brought 'Byzantine' afterwards
6. Talk to Franz's wife and she'll give him a trident
**these incidents would occur after Fei's coma** how you would be able to get Franz's omnigear, 'Neptune':

a. Before you got Franz, a boy asked you what he should be when he grows up: if you chose diving, he'll give you a trident, if you let him decide, nothing will happen, & if you chose 'become a crane operator' 'Neptune' will be dragged up out of the ocean
b. After the destruction of the 2nd gate to Solaris, the gear will be dragged up into the shipping area. Upon reaching the gear there will be a scene
c. A fight with Dominia in her gear ensues; you can only fight w/ Neptune
d. Neptune is stored in the cargo area of the Thames, talk to the guy by the fence to rename it when you talk to franz on the Yggdrasil: "hell and high water will not keep me from protecting my family from those rapscallions"

Franz's stats (in the instruction book):
(name) Franz Crestwave
Birthplace: Thames
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 176lbs.
Specialty: Sound and Trident
Gear: Byzantine

Franz's ratings: (*****highest; *lowest)
HP *****
EP ***
ATK ****
HIT *****
DEF ****
EVA ***
ETH *****
EDE ***
AGI ***