Deus Map 1

After the fall of Merkava (Eldridge), it will morph into a white-angel like structure in the north-east area of the map. You then need to go and attack it in order to finish the game. After opening the door, you'll be confronted by a maze-like section of halls. Use the map above to maneuver your way through the honey-comb paths. It would be wise to first visit the save point, since a harder journey awaits you. There are no treasure boxes in the dead ends, so don't bother wandering around.

After this you'll be going to the Deus Main Map (Map 2). This is a tad harder than the first map, having a lot of switches and dead ends. Below is the map with its corresponding sub-maps.


Deus Main Map
Please take note that you need to go around the sub-maps to get to flip the corresponding switches. Each end would lead you to a portion of the sub maps, which are labelled with letters for clarity. See the sub-maps below:
Merkava Sub Maps

These maps correspond with the Main Map. The end that indicates "A", for example, leads to the Main Map's "A" end. Same goes for all the paths. There are treasure boxes in some of the dead ends of both the Main and Sub-maps, but it would cause you a lot of effort and time to get them. After you reach the end of the main map, you will now get fight Deus. For tips on how to beat Deus, see the boss tactics portion.

I'd like to thank and acknowledge Tips and Tricks (Magazine) for this map. If ever you wish to put this in your site, please do send me an e-mail because I spent a lot of time scanning things and retouching them... and believe me, retouching is no easy task. I have copyrights over these stuff, so please ask permission first before copying anything.