Articles by Core

note: This section contains spoilers


"I am Alpha and Omega.
the beginning and the end.
the first and the last."

Deep in the infinite blackness of space, in a small solar system, a massive presence is approaching. A large behemoth of a ship hurtles through, passing through the area. It is a large ship, several kilometers long. It consists of a large gray main body, making up the bulk of the ship. It is long and rounded; smooth surfaces and curves shaping it. The ship has several wings along its side. Two short ones at the front, two fairly large ones at the back, near the bridge, and two long ones at the very rear, by the engines. An elongated pod is hanging underneath each of the bridge-wings. The bridge is on a raised platform, with the triple-tiered bridge resting between two large pods of similar shape. The engines are housed in a large and orange casing, hiding the power in the rear of the ship. There is various activities going on, such as the closing of E-5, an area containing complex machinery with a Danger Sign floating above it. As the ship heads toward who-knows-where, the bridge flashes bright red! Alarms sound throughout the behemoth, signaling danger. A computerized voice announces, "Emergency Level 1 Alert." On the bridge, suspended above a large holo-display. The hologram displays various readouts and emergency readings. On the bridge the consoles flash red before the yellow-uniformed and young technicians. A blonde monitors hers and types quickly at her console.

"Omega 1 re-structuring."

The console shows several DNA helixes and various readings.

"Alpha 1 genome re-structuring. Confirming esonar-bracenet." The console flashes to a blood-red display of a large creature, frozen in suspended animation. Data comes and goes all over the screen. A green-haired technician checks quickly over the display and taps at her keyboard. "Base-Code 85 million. 100 million!
Its speed is overwhelming!" She taps at her keyboard and shouts into her headset over the din of the alarms.

"Alpha 1 to Raziel Central. Give all output data of
Deus!" The console flashes and shows a hexagonal formation of data-bits. A trail is making its way through, representing the output data of Deus. The blonde shouts, "Alpha 1 to Raziel, abort the contamination. Repeat, abort!" The displays show no signs of the contamination stopping.

"No good. Captain, contamination is spreading!" She turns around to face the
captain, sitting in his command chair with his hat held low and a pipe in his mouth. He replies, "Cut off the main self-destruct cables." The girl turns to the keyboard and inputs the command. Elsewhere on the ship, the cable's junction point is blown off, preventing access of the self-destruct mechanism. Unfortunately, a surge of electricity flows between the two conduits and connects them, rendering the cable-cut useless.

On the bridge
all hell is breaking lose. The yellow-haired tech announces, "No effect! Contamination has spread! Weapons systems are controlled at 98%!" The captain coolly says, "The ship has been contaminated. We are at a loss." The green-haired tech speaks into her headset, "Omega 1! They have control! They are attacking!" The reactor core of the ship glows bright white, illuminating the chamber and signaling certain doom. The bridge is in chaos along with the rest of the ship.

The captain picks up the phone to call engine room. "Engine room, shut off the main power, shut off the main power-'' The line is cut off abruptly as down in engine room the phone falls to the floor, its cord disconnected while power conduits write on the floor like snakes. "No response." One of the other bridge operators yells,
"Captain what should we do!??" He looks up and replies in a steady tone, "All of you evacuate. Send a distress signal to the people. Tell them to get themselves to the nearest shuttle ASAP." "But captain-!" He shakes his head. "No. All of you evacuate! NOW!" All over the ship, anarchy reigns supreme as people run though the corridors to get to the shuttles. Trampling over each other, they head toward the shuttle bays regardless of whomever they injure, or kill, in the process. As they pass through a windowed corridor, they can see outside technicians, floating lifelessly in space. The whole ship is in utter anarchy, and the attack shows no signs of stopping. They shuttles are loaded by the mass and quickly launched. The escape crafts fly out of the hangars at stunning speed, without regard to the safety of the passengers, only the hope that they can escape from this hell. The weapon pods of the ship, small octagonal pods with laser cannons mounted in them, eject from the hull and launch fire at the escaping shuttles. The vehicles fly past the weapons but do not avoid fire. The engines are hit and explosions are followed. The passenger-carrying jets are destroyed in fiery explosions, leaving no survivors. On the bridge, the captain watches silently as the passengers of the ship. He lights his pipe and stands facing the dark display before him. Everyone on the bridge other than his has fled, only to be shot down and die in a flaming mass of fire and shrapnel.

He takes out his
locket and opens it up, revealing the image of his wife and daughter. He sets it in the console of the bridge as he sits back in his command chair. He turns away and inputs data into his keypad on the arm of the chair. He lowers his cap and bids one last goodbye, "Farewell." This causes a massive amount of explosions to occur all over the front end of the body. The wings are destroyed along with the engines, leaving only the flaming main body to descend madly towards the blue-green planet below, so beautiful with its gleaming emerald rings. On the planet, along a sandy beach, debris litters the area. Flames and fires dot the area, while pools of melted metal form like water pools. Twisted chunks of metal mark the graves of the dead and give a grim reminder to what has happened.

On the beach though there is
one life. A woman is crouched on the beach. She stands up revealing she is bare. Her long purple-black hair trails along her back as she stands facing the ocean. Here eyes are filled with tears as pieces of the ship plummet into the ocean. She stands in the wind, her long hair twirling in it, while more debris plummets into the ocean…