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note: This section contains spoilers
Chapter 1

The tides of war suddenly changed as a special organization emerged, called "Ethos", they were the key to escavating the ancient relics that were remnants of the previous civilizations. With these discoveries, the long waged war was then no longer decised on by hand to hand combat, but now with newly enhanced machineries and huge bipedal mechs called "Gears". Technology was at its finest, and war was more tragic than ever.

After some time, Kislev has gained the upper hand in the battle. Aveh was nearing its fall when a new military force suddenly appeared by their side. This new army was called "Gebler", and they paved the way for Aveh to regain its authority over Kislev. Aveh, with all its winning momentum, then forced its way into Kislev's territory and strived hard to initiate its enemy's downfall.

In the remote village of Lahan, in the outskirts of Aveh and the border of Kislev....

  The destruction of Lahan

Gebler troops were pursued by Kislev guards. These Geblers have succeeded in stealing one of Kislev's new Gears, named "Weltall", and have been searching the area for a place to land. They eventually descended in Lahan, along with their pursuers. Battling in their gears, they brought the whole village to flames.
Confused, one of these villagers, Fei Fong Wong, impulsively crawled into Weltall's cockpit and manuevered it to fight. While in battle, a stray bullet killed Fei's best friend, Timothy. Fei, in all rage, released a massive wave of energy and destroyed the whole of Lahan, together with one of his close friends, Alice.

After the tragedy, the survivors blamed Fei for everything. Fei was then forced to leave the people whom he once loved, and then started walking for the forest. He had nowhere to go, and he had no clue as to how he did such a devastating thing. His identity, which was a mystery ever since his childhood, constantly troubled him. In his search for reason, he blamed Weltall, and swore never to see it again.
In his grief, he didn't notice that somebody was behind him...

Elly points a gun at Fei! It was Elhaym Van Houten, otherwise known as "Elly". She was the Gebler officer in charge of the Weltall acquisition project, and has sought refuge in the forest after Lahan's destruction. She pointed a gun at Fei, thinking that he was nothing but a hostile -Lamb-
Fei had nothing to lose. He asked for Elly to pull the trigger and end all his misery. However, as she was about to to do as what he wanted, a forest elf jumped from the shadows and attacked the Gebler officer. Being a hero by heart, Fei helped Elly, and in the end, won her trust.

During their journey out of the forest, Elly ran ahead of Fei and was confronted by a huge reptile. She was knocked unconscious as Fei came to her rescue. Seeing that the monster was ten times larger than him, Fei had no chance of winning, until suddenly, Weltall descended from the sky. Dr. Citan Uzuki, Fei's doctor friend from Lahan, came just in the nick of time. Fei, though unwillingly, piloted Weltall into defeating the monster.
Evening came upon the dark forest, and while Fei was asleep, Citan asked Elly to leave. She did just that, and ran off to join her Gebler troops.
The next morning, Fei and Citan journeyed to a nearby city in order to get repair parts for Weltall. They were separated during their search, and while Fei was looking for Citan, he was confronted by a dark man named "Grahf". Dr. Citan again came to the rescue with Weltall, and with this, Fei defeated the monster that Grahf left behind.

However, Citan and Fei were chanced upon by the Kislev guards, and seeing Weltall in their possession, they were mistaken as members of Gebler and were arrested.  They were then forced into the guard's ship.

On the way to mainland Kislev, the guard ship was attacked by the great sand cruiser, Yggdrasil. This was the sand pirates' ship, and they wanted Weltall badly. As the guard ship went down, Fei and Citan escaped into Weltall, only to be confronted by the sand pirates' leader himself, Bartholomew "Bart" Fatima. Fei had to fight Bart in his gear, and while in the heat of battle, both gears fell down a desert hole and ended up in a Stalactite cave. They were now, alone....

The Pirates' Captain, Bart