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Who are these two?

Come on folks, we all know these two are from the beginning of the game and that they're probably the captain's wife and daughter... BUT who are they exactly in the Xenogears story? They must play a big role somewhere! What's the sense of putting such stress in their picture if they were just nobodies?

ANSWER: Survey says - Elly and her mother. Though it's not verified, they do bear a strong resemblance to Elly, and there is the scene with the daughter in the capsule when Abel meets her. So maybe it's true!


Carter Lovelace
Elly and her mom

well the only guess I have is that it would have to do something with Elly. I only say that, because they got red head. Stupid guess probobly, but I want to know who they really are!

I think that it is Sofia and her mother. I mean it looks like her and who the heck else would it be? So thats who I think they are.

I guess it maybe Elhaym Van Houten's true parents if she was adopted...the girl looks like her yeah?

OpTimuS PrimE
They are the captain's daughter and wife.

D.T. Brown
Sophia and her mother

Your name
Well the first time I played the game and looked at Elly I thought of the girl in the picture so . . . . . OH I know!!! Maybe The captain was like Lacan and and the girl was lacan's . . wait . . .no . . . hmmmmm. All I can say is that They were obviosly someone that the captain cared about alot.

Jar Jar Binks' assassin
Well, since I never completely understood the storyline, I'm not sure, but I think it is NOT connected to Elly, because Elly's parents were Erich and his wife(obviously), and ther parents were killed around the end of Disc 1. So, I'm gonna say it's definetly NOT Elly and her mom...but is it Sophia and someone else ??? Or is it actually Urobolus and Deus desguised as someone ?? Or, it could be Citan and Sigurd...or maybe Roni and Bart, perhaps ??

I think it is Elly and Miang, or the pendant could be how he got an idea of what to have them look like.

They are just the captain's wife and daughter. They are not elly or her mom, nor could they eer be, since elly asn't created until Able made contact with Zohar.

Lord Zeikfried
Elly and Medena

Justin Rashall
Fei And Rico or Gohan And Bulma

Justin Rashall
It is Sophia and her Mom or Elly and her Mom

The young girl is Elly and the other is just her mother but i think Elly (the duaghter) survived the crash of the eldridge and dues used her like Miang.

The young girl is Elly and the other is just her mother but i think Elly (the duaghter) survived the crash of the eldridge and dues used her like Miang.

Justin Rashall
Elly and her real mom

Yeah, k, I read more, and I see my mistakes...heh, and now I don't know what...all I think now is that the younger is SOME relation to Elly. The basis for the "Mother", when baby Fei contacted Zohar, and it felt his desire for a mother, and saw it as a chance to get it's @$$ out of the Zohar Modifier...heh. Plus Deus is a bastard, teehee...Deus activated -PERSONA- and made Miang...but Zohar remembered Fei's desire for a companion...and Zohar, or God, or Wave Existance, sorta didn't like Deus too much, and wanted the Gazel Ministry and Kain's plans thwarted. So it made the form of "The Contact". The sad little boy who came in contact with it, and wanted a then when Abel's all "I gotta stop them!", he meets Miang. And then her original "mother's love" part comes to the top, and she splits. Into the Elly we all know and love, and the Miang we're all pretty pissed at. So Elly becomes the Anti-Type, or Anti-Contact. And when Fei wanted a mom...Zohar saw a way out and made a female image. Maybe it got it from the locket. Maybe it didn't. Who knows. But then Deus kinda did -PERSONA-, and it musta like...took over Zohar's project in the Elly, the Mother, the Anti-Contact, was there all along, but Miang was being made on top of her, so to speak. Maybe when Zohar made the Mother, it got an image from the captain's locket. *shrug* and the more I look at it, the more it doesn't look like Elly. Elly doesn't have such a sharp jawline...buuuut it's still a good resemblance. So it's the Captain's wife and daughter, and the daughter and/or mother is/are maybe the "model(s)" for the Mother...maybe Deus saw the locket when it activated -PERSONA-, and used both images to hold different feelings or emotions...*shrug* why try and understand a big evil living weapon? heh. Maybe it's Elly's base image. But the more I re-read of the creation of Deus and the beginning of life on Ignas...I don't know.

Justin Rashall
Sophia and her mom

Adam Levack
The one on the left is Elly, in her first body before becoming part of Deus and making contact with Zohar. The one on the right is the first mother of Elly. They are both the captain's family.

My guess is that they're both from the series Gundam Wing, on the left, Relena. And on the right, I have NO IDEA!!!!!!!! ;) Perhaps someone else knows.....

Jonathan Miller
Hmmm.... well, I'm tempted to say that the young one could be Elly, and I'd imagine that's a fairly popular guess. However, I don't think they are meant to be anyone special, remember, they didn't get killed on the Eldridge or plummet to the planet with Fei, Elly, and Miang. I think they were just the captians wife a daughter who were sitting safe at home when Deus took over the ship and were saddend to find out about the loss of a loved one.

Mike "Killer" G
Dam, why does my browser seem to have problems when i try to submit a guess... oh well... anyway...

CLANKETY CLANK I AM A TANK! (j/k, just wanted to put something silly in to make this upper part funny... heh)

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Mike "Killer" G
Gee, was my last guess really that long??? oh well.

Anyway... ProZackie, it even tells you in the game at the part when the Contact with the Wave Existence happens after all the personalities of Fei are rejoined into one, saying that the Wave Existence felt the desire of Abel(the first Fei) to have his mother with him(or something dealing with wanting a mother), and that it created Elly using the Zohar Modifier's Bio-Reactor Core-thing. So it couldn't be his whole family like you said.

Mike "Killer" G
Ok, good guess, but it seemed like you were talking about the first Elly and Miang as if they were two separate people. The only identifying characteristic of a woman possessed by Miang(in other words, when the Urobolus ring gene is enabled by the death or inexistance of another Miang in the world) is the indigo hair and eyes, and that Miang existed in the first Elly(the 'Mother', as it were). She only left the 'Mother's body after she created other 'caretakers' of humanity, like herself, and when the first Elly died (though she could have left the 'Mother's body at the beginning, possibly from a difficulty to control it, as a consciousness for the first Elly must have existed in the body, and was resisting Miang's control, just as she probably was during Deus' 'awakening'. Therefore, at that moment, you could say Miang and Elly were separate beings, but still, Miang doesnt have a real, original form, just the one of Elly is her form, but she just takes the shape of the woman that she possesses anyway.

Ok, about the captain and the possible relation to the first Fei(undoubtably called 'Abel'). Sure it's unlikely, and yes, he could have just found the locket after the crash or something, but Elly was already being created within that Bio-reator core thing from the Zohar before the incident with Deus taking control of the ship. So, I suspected that either he caught a sight of the locket before all this stuff happened (which is highly unlikely, because if he was not the captain's son, he wouldnt be able to get on the bridge or into the captain's quarters to see the locket) and then the Zohar Modifier containing the Wave Existence scanned his mind when Abel entered its chamber (which is also highly unlikely if he wasn't the captain's son, I mean, how could a 'nobody' on a ship get into such a high-level military chamber like that?) and at that time, Abel desired a mother and just happened to think of that image from the locket. Or, Abel could have been the captain's son (or grandson, or whatever, some sort of relation), and he just was remembering about the rest of his family that was left behind on Earth(making a guess that the 'Main planet' is actually Earth) when he entered the Zohar chamber, and, by the previously described reasons, the Wave Existence produced the form of Elly as the 'Mother'. Yes, the captain doesn't exactly look like the rest of them, but most of the ones that look exactly like Fei were probably around the same age, and if you remember Khan, Fei's father, he didnt look too much like Fei. He had that mustache and, well, he just looks older. With that said, the captain may be an even older one of the family, that also let his beard grow, so he may just be Abel's grandfather, as he looks old enough to have been a grandfater for at least a few years. But this may just be nonsense, as I only got this idea after I read one of the more logical guesses. I would agree with those who may think the younger woman in the picture doesn't look old enough to be a mother, but still, there is a margin of error on assessing the age of someone by looking at them, and it is the only logical explaination IF those in the locket have anything to do with the game, which is doubtful. But, as I said before, the resemblance of the younger of the two in the locket to Elly is too great to ignore.

I just have one more comment for this guess... I wouldn't have realized the similarities between the younger woman in the locket at the intro and Elly if I didn't see this guessing game... such a simple picture to be a powerful catalyst to expose an unrevealed secret of the Xenogears universe... my congradulations to Nutz and the others who run this site for noticing this and putting this image up for us to guess about (im sure you guys put this up because of the similarities reason)

THAT'S IT! *read some more guesses* The Captain MAY be the wave existance. But maybe not the CAPTAIN...but like the other guy said, his love and compassion. As he died, maybe some molecular crap happened, or some of the atomic stuff on the ship merged or something, but...ok, no, I'm wrong. The Wave Existance created the Mother in responce to the Contact's desire for a mother...SO...yeah, it saw the locket, the ONLY remaining record of what a woman looks like, and made one. And maybe the boy IS the captain's son...and maybe the boy didn't want a MOTHER...but his family back. But then why isn't Fei in the locket picture? OR...*gasp* as said may be put there for setimental people! *like me, heh* Cuz like...if you were gunna sacrifice yourself...wouldn't YOU want one last look at your loved ones? But ANY way, the young girl, his daughter, was the "model" for Elly, the Mother. And POSSIBLY the wife of the captain was the model for Miang...maybe Deus is colour blind, what can I say...heh...but actually, they were created together, and Girl = Elly Model. Lady = Possible Miang Model. I read into things too much. Heh...

K...the captain isn't a Fei, cuz if you look at aaaall the other Fei's, he looks the same. And considering a baby Fei incarnation was the ONLY to survive the crash, the captain is NOT a Fei. It may be the baby Fei's dad, but I doubt it. I slightly agree with the previous guess that the child saw the locket, and when he wanted companionship, a "Mother", the first thought in his mind was the girl in the locket. The girl looks more like Elhaym, so maybe the picture of the woman in the locket got burnt in the crash or something. But anyway, I think that somehow, the girl in the locket is related to Elly. Not RELATED...but the basis of her. If Xenogears Episode I came out...we'd probably find out. OR...maybe the baby Fei wanted a mother, and the wave existance only had the locket picture to go on, so it created a "Mother" in the form of the woman in the locket. And who's to say the captain isn't the wave existance, and made his little girl the saviour of "God"? Heh, now that one's far off. But either or any way...I believe that it is the basis for Elhaym...NOT any incarnation of Elly, but what Elly was modeled from.

Mike "Killer" G
Those that guessed Elly and her mother (or the 'Mother' and her mother), then I'd say you're not that far off. If you read my other Guesses, you will see what I mean. Also, dont guess that it is someone who is actually alive at the time of the game and doesn't have the whole reincarnation line through their family, like Fei and Elly have, because, obviously, THEY WERENT ALIVE IN ANY SENSE 10,000 YEARS BEFORE THE TIME OF THE GAME, BECAUSE THAT IS WHEN THE ELDRIDGE CRASHED, AND THAT IS WHEN THE INTRO WAS OCCURING. Jeez, if only people used some common sense, we wouldn't have so many stupid guesses filling this page.

Mike "Killer" G
Also, referring back to the 'hair' you all argued about, the picture kinda looks distorted, with quite a bit of shade on the younger woman's hair, and the glare from the bridge lights, so it might actually be auburn hair like Elly's. Even proving further the possibility that this image is connected to the story in a big way, but we may never know unless the story of the previous four Episodes of Xenogears are told, as at the very end of all the credits of this game, it says

Xenogears Episode V THE END

Mike "Killer" G
Ok, looking over all the dumb previous answers, I see that people think its Emeralda, Sophia, Medena, or Elly, and that the captain is the original Khan or Kim or something. I kinda get the thing with Khan, cus I too think that Fei has some sort of relation to the Captain and his family in the locket, and that the one in the picture that looks the most like Elly is probably the first Fei's mother (It seems, from most of you who seem to know what you are talking about that the first Contact/Fei was named Abel) from which Elly/Miang/'Mother' was formed, as i have explained in previous guesses. Jeez, the answers ive seen on this page... really kinda sad to see so many didnt get the whole plot with the Zohar and WAVE EXISTENCE.

Mike "Killer" G
Sorry about all the guesses, my browser was having problems when I was trying to submit some of them. Doh, here I go again, wasting more space... :(

Mike "Killer" G
My previous Guess(es) are probably right, but its probably just the captain's wife and daughter, nothing more. But the whole thing with Fei's ancestor who survived the Eldridge and the first Contact with the Zohar and WAVE EXISTENCE does get ya thinkin... (the younger one does look like Elly, with that long, slightly red hair, but hey, theres probably nothing real important about these women to the story anyway...) (Previous guesses [below] explain my theory on the best way they could relate to the story)

Mike "Killer" G
My previous Guess(es) are probably right, but its probably just the captain's wife and daughter, nothing more. But the whole thing with Fei's ancestor who survived the Eldridge and the first Contact with the Zohar and WAVE EXISTENCE does get ya thinkin... (the younger one does look like Elly, with that long, slightly red hair, but hey, theres probably nothing real important about these women to the story anyway...) (Previous guesses [below] explain my theory on the best way they could relate to the story)

Mike "Killer" G
Well, maybe not granson, but somehow, the younger of the two in the picture must have been some sort of mother figure to Fei's ancestor, the first Contact and only survivor of the Eldridge. It kinda makes sense if you remember Fei's Contact with the EXISTENCE and the Zohar Modifier.

Mike "Killer" G
Well, I think that they are probably just the captain's wife and daughter, and that the younger one was the basis of the 'Mother', or Elly's ancestor, AKA Miang's true form. Anyway, Fei's ancestor, who was the only survivor of the crash, must have seen it and, as the EXISTENCE said, the 'Mother' was created from Fei's wanting a mother, and that image probably popped up in his head while he thought of it, and the EXISTENCE created the 'Mother' looking like that. This is all because the younger one in the picture kinda looks like Elly, and that movie that showed the 'Mother' inside of Zohar on the ship showed her with red hair, like Elly's and the women in the locket. I mean, the form of the 'Mother' had to have come from somewhere. If ya wanna go further, Fei might have been the grandson of the captain, and he was thinking of his mother, who probably either wasn't able to come on the Eldridge, or died, though I doubt the dying part, as it seemed the captain wanted to protect them from complete annihilation from -DEUS-.

Daniel Owsley
The daughter and wife of the captain who's ship went down in the opening movie.

Arron Rashad Valentine
Yui and Midori

Woo Jae Park
Ellie's great great great great ...... grandmother

I think that it is Ellie and her mother



its the "Mother" and her mother..

Some guy who is on the Internet too much
It's obvious that Square just put them there to provide sad people like us with stuff to do. You see, the "good" people working at SquareSoft are actually sadistic freaks who keep feeding us things like this just to keep us speculating. They did it in FFAnthology, too. They never showed Locke's face. Another site speculates on this. Well, it's obvious it's someone related to Elly, and Deus manifested this image to the captain, or something. Actually the picture was the one that came with the locket, and the captain actually sabatoged (is that how you spell sabatoge?) the Eldridge, and he was looking at the picture that came with the locket because he has a severe mental disorder, and he hid his records so he could pilot the ship. Anyways, whoever the two females are, they're really hot, so what does it matter? I must be taking up a lot of space, huh? HAH! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah HAH!

either elly and miang or they are both elly


Well, it's fairly obvious that the elder is Ultimecia, while the younger resembles Lucca. Actual stu==> A lot of people seem to think that the girl is a prious incarnation of Elly, bu I actually think that the woman manning the station on the Eldridge that reports to the captian looks morelike a previous Elly.

that picture came with the locket and the captin lied and said it was his famil

Actually,if you do some research on the subject,you will come to find that in reality they are his best see,the captain has a drug and prostitute business on the side of his career as in the military;he was just wanting to take one last look at the 2 whores that made his business so grand.

i cant understand how people can be so stupid, that's from the very intro and some dorks say its elly and her mother or her and her "real" mother, emerald, miang and i could keep on going, and they make this dumb extrapolations based on the little they have played.

Since that photo is actually 10,000 years old (from the time the eldrige crashed into the planet (earth? quite possibly....actually I would say yes, it's earth) neways) it cant be the actual Elly nor her mother, nor emeralda since emeralda was created during the zeboim era (about 6000 years after the crash took place) and it cant be miang since Miang was born right after the crash.

Well, obviously its the captain's wife and daughter, about if the captain's daughter is actually one of Elly ancestors, that's up to you to decide...

Mr. Man
ok would everyone qwit guessing its Emeralda and Miang. Miang has BLUE hair and Emeralda has TEAL hair man U guys are stupid

Jeff Bordignon
Its Elly and her mom

Duo Maxwell
Huh?! What the hell is everyone talkin' about?! the REAL answere is: The captin is just a pervert an' stole that pic of those two chicks from someone an' he wanted to look at 'em one last time. Shesh!Let the man have his fun!!

It's... Elly's unknown brother holding a picture of his sister and her clone...

It is Elly, or her ancestor, like elly was to mother sophia, she is to whoever the hell she is. and the other is her mother. and since that was supposidly around the time that kain and abel and everyone else was around, she was who abel was with before he died to the hands of kain, like in the flash back thingy.

Doctor J
a few things to say before I guess... It's not Elly and her mother because both of them were born thousands of years later, and she wouldn't have gotten a picture taken with her REAL mother, and how can you meet Elly's dad if he died in an explosion? It's not Miang because Miang is born later in that movie! It's probably just an ancestor to Elly.

It's Elly's Great Great Great...... Grandmother. Or something like that.

Mitch Fitzgerald
its either ellyham and her mother miang or their ancestors - dont ask me why i think this i just do

Why didn't anybody guess that it's Sophia? (If that is a stupid answer, don't yell at me, I'm only at the point where Ft. Jasper is shooting the Babel Mirror) I thought that was the creation of mankind on that planet? Remember what Balthasar said? That humans only existed for a certain amount of time on the earth? Oh well. I don't know who the mother is. Maybe Sophia's mother.

Bahamut Omega
Elly and Miang seem like a good guess, then again so does Emeralda.... hmmmm... maybe it is just elly's mother real mother.. or just the captain's daughter and wife. Perhaps the captain is a Fei.

Hmm...probably the Captain's wife and daughter. The daughter does look suspiciously like Elly, though. WAIT A MINUTE!!! It Fei is a reincarnation of the captain, then he is a freakin' inbreeder! Oh well...

OH MY GOD! That's my mom and sister! How did they get in this game... holy cow... weirdness!

ace sniper
i think it an dead, long ago Elly and her mom, THE TRUE MOTHER

Peter Tomaselli
The girls are in the captain's watch in the prologue.

Rick Scott
Elly and Emerelda

Great Saiyaman
Damn! you still insist on this? They are not Elhaym and her mother! That is just the default picture in those lockets. The Captain just got it new, and hasn't put a picture of his own yet. He could have, but now it's too late and he's going to die without being able to take a last look at a loved one's picture! That's it!

Elhaym and Miang

The brown hair girl is Elly. The mother is the second

Adam Putnam
My guess is that its Elly and her mom

it´s your mom and your sis, now get doing something good instead of reasing this

your daddy
get doing something, damn it. reading guesses is sometimes cool but.......OK OK i couldn´t guess all right !!?? ...leave me alone

Bishop Stone
Hmmm...My first guess when I saw them was Elly but now i really think that it was Niang and possibly Elly`s mother.

Nathaniel Roberts
I think it's elly and maing before the crash

Citan Uzuki
The young girl was captain´s daughter that was elly´s body and mind, and the woman was Miang (your sleep mind). Deux taked the mind of Miang (true name) and body of Elly and created two ideals, one for him and other for Abel. Miang (the captain´s wife) was normal in life.

I'm sorry. I meant to say that the woman on the right is Elly's mother and the Captain's wife. But I still think that Elly was originally Able's mother because when Zohar created Able's counter-part, Elly, Able had wanted someone like his mother. Therefore, the woman on the left is Able's mother and the Captain's daughter.

The woman on the left is Able's mother and the woman on the right is her sister. Both are the Captain's daughters.

Elly and her mother back in the days of Lacan, before Grafh. i know i'm wrong. oh well. hehe.

KoRn Freak
I've guessed before and after reading the other new answers, I came to the conclusion that those two are just the captain's family! I played through the game couple of times, seeing that the people in the beginning don't seem to have anything to do with Fei and Elly. Elly can't be the mother nor daughter. After seeing all the past life that those two had, Elly was the one that always died, which means that the captain couldn't be Fei since he died first. Ughh... my answer doesn't make sense but just think about what I wrote down. Oh and here's some stuff i want to say, I love Xenogears!!! Square make more games with a deep story line! Don't make a Xenogears 2 though, that would ruin the first one. Oh and I love KoRn!!!!!!!!!!

Frankly, We all knoe that they are the wife and daughter of the captain of the eldridge and that the younger girl in the picture is the basis for Elly. But what about who the are? Well it's obvious to me that the captain is a future incarnation of Gendo Ikari whos will is then transferred to krellian.(they both have the same goals) who never figure out that he had lived through multiple generations because he never hooked himself up to the machine he put Elly through. Also before leaving his planet on the top secret mission to dispose of Deus(why put a mass destruction weapon on a passenger ship?) the captain was the most succesful pimp in his world's history. As for the girls they were his best bisatches, an incarnation of Auska and one of Misato with her hair dyed red. That's what I think I know it is completly insane and neurotic but it appears my ID has overruled the rest of my brain I must . . . . . KKIIIIILLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Oh and forgive the constant mispelling of "Deus".^^; It was late....

Anyways, carry on...

The Bringer of Havoc
My guess? I personally think that they really are the captain's wife and dau* *NEW ORDERS INCOMING* CRUSH!!!!! KILL!!!! DESTROY!!!!!!!

The Great One
Fools, I will destroy you if no one guesses right by the next update. I f the update doesn't come before May, all the curators of this website will be chained to their computers until the update is complete and posted. You have been warned.

the captains family at the beginning of the game.

I'm new to this place...^^; I'm going to try to be creative, but this is what I think, its probably trivial, but its fun to ponder anyways.. The Captain had been so busy with his work that similar to Fei's future ordeal, didn't have alot of time for his daughter(fortunatly though, the mother didn't go Miang..^^)Rather saddened, the young girl carried on her life. When the Elderidge was completed it was considered a new hope for this race, as they could finally go out into the universe, deep. Maybe an escape from a war? Maybe it was all preplanned? Who knows.. But during the trip this young girl met Young Abel(First Fei), the two shared a certain bond, Abel having lost his parents and was currently alone, This girl having never had a real family, and was also alone.. Well everything was going according to plan, yet.. The girl discovered the Elderidges deep, dark, secret, Dues. It had this overwhelming feeling of emptyness, lonliness..she felt it like an overwhelming heat. She couldn't help but reach out.. A certain consciousness reached out for her.. Becoming one with her and sharing her thoughts with its.. They were one mind for a second.This caused a chain reaction in Deus, causing an unforseen disaster.. Eventually when the ship began to be taken over by Deus, and panic spread as the passengers and crew rushed to escape to save their lives. Abel, unable to escape, having no one, couldn't make it to an escape pod...which is actually fortunate, seeing their fates.(Though perhaps some survived...explaining the wide difference of human races.) Alone, he searched, for his mother, deep down though, he knew he'd never find her. He started to hopelessly search for the one person who he could reflect his feelings to, the girl, Elly.. He found what he was looking for, which is depicted in the movie scene during the "dreams.." segment. Also why he looked so well, shocked. Then suddenlly a shaking..The Captain, thinking his family dead, set the self destruction device, looking one last time at the family he knew he had taken for granted...he regreted it. A pod which housed Elly and Abel crash landed on the Planet, though at this point, the consciousness which was the part of Dues seperated from Elly and made its own Body, Miang, the Indigo haired Woman. While the girl, Elly, remained a survivor with Abel. This explains why Elly in current time always seems to have this atmosphere of a lonely girl, who overcomes this eventually. It also explains how Fei and Elly have so much spiritual strength together, that it got the attention of even the Wave Existence..

A little long for a guess, but also here to maybe give you guys something to think about and read.^_^

The girl is Elly for sure and the mother most possibly could be the basis for Miang. The soul mate for Fei was a descandent of this girl but with no affection for Fei.

Issac Reeder
I think the girl is Elly and that is her mother, possibly Miang but doubtful, as Miang is not around yet.

erik lister
the girl is Elly, and her mother is Miang. Having played the game months ago-I am probably way off in terms of story coherence-however, both of their facial bone structures seem to match to a T from the Elly and Miang that I remember.

They are the captains wife and daughter. The girl is the first Elly. She and the first Fie were the only two survivers of the Eldrige. Dues later created Miang to revive him, he based Miang on the first Elly's mother.

Theyre just a couple of old tarts.

Cant you see it ?? Its Aunty Mabel with her youngest daughter Bob.

it does not matter who they are.i would assume they are the captain's wife and her daughter.It does not say that fei was the captain's son,does it?so then(,assuming they are the captain's family),we can forget that one of them is fei's mother.Think about it.If Fei was the captain's son,why is fei not on that picture?that's that.i would say that fei's mother was one of the civilists that we see in the intro.this locket is used as a dramatic instrument,look at the camera perspective,sharpening the closet more and more until the ship explodes.the two of them are just the captain's wife and daughter.nothing more.

Gee, maybe, just maybe, it really is just the captain's wife and daughter?! Hmm? Since the Eldrich crashed 10000 years ago I find it difficult to believe that it is Elly or her mom.

It is Elley with blond hair, and the other repeating life character

It is not elly or her mother it is another person that became the basis of Deus' model when Fei(Grahf) as a young came in contact with it and Deus created the one thing Grahf longed for: A loving mother. So the elder person has no relivance but the younger is as the shell-model for Deus.

Wesley Christensen
I think it is Elly and her mother.

Sorry, this school sh** is geting to me book.... damit the game, and people how think Elly and Fei reincarnat you fu***s don't even understand the story

My guess is that the two people in book are the captins wife and duaghter. When the Eldrich or whatever was about to crash on the earth, Deus took a snapshot of the picture or somthing like that and created Elly. I don't know if this is correct but thats what my freind thinks.


i think itz elly and her mother, her real mother , the one it never shows , you know that maid they talk about?

Elly and her mother

I think that they are Elly and her mother in a past life

Hadi Wijaya
Because there is LUCCA(chrono trigger) in this game i guess they must be MARLE(chrono trigger) and ELLY ....then the captain is CRONO(chrono trigger)...... 1.Maybe the story is crono likes to pilot EPOCH he becomes a captain of a great ship now...the story is crono likes to pilot. 2. Marle changed her hair style. 3. Lucca came to the future to tell fei as a main actor .....about the main thing in this game(very big help)....that's the save point.

Greg Zawistowski
these two people i think have a point in the game but not a giant roll as some of u say. I also think they maybe the first Elly and the -Mother- but i am not sure.

The very first Elly and her mom

its my dick and sperm thats coming out of it

Patrizia Wojsyk
2 women - probably playing an important role in the game? - ... could it be ... YES! it is definitly Sigurd and Bart. Why? Because the spaceship gets destroyed and we all know what happens if little Bart is allowed to play with weapons ^__^. And poor Sigurd has always to watch over him- just like a mother.

It is Elly and Miang( or her mother). The younger Girl looks Elly/Sophia and the older one, well shes older( now this is a good argument ^_^) and both women ARE the mainpersons of the game, and why else should they have been shown ... unless ... uhm ... ? ... yaawn ... 4 o`clock in the morning ... time to put Alhazardo away ... ...

Greetings to Arek :) and to all: " Have a nice day"

Paul Morlaes
Or......the captain could of been absorbed by Deus and used the memory of the two to make Miang and Elly as the form of the mother(Deus had to get a image to use for her somewhere!)

Paul Morlaes
It is the first incarnation of Elly/Sophia or Deus could of probably made the other half of the mother using the girl in the pic as her form

Mike Seaman
I think it is an early advent of elly the older women is the mother and captain is the older womans husband.

No wait just don't pay attention to what i said earlier because i have i new idea. The two women are just their because it is the captains family its not anyone that has to do with the game . Its just they probably put it in there so it would be more sad and dramatic when the captain is in his last moment of life so he looks at the family he will never see again . So i think they are just two people no one like Sophia and Elly or anyone like that

I honestly think that it is either Sophia and her mother or that girl with Kim and her mother. I don't think it would be Elly because the Eldridge crashes what was it..........about 10,000 years ago our some where around there so if it was Elly that means she would be 10,000 years old. See what i am saying.

Bartholemew Fatima
The taller one in the back hasgot to be Sofia and the one in the front is Elly's 1st advent

Steven Loar
Sofia and Elly

its the captains family, the doughter looks like the original Ellie, but in the game zohar says he made her for fei, so i am not sure, but i am sure its the family on the captain of the Eldrige.

I think they're only captain's wife and dougther, we force our minds making them looking like Elly or Fei's mother. You're the best!

Maybe the older one would be the first incarnation of Elly (so that would be Feis mom) and that makes the little one Fei's sister.....maybe Maing? Just popping out guesses.

Sean Albrecht
They both look somewhat like Elly, My guess is that the older woman is Fei's mother, and the younger his sister. Elly was created out of Fei's (Able's) desire to see his mother. This would also make Fei the captain's son.

... it can't be elly, because elly (along with myang (they are one in the same)) was created when the ship went down by deus and the existence... so in other wordds, they're nobody... the only reason why they are there is to show you that the captain had someone to think about

Dark Priest Shaft
Sophia and Elly. Who else?!

Fei Fong Wong
Ive played this game MANY a time, and i have come to a decent conclusion. The younger girl is the 1st advent of Elly. Well, i wouldn't say 1st...we dont know how many advents of Elly there were before the eldridge, But she is most likely one of them. The older woman is the wife of the Eldridge's captain. I done see anyone else who she could be.

Trowa Barton

Sophia and Elly!!

cliff whittaker
elhaym and her mother who was in the painting at the church

Bob Dole
its my mothers...Both of them!!!

You people are fools, that is obviously Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's kids in an alternate universe.I just can't believe you idiots! I HAVE A KEYTOOL, you know, that thing Bob has in that Canadian show ReBoot

Ok I am almost positive that the daughter is Elly. But I have no idea who the other is. most likely Elly's mom I suppose, which could be true because we're not sure what Elly's mom looks like. one heel of a good guess eh? (yes I'm Canadian).

Roy McClanahan
I believe that ellie and her mom are not possible guesses simply because they were not their yet ant neither were their advents. I don't know other than that besides that they are someone close to the captain.

Eric Zahler
elly and her mother

Curtis Majors
Elly and her mother

Rafael Viana
I played the game 7 times and for sure i found the awnser in the game ,matching all the story and the relations between the caracters.It's elly in her 1st advent and the older woman is her mother she should be the capitain`s wife .in other words the capitain of the ship that was attacked by deus(i forgot the ship`s name!!!)is ,by my guess,elly`s father.there`s a part in the game(secret part)that tells this woman`s name or so i was told.that is my guess.i am xenogears fanatic my icq number is:64719064.please change ideas with me.

Patrik Olsson
It is Elly and Her mother.......

It's his wife and daughter, DUH!!!!!!!!!

it has nothing to do with elly and miang, what happened was as the janitor was cleaning the bridge, he dropped his watch. the captain picked it up in a drunken stupor, thinking it was his. but really, it is the wife and daughter of larry the lowly janitor

I believe that they are Eve's decendants...

Christopher I. Barrows
look at the pic carefully. Notice the similarities between the young girl shown and Elly, and the resemblance between the older of the two and the face of the original Miang at the end of the opening. So by the storyline my guess is that they are the basis on the forms for Elly and Miangs original body.

Darth Vegas
Elly's mother and grandmother.

They are the doughter and the wife of the captain of the space vessel, and afterwards, the two firsts women of the world (Miang, and Elly) (My english is not very good, so forgive me of eny mistake)

pal alias
The younger girl is the daughter of the captain of the space vessel carrying Deus and the older woman is his wife.

When Deus decided to create miang he searched his data banks for an apropriate form. He came across this image and beiing the evil destructive entity that he is, decided that the older womans face was OK, but she needed a more dramatic / evil appearance, thus the purple hair. The first miang had the image from which she was created imbedded in her DNA, and used the girl from the image to create the first Elly. So in essence The picture is of the first miang and Elly, though that was not its original purpose.

Joe Herrera
Perhaps the girl is the original carnation of Elhaym.

THEY CAME WITH THE LOCKET!!!! Elly used to be a "model" in which she did many different types of poses. This is one of the more, subtle ones. Of course we'd all like to see Elly model much less than that blue number she's wearing... I mean god! All we see is the neck!? Come on!! Let's go Elly!! GET BUCK NAKKED!!!

I think is Elly and her mother but a past generation of them

Ummm..could the caption be Fei and the mother is Elly and the daughter is there daughter

I think that they are elly and miang. I meen look at the older womans face don't the two have a very close resemblence(the old woman and miang).Has anyone else wondered why miangs name was miang maybe it was the captians wifes name and deus named miang for that reason to only mock the captain for trying to destroy it. And the reason it choose to make ellys body the first it made for the same reason. or who knows maybe the captain became part of deus and wanted to see his family again so he di it this way....who knows....

its elly and her mother, obviously. and no, they were not on board. c'mon, pay attention to the story ppl. hehe

I think it's Elly and the 'Wave Existance'. The 'Wave Existance' took on a human form and pretended to be Elly's mother (though technically, it is, if you think about it).

Maybe it is just me but if anyone saw the Street Fighter show those two look like the wife and daughter of the Russian guy...gosh I forgot his name!...or maybe it was Ken's or something...but there is a flashback sequence that makes me think of them. Oh well

this is elly and her real mother because they both have red hair and Elly's "mother" from solaris did not

It's Elly (young female) and her mother (older female)

Jason Scott
Elly and her mother

elly frist gen and her mother

it's elly and her mom

Andrew Gray
Elly in a previous generation and her mother

It is certainly someone to whom the captain of the Elderage isemotionally attached too. From the look that he makes when he glances at these pictures before he issues the command for self-destruct tells us it is probably his wife and child though there where abouts are not know. But even if they were on the Elderage he knew that he was never going to see them again anyways since he had to save the planet below from destruction. They only part that this picture has in the entire game it that it is a comforting feeling to see your loved ones before you are dead even if it is just a picture. Remember the smile and the relaxing look on his face. He was at peace..... It is a pshycological answer but I think that it will do... :)

elly the founding mother of the nisan religon

Chris McGuire
It is the captains family the child is one of Elly's earlier reincarnations

I agree with you entirely, I never said anything that argues the fact. Their entire existence in the Xenogears storyline is rather small. I personally thought the entire scene was just a bit of dramatic irony. The only thing that they have to do with the story is that the girl was the basis from which Elly was "created". The reason I had my previous answers was to prove the fact that they could be neither Elly nor Miang. Like I said before, and other people have said before me, it's just a little dramatic irony in the opening scene.

Hello Kittyissatan
Totally Agree with the two guys below me! They are geniuses, same with that Yamato Honne guy! The locket was just a dramatic enhancement! Don't kill too many brain cells on this questions due to its simplicity!

Oda Nobunaga
I totally agree with the guy below me

Kazama Kotaro
I am sorry to say thisto people who are so eager to find out, but those two really have nothing to do with the story, because wouldn't the captain try to insure the two females' safety if they were both on board? Instead of just staring at the locket? This sort of proves that the two females are not on the ship and are probably back on their home planet. Use you brains!

hahaha... I would like to thank the wise and all powerful ALORAN for bestowing the light of knowledge on all of us. I feel so much better after having been enlightened by his divine wisdom. The way that he comes off as the world's biggest expert on everything gives me goose bumps. Obviously ALORAN has a lot of free time on his hands which he spends masterbating to elly and playing xenogears. Xenogears is the finest game I've ever played... but it does happen to be a videogame.

E rock
its simple... elly and miang. They are shown together symbolically because they come from the same woman, the mother of humanity in the begining

i guess that the girl is the very first generation of the 'Elly''s [before sophia,kim's wife,abel's wife] and that woman is her mother who is obviously the wife of the captain...

Following my previous response, I decided to go back and re-play the decisive section of Xenogears on Disc 2, named "Dreams...". The information given supports my previous statement. At that section, it becomes evident and as well is told that (the first)Fei and the woman in the opening movie were the only two surviors of the Eldridge crash. The woman who crash-landed on the planet had one purpose: to create life on this new, alien planet. Hence, she used up most of her energy to create Emperor Cain and the Gazel Ministry. Following this, and the Wave Existence's encounter with Fei, she diverted and formed two new females: Elly, and Miang. Fei, one of the sole surviors, was steered towards Elly, and thus the cycle began. Therefore, the females in the captain's locket simply -cannot- be Elly or Miang, and the captain himself cannot be Fei.

*Sigh* Alright, to start off, I'll say that this is neither Elly, nor Miang, nor Elly's mother, or any of the other half-assed guesses out there. The Captain of the Eldridge most probably had some relationship with them (there aren't THAT many freaks that carry around lockets with people they don't know in them). So, in essence, who are they? Well, start playing through the game before you answer and about 98% of your guesses fade away. Elly and her mother? That's an impossibility, if you play through the game and realize what some other people have been saying: Elly was -based- on the girl in the locket, who was probably a mother or mother-like figure to a very young (about 5 or 6 year old) Fei, who was onboard the Eldridge. Fei (here comes that playing the game through before you answer thing again) met the Wave Existence onboard the Eldridge (this is the original Fei, just so you know). From that meeting, the Wave Existence created Elly from the thoughts of young Fei, and, since most children commonly think of their mothers and such, was thinking about that girl in the locket. Onwards to the woman being Miang. This has got to be one of the stupidest answers I've ever heard. Deus created Miang, so that one day the Miang could, in a sense, 'revive' him. Deus would have had no NEED to create a Miang to revive him before this 'accident' occured and Fei met with the Wave Existence. So, to conclude, play through the game before you answer. It clears things up a whole lot more.

wheres xeno
elie and her mother

After reviewing the other entered guesses, I have come to the following conclusions: First, one two many people play this game and have become so addicted to it, that they are sponsering a website. Secondly, I have played this game once through and have come to the realization that those two females in the picture have no role in the storyline. Their only role is to act as a drama amplifier to draw unsuspecting nerds like yourselves into playing the game, nothing else. So in conclusion...... peel your asses off the couch and GET A

elly's grand mother and great grandmother

James Austin
It's Elly and her step Mom

Elly and Her Mother

Is because Elly has that picture.

Sophia and her mother.

|2ôñî Ðô(v)îñå
I may not be Nipponese(Japanese...), but I do know the planet the people aboard the Eldridge used to live on was destroyed by Deus... Deus was then contained within the Eldridge and the remaining life on the planet boarded the Eldridge to find a new home. ~ Sarabada.

Yasuyuki Honne
Oh honored Americans with small brains. I, Yasuyuki Honne, shall give you the answer you seek. Is there any evidence that the captain's wife and daughter was onboard the Eldridge? None at all. That means that they are on their home planet. Ta da! It had to be a sharp japanese brain that had to give you ignorant americans maybe the easiest question in Xenogears.


I know Elhaym very well. I can tell you right now that ain't her. I would know. Trust me!

It's simple. They are the captain's wife and daughter. It was added for emotion. He was about to die and he wanted to remember his loved ones before he blew the ship up. Now it is possible that that is an old picture, and the girl is now Abel's(Fei's 1st life)mother. But it is not Elly or Myah(Miang), because the Wave Existence and Deus had not created them yet.

I think the younger one is Sophia, the Nisan Sect founder and the older one is her mother.

Peter Youngblood
Elly(on the left) and her mom(on the right)

The Brigandier
Well these are just the captain's wife and daughter. They have no impact on the story of Xenogears and besides. Not Elly nor Miang have been created yet which means it can't be them.

i think the girl with the orange hair (the daughter) is elhaym (elly), and that the mother will be the original body of Miang.

Kyle [SK2000]
I'm going to keep this relatively simple, since my theories have a tendency to get out of hand. Basically, the girl in the picture cannot be Miang, nor can the woman, since Deus hadn't yet created her. Fei was the sole survivor of the -Eldridge- incident, and Elly was created in the image of his mother, whom he was crying for. This complicates the entire thing, but aside from that, one would think that the captain had something to do with the program that created Deus. Hence, perhaps the part that was Miang was engineered in the form of either his wife, his daughter, or both.

All I know for sure is that the picture hits my stomach with a twang of depression, so they have to be important in some way. ;-;

Adam Gardner
OK, I'd have to say that the younger one is the begining of the line of reincarnations that makes up Elly, and the mother...? Well, it's too bad she doesn't have purple hair... since she doesn't, I don't know. But I've not beaten the game yet, so I'll guess again when I do.

the older woman is probably the captain's wife, and the daughter is elly or whoever elly is based on (sophia, whatever)

I have to go Seibzen Bye!
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Seibzen how are ya!! (I fell stupid using this place as a chat)

Patrick Im Heir!!!!!!!

Vladimir Ramik
It's the captain's wife and her daughter who just happens to be the first generation of the (Elhaym) Elly.

Matt Hernacki
Uh, Duh!!It's the captain's wife and daughter of the intro anime. The daughter just happens to be elheyn(elly).

Matt Hernacki
Uh, Duh!!It's the captain's wife and daughter of the intro anime. The daughter just happens to be elheyn(elly)

Matt Hernacki
Uh, Duh!!it's the captain's wife and daughter of the intro anime. The daughter just happens to be elheyn(elly)

Of course it's Elly and her mom :-P

oops! i forgot, abel being the captain's daughter was only mentioned in the japanese version.

i forgot to mention: elly was created becaue of abel's longing for his mother, thus elly was based around abel's mother. abel was not shown in this picture ecause it would ruin the plot of the game.

this is not a guess. it was said in the story. the people in the locket were the captain's wife and daughter...duh! but abel was also the captain's son and that was why when the zophar modifier created elly it looked like the women in the locket. the woman in the locket is the capitain's wife, abel's mother and the "blueprint" for elly.

Dan Lash
Jessie & Her mother(?)

Well I think it´s pretty obvious who they are. Would a sane man be carrying around a photo with something else then his wife and beutiful daughter.

James FinalBout
I think that it is Elly in one of her past lives.

They´re the daughter and wife of the capitan of the Eldridge

Blue Warlord
As it goes ussually the most obvious answer is the correct one. Now lets see, since since elly wasnt created untill after miang showed up on whatever that world is called it wouldnt make sense that shes the girl in the locket. And it makes even less sense that fei is the captin. You all know how anime is, and if u dont u should learn, by that i mean most of the time characters look alike, and all thats different sometimes is the hair color, and for that i think it truly dose have no point other than one. Incase u all forgot what is happening to that ship ill remind u that the captin is about to die, and go down with his ship. Its a sentimental moment nothing more nothing less. Its not elly its not fei its not ellys dad or mom and its not about 50 other people i could think of (well maybe big joe, hes everywhere, j/k). The intro was just to show u miang showing up, and of couse so u could come back and wake up dues, and it looked cool. Well thats what i think. Hum... maybe someone should fly to japan and ask Yasuyuki Honne (art director for xeno according to the credits). First one to do that we'll all know for sure.

the girl is identical to elly, but elly wasnt born yet. It's really just the captains wife and daughter, but the girl was the model for elly that was in fei's mind.

They really look like Elly and a Miang with red hair. Maybe that means that Elly´s the antitype of the mother because she was Miang´s daughter in other life? And wasn´t Ramsus linked to Miang? (at least they sleep in the same bed). But then the captain would be Cain , as Ramsus was his clone. And Deus created Cain based on the captain. Boy my head hurts.

Joey Balboa
The older one is the scientist in charge of creating Deus and the younger is the basis of Deus' creation, Deus would have to be created from a child thats why it needed the animus to grow up and why it has Miang a "mother" figure.

hmm...maybe that's elly, miang and those kinda stuff were based on the captain's daughter and his wife. hmm.....maybe the captain was not just only a captain afterall.........huh?! what am i talking's screwed...maybe there's nanotecnology before there's human on the planet....and the deus and the first woman on the planet was made by the nanomachine too.....then everyone in the story might be also made by nanotechnology????

elly and her mother

Jeff D.
Sorry guys, But I'm going to have to agree with God_slayer_666. This takes place before any of the Elly/Miang schtick got started. It was added to humanize the event. If you were a middle-aged man in the navy who never got to see your family much you'd want a moment or three to reflect upon your loved ones before blowing yourself to kingdom-come.

Ah! The older woman is none other than Lucca and the younger is her daughter.

Super Saiyan Gotenks
Did 99% of you people even play the game all the way through? That cannot be Elly or her mother. Atleast not the one the wave existence created. How can the captain be Fei? The original Fei was already onboard the Eldritch. Remember? He was about 5yrs. old, not 45yrs at the time when he met the wave existence on the ship before it blew up. How can anyone of those females be Meing? It's like who came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case the chicken, Deus, came first. How can there be a Meing if Deus hasn't yet created one? Elly was just based on that girl from that locket. That's not the Elly the wave existence created. Elly was created because of a chance encounter with a very young Fei onboard the Eldritch. Elly was based on what the original Fei thought of at the time. His mother or a girl who was like a mother to him. In other words, the captain's daughter. The wave existence created Elly based on the thoughts of her from young Fei. That's all who that girl is. Just a girl Fei knew while he was on the Eldritch. And when I say Fei, I mean the kid who met the wave existence 10,000 yrs. ago onboard the Eldritch. Deus created Meing so one day she may restore him. And the wave existence created Elly so one day it may be freed. Elly is technically just a default setting. In conclusion, that girl is not Elly. The older female is just the girl's mother and the captains wife. And the captain is just a captain. That girl might have been used by the wave existence as a basis on which to create Elly, that's all. Notting more. If you don't believe me, play the game and observe the story very carefully. You people should know this stuff.

That's a piece of cake dude. That is Ellie and her Mother

OH!!! It all makes sense now!! They're the captain's wife and daughter!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Well, it's quite obvious that the girl becomes the basis of the anti-type. And I think the mother is a complete nobody, unless you want to call her the Holy Mother of Nisan from 500 years ago.


Whoops! left something out. The ship itself was from before the story even began! Thus, the two ladies can not be a part of the descending line of elly or feis.

The wife has no relation to the story itself. However, the girl was the pattern used by the ether engine (whatever it was called I forgot.) to create Elly.

Yes elly did say she had no father in the game...but by how she talked about her mom it didn't seem like it was her real mom either...anyways the eldrige accident was 10000 years before the game so its probably the first "Elly" and her mother

I guess they're elly and her mother

I think the older lady is elly, which means that the captain could be fei. I don't know! You tell me.

Sila ay dalawang BABOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XG fan
I think it is Sophia and her mom(who ever that is.) It couldn't really be Elly because isn't her dad still alive during the game? Plus they are still digging up parts of that ship so it couldn't have been a recent event(game wise)

Alkaiser (really)
I believe that the girl is just a girl Fei knew when he was on board the Eldritch. She was probably, like a "Mother " to him. So when Fei encountered Zophar; Elly was created out of that girl's own image. Fei and her were probably close friends before Deus started to cause trouble. So she held a predominant place in little Fei's mind. I'm very, very, smart. So I'm probably your best bet.

Alkaiser (really)
I believe that the girl is just a girl Fei knew when he was on board the Eldritch. She was probably, like a "Mother " to him. So when Fei encountered Zophar; Elly was created out of that girl's own image. Fei and her were probably close friends before Deus started to cause trouble. So she held a predominant place in little Fei's mind. I'm very, very, smart. So I'm probably your best bet.

Melizza Leonheart
Uhhh....did Elly say something about not having a father? As far as I understood the game, both her mother AND father died during the game...very sad...did you miss that part, maybe?

Jennifer L. Johnston
I believe its Elly and her mother...cause Elly did say something about having no dad...its sad really..::sniff::

Elly and her mother.

Matt Brown
Elly and her mother.

Id Fong Wong
I believe it is Elhaym and her mother.
Id Was

Aaron Eden
They are the captain's Wife and Child. (the captain was the captain of the ship that originally carried the interpanetary interface weapon known as "deus") You can see this at the begining cinema, RIGHT before the capt. blows the ship to hell.)

They are the Elders.

Devon Redfield
they are nobodies. he wanted to protect them from deus because its an interplanetary weapon. plus elly said to fight you must have someone waiting for you at home. well he did only problem is its kinda bad when ya cant be sent home because your in millions of little bits

Hue Jazz
The young one is Sohia and the older one is Miang.

Broli Mishima
I believe the woman is a previous reincarnation of Elly, and the girl to be the next incarnation. The captain has to be Fei... if you think I'm wrong, look at his eyes.

The first incarnation of Elly and her mother I'm asuming... Looks like her... We can assume Fei and the rest of the animus were on the ship too... (My friends and I see it that way... And we added the special twist that it was the first incarnations of Jessie and Hyu that built Deus in the first place and created the safeties that were the animus as well...;-)

Alec Houze
Those two pictured are the wife and daughter of the captain on the space transport in the opening scenes of the game.

Justin Merz
The daughter is the first incornation of Elly, I belive. It that was true though, then fei woul dhave to come from somewhere, and I have no Idea where he came from.

Xenogears was masterpiece. The amount of feeling in it was stupendous. Like probably in real life when a man has to make the kind of choice the captain did he might want to see a picture of his family who he is about to leave. I think that seen was meant as a seen of great emotion. It didn't have some higher meaning just what a person might have thought it was when they first saw it. Or the captains family his wife and sister in the locket could have died for whatever reason and now he is thinking to himself "I'll be with you soon" that is just my personal opinion.

The almighty Jaeger
They are the daughters of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask! You are all foolish mortals! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh come on people even i know who they are...well not realy you see i know that the camptain must be fei(i dont realy think so)but if Welltal was always fei's gear ow come he has it?aha i found it!that guy is fei's father thats his mother and fei was a transexual!

Big Joe
it's Fei and Elly from a long time ago, and the captin was their father.... back at the very begining ...

They are.......umm......Tye captains wife and Daughter! Can't you people realize that OF course they don't have any major part!! He just looks at them Because he knows he is going to DIE!! He looks at them "one last time"...Geez! It's SO obvious! Hee, hee.....okay...just a tad too enthusiastic.

Ali Ben Fy Fasan Mohammed
Jo, nå skal dere høre her; han kaptein døde på det skip, og den familie jeg ikke vite om er på skip, så det uvisst være! Men allikevel jo faen, lover jo! JO! JAI VITE DET JO, JAI VINNE DENNE KON-KURANSE! DET VARA.....DET VARA....TO POTETER!!!

Saddam "So Damn Insane" Hussein
Oh....just someone I tortured last night. Nothing special. Bye.

Adolf "Mein Kampf" Hitler


Since the captain of the ship came from another planet, then they must be on another planet too. It's the captain's wife and daughter.

we all know (well, me and my friend) that this is Elly's first life. And this would make the capitan Fei's original dad. So did i get it right i eagerly await the answer!!?

Andor Drakon
It's Elly, and her child, the captain being the original Fei who should have been the only one left on the ship, thus the obvious choice for the only survivor (Fei).

Zane Trumbo
It's Elly and her lamb mother

Vegeta(The Dark Saiyajin)
she is Elly, the wife of Kim(the fei of the past) end her true mother

Scotty Morris
Ancestors of Sophia

This is Elly and her true mother in the past times, when she is with Lacan...

Hey... those are the sisters of the Ronin Warriors! They were captured by tulpa! DEATH TO TULPA!

Paul Power - part 3 the awekening
I THINK THAT I FOUND IT !!!! Deus was the one that begun the life in that planet. How he do that ? He , himself , can create life with manipulation of DNA and the nanomachines. The first one that Deus made was Miang. This explain that Miang exist in all the women , in that planet... because all of them have the same DNA and came from Miang (the first one ) Deus put in Miang some parts of himself that is hard to explain. However , the same thing happened to Elly, but she received parts too, not from Deus system , but from the "wave existence",that was locked into the Zohar generator and into Deus core . The "wave existence" do this from your own will , for she ,a day ,to become able to destroy Deus and give freedom to wave existence. So , the two people in the screen up are the family of captain that could be taken for a model by Deus from the picture . Deus take the oldiest one picture and the wave existence take the other ( AM I TRAVELING IN THE POTATO !!! ) I think if it not right , i got very closely to the truth ... ( if not , i will discover other answer , you will see )

Michael, the "Disciple of Id"
I'm guessing the one on the left is Elly, or at least a spitting image of her. The older woman looks like... well... I got no idea

fei's mom and sister?

This is Elly and her mom

Rupert Giles
The older woman in the picture is the captain's wife and their child is one of the Ellys from the past!

Mako Cloud
Hey,everyone. Well I have played Xenogears,I Am at the last part of the game right now.And I Still don't Full understand the Story,Like About the "Contact" And the "Existance" And the Anti type".And Such stuff like that,Could Someone PLEASE Mail me explaining everything...Oh And my guess..I would say..It is Elly,before She Actually started top be re-incarnated,And that is her mother Sophia..Or KMiang..COULD SOMEONE ALSO MAIL ME WITH THE "TRUE" Answer. My E-Mail adress is

Paul Power - part 2
If so, Elly and Miang was very closely. Isn't Elly the antitype ? And Miang , isn't her a thing the is oppositioning to Elly. Somehow , i think that in the beginning , the two were one or something...

Paul Power
I think that the old one is Miang before she have been controled by Deus ... or something like that... The youngiest is probabily , your child . If you change the color of her hair... And maybe , her daughter could be Ellaym or some of the lives of Elly...

this is Sophia and Elyahm. duh.

the child is the great ancestor of elly and the old women is her mother.the meaning of this is that the generations continuise,like the part when you see the many generations of fei and elly in the past.that means that there will always be a fei and elly.i am french btw that is why my spealing is not perfect.

Rurouni Ken
I just think that these are Fei's deceased mother and sister and that the captain was his father, I mean think about it, they look a lot like Elly and Fei's ancestor wished for a mother to the Zora engine and the captain took out the picture because he was happy that he was going to be reunited with them.... well that last part could be possibe ya know?

Ramiro Alvarado
They are probably Sophia and her daughter Elly.

I didn't read through all the other guesses so i dont know if this was said before. It seems that throughout the game we see that Fei and Elly have many ancestors and that they were all connected. What if the captain is actually Fei's ancestor and the older woman in the picture is one of Elly's ancestors? And that would make the younger woman the daughter of Fei and Elly's ancestors.

Im guessing those japs that made the game sniffed the glue one too many times(kidding). IT just adds to the feel that the captain had a tiny spec of depth to his character.

I am guessing that they are none other than the captain Erich's wife and child, so in other words, they are Elyham Van Houten and her mother Medena.

Scrumptious Liquid Yum Yum Man it elly and her mom, like you know, elly "before" she was elly? what ever, the stroyline in Xenogears, had to have been the deepest, most hard to understand storyline, I have ever heard. None of my friends completely understood the whole thing by the time it was fin.

anyway, c-ya

Elly & her mom (Mrs Van Houten).

its Elly and some hapless woman (the cappy's wife and daughter) that were reincarnated in the Xenogears universe...or was it Alice??

it's the captains' wife and child....and the child was one of the lucky ones to get chosen for the forms that Deus created from the "mother"....huh?

Let me just add......Do the creators of this site actually know the real answer?

Its his wife and daughter and the reason theres so much stress on them is that it shows that the captain has someone to return to and is there to sadden you. I mean they want you to feel sorry for the captain and his family by showing them

the captain's family..DUHHHHHH!

The First....The Last...
Elly and Her biological mother

i guess its Ellys first incarnation or something and ellys mom but she somehow survives the crash and becomes maing.tell me the answer!!!!!!!!!1

Im guessing it's elly and her mother or someone in elly's generation.

I believe that Abel was the captain's son. Thus, when he "created" Elly, he created her based on his own mother, the captain's wife.

Goku (Harold Baguinon)
Well, as everyone else said, the daughter is Elly. And this wouldn't be Elly Van Houten...just...Elly...before all the times that she reappears in time. This may be far-fetched...but I think the Mother might possibly be Miang. Well, I tried! :-)

Personally, I think the daughter looks somewhat like Elly, but let's face it people: This is ANIME. All the damn female characters look like apart from hairstyles anyway! In all seriousness, though, I think it's just the captain's wife and daughter and they have no real impact or meaning in the game whatesoever.

Ric Carter
The family of the captain of the Eldridge.

It's obviously Elly an her mom But in their past life as the Captains Daughter an wife.(From the begining)

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Palmetta Bugg
*deep breath* Ok, the woman, she's Jessiah's ex-girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's mother's boss's cousin's employer's aunt's accountant's wife's paperboy's dog breeder's hairdresser's other client's nephew's pimp's father's pick-up truck's previous owner's brother's secretary's doctor's receptionist's masseus's uncle's mistress's roommate's friend's step-son's aunt's grocery-bagger's ex-husband's new wife's daughter and the girl is, eh, her daughter. Or not. But in all seriousness, they, to me, kinda sorta look a little like Margie Fatima, so maybe they have something to do with the Fatima dynasty.

Ok, all it is is the movie director/producer trying to add drama to the movie. Yeesh.

Elly and Miang


Elly and her real mother

Cloud B.
I have never played Xenogears... but I think it's Spohia along side her mother when she was younger

A picture Elly and her mother held in a locket in the posession of her father.

it is Elly and her (mum)

if you look really close at the two images next to one another the older one looks a lot like the very first Miang, I don't know who the younger girl could be, maybe an earlier incarnation of Elly?

Timothy Butler
They are the captains daughter and wife, but his daughter is the first incarnation of elly, BEFORE the destruction of the Eldridge, somewhere within the game, you will find a movie showing Fei in front of the zohar reactor, in which Elly was contained, before the Eldridge crashed...which means the incarnations occurred before Miang's existance...

Mitch Huynh
They are the capitan's ( from the intro of the game)wife and daughter.

Joshua Mitchell
Those two are the wife and daughter of the space ships captain in the beginning of xenogears.

Rufus, President of Shinra
a couple of Elly's relitives

Joel Michaels
WELL, This is really just a shot in the dark, but I'm guessing they are the ancestors of Bart's/Margie's royal family. Am I right?

OH!!!!! I GET IT NOW!!!!! It's the captain's wife and daughter!! How could I have been so stupid? Oh, wait a minute... if the person in the picture is me then how is the captain my dad? My dad is no captain. He's a baker. He makes really good cakes, too. OH I KNOW!!! The person in the picture is me and my aunt, and the captain was my uncle who was also a baker, and the purple-haired lady was a passenger on the ship, but she forgot to get dressed before she went on the ship. She was sad because my uncle was going to give her a free cake but then everybody had died, so she couldn't have any cake. End of story.

Umm... OH YEAH!!! The person in the picture is me! No wonder she looked so familiar!!! Cool, I'm in Xenogears!

Chris Osgood
Elly and her mom

It is Elly and the first prototype for Miang. Because of all the power of Deus, she somehow kept getting reincarnated.

It's the captains wife and daughter. the reason they put so much stress on the piture is because they want to show the evil of deus.

The women is the model from which Miang or "the mother" was forged from by the energy core after the explosion and the girl is the first incarnation of Elly that either survived the crash or was created by Miang early on.

As seems to be the trend for this guess, the locket contains the pictures of the Captain's wife and daughter. Abel was the only human survivor of the Eldridge disaster, and as the Zohar entity describes it right before Fei obtains Xenogears, he is the one responsible for the form of Zohar's will. Zohar, an extra-dimensional being has been incarnated against its will in the world to power the weapon system, Deus. Abel, the primary Contact, absorbed its power and his longing for his mother (and sister, I presume, given the picture) incarnated Zohar's will as the Mother. Zohar wants nothing more than to be de-incarnated, that is freed from physical existence so that it can return to its home dimension. Since Abel was partially responsible for its current incarnation (of its will as the Mother) and contains at least some portion of its power, Elly, Abel (also known as Lacan and Fei in later lives) and Miang have the Urobolous Ring...a way to compress the memories of their past lives in their genetic code. I speculate that it is Zohar itself and their connections to it that caused this peculiar effect. Miang seems to be the portion of the Mother entity that has been co-opted by Deus as she seems to spend her existences trying to bring the weapon system back on-line. It is not until Miang is killed by Ramsus in front of the newly awakened Deus that the Mother entity (Miang and Elly) is reintegrated and the struggle between Deus, to exist and Zohar, to be freed from existence, can continue...a clash of Titans with humanity (as usual) caught clueless in the middle...

I think they are the captain's wife and daughter. That's it. Since the fact is that there is no way Deus could track down them to copy one of them it is just the matter of him looking at his family before he dies.

These two ladies are not only the Captain's wife and daughter, but are the blueprints for Elly. The Entity created "The Mother" (Elly) when it came in contact with "The Contact". “The Contact” was the only survivor from the Eldridge. Fei also mentions, in Disk 2 right after joining his personalities, that he was the survivor 10,000 yrs ago. When the Eldridge surfaced from the bottom of the ocean in Disk 1, it is easily visible that the bridge is in undamaged condition (other then being 10,000 yrs old). Since everyone evacuated the ship (except for the Captain) and subsequently died by being shot down by the Eldridge's self defense system; the only possible survivor of the Eldridge would be the Captain himself. 10,000 yrs ago Fei was the Captain at a much older age. When the Entity came in contact with Fei/Captain it created “The Mother” (Elly) from the most important two people in his life. His wife and daughter.

J.R. Raith
I think that these 2 are the incarnations of Elly in that particular time. In every age and life there is an Elly, and I think that, the daughter, at least, is the first Elly. It can't be anyone already on the planet because humanoid life didn't exist before the pod initiated by Deus (as far as we can tell). They're probably the first models for the Mother.

It's the Captain's daughter and his wife. For any one who doesn't know that, you're not a die hard Xenogears fan!!!!!!!!!!

they are the models for the first incarnations of Miang and Elly. The mother was possibly also reincarnated as Karen, Fei's mother who also became Miang... either of these theories supports the connection between Fei and Elly.

Dark Gaiden
she is Elly and her real parents are, the captain of the Eldrige and the woman behind her in the picture. the point is, "the real parents" of elly are, Erich and Medena but they are blonde and elly is´nt, ¡¡What the fuck is going on here??!!! think about it, and mail me with your answer.

Everyone knows that they are Elly and her mother(or miang). BUt theres something more to it. I think that they will play a rather large roll in X2 (We are all so VERY hopeful). Anyway, They are still, in this lifetime, NPC's for Xenogears, making them irrelivent (Kinda like how Cloud was irrelevant in FF7, Ehrgeiz, and FFTactics). BUt, since they are most definately related to the Captainb, how about that INSTEAD of the usual theory of being wife and child, that they are long lost cousins that live on the Xenogears planet? The Captain (he could've been a president of some powerful nation that people didn't like) was making a visit out to his long lost cousins, but someone didn't like him. That someone (probably goes by the name of Big Joe) planted the Deus seed in the main generator, where it prospered and flourished, eventually taking out the ship. THe captain, who had been drinking, found this out and commited suicide, rather than fighting it at its source (what he should've done was plot a direct course for the nearest star [as a safety precaution] and then went duking it out with Deus. Since Deus was SOOOO easy to beat in our gears, and this was the beginnign of Deus, he should've been puny. Even a wimp like a drunkn, high captain could've taken him out. But NOOO, he had to invoke copyright infringemnts on Star Trek: TNG and use the patented, "Begin Self destruct" line thats in almost every single TNG episode.) ANyway, my points are the following: The captain was on POT. The people in the picture are probably DISTANTLY related to teh captain. Deus is the most weak-@$$ boss ever (in his preliminary form, the one with only Halve HP's. The final "Boss" was hard. I'm saying Deus was the final "Boss" because Urobolous was so weak it couldn't even be considered a boss.) Ohh, and NUTZ, I must agree with Taco Bell Cihuahua regarding the Big JOe accounts. They are a COMPLETE waste of valuable MB. Ditch them, and put up an extra contest or something. Or maybe you could get the Zenogias webmail up and running. That would be AWESOME. TTFN, tata for now (or
I don't want to give it out to the

I believe that these people are ,obviously, yhe wife and daughter of the captain of the Eldridge. But so much more. They are the very explanation of who are Elly and Miang and why they have the power that they do. After the Eldridge was Evacuated and before the captain triggered the self-destruct, Deus had already absorbed the locket containig the picture. Like the Wave Existance Dues needed a body to live (it wasn't dead or alive it simply was), so Deus had to absorb stuff and/or people. Of course the more the merrier, so is Dues wanted a bunch of people to absorb, then he would be much stronger. This was one of 3 things that Dues knew about people, the others are that they wouldn't willing be absorbed and that they craved power, so he flashed the message "YOU SHALL BE AS GODS" to persuade the people; but they left anyway. Having no HUMANS to absorb he absorbed the next best thing, a human picture. So eventually it form as one person, the mother, who posses Crystal Blue hair and eyes symbolzing her divine power recieved from the Deus. Who later gives birth to Elly and Miang, aside from everyone else, as her sucessors; in a manner of speaking.Whew. That is who the two in the picture are and why Elly and Miang have such power.

waffle add on to what I wrote down earlier. In my totally whacked out head, wouldn't this picture be a possible intro to Xenogears 2 (presuming that there will be one...) I mean if the captain's family wasn't with him and was still on whatever home planet they orginiated from...that would mean that there is a possibility of 'Elly'/Miang' still out there. Not as they were infused with Deus but as mortals. Maybe they can get to fix the whole idea of Deus. Up until now the Deus idea still bothered me. Hehehe...maybe Krelian can even make a comeback as an angel ^_~ ( yeah Krelian is my most favorite character!)

Isn't Weltall cool? Anyway, I have no idea what's going on, but one is the anti-type, I think. I could say the obvious, that it's Elly and Miang. All I know is Weltall is awesome.

Now I have a question. What the hell happened to Miang. She possessed Elly, but when you see Elly after that, there's no Miang. What happened?

Elhaym and her mother

I think that pic shows the family of the Captain. For some weird reason 'Deus' chooses the form of the daughter as 'Elly'. Apparently there is a slight resemblance between the mother and 'Miang' too. Maybe the locket was one of those things that have been saved from the blast...just like 'Fei' was a survivor. Maybe Deus needed to pattern itself after something and upon finding the locket it began to take form of both Elly and Miang.

E. Magnus
Okay, here's the low down on what I think I can remember of these two. They are the wife and daughter of the captain of the Eldridge but they hold a lot more significance in the game. Firstly, when Deus assaults the ship some of the aspects of these two people get absorbed by Deus and linked to it, thus forcing them to be reincarnated again and again and again.

They are both later known as 'the Mother'.

The one that looks like Elly does become Elly - and the name never changes (so the daughter's name is effectively Elly as well). That is the Mother, the kinder one of the two, later Mother Sophia, etc. - This is the one that ultimately sends Deus away.

The other one became Miang. Blahblah.

I may be wrong in my analysis - I remember something about a son in the equation but... *shrug*

Bjørnar Sauren
They are simply the captains wife and daughter. The only significanse the have is to demonstrate that the captain of the Eldridge would rather kill himself than let Deus attack his family.

It's so obvious. The younger child is not a girl, but a guy. He's the first incarnation of Fei! And the women is his mother, the woman Elly was made in the image of.

Elly and her mother. There's no mistaking the girl for Elly, but I may be wrong about the woman being her mother

I think they are just his wife and daughter--no one special, and no specail meaning to the story. I do not think they are some obscure reference to elly or her mother. I think this is being overanalyized. After all, if you want to see something, you will find a way to make it appear. Besides, neither of them looks like Elly, or her probably genetic mother since the hair is in a different style, parted in the center and without that little section that sticks out and makes a little cave thingy. The only thing that they have in common with elly is thier hair color.

I would say that they are no doubt Elly and her mother. Deus probably imaged Elly after the Captian's daughter for irony. Little did he know that Elly would be the person against him most of the time.

Hadlen Weltall
the girl is Elly, no mistake.. the woman, I'm guessing is her reallife mother... remember in Solaris she says her mother may have been her nanny? I saw her nanny has brown hair, but this is just my guess. either that or its the form when Miang and Elly were one being.. with Elly in control.

Well...Here I go. Captain Weirdo Beardo here (I call him that to mock him; he's a weirdo and he has beardo. Makes sense, huh) is on the ship Eldridge because his brother bought him a ticket to go and enjoy Earth, also known as Garbage Planet. They also take a weapon called Deus because who knows, a Star Destroyer might come and blast them with lasers. And so, the original captain is killed (the hardtack got him) and Weirdo Beardo is elected, since he works at Square. WELL...Deus the Weapon backfires because it was hungry, and it wouldn't work properly without laxatives, so it gets all crappy and kills everyone. The two people Weirdo Beardo look at in his locket (which also includes his hair, he doesn't have a good supply of Rogaine on hand) are the two characters he created in his job (working at Alpha Centauri Square). He looks sadly because he's going to die and lose all the buckaroonies made by selling this great game, called Xenogears. Well, he takes a few pills and orders everyone to evacuate (right out of Titanic) and he fires upon them because he is suicidal. Then he self destructs the ship, seeing how he is suicidal, and everyone gets blown up except a purple haired girl naked because her clothes got blown off by the weapon. She looks sad because all her makeup was in her bag, in her cabin. The End.

Young Lee Black
Well, the little one looks a lot like Elly, and the big one is her mom. They're related to Elly somehow.

I think that....well you know Fei's dad was like in the army and all, and so is the capitan apparently, and they're both busy. Well, as we know Miang is always looking for The two, Fei and Elly, so either thats Miang again with a particularly sad looking little Girl, much like she didn't like her the thing is, that thats Miang, and thats Elly (the little one), and the ol' Capitan Doesn't know about it.

Obviously it is a picture of a lday and her daughter, and obviously they are related to the captain, his daughter and wife. so the question is who is the captain? I think that this somewhat has something to do with Krelian and Sophia. I do not know what though?

girl is miang

Actually if you look at it the little girl doesn't look like Elly that much... I mean compare the picture of Elly and the picture of that girl. I think that the little girl is Id before he/she died his/her hair red and made it look cool, so that would mean that if the little girl in the picture IS elly than Elly and Fei are the same person!! And the big one... uh... the big one is Emeralda, before she dyed her hair green and made it a funky style, and then she changed her name to Emeralda instead of whatever her name was. Then she became Deus and destroyed the ship, and then became Emeralda again but then got the split personalities thing and split into Deus, so if you used Emeralda to fight Deus she was really fighting herself. So then, Emeralda is really Fei's mother, and all this time Fei thought he was the one that created her!

The captain of the ship picked it up on the ground one day, and he has some mental problems of course so he thinks that they are his mom and sister. But the captain's mom is really Tifa from FF7, and he doesn't even have a sister. But his brother is Sabin from FF6, and his dad is Crono from Chrono Trigger. So anyway, before I was talking about the captain's family, I don't see how the lady in the picture could be Miang! Maybe it's Kid from Chrono Cross, and maybe the little one is Kid's daughter, Rosa from FF4, and Rosa's father is Cecil from FF4, which is why they decided they didn't want to have kids after they got married, and the captain's father is also Cecil from FF4... oh wait, that would mean that the captain DID have a sister... I am confused...

i think this is elly and her mom

Ummm... maybe the big lady one is the captain's uncle's dad's sister's nephew's dog's owner's brother's son's mother's cousin.. or maybe it's just some lady with no significance at all...

Elly and her mother

Tom Mcdermott
Those girls looks almost like Elly and her nanny from Solaris

Dr. Uzuki
Well. Sence the captain sure as hell looked like Kahn, I am assuming that he is in some way related to Abel. The younger female was probably the first Elly incarnation, while the elder one would probably be a nano-machine maintained wife (Which explains her youthfullness) that had the "Miang DNA" in her activated to by the closeness to Zohar. I would assume she (In miang state) placed "God's" body where it would lie dormant and undetectable till the time was just right. Then, when the catastrophe that started this whole mess occured, her nano-machines were "Made one with god" while her body was destroyed. Zohar, using these nanomachines, "Reconstructed" the first Miang, hence then, the knowledge was lost in time untill the Zeboim era. (I have just now noticed how long I have babbled, which is why I chose the psuedonym that I did)

The older would be the child's wife, the younger is not Elly because Elly wasn't a person at the time. It would be Miang. The only person that survives the crash is Abel and the entity Deus made before he went to sleep. The entity had to have been apart of the young girl, for the reason of the orange hair and looks of Elly. Miang has the looks of the entity made by Deus. Deus possibly made the entity using the young girl causing the looks of Elly and Miang. Thank you and that is my thoroughly thought out guess.

I believe they are nothing more than his wife and child, and he is simply reflecting back on his life and memories before he dies.

elly and mother?

Chibi Chan
Elly and her mom?

The girl in the picture is TOO YOUNG to be Fei's (Abel's) mother! Yes the captain is old, but he does not look like a grandfather to me. I doubt that Square really has an answer for us anyway. Why? Because maybe they thought thy didn't need to make one and just ignored any plot-holes a good explantion might have. What are they being paid for anyway!?

The younger girl is the genetic progenitor of every Elly, and the older woman is the gentic progenitor of Elly's Solarian mother, if not the mother of every Elly. Elly was created by the Wave Existance to be the embodiment of the "mother's will" and to watch over Fei, the "Contact" and the only survivor of the crash. My evidence is the scene of young Fei the first (Able?) standing in front of a capsule containing a nude, dormant, and fully adult Elly, in what appears to be a science lab. Other evidence is what the Wave tells Fei when they meet again, even if I don't remember exactly what it said. To create Elly, the Existance had to use someone's DNA, and since the girl in the picture looks just like Elly, I'm guessing it was hers. If my understanding of the story is flawed, tell me, but please just answer yes or no, and I'll play the game again and get things straight. If I still think the same, I tell you. Thank you.

Haha, cool. Okay, Captain Weirdo (As he's formerly known) is the captain of the mighty ship Elder's Ridge. Cool. What happens is that Deus causes Y2K and screws them over, big time. Whew, talk about vengence. So Captain Weirdo gets scared...and then he goes, "No way, dammit." He pulls out his locket which has his hair and a picture of his wife and daughter. Why it has his hair, it's beyond me. WHO CARES. Okay, so then he gets sad seeing his wife and kid, knowing that he doesn't have life insurance for them and they'll have to live wretched lives as alley derelicts begging rich people for pennies...::snif:: (By the way, the older one is the daughter and the younger one is the mother. Makes sense, doesn't it.) So Captain Baldo Weirdo pulls his bobjimacallit and blows the whole place up because he's depressed. He should go to Peer Mediation. Anyways, he blows it up, officially killing Y2K until the next millenium. Which is very close. Damn Deus. Anyway, it blows up and then Fei and Elly go out, blah blah blah, blah blah bnlah blah and then Fei kills Deus. Did you know that Fei was an idiot? Did you know Grahf was his dad? Ahaha, messed up the ending for all you poor wretches. Uh, no offense staff and expecially nutz. But to the rest, I pity you. I am a fanfiction writer, and I am rather noble. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go eat my Turkey. Happy thanksgiving.

Probably the "first elly" and her mother I doubt that the taller is miang as for the lack of dark purple hair

Taaja (ChocoboAli)
Hmm....I'd have to guess Miang and Elhaym. What a sucky guess. One of them HAS to be Elhaym though.


Gyuro & Ururun
Hmmmm....has to be......wait a sec, someone's at he door.... OHMYGOD, it's miang!!! SHE DOESNT WANT ME TO REVEAL THAT SHE'S TAKING OVER IT'S ALL REALLY HEEEEEEEEdhsguyofeygoraesm n ahem. ignore that. YOU DID NOT SEE IT.

Justin Sicking
It isn't Elly's family, cause you meet them in the game, it isn't Fei's parents, cause that would mean the Captain is Fei's dad. It's just the Captain of the Eldridge and a picture of his family, just for a dramatic moment.

o.k here we go to begin remeber fei's history he was offall the sole survivor off the eldridge right ! well i can conclude one possible survivor off the eldridge, o.k hold on ,......the captain !!!! this can related to some basic feeling's of fei because he carries the captain's thought's with him just as lacan's thought's and that off kim but and here it come's : the captain's thought's would have been that he would be with his wife and daughter and that he could be to, well with if that would be elly his wife and a previous persona off emeralda then the so called "drift" behind fei's action's would be that he fight's for some beloved that are waiting for him , and then he can back te a place he remeber's again a place where he belong's after he find's his self back in battle , this could be the captain's thought's at the intro and so he passed it over to first persona fei and probaly miang to who is the first mother ,also dont forget that the wave existense plays a big role to but its a bit hafd to understand in the game . p.s. maybe its all crap but it kinda looks like the relationship between sqaell and rinoa from well you know were from ,because mr.lionheart fight's utterly for his babe to , but that something i made up right now .... and so on...

Its Elly and her real mother cause her mother that apper in the game was not the real one

what the hell is my girlfriend and my daughter doing there???!!? freaken captain is macking on my family!!!!!

what the hell is my girlfriend and my daughter doing there???!!? freaken captain is macking on my family!!!!!

Big Giant Flying Super Duper Rat Boy
I think the captain just stole it off of some guy. The captain was just some old drunk and the reason he stayed on the ship is because he was too plastered to get off

Shadow Master
The Girl that look like the Captain's daughter is probably Elly and the Wife is probably Miang.

Alex Buck
Elly and her mother, of course!

Well, it's curious that the captain of an ultrafuturistical spaceship handles a mechanical clock or compass, in that locket. The captain didn't explode with the ship bridge, because when Fei and his group went into the Eldridge wreckage I remember that the bridge was intact, that part is showed first in the explanation of the Mahanon thing, describing that the ship was rusted, how ancient the ship was and things like that. So, where did the captain go after the explosion??, it's obvious that a captain must sink with his own ship, then??.

miang (mother), elly(or maria same)

mother of Nisan
they are... hell! Captain's wife and daughter... or anyone that are relatived to him. Hm... but if I say... the older one looks like Miang... (just give 'er purple hair). The younger one looks like Elly.. . Well.. maybe... because in xenogears, I found that all types of women look similar (just change the eyes and hair color, and a bit of height, and face shapes.. and.. whatever!). Maybe Deus create Miang based on the picture's profile...???? And due to my reservation... Miang is the FIRST mother... (ain't I right?)... hmm... so who is the younger one then? And I find that the older one... not just similar to Miang, but similar to Karen (Fei's mother) too... . Well, I've busted enough here.. ah.. what the heck...

Glazius Falconar
Hmm... yes, I would say that it likely IS the first "Elhaym" and her mother. But more importantly... they're the captain's only family. Why's that important?

Work with me here, Daisuke.

The ship carrying Deus was intended to be a colonial vessel, unless I seriously misinterpret things. The thing was HUGE, and there was obviously enough fallout from it to successfully build several civilizations. The captain's wife and daughter, not needed for the daily operation of the ship, were likely cryopreserved. "All personnel, evacuate immediately." ...but it seems like rather a small number of people for such a large ship. The colonists were still frozen, a process which takes a lot more time to successfully reverse than was really available to the crew. Which is why the captain took a look at his wife and daughter one last time, before pulling the self-destruct lever: to ask their forgiveness, and that of everyone else still in cryofreeze on the ship. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost... that is what we are to focus on. Two people unaware of the danger they've fallen into, like so many others, dragged down by Deus.

But why's she look like Elly? I'm getting to that. Seems rather obvious that the cryosystems were shut down along with the rest of the automated systems when the emergency bolts were blown and the power was ostensibly cut. And a young "Fei", barely awake, with the ship shaking itself to pieces around him, comes in contact with the Zohar modifier as he looks at the pod across from his.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Alright, to get it straight. These people are NOT elly and ellys mother. Elly had no mother, at least not the first Elly. She was created when the young boy resembling Fei made the first human-to-zohar contact. The boy was just a child so he was probably frightened and was thinking of his mother. The Zohar Modifyer used this first contact to mold the first elly from the boys mind. Maybe the boy was the captains son, and he was thinking of his mother, so the Zohar modifyer used his mothers face and body. Elly was originally created to power the zohar modifyer, but the Wave Existence interperted her role as The Mother from the boy. Thus, Elly became some type of Mother figure in all her reicarnations. Personally, I think the pictures were just shown to convey the gravity of the situation when the Captain hit the self destruct button. Wouldn't you feel more sorry for him if you know he had a family? It was an emotional device used suprisingly well in a video cinema. You usually only see that type of thing in good movies. As for people saying the captain was the last guy on the ship, they're wrong. The bridge blew up first, where the captain was. The child resembling Fei was the only human survivor of the crash. He was probably protected by the Zohar modifyer since, in the instant of the first Contact, he was given the essence of Power. I think i went of on a tanget I'll shut up now.

Yui and Midori

It is Elly and her real mother

EL Weltall 7
They are the captain's wife and daughter and nothing more, and the radio boy from the previous game (BINGO) is the same pilot from the Highwind airship!!

Here's my guess: It's the Captain's wife and child - but there's more to it. The captain died alone on the ship, so what could Deus have possibly used to model humans from other than the captain's dead body? I say Deus took the captain's body and created the first Mother (the Fei, Elly, Miang mix with the long hair) from his genes which it extracted somehow.

I'm guessing that Elly was modeled after the younger girl. It's too my understanding that Elly was created by Deus (i'm still confused), and maybe he was like, oh hey, why don't i make a person like in this picture since it was laying around or whatever.

Isn't that the woman Fei...well the little boy who looked like Fei in the anime part when he's talking to Zohar or the Wave Existance or something(he was a little kid if that clears anything up) but he walked up to this capsule thingy and Elly was inside, but it wasn't Elly it was the original mother. Gaaaaah! -_-;; Confusion. Or it could just be Fei's family. He was the captain's son right? But that would make Elly his sister. O.o Maybe it's the Elly from the scene where the Gazel Ministry was chasing her and Abel...just a younger version of her. Hmmmm.

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you know it allready@i don't want to repeat

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shes elley and elleys mom

Since the captain was the last one left on the ship, perhaps his DNA was used to create the first humans? That would explain his daughter's resemblence to Elly.

These are nobodies. Just the Captain's wife and daugher. I don't understand how anone can think that the captain is Elly's father or anything. I mean, life on Elly's world didn't even exist yet! Remember, this is before the Contact was made thus there is no Anti-Contact!

The young one is the captain's best friend, the older one is the captain...They were having a good time at the bar that night, and that's what he's reflecting on.


We Teck
The lady standing behind is the very first reincarnation of Miang. Whereas the girl that looks like Elly is, well, Elly. Always have been reincarnated with the journeys together with Fei.

Jimmy Jimbo-bob
me's smart. Sorry everyone! one more mistake to correct, last one I swear!

zengears = xenogears

Jimmy Jimbo-bob
Opps, I sorry. I meant Fei, not Kei (I'm not on crack. I swear!)

And Chiuaua, You're right, people need a sense of humor. Although mint may be wird when I'm sleep deprived (right now) I still have one.

Jimmy Jimbo-bob
Well, we all know that that young girl is "elly", but what if that old lady type chick is really Kei's mom, and Elly's mom? wouldn't that add a whole new aspect to Zenogears? Incest? (think about it!)

I think it is the first elly(the younger one, captain's daughter) and Miang(the older one, the captain's wife)

Hey Taco Bell, I know this is suppose to bring laughs, but don't go all out insulting people, ok? This part of the Sanctuary is also here so that we could all tally down what our common notions are, and of course, some little fun. People can say serious stuff, of course, and there are people like you who prefer to write otherwise. Nothing's wrong with that, and we're grateful too, just don't overdo it and offend people. ^_^

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Ray G veritech1
I think that it's another ancestor of elly and her mother. Oh by the way the nano colonies name is emeralda.

I think they are the real Elly and the real Miang, the computer really hated the poor captain, it has used the same DNA more than a million times, after all the super computer believes itself to be god

I have a name?
Maybe the Captain is an incarnation of Fei, the older woman is an incarnation of Elly, and the young girl is an incarnation of Emerelda?

It is the wife and daughter of the Captain in the beginning anime clip!! :)!!

They are the emboidment of Bob Saget


ok like i think that like those 2 are like the are the ancestors of elly, i also think that the girl that looks the most like elly is the one who worked eith that guy that looked like fei to create there daughter the colony of nano technology..ummm..damn forgot the name

Ok then,chihuahua dumb-ass.You'll get a stupid joke...One guy walks into a bar with a boot in his arms.He sits down next to another guy.The guy asks him``Why do you only wear one boot?`` THen the other guy says``It's because the weather guy said that there would only be one feet of snow``!!! Hahaha... happy know? No?Well beat it anyway,butt-hole!(Hehe...this is getting way out of control...)

i believe that the older woman in the picture is the woman that citan showed everyone as "the mother of the modern humans" or something to that extent (of course that making her the first Miang). The younger girl was her daughter and the first Elly, or the anti-type to Miang.

i believe that the older woman in the picture is the woman that citan showed everyone as "the mother of the modern humans" or something to that extent (of course that making here the first Miang). The younger girl was the her daughter and the first Elly, of the anti-type to Miang.

They are the physical prototypes used by Deus to create the mother and the antitype. The older one is the "mother" a.k.a. Miang, and the younger is the "anit-type" a.k.a. Elly.

Danny Noll
I think that is Elly van Houten when she was younger and the older women is her mother.. i am not to sure how it fits in to the story, but i am certain that the young girl is elly..

It's Elly's long lost sister, I tells ya! The motherish figure is, um, her mom.. Yeah! Elly's dad had an affair with the woman in this photo who's name is Hithere! The twin is Ylle! The old captain dude must'a downloaded the image offa porn site from the future..! or somthin'.. um, maybe? c.c;

young blood
no guess,but yall never told us the answer to the last question.if yall did can somebody e mail me with the answer.

young blood
no guess,but yall never told us the answer to the last question.if yall did can somebody e mail me with the answer.

TBC (Taco bell Chihuahua)
To Xeros: I couldn't give a damn if i'm not funny or if i am. I'm just the friendly neighborhood person who reminds everyone wlso to be funny. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE SOMETHING FUNNY TO SAY, THEN PUT A FRICKING CORK IN IT, LAMEBRAIN!!!! THIS IS THE ONLY FUNNY PART OF THE WEBSITE (Besides mailbag). WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER POINT!!!! To Nutz: I implore oyu to tear down the Big Joew accounts. They are less funny that Xeros over here.

This be interesting!! I've always wondered who these two were. The young girl looks indeed like Elly, whilst the lady behind her resembles Myang. Perhaps Deus used the lady to design Myang, or the 'mother', while the Wave Existence used the girl to design Elly. I think it just means that all has an origin, and things separated in the past must be separated in the future. Despite what "god" desires. Oh, and please don't bother putting up these guessing games if you don't have an answer ready. Takes the fun out of it!

Seifer Almasy
Well, it's actually quite simple. One is Elly's cousin and best friend, Nelly. The other is the illegitimate daughter of Selphie and the boy from Secret of Evermore.

Brown Mims 3
The girl is the body Zohar used as a model for the antipoint a.k.a. Elly. The woman is her mother and I can't remember if she was given a name. The picture is designed to show that Elly and Fei are just as old as Deus and thier story is 'timeless'

OH!and I forgot something...ghum ghum...SHUT YOUR FRICKIN' HOLE CHIHUAHUA! My grandma is more funny than you are! SO PUT A BIG, DIRTY, SMELLY, UGLY SOCK IN IT!!!

I'll say the same thing as most of the others. It can't be Elly and Miang or Elly's mom or whatever 'cause like someone said,the only survivor of the crash was MIANG. I think they're no one.It's just to make the opening movie more toutching(hell, it worked!). Could you give the answers for those thing.'cause I'm a Xenogears diehard and I'd really like to know.Thanx

They are just two of the many infedels trying to infiltrate the sanctity of our land. These foriegners can only bring doom and destruction to us all. Also, I believe they are related to Kevin Bacon.

Master Sanchez
Well, I will tell you more of what they are than who they are. They are a couple of kinky sluts. How do I know? I Shanghaied the both of 'em. And I don't mean desertion. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to selling dirty needles to school kids.

Taco Bell Chihuahua

It has to be Marle form Chrono Trigger and Elly from Xenogears because both games were made by the same people.

the game was good the story was great you peoples need to move on with your lives.

Chris Campbell
Elly and her mom

Brianne Campbell
Elly and Miang

The older looking woman is Abel's mother, who, after the crash is personnified as Elly, because of the contact between Abel and Zohar. That means the girl must be Abel's sister. She isn't mentionned anywhere in the game. Elly is the "Mother" image created by the Wave Existence when it came into the world and "touched" Abel, who, as we all know is Fei, Lacan, and the scientist during the Zeboim erz. Fei is continually in love with the image of his mother (it's not really his mother, but the feelings a mother invokes to her children). This is an image of the Oedipus phenomenon, demonstrated by Freud, when a child is in love with the parent of the opposite sex. The creators of Xenogers sure put effort in this game!

I think its Sofia (the little one), and her mother.The Captain is Sofia's father; I think that, because Sofia tryied to do good things to the world, triying to complete her father dreams.

Alex May
hey is'nt that the family of the main character in "AXELAY" cause the begining of that game looks just like them.

Don't kid yourself. They ARE nobody. Think back to the opening movie. The blue-haired girl was the only survivor. So, the two in the picture cannot play a role in the game.

Aveh Sergeant 1st Class
Its Sophia (how many remember) her and her mother. I wonder where Lacan was.

The one on the right is Elly, and the other is her split personality Libido, and why is the captain in love with her? I'm assuming that he's Ego. Of course they left this out, because the plot was already complicated enough as it is.

Fred...... I dunno!
Well, I know that these people are the captain of the Eldrige's wife and dauter, but I think that maybe one of them turned into deus. I dunno.... it's a good guess. If anyone knows about Xenogears 2, PLEASE e-mail me. Thanks!

Fred...... I dunno!
Well, I know that these people are the captain of the Eldrige's wife and dauter, but I think that maybe one of them turned into deus. I dunno.... it's a good guess. If anyone knows about Xenogears 2, PLEASE e-mail me. Thanks!

Well since none of the Elly and Miang stuff happened until after the ship crashed I'm guessing they are just what they are: the captains wife and daughter...BUT I do think they are important. Perhaps they will take a part in Xenogears 2? (has anyone noticed that at the way end of Xenogears after the credits that it says "Xenogears Episode 7" well that means Sqaure probably plans on making atleast 6 other Xenogears or something so perhaps in its prequels we will find out....

Louis Yezarski
Elly and Esmeralda

Rann Aridorn
The captain did a Hojo! He was assured that, by putting his daughter into the computer's genetic creation thingy, that she could be recreated, complete with memories, without having to go through the trial and hardships of spaceship life. This drove her mother insane, and SHE'S the one responsible for inputting the code or whatever that made it all go insane! And that's why all the Ellys look like the daughter! WAAAHAHAHAHHA!

methinks they're the wife and daughter of the captain. nothing more, nothing less. they just had their little shot because it would add to the mood.. showing what or who the captain is sacraficing to try and save the eldridge... anyway that's my three cents. ^_^

Clement Liu
the old woman was Fei's mother several incarnations ago. the little girl is Elly several incarnations ago. this makes Fei and Elly brother and sister.

Dochuki the Mighty
Either Elly and her daughter - or Mother sophia and Elly

Demon of Elru
When "Fei" first made contact with the wave existance, it dove into his mind, in order to find the best example of a "mother". What it came up with was Elly, who is nearly identical to the younger girl in the captain's locket. Because Elly was the physical incarnation of Fei's image of a mother, I think it's safe to say that the younger girl in the picture was Fei's mother. I'm guessing that the girls in the captain's locket are his wife and daughter. This would make Fei the grandson of the captain. The fact that Fei and the incarnation of his mother proceed to hook up in every generation may seem a little weird to us, but it might not matter to the wave existance. Chances are, a being of another dimension would have no concept of inbreeding. Hey animals do it all the time, and we don't care. Given all the evidence from the game, I believe that this was what squaresoft intended for the story to be.

Bruce Quek
Elyham and her mother.

Taco Bell Chihuahua
Hey everyone I'M BACK!!! If oyu don't remember me, look into the previous contest thingy and u'll se that i the funniest answers. OK, here goes. The woman is none other than Bozo the clowns sister (duh... I know its really karen Eldridge but thats not funny in the slightest!). She gave birth to the semi circus clown in training, the little auburn haired girl who looks remarkably like Elly... (Yes, that IS Elly, and if you think i don't know that you are in definate need of a catscan). The girl is remarkable on the flying trapeze, she can dive through the air wi9th the greatest of ease. Until the line snapped. Thats why they all went onto the eldridge in the first place. It wasn't supposed to carry deus, it was meant to go to Alderaan where they have no weapons and have the best medical facility's to treat their daughter (The captains and Bozo's sister's). Unfortunately, Alderaan got blown up by the death star, and then in the pursuing meteor shower, the planet pulled the eldridge into a fatal crash with the tractor beam. Abel, the -Wave- Existance, the first Elly (not bozo's siter's daughter, thas a different person entirely) and Miang managed to escape in the Millenium Falcon, but that plan failed horribly and miserably, as the Millenium Falcons hyper drive was disabled. The tractor beam caught the millenium falcon, and Miang jettisoned but her clothes burned off in the atmosphere. Thats why she's naked in the opening. The Falcon crashed, the Wave existance got in touch with the three other survivors and for a price they oculd be semi-immortal. That price was the creation of Deus and the Zohar Modifier, though they didn't know it was the creation of the damning of all living things at the time. So they went on with the Xenogears plot. The End

Hey, the girl looks like Elly! I`m sure the picture has something to do with her...and since my english is so lousy, I`ll finish with that!

The Captin's Wife and Daughter, but most likely where Deus and the Wave Existance fashioned Elyham and Miang from.

The picture was in the locket when he bought it. He likes to pretend they are his family, but we know the truth now, don't we?

Lord Seifer
Seriously, I say that the captain is the older version of a Fei. The girls....the older one....Elly.....the little one, the kid(DUH!!). Can't someone just go to Squaresoft and ask them?????

i know it now!! those two are the -Wave Existance-!!! hehehe

Jeff A.
They are probably Elly(way in the past) and her mother.

Well, I think they are nobodies. Have you ever seen a romantic movie about a boat that's about to drown...( that Titanic trash). I've seen that kind of stuff like a million times at the movies. "before a guy dies she looks at/remembers his know??" There it is. No way it could have been Fei/Elly/Miang or whoever. Abel is a ship survivor...and a MAN, so he is not one of them (discarding ANY relation to Fei, and there was no "boy" in the captain's locket either). Miang was a creation of I doubt it. So I doubt it. DUH!!!!!!!!!! DOH!!!!!!!!!! ...uh, sorry about that.

As if is was not obvious, it is Elly and her mother, I have played through the game 4 times, I know what I am talking about. In technical terms I mean, the image is depicted from the opening scene, in which the captain of the eldrich chooses to destroy the ship, looking at a locket of HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER, or the ancestors of Elly and her mother in my oppinion

As if is was not obvious, it is Elly and her mother, I have played through the game 4 times, I know what I am talking about.

Hello, its Elly and Miang. By the story line Fei and Elly could never die nor could Miang cause every woman was Miang. There is an animation scene showing Elly in a glass chamber if anybody remembers.

I got it!!! the captain is fei's dad's incarnate and the older woman is the wife and the younger is the daughter...but since its fei's dad's incarnate's daughter...and if that girl is elly....doesnt that make fei and elly relatives?? or maybe they have something in maybe...antitype and contact? hmmm think about that...but this one is boggling me...if this was the time when the first person was born...then where did all those people on the ship come from?? or where did they depart...or where was their destination gonna be if they didnt crash??!? hmmmm...

I think that Elly isn`t in this picture (may be, the red hair woman), because, Elly have blue eyes, and only the red hair woman have blue eyes, but she doesn`t have orange hair, so, I think that the red hair woman it`s something of god, the captain of the ship it`s an human, and the girl it`s the mixing of god and the human, to make a powerfull life form

Okay first they are the wife and child of the captain, we can put that in the "no Sh*t" area. Anyway when the Wave Existance made Elly he used the picture of the girl as a base of the human form that one being closer to Abel age, but that's just my opinon.

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Gutierrez
Well, the red haired girl looks very much like Elly. They are obviously the captain´s family, so the girl is his daughter and the woman is his wife... Then, I think the captain was the father of the original Elly from which the Wave Existance made his own Elly... Remmeber that it said that Abel had a desire to go back to his mother (or some words to that effect) and that was what defined Elhaym, who had the will of the Wave Existence. It makes some sense: one of the reasons why Abel was attracted to Elly's first encarnation was because she looked like his mother (and psychologists say that the women we love usually share some characteristics with our mothers, there's a little Odeiphus in all of us). And yes, that makes Abel the Captain's grandson. Just one problem: the girl is somewhat young to be a mother, so here's another theory: she is a girl Abel was attracted to. When the Wave Existence appeared, he defined Elhaym to be like this girl in Abel's mind. What better way to make sure that both Abel and Elhaym will meet than making her in the image of the girl Abel likes? Or maybe they are nobody and the animators just added it because that scene is as dramatic and cool as hell. :)

Mario Guerra

Fei Fong Wong AKA Tony Nguyen
This probably be Miang Hawwa (Older Women) and the True Mother (Younger Women)

I really think that the older woman is Elly. I suspect that the captain might had been Abel's father. Um.... that's stretching a bit ^^;;

Chris Tran
They look like members of the Village People....or are they the captain's (of the ship in the Xenogears intro) family?

John T aka Rico B
When the ship landed Miang(and Elly) were the only survivors. I have no doubt in my mind that those 2 ladies are Miang and Elly. You notice how you never see Miang's face in Xenogears, you only see a part. You can tell she has a wide face though(she looks a lot like Tiffany Amber Thissen and just like the mother character in the picture. And obviously the younger lady in the picture is a spittin image of Elly because it is Elly. Or maybe the reincarnation of the 2.

Well, concidering that the Captain is on the bridge of the ship when he sets it to self destruct, and has these pictures, I think it's pretty safe to say that neither of them is on the ship or planet or anywhere else significant, and Deus can't use that picture as a model either since it's toast. However, feel free to assume that the picture is a reference to whatever mecha anime you want because almost everything in Xenogears is a mecha anime reference. Oh, and for the record, there's a LOT more from The Vision of Escaflowne than anything else, including Eva.

Shinju Hoh
The girl IS Elly. And I guess that the mom is Miang. What does that sound like? ^_^

COME ON! Their names are:

Younger Woman: Elhaym Eldridge Older Woman: Karen Eldridge

Obviously, Deus/The Wave Existence copied the female form from Elhaym.

Magitek Knight
Bleh. It's obviously the captain's wife and daughter. When the wave existance fashioned elly/miang it obviously used this picture as the model, being it's only reference to women. Unless of course, Abel is also a part of this family, and he just imagined them both when he made contact. heh

Frankly, I'll go with DMC's early guess, because neither Miang nor Elly were created at that moment. Second, It couldn't be Mother Sofia because Elly IS Sofia (DUH!!!). So PLEASE stop the irrational guesses and think about it for a minute. And third, remember that the event happened 10,000 years ago, so it couldnt have been the person who took care of Elly!!!!! Fourth, the Captain isn't Kim because he would have 5,000 more! (Kim from 5,000 years ago, the Captain from 10,000. Does it makes any sense????? NO!!!

Frankly, I'll go with DMC's early guess, because neither Miang nor Elly were created at that moment. Second, It couldn't be Mother Sofia because Elly IS Sofia (DUH!!!). So PLEASE stop the irrational guesses and think about it for a minute.

I think it's Elly and her mother.... along time ago

ok, that's the first elly and her mom, who are the captain's wife and daughter, wea ll think that BUT I think that the little Abel was childhood friends with this elly....perhaps childhood loves, so when he contacted the wave exsistance, he took this young love, and added to it the motherly instinct..

Its Elly and and her mom. See this how the story goes Fei is the contact and Elly is the antitype. See the captain is Fei in a way because his love and compassion for the mother and Elly went down with the ship,so the -wave existence- took that love and compassion and created Fei( if you notice the captain he,looks like Kahn Fei's dad). Deus was not happy with that, so he created the Miang which is Elly and Her mother. He created that because that's what gave the captain love and compassion to go down with ship, he wanted that kind of power. The point is that the contact was created to defeat deus. Miang was created to be able help deus reborn again. But when the contact met Miang, Miang seperated into two things the love and compassion and the mother. The love and compassion is Elly the Antitype and the mother is Miang. From there on The contact(FEI) and the Antitype(Elly) fell in love. The mother cannot live whithout the daughter (the love and compassion), she needs love and compassion to help her creator. From ther on that's what created the world of xenogears. The closes thing to that is what xenomorph wrote, either both answers is good enough for me.

I think everyone knows by know that almost all anime artists draw their characters in one or two different styles so that basically the only difference between girl A and girl B is the color of their eyes or their hair. Having said that, I really don't think that these two were meant to be anything more than a sentimental piece to make the beginning of the story a tear jerkier. But the resemblance of the younger of the two within the picture to Elly is quite profound, and if Abel is really the son of the captain, and the younger girl is supposed to be the original elly, than that's just plain sick. Just wife and daughter of the captain, no affiliation to abel.

Elly and her Mother

This is a stupid question, just because their in the opening fmv for 2 seconds doesnt mean they're prevous reincarnations of anyone. Their simply just the captains wife and daughter, and the reason for the scene is to improve on emotional impact of the captains descesion to activate the self destruct. geez!!
nollie 5

It has to be the captains wife and the captains daughter. On closer inspection the daughter and mother look *exactly* like Elly. Also, the captain looks like Kahn and Abel, being a 5 year old, couldn't just stumble into a top-secret military section without being the captain's son. Elly and Miang are based off of Abel's wanting to be with his family. Miang is in this because she is different only in hair and the natural opposite to auburn is purple. ... SO THERE!

I say they are either - 3 of the other anumis' [dont think that's right name for them, but abel, etc type deal] The Caption dies, which means there is another 'opening' in the life cycle. the 2 females will die eventually too.

Also, another guess, which I know is wrong

1. The captain is Kim in his later days. this would explain the current existance of fei, since the ship shows the technological advances of humanity. This could also state the time-frame Kim created Emeralda.

2. the locket could be of Elly in that time, with Emeralda.

I say they are either - 3 of the other anumis' [dont think that's right name for them, but abel, etc type deal] The Caption dies, which means there is another 'opening' in the life cycle. the 2 females will die eventually too.

Also, another guess, which I know is wrong

1. The captain is Kim in his later days. this would explain the current existance of fei, since the ship shows the technological advances of humanity. This could also state the time-frame Kim created Emeralda. 2. the locket could be of Elly in that time, with Emeralda.

Hmm.. Okay.

:::Spoilers galore!:::

First, let me restate the obvious.

1. They are related to the captain.

2. They are probably mother & daughter.

3. They aren't from any previous TV shows. :::glares at Contact:::

Okay, so now the question, who are they? The younger girl looks much like Elly, but doesn't have auburn hair, or blue eyes. Also, Elly was in that tube thing when Abel made Contact with Zohar.

It probably isn't Miang, because Deus creates Miang based on Elly, and Miang also doesn't exist until the crash itself. (I think)

So, now we've eliminated all the possible females, what about the captain? Is it just me or does he look a bit like Fei's father, Kahn? I think that the Captain is Abel's father, and the two up there in the locket are his mother and sister. This makes sense because you don't see Abel's family at all in the Eldridge. Think about it, what was Abel doing in the first place to end up in Zohar's chamber? But it also doesn't make sense, because as far as we know, Abel/Kim/Lacan/Fei never had any siblings.

Well.. this is just my input.

Celes Chere
Elly? Miang?? Wife and daughter of the captain?? Deus?? Fei and Bart?? Chuchu and Hans?? Crono?? Setzer?? Squall? as the theme of xenogears says:'only God knows...'

Dark Sephiroth
ok... can`t be Elly, because she has got blue eyes... and can`t be Myang, because she has Blue hair and eyes... hum... Fei`s ancestor? Kim`s Mother? Fei`s sister? oh yeah! I know! the captain is Fei`s father, and the two girls in the picture are Fei`s sister!

by Dark Sephiroth(I`m Brasilian, I don`t speak english very well...) 12 years old from Mars

Cid Reincarnate
I bet it's Elly and her mom. The first ones. Before they started multiplying and stuff. Look at the hair!!

You know what? They're no one, they're just the people in the picture that came with the watch when he bought it at Wal-Mart for 12.99$. He left them in there just so you'd THINK they were his wife and daughter but they're not. ;)

Andy H.
The mother and grandmother of the sole survivor of the crash (Fei).

The older one is young master Bart before his sex change, the young one is chu-chu before his metamorphosis, and the captain is really Fei before he is reborn to save the world.

Do Gyun Kim

Clay Schiele
Elly and her Mother

I printed that picture and took out my purple magic marker. I then proceeded to color the older person's hair. Yep she looked just like Miang. So, my guess is elly and miang. Deus saw the captain's locket and said, "Hey, she's hot." That is why miang looks like the person in the picture

I believe they are probably more of Elly's ancestors. The daughter looks nearly identical.

Micheal Jordan
Yo, I think this is elly with her true mother because in solaris elly told fei that she is different from her mother

Well, they AREN'T incarnations of the Anti-type or Miang (because Deus hasn't made them yet), but rather the example that Deus uses to create the first woman (both Anti-type and Miang). The daughter is a child and the mother is an adult, it takes both of these parts for Deus to create a woman.

-The mother symbolizes Miang. My reasoning is that Miang is the mother of humankind in the Xenogears world. -I believe the child symbolizes Elly. Reasoning is this: Elly is a 'younger' Miang. I don't have much support here, besides to say that, as we all know, Elly becomes Miang later on.

Alright, on disk 1 theirs a secret FMV/Anime sequence where the captain of the ship holds his pocket watch up where it shows the picture of Elly(miang(cause Elly/Fei went threw time periods together but as different people) and her mother/his wife before he pushed the self-explode button

I think that the girl was the one who the Anti-type was patterned after, the mother was an anti-type, and the captain was the one who the Contact was patterned after.

well.. the captain of the eldridge's family. the girl looks like it could have been a previous incarnation of elly. i noticed that one of the first times i played the game.

Okay. The little girl is neither Elly or Miang. Miang has purple hair, neither of those two do. Miang has two parts to her, the 'Miang' part and the 'Elly' part. I think that they are just a picture of the captain's wife and daughter, because think about it. If the ship was going down, would you honestly just be looking at a locket of them. I think they weren't even on the ship.

The one on the left has got to be elly. The one on the right?....I would say the peeps at square put it there for the sake of people like us pondering about it!!!(i hope i spelled that right)

Its Elly and Mother Sofia of Nisan.

the girl is obviously Elly.But the woman i think is mothere nisan sofia

So far from the perivous guess, yes the young girl does look liky Elly, but the Woman is hard to fiqure because Miang was part of the cycle and remeber that the "Mother of all" is in all women so The woman can't be Miang at all. Elly is just a rare appearance like Fei, remember Lucan looked like Able and all the other 'Able' Look alikes. Don't forget how long it took for a 'Able' look alike came and 'Elly' look alikes as well.

I would say my guess but krelain, two guesses below already said mine... so... there's not much to say here except advertise!!! Come to my website!!!! SIGN MY GUEST BOOK!!

Ultimate D
Dude, what the freak. That's a picture of my mom and my sister. You jerk-offs. (Just kidding. :) Read the guess below.)

Forrest (Krelian)
wow thats a tough one... (Psh...yeah)...anyway, that is OBVIOUSLY the locket of the Captain of the Eldridge, containing the captains wife and daughter. Maybe not so obvious is the fact(?) that the younger one is Elhaym van Houten in an early reincarnated form, as the daughter of the other woman, who is Miang in one of her early forms. This explains why Miang was somewhat threatened by the existence of Elly, in that Sophia had the ability to reincarnate (forgetting everything from past lives at the start of a new one). Hmph, come on guys, let's toughen up a bit on the Xenogears trivia.

James Irvine
Well the youngest one must be Elly at the start of the "Elly cycle" and the oldest one must be the captin's wife and Elly's mother.

I think it's rather obvious that it's Elly's first incarnation and the woman looks alot like Fei's mom, Karen I think her name was, later to be Miang.... Wouldn't that make Fei and Elly technically siblings? o_O;;;; Oh well, so are Bart n Sig (And we all know what the Japanese did to them!! ^_^;;)

Dragonmaster Alex
Too easy! The ppl in the picture aren't ppl at all! They're police sketches (albeit in color) of the thing(s) attacking their ship! Surely you've all seen or heard of 'the atack of the 50 foot woman (or in this case, women)? Truth is stranger than fiction...

Joshua Griffin
I think that the women in the picture are neither the captain's wife or daughter but an intern that he's having an affair with onboard the ship and it's her daughter who does end up being reincarnated as Miang which explains why Miang is so screwed up in the head since she had to live with an adulteress for a mother in her previous life. So, technically, Miang and Elly are distantly related by about a few thousand years.

You know those pictures you get with a new wallet? Well, that's a new locket, and the capt. just hasn't taken them out yet.

Kevin Cloud
I believe it is Fei and his mom, I think that is the locket that Fei's father carries is carring with him and looks at it before True Weltall attacks

Bah.. this is easy. The little one is Tony Danza and the older one is Don Knotts. They have nothing to do with the Captain. He just loved "Who's The Boss" and "Three's Company" is all. Oh, and the artist was on CRACK when they drew those pictures, which is why Danza looks a bit like Elly. That was rather obvious. :)

Abel's sister and mom?

The Avatar Guile
Let's see, the young looking girl is very similar to Elly, my guess is she's Elly's very first incarnation.The older one is probably the Eldridge captain's wife.

They are Elhaym Eldridge and her mother Karen Eldridge, the family of Capt. Elridge from the intro to the game.

has anyone notcied that JoJo makes the correct guess all the time? Well some how this guy does. I dont know how but he does.

The people inside teh Captains locket on the first FMV. Duh

Elly's family. Sister and Mom

Well...Okay, here I go. THree possibilties. They could be the Captain Weirdo (I call him that a lot) daughter and wife, most unlogical, or it could be just someone that Weirdo knows and has a picture of. I dunno. Who cares?

Okay... let's see. Well, the Captain's daughter looks a lot like a previous incarnation of Elhaym, and the other one is probably his wife. But if you've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Captain's daughter looks a lot like Asuka, and maybe the Captain's wife is Asuka's mother who committed suicide (possibly because of her beloved husband's death?). I'm probably insane, but that's my guess.

Great Saiyaman
They are the wife and daughter of the captain of the Eldridge. None of them is a past life of Elly because that whole stuff started after the crash, with that blue-haired woman, the first Myang/Elhaym. That was the original Mother. As for Captain Global's (of ROBOTECH fame) family, none of them are even from the planet of the IGNAS story...

Jon Keogh
From the opening fmv... It's a picture of the captain's (I call him Captain Beardo) wife and daughter. The Daughter looks like Elly or Sophia. But she isn't either one. Elly came about 10,000 years after this, and I think Sophia was about 9,500 years after. I'll bet that the daughter is one of the past people that Elly has been reincarnated as. As for the adult woman... I have no idea.

Hyuga Ricdeau
It's probably the new Sailor Scouts. They're gonna save the world!

Azusa Kuraino
Ostentibly the Captain's wife and daughter, they're really evil minions possessed by Deus and kept in line with drugs. Their pictures in Perfect Works look extremely stoned/demonic. ^^;;

Chris Beilby
The Wife and Daughter of the captain of the spacecraft destroyed in the opening. The daughter also is one of Elly's past lives, I suspect.

Nathan Walsh
I think that it is the wife and daughter of the captain of the Eldridg

I think that would be Elly and her mom, before the whole cycle where Elly is reincarnated all those times.

Shawn Nicholas
The little one is Elly and the elder one is Elly's real mother who had taken care of her before Elly joins Solaris.

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