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Who is this guy in Xenogears' ending?

GAME RESULTS: Say, it's obvious. According to most of the votes in here, the guy is the person right beside Sigurd in the Yggdrasil bridge, the pilot trainee. Others might say it's Fei dressed as a girl, others claim he's the fifth Ninja Turtle. LOL, It was fun, it was hilarious. Read on and see.


its a doctored photo of the girl at the beginning of the game on the beach.

It's the guy who never had the courage to do anything. You know, he always has a permanent residence in the Infirmary of the Yggdrasil. He finally had enough courage because he was so inspired by Fei's courage and so he appears in the ending!

Jo Jo
Hey if you ask me it is a guy from the ending of the game.

X ZeLl Dx
no html? awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. OH OH OHI know! its the village elder. he survived the explosion of lahan, and after a complete plastic surgery remake of his face, he turned in to that. or maybe its alice. Eugh. nasty thought. And my first one messed up for some odd reason. Hmmmmmmmm

Emporer Cain
He is just some idiot they used to waste space in the ending so they couldn't give Billy, Rico, Maria, Emeralda and Margie any lines.(I screwed up on my first guess so I made a second.)

The guy in the picture
Alright, so... it's me in tha picture but and since all the guesses before this are WRONG, I'll just reveal my identity. So... I am a test tube baby, except I don't remember my life until I appeared with bart and the gang. For some reason, everyone was talking all weird, and their mouths wern't moving with their words, so I freaked out and started working on a radio I had with me... that's when a station came in, and it said Earth... but I'm from Namik!!! MY NAME IS GURU!!!

Umm... a guy who's supposed to fix a radio or something like that.

Dark Sephiroth
Franz isn`t a Dolphin... He is Franz without a Dolphin Mask... (I`m brazilian, I don`t speak englih very well... so, I can`t write right in english)

Blood Angel
Well, he may very well possibly be one of the crew of the Yggdrasil, and it makes sense too, with Bart being there. An even more funnier and insane guess, however might be an older Shinji Ikari. Or maybe Misato dressed up as a guy (that explains the makeup!!). The last two will only make sense if you ever watched the Evangelion anime, though...

What's HTML? Okay, Anyway, I think that guy is that guy from the Yggdrasil. Wait a second, is that guy wearing lipstick? Is he/she a girl? Ugh. Wait a second, him/her wearing lipstick completely changes my point of view! Okay, now, thinking... Okay I got it. It's that guy in Bledavik who sees the UFO...wait a second. Did he die? Er...crap! Okay, it's one of those nuns from Nisan...wait a second. Aren't nuns female? Crap. Okay it's Stein from the 'Ethos'... wait a second. Didn't HE die? Oh crap I'm totally screwed. Okay, Hmm, is he that guy from the Yggdrasil? No no no no. Didn't he die or get promoted or something? Well, now that I mention it...Hmm. Am I taking a lot of space? Hah! I know it! It's one of those models from Revlon, who is on the yggdrasil, who is also a nun in his spare time, notice the his because he's obviously a guy who wanted to wear makeup like a stupid fruit. Okay, and what happened was that Revlon was really pissed off at the Makeup Man/Guy, and he ate lunch, and met Leonardo, and ...wait a second. Didn't Leo die? Oh freak. Screw this I'm totally gone.

(Fei's butler)

I think it's Siguard's appretice pilot for the Ygdrasill. Either that or Dei's butler in the scene where Fei's a PIMP and has Elly spread out on the bed!(When Emerelda grows up)

Caesar Sanchez
The person in charge of radar in the Ygdrasil left of Jerico

I havn't beaten the game yet, so I'll guess. It's Fei's dad. or maybe wiseman, or maybe ID. Oh forget it, I don't know

billy lee black
He is a coonass that made his way into the ending.

LISTEN TO DA' VOICE MON! HE'S LEONARDO FROM NINJA TURTLES! j/k He's just a friggin' assistant, who can't do the damn job right! Or....he's the guy from FF7. He is the one and only, Reeve with a haircut! Not. He's jus' an anime character!!! Or Vincent in 'guise. =P

Shawn Nicholas
It seems to look like Alice's elder brother. Why? B'cause it simply looks like Alice

Great Saiyaman
He is from the Yggdrasil crew. He is either the man speaking about the tree, the man with the broken arm, one of the two men watchin door as punishment (one in the Gun Room (bar) door and one in the Gear Hangar door), or he is the man who wants to learn how to fly the Yggdrasil. By the way, this last one is the same Pilot Trainee from the Highwind ("YEEAAAGHHH, We're off!!"), who, after its destruction, still wanted to be a pilot.

Yasunori Mitsuda
IT'S VEGETA!!! and he's about to go SSJ5 all over the place so run while u can!!!

the contact
its the dude from the ff animated movies or maybe sigurd's apprentice

Maxime gauthier
The apprentice who want to learn how to fly yggdralisk

Afkek: the great
He is the guy in final fantasy 7 with tatoo number 2.

Masana Fei Fong Wong
It is likely to be Timothy if it's from Xenogears. Otherwise....It's Kenjin!!!

Jon Keogh
I wanna guess that it's "Bingo" the guy who stands in front of Sigurd, and gives you his notes on how to operate the Yggdrasil. But that could just be because he's operating some electronic.

That weirdo creeping up behind you...AAAAARGH!!!
It's WEDGE! You know, Wedge! That guy that makes a cameo in EVERY SINGLE SQUARESOFT GAME NO MATTER HOW SICK YOU GET OF HIM! Well, anyway, he thinks his brilliant acting in this game may finally get him that dream role as Brave Fencer Musashi's sidekick...HAH! Good f'ing luck! ...Although I must say he's certainly lost weight since FF7, so kudos to him on that.

Samuel Brogan
I think it's the guy standing next to the door of the elevater on the yggdrazil

i miss xenogears.
i thought that after i beat final fantasy 7, it was sad... nothing like this. anyway, here. i'm going to try and disprove some of the 'legitimate' guesses on the page.

-it's NOT 'dan' or 'dan grown up' because he doesn't even half resemble him. at all. all it takes is a little glance to see the difference, no careful inspection.

-fei and elly's kid?! when was elly pregnant? even IF he was their child, i doubt he would've been speaking like that about his parents. stupid. he would've been at least slightly more panicked.

-i don't know why this guy (girl?) has lipstick. -it's NOT hanz or franz because they were like dolphins. what a bad theory.

-it's NOT zack from final fantasy 7 because (see my thingie about why it's not dan)

-it's NOT fei's father, because we already know who his father is, and what happened to him. plus, he doesn't look like Kahn at all.

-cameo appearance from an anime series/other rpg? perhaps. most likely it was someone that was on the yggdrasil IV.

Almighty Phoenix
My guess would be Fei's new bodyguard. And the faint color around his lips is from his lunch.

Abel..... or the drunk from Lahan. No I mean it drunks often survive this sort of thing. I got drunk and fell in a lake once. Not a problem with the amount of alcohol this guy sucked in the end of the world wouldn't be a problem.

I think it's the guy in the Yggdrazil that has a wounded arm

Ashton Anchors
He is Bingo from the yggdrasil crew

well. It is obviously. He is the hero from XENOGEARS 2

Lydia Niehaus
the helmsman on the yggadrisil??

he is the guy who comes with citan and the gang to find where fei and elly is. He's kinda like a communicator guy cuz he has this machine with an antenna and he has head phones and i know cuz i beat the game before.

Charlie Sangrey
I think that its is either fei's dad or his brother

Wayne Wang
It's Shinji Ikari from Evangelion!

oh my! he is one of my boyfriend

He is the guy who works with the Good Doctor

Cid Highwind

Robert Daniel C. Ducalang
claude or hammer


Aaron- sephinroph
I also think he's in Lunar silver story, or wild arms as JAck, even though these games are old they still kick @**

If anyone likes Square, japanese animation dragonballz japanese anime/game soundtrck or FFVIII buzz me at my e-mail address

Aaron- sephonroth
I think this is bart's officer for the yggdrsil. he tries to to find Fei and elly(mmmmmm)when deus explodes

Setzer the Gambler
It's Crono's cat. Yes, that's his human form. You see, 600 AD Magus turned him into a cat and made him live forever. After Crono and the others finally got rid of Lavos, Magus felt guilty and turned him back to his real form - with one condition, he'd have to leave the Chrono Trigger world. So Lucca told him about this nice place.......

Lune Klavidian
IF you listen to his voice carefully, it sounds just like one of the voices in Akira(The Anime). I'm not sure if it was the good-guy or bad-guy, but it sounds like either Tetsuo or

Prince Terrato
Umm, I think hes The Good Doctor (Citaan's) handy man. Yep thats who he is, and his name is BOB! And hes best freinds with Big Joe. Together him and Big Joe search for the truth about Elvis Kyahahaha!

Probably some character from someother squaresoft game doing a camio. Didn't you ever see the chocobo in PE?

Lord Dalton of Zeal
He's a member of an elite team of game coverage assassins. They're going to destroy RPGamer and GIA so all of the world's stupid little kids will have no place to hang out and get their brains sucked dry.

Of course, there is another site that will take their place. But I can't tell you what it is yet. But if you pray to the porcelain Deus, perhaps it will come to you. Mua ha ha!

Its Zack from FF7. He got up after 'being shot'(i saw no shells, damn toy guns) and spent the rest of his life wondering about sticking electrical wires in his head. When that gets boring he likes to fog up peoples windows and write stupid messages.

hmmm...a tough one. I'm gonna go with Existence. You know, the real god, the yellow light figure that Fei saw.

Gendo Ikari
Its the guy who was always in the infirmary. He stayed there since it meant he didnt have to fight and now that everything had been resolved the wimp decided to do something.

Emeralda Kasim
It's one of they men from the ending Anime....He looks like my boyfriend! ^.^

It's probably that guy just to the west of Bingo and Sigurd. I'm almost COMPLETELY sure it's somebody from the Yggdrasil because if you look closely, characters from the Yggdrasil will be there. I saw the guy in front of the map on the bridge, and Bingo standing next to him. And the guy to the west of Sigurd and Bingo is the only guy I saw that had an all-green suit and didn't have a bandana.

fei's dad as he is young.

That's Kaji, the secret character, also the pilot of the second Xenogears. What, you never got him?

Hyuga Ricdeau
He's one of the Yggdrasil's crew. He's the guy that says: "Waves from the explosion are interfering with the ionosphere making it impossible to get a reading." "They were probably caught up in the explosion." He's the guy that has that weird looking radio device of some sort.

BTW I am NOT the Hyuga from here. :)

he is fei and ellys son

For gods sake it's quite obviously Fei and Alice's son. 3 reasons. #1 He looks like Alice #2 He (she?) looks liek Fei #3 He ain't any of the above That or it could quite possibly by Fei's tranvestite personality becoming manifest. Or if you want a simpler answer maybe Bingo the Yddgrasails helmsman?

I've been thinking about this for a while so here it goes: He's Billy but he bleached his hair, put on lip stick and green clothe. If that isn't true then I'd have to say he's a faggot.


Well, after thinking about five hours on burritos and talking dogs, I have thought up who that man is. After disregarding all logic whatsoever, I have come up with the idea that that man right there old man from the snowfield hideout! haha! yeah! what happened was that he got himself cloned, and they took his old body and burned it so he wouldn'r have to burn his books, see but than what happened it exploded, and his home was destroyed. Well Bart let him onto the Yggdrasil controlling the gas, bt when one of the guys had to go to monitor the sounds, he kidnapped him and put him in the closet with the keys! Haha. yeah that's it. Or maybe he's Bingo. Or that other guy who always criticizes Jerico, the helmsman. ha ha, yeah. Now leave me alone and let me eat my hot dog.

Well... it has taken much deliberation, much thought... and, as my burrito is congealing rapidly, I shall be blunt. The youth in the photo is none other than... Leonardo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yes, the very same. After his show was booted, he had to look for a job, and went through many ordeals... even almost selling his body for $3000. But, he found that Square was looking for actors to be in one of its productions, and he rushed right over to audition for the part of Wong Fei Fong. He got the part... of this guy. He really had to lose his bulky weight and muscle, though, and he even had his shell removed for the scene. But, that's him, good ol' Leo . . . .

. . . or, he's the guy from the Yggdrasil by the steering wheel. Yeah. ^-^

Is it just me, or is that guy/girl wearing lipstick? If she's a girl, she's probably that one person in General Maitreya's group. If not, well, let's not go into details.

Well, its plain and simple. He is the guy in the picture!

D.J. Strife
It's Queen Zophia's Brother 500 years ago

Sean Moore
it's either Hans or Franz (I get the two mixed up) from the crew of the Yggdrassil

It's the trainee on the Yggdrasil that is standing beside Sigurd.

Da Natural Playboy
well...yes thats it, It is Hiro Kun of bust a groove fame, see if you take a picture of Hiro color his hair black, shave his gotie, and lose the disco get-up...its him...I knew it all along

that lone guy standing in the gear shop in the yggdrasil, after Matreiya and his troops die?

The mac of the world
he is another one of feis personalitys

Tony Mendoza
its Fei's long lost brother Billy Lee Black
Can't you see? It's Alice, reborn as a guy, and He(she, I dunno...) is waiting for Fei to have a homossexual relationship with him. What else could it be??

Tyrone Smith
Its a gay guy that does it with Fei , Citan,Rico,Chu-Chu,Bart,Grafh,Billy,Ol'Man Bal,Ramsus,Krelian,Dan,Hammer,Cain,Musashi,Cloud,Kojiro,Geezer,Rootrick,Jon,Wiseman in the Yddgrasil with all of them. Hoe did it with all the SQUARESOFT characters.:>

Tyrone Smith
It's Ryu from Street figther

Tyrone Smith
Chu-Chu ivolved into a human

The guy on the Yggdrasil in the green suit.

Of course it's a lamb

He's a guy from one of the cut scenes.

It ain't Bingo because Bingo is not qualified to operate that equipment. It's just a random gay little boy Square made up because they would have felt silly drawing Franz.

He's the main user of the Anal Detonator [c] (see

Fei 18
he is the guy talking to the tree or else hes the asistant helms man. but the guy who talks to the tree is gay, who would talk to a tree.

He's that guy on the west side of the Yggdrasil. (The one fiddling with the pipe or whatever it is.)

now i really know who this guy is...he's a queer...

Elly Kasim
It's the guy Bingo the apprentance helmsman for the Yggdrasil or a Shiji Ikari (the guy from NEON GENESIS EVANGELION )look alike! (^___^)

Carl Killian
Bingo(the guy learning about the yargistral

Matthew Boeze
I think he is a man of no importance.

The headless horseman
I think that it is Alice reencarnated as a boy and comes seeking Fei for a homosexual realtionship.

i Guess it's ME .The same face.How square can do that.You think I am a fool,But i am not lying or joking he really looks like me.

Matt (alias:the guy who calls for pizza......)
DAMIEN!!!!!!!! Son of Satan all grown up working towards a peaceful world choosing his own path in life,betraying his father. Yah,him.

The guy that calls for pizza, but thats not me!!!!
I think this guy is the chick in The Ghost in the Shell who got killed at the end except he/she had a sex change and appeared on Jerry Springer. He/she ran out of gas and had wasted all of his/her money on gaming magazines, so he/she asked if he/she could have a part in Xenogears.

Amanda Gaudet AKA The Entity nobody knows
It's the guy who calls for pizza every saturday.

Amanda Gaudet AKA The Entity that nobody knows.
Everyone is saying the guy that tells you how to control the ship,(damn! I know the name but I can't spell it.)I agree with thier guesses, but for some hilarious antick's, I'll say some wing wang of a dope (who is poor.) pleaded Squaresoft to have a part in Xenogears. He bugged thier asses of so much that they finally gave him a part, but all the parts were taken so they stuck him at the end of the game as a radio guy. All he got from that small part was five bucks. then he went to the beer store to buy some scotch. 0_o (What a waste.)

The sewer man underneath Aveh
I think that it is that Speed Racer guy.....

its FEI

It's Butz off FF5

thomas "DeuS" briers

He's the radio man that searches for a radio signal from Fei. He's probably one of the Yggdrasil's crew but is never named

i think all the peeps that comes in here guessing who this faggot is has no life at all need to get a life and stop guessing... i for one know that fei's the lil kid(all grown up) that michael jackson molested and that the guy in the photo is michael jackson after a major face lift job serching for fei(his all grown up playmate)

Its Gary from Pokemon all grown up!!!

well...since every crack head is going with the trainee from the Yggdrasil I might as well too...

It is the dude from the ending to check for any signs of Fei and Elly. He carries a radar thingee to check for any life forms.

Conspirito Man and Taco bell Chiuaua
Ok, we are tired of this. We have joined forces against the people that are taking this forum seriously. We are guessing that the Zenogias staff made this board for it to be funny. But people are taking it seriously. We are sick and tired of it. So, we are joining forces against the people who are serious about this. Oh, and nnow we believe that it was Neemo who hired Princess Leia to star as Cloud and the wacked out radio guy.

Justin Moore
Crew member form barts ship

Well i know who it is in the ending of the game he is trying to find the cordinates of Elly and Fei and i think it is a crew man of the Yggrasdrail the0 is a zero

Well i know who it is in the ending of the game he is trying to find the cordinates of Elly and Fei and i think it is a crew man of the Yggrasdrail the0 is a zero

bard joey (stephanie)
His uniform is looks like the uniforms that Bart's crew wears.

Taco bell Chihuaua
You say that the guy there is Neemo, but as a matter of fact we all know that you are Neemo. and We all know that you look like a shaved ewok! And my theory about everyone haing multi-personallity's has been proven, by Neemo!!!! You see, he had 4 persoannlity's. Neemo, the square one which everyone has, Burrito Man and conspiritor. My comment joined burrito man and conspiritor into one, but the merging tore apart his physical body so he looks like a shaven ewok!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!! Oh my god, I merged Burrito man and Conspiritor. I also still maintain that the guy is Princess Leia... in disguise. it's a cameo appearence!!!!! Kinda like aeris's in FFTactics!!!

Taco Bell Chihuaua
I am Alpha and Omega, the begginning and the End, or something along those lines.... I can honestly say I know who that guy is. It is Princess Leia from Star Wars dressed up like a man!!!!! Yeah, that's it. Han taught her how to use radar thingy equipment hightech stuff and she hadn't gotten any publicity in a while, so she took on the job of cameo appearances in video games. She's also been in FF7, FF tactics, and Ehrgeiz, where she dressed up like a man and called herself Cloud... (We all know Cloud's a girl...)

Drew the "Conspirito Man"
The Conspirito man LIVES but the man who sent in an e-mail calling himself the conspirito man is actually Ryan the taco bell dog I will kill you Ryan and your legions of Citans with my good friends Barbra Streissand, Bingo(from the bridge), and Neemo!!!! MwaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!

Conspirrito Man
That little Chihuaua is right!!! It is I, Conspirrito Man!!!! Mwahahahaha!!! But he got my name wrong! I am NEEMO!!!!!!! Mwahahaha!!! Die foolish mortals!!!

Drew the "Conspirito Man"
Shut the #$%^ up taco bell dog I know your secret identy, it is Ryan Suzano, the man who will die in precicly 3..2..1.....

Taco Bell Chihuahua
It's Citan's 3rd personallity! U see, everyone in this game has more than one personallity! This just happens to be Citan's. Listen to my logic. Citan w/ no katana was 1rst personallity. Citan w/ katana was second. Queer guy w/ radar for weapon is the 3rd. U see, it's all a consipiracy to get everyone in the world to split into3 personallity's, one of them being pro-squarte taking over the world. So square's trying to take over the world!!!!! It's a conspiracy I tell u, a conspiracy. I'd also like to tell you that Burrito Man and Conspirator are both queer same persons named Drew Patterson.

I've got it!!!! It's Bill Clinton after he sold his body to Neemo!!!!

Burrito Man
Please disregard anything that Conspirator says. He is mentaly ill and cannot think normaly or even figure out that it is not Neemo (the cousin of Chef Boyardee).

But I do agree with him that it is the guy from the Ydgrassil, but I don't think his name is Bingo

Sorry about the cheat before, I just played for three straight days and I found out that it didn't work. I am truely sorry, instead of getting Satan you get Chef Boyardees cousin Neemo who is the guy in the ending.

But there is the slight possibility that it is the guy from the Ydgrassil. I think his name is Bingo.

It's pretty obvious it's the helmsman of the Yggdrasil.

But there is a faint possibility that it's just some guy who Square put there to fill space. \=|

Joshua Hagen my long lost son.. that or mark maguire without steriods.. no i think it is a guy.. that would make the most sense.. i mean.. he has no breast..he looks like a guy(course with anime you never know) its probably one of the following

1.barney trying to start a revolution by making a debute(in disguise) fight the power!!

2. cartmen off southpark except japanesse and uh skinnier..

3. big joe.. only this time he is selling his body.. this pic was taken after plastic surgury..

hey i still want to join the nisan staff... let me join damnit!!.. im pleading..

Burrito Man
Conspirator is a nutcase!!! Everyone knows that he is the son of Fei and Barbra Streissand.

I think that either it's Bingo from the Yggdrasil or that guy that stands near the corner near the door talking nonsense. maybe it's taht guy in the red hankerchief who talks abouit vibrations. Who would know?

Hes the guy from "Sprint"traing to sell celiural phones?!?!?

It is the guy from the chines movie Godzilla? Hes going to send godzilla on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Chef Boyardees cousin Neemo who has killed Sephiroth and is planning on summoning Mr.T to fight Barret (The Foo) in PaRappa the Rappa

Dude, you have your Ninja Turtles Mixed up. It can only be one of these three people, Dontello(the turtle), SEPHIROTH, or Fei's 4th secret personality(SATAN) which is a playable charachter. This is how you get him: Save on the bridge of the Ydgrassil right after the scene where Ramsas is sleeping with Miang then Reset and restart the game 450 times alternating between using the controller and using the Playstation, opening the Playstation and taking out the disk every five times after you have done that, play through the rest of the game without picking up a single item or saving. He takes Fei's place when you fight with Duess.BE WARNED the odds that you will get SATAN are about 1/800 otherwise all of your charachters will permanantly become invulnerable to all attacks no matter how many times you restart.

I swear it looks a hell of a lot like the girl from akira. You know, kanaeda's girlfriend that he rescues from the police station. Even though you said it was a guy.

I'M TELLING YOU THAT IT'S SEPHIROTH!!!! The Sqaresoft execs don't want you to know because SEPHIROTH IS ACTUALLY A VIRUS THAT IS LEAKING THROUGH THEIR COMPUTER SYSTEMS. Sephiroth knows who killed JFK!!! WAIT!!! what's that in the shadows?!? OH NO!!! GET THAT MASAMUNE AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who gives a crap anyway?? He's pessimistic.


"My personal opinion of who this guy is......" Opening the envolope....."Either it is Fie and Elly's(Sophia and Lacan) son, or it is one of the crew members of the Yrrigdrisal.

it's fei's and elly's kid

The Rave
Well, it is easy to see who this mysterious man's Batman, that is right Batman makes a cameo in Xenogears.

Drew Patterson
That weird scientist dude who is working the radar thingy

Chu-Chu Hunter
It is the once famous homo PEWEE HERMAN!

I am sure of it... It is Ramsus returning for a return fight against Fei. He is in disguise so the others don't recognize him, so when they least expect it, he will jump into his Vendetta and step on them. Now who is the fool!?!?!?!?! Fei will have no one to help him beat Ramsus now!!! HMMWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....HMMWAAHAHAHAHA...HMMWAAHAHAHHA!!!! What?!? What do you mean his gear doesn't work anymore!?!? Zohar?!?! What the F%$@ is that?!?! Energy supply for the gears?!?! AAHHH CRAP!!!!!

This man who stands so elusively before you is no man at all, but a mere refraction of light. In the confusion of battling Deus no one had time to notice the swamp gas settling in. So mystery solved, really there was no man, but rather an illusion, a trick of the hero's tired eyes.

he's the pilot of the highwind in ff7. after that game was finished, he got into xenogears

It's the human version of Alpha and Omega. They fused, knowing that they are the beginning and the end.

yeah, well... i forgot
Ok, you know that guy in the yggdrasil who is ever wanting to learn how to ride it, and is the one who tells you how to control the ship, and he's ever with sigurd on the bridge, no matter what happens? WELL, THAT'S NOT HIM.

The Great, Powerful and Exceedingly Wise Bob
The Great, Powerful and Exceedingly Wise... Bob has decided that the man in the picture is none other than the Not So Great, Powerful and Exceedingly Wise person shown in said picture is Fei's son by Alice... Sammy. Yes, that's right. Fei's son was banned from the village of Lahan shortly before Lahan was destroyed. To protect Fei, Alice claimed that it was Timothy's son, and forced him to marry her... However, there is a very slight chance that the Great, Powerful and Exceedingly Wise... Bob is incorrect. This should not be taken into consideration.

Adam Shinn
it is elly's step dad ellyhaym.

It has to be Chu-chu's split personality... either that or Emeralda's secret child

Fei Fong Wong Lacan Wiseman

Elly Kasim
It is the apprentice helmsman Septan or a Shinji Ikari (the main character from Neon Genesis Evangelion) look alike !!!
Peter Parker

The Mikado
He's Fei and Elly's love child who stumbled upon a dimensional shift, sucking him into the world of Chrono Trigger where he used the Epoch time machine to return to this specific point in time to predict his parents' demise. They must have forgotten to give him his allowance or something.


Ultiamte D
It's probably Fei's unknown son. You know, that one that he had with the hooker in the bar in Lahan, but he doesn't want anyone to know because he's the almighty GOD killer. He's gotta hold up his fine, upstanding reputation. :)

Chihuahua the Mechanic If you think that he is the one who is giving lessons, think again. Look at the color of his shirt okay? I think he is the mechanic on the right of the bridge if you are facing Sigurd and the left if you are at the back of Sigurd. I am not joking, play the game again and see.

Aaron Allen

It must be the one and only...... wrestling and gear battling champ, RICO BANDERAS, Or it could be a flashback of our main man BIG JOE!!!!!

It is..........the almighty tiny Grahf's gear, Busta Karate!

It IS........Fei's, Brothers, Cousin's Ex-wife's, Sons, Puppets, Dog's Roommate's, Little Brother Jilly-O's multiple personality IP! The hidden character! It all makes sense now! 6x2 is 99!


Alpha Weltal
hahahahaha! i am alpha weltal! grahf's awsome and all powerful gear! its too bad i got blown up with him too! oh well, ill take a stab at it! ok, i think he's just some dumb guy from shevat! or maybe he's just computor nerd that sits around all day! this is a tough one! oh well, if i was still alive and not fei's father's (grahf) id crush everyone! (u seen my awsome power when i kicked all ur asses in some spaceship!!! bahahahahaha! the only reasone i lost to xenogears because the dumb ass programmers amde me that way! thnx a lot!!!!! ill crush u all! except my master grahf)

Franz's assistant Björn... Or maybe a young Don Imus...?

Um, I think it's the guy from the Yggdrasil steering the ship.... If not, it then if has to be...Ramsus! He DID survive! He just got tired of the blonde look, and he wanted to pick up more chicks, since you know he killed his girlfriend on "accident". Also, those Gebler uniforms are really, really hot since they're made from 50% polyester and 50% wool, so he changed into his cute, army green rayon jumpers. Now after hearing all that, tell me that's not Ramsus and blink. I dare you! Then again, that guy could be Sigurd... I can see the resemblence, since they have the same hairdo and outfit on. Yeah, it's definitely Sig.

Lord Grahf
It is ME! My fist is the divine breath of mother destruction! Mwah hah hah! (I do not violate penal codes)

Paul Fisher
This is Little Joe, Big Joe's little brother. He may seem like a dork, but he'd whip your butt at the card game any day.

Well, let me tell you. Even if I am a woman (I am only 20 years old) I like Xenogears a lot (I am in love with Bart). Anyone can know that this handsome guy is no other than THE STUPID APRENTICE OF THE YGGDRASIL!!. Why he is there? How on earth am I gonna know that... But in other ways, my brothers though on the first place that he was Frant´z turned into human because It was a spell that krelian made to him... or whatever. Is it a clue for the next XENOGEARS DX??? Boys, I really hope so.

tommy Usuki :the engineer of the GEARS in the yugdrasil's hangar

Dan Randlett
Why, he's a guy that just showed up off of the Yggdrasil, voiced by Jimmy Flinders. Hmmmm, could he be Krelian in disguise?

Well... it has taken much deliberation, much thought... and, as my burrito is congealing rapidly, I shall be blunt. The youth in the photo is none other than... Leonardo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yes, the very same. After his show was booted, he had to look for a job, and went through many ordeals... even almost selling his body for $3000. But, he found that Square was looking for actors to be in one of its productions, and he rushed right over to audition for the part of Wong Fei Fong. He got the part... of this guy. He really had to lose his bulky weight and muscle, though, and he even had his shell removed for the scene. But, that's him, good ol' Leo . . . .

. . . or, he's the guy from the Yggdrasil by the steering wheel. Yeah. ^-^

I don't know who that is, I am a man of the sea!

It's just some guy.. nuff said...

Mog Kupo
He's Leon from Tales of Destiny with a haircut. ^_^

Ok the last guess was pretty bad, and after reading ALL the guess this time, one caught my eye...the human form of Franz. Well I hate to tell that person, but they are wrong. it isn't a human's a human Hanz!

its the son of the guy with the gray hair and eye patch

James Bond
He's Chun-Li! After Chun-Li ranned away from Street Fighter she only could get a job in Square, so she dressed like a Radar Operator, to earn her money and does not starve!

I'd have to agree with the majority guesses, of Bingo, the trainee helmsman. Although it really doesn't sound like him, with the technical terms (okay, so you learn that in Earth Science), but it matches his hair.... other than that, my next wild guess would be the guy on the far left of the bridge, when Sigurd faces toward your viewpoint.

my guess is.fei friend.or a very special character from xenogears early advertisenment like they did on final fantasy v 7.

It's Billy's second personality, ib. Whenever he gets really REALLY excited his hair turns completely black and he takes a broken toaster and starts spouting random nonsence. If you look really closely inn the ending movie you can see that his gear has also transformed into a pink blender. It's's in the japanise version.

It's Shopkeeper johnny! I mean he was where you fought Deus and seeing as how he sells electronics he probably knows how to operate them.

It's gotta be ME, Mr. Socko! Either that or Fei...without his ponytail...and in different clothes...and not in Xenogears...and working on the Yggdrasil...

Bry4n Fury
I'd guess its probably someone from the crew of the Yggdrasil (most likely the apprentice captain), or just somone that was added in the ending for the hell of it, like a progammer

I would have to say he is the apprentice heilsman on the Yggdrasil. It seems the most logical answer since he has the same clothes and hair as the apprentice.

Kojo Kumah
I think that it's the guy who tells you how to operate the Yggdrasil


James Furgol

Arctic Fox
As a bit of a serious guess, I would say that the person in the ending anime sequence is either the helmsman who is always sitting beside the Yggdrasil's wheel on the bridge, or someone else from the Yggdrasil :).

aly pabellano
the guy in the servant room near the door

He's the guy Citan brings with him I don't know his name though

fei fong wong
it has to be that if timothy didn't die him after a haircut or the trainee on the yggrasil

Andrew Acampora
i think it's a radio technition guy from the yardrasil

Johnny Martin
Seiya Pegasuss or a man who works in ygdrassil.

It could be the guy who talks about the tree (by the elevator)in the Yggdrasil... no kiddin.

James Furgol
The wantabee first mate guy. The guy that controls Barts ship.

Joseph Harvey
Alice from Lahan. She survived the blast and she still has feelings for Fei. Dressing up as a scientist was the only way she could get on the Yggdrasil and get close to Fei. Thats my guess.

The Square Fanatick
He's probably the repair man, from when you first go into Fort jasper (when you get Andvari). He's the guy who sells you items there. Either that or he's Shopkeep Johnny

He's a young and ambitious Peter Jennings. You know it, I know it. ;D

I swear this guy is a cyborg with a cord attached to his ear or something! Or maybe it's the guy on the Yggdrasil.....

Corazon Quejada
Timothy Rene

The guy on the yggdrasil that teaches you how to operate the yggdrasil's controls,not many people would catch his name if they played it the first time but after i beat the game for the third time.i found out his name was septon ,you learn his name from the guy in the control room of the yggdrasil to the left.this is no joke ,this is the truth i dont get my (KickS)off tellin you people lies about a character that ,really is not important in the story.that is all i no on the subject ,BUT i will tell you this ,who ever is reading this at this time i will say this square is a great ,no the greatest game company by far ,from its snes days to is 32 bit games the company has always been there to make a GAME ,more than just a GAME.and i believe that in the future square will continue to repeat history ,not only in its amasing GAMES but ( RETURNING TO THE COMPANY THAT GOT THEM ON THERE FEET ,AND THAT SOPORTED THEM IN THE BEGINNING ) . yes im talking about returning to Nintendo ,thE company that will be releasing the DOLPHIN ,and hopeful will have square to be right by the side once again to reign on top of the industry , and to bring RPG's to a higher than ever before.

Maybe he's in Alices family because he resembles Alice a lot. (maybe another brother besides Dan???)

William Zechael
It's me. I'm serious, I believe this is Square's way of telling me that I should apply for a job as a SONAR Tech.

Bingo. The Sigaurd's Apprentace to fly the Yggdrazil

The Orca
No doubt about it, it's gotta be a human version of Franz!! Besides, he is controlling a sensor/sound device.


The Captain
He's the Tech guy in the end movie of Xenogears. He's the one who says "radition from the explosion casued a disruption in the ionshpere, it's imposible to get a visiual.."

He is kansokuin. His character voice is Wataru Takagi. from Japanese version(^ ^)

I don't see why a helmsman in training would be manning a sensor device, so it has to be... Franz!!

Squall Strife
I Have To Guess It Is The Trainee On Bart's Ship!!

The Shevat Agent that gets rescued from Ethos HQ?

Im on a limb here but maybe a young Citan??

Lord Xaiver
He has to be the trainee in the Yggdrasil.

Sickboy Mama
That could only be the pilot trainee from the Yggdrasil.

I think this is the guy sitting next to Franz on the Yggdrasil.

Mark Cruz
The apprentice who wants to fly the Yggdrasill

ShadoW DragooN
Ummm.... Timothy, with a haircut, different cloathes.... and, alive?

Perhaps he is someone that works in the Yggdrasil.

Maybe he's Citan's Brother?

There had been 1630 guessers in this little guessing game

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