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Xenogears 2: Twin Gears
Part 1 of 2

By: Josh Blount

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Xenogears: The Nisan Sanctuary

After Fei defeated deus and returned to earth, everyone started a separate life. Bart became king of Aveh even though Sigurd should have been king. Billy started a bigger and better orphanage. Reco rebuilt Nortune and had a better D Block with no explosive collars. Citan went to his home and started a shop on Building new gears that did not need the Zohar. Margie staid by Bart's side like always. Fei wondered around the earth to destroy all monsters so no people would die. And Elly stayed beside him, for she promised never to leave him. ID was left in the void in Fei's mind and his anger rages again. Soon this anger would cause a great fear for everyone on the planet.


Chapet 1
The gathering

Bart sat in his room alone for now and looked at the clouds by his window. Bart saw a cloud that looked like Zenogears and thought "...Man I miss Fei and the others".He pulled back on his long yellow hair then felt the patch on his eye. The large wooden door sided with gold opened. Margie's head popped in wearing the mushroom shaped hat with a ribbon on top and asked "How's everything going... your majesty"? Bart put his black boots back on the floor and replied " Hey I don't like that name...Great Mother of Nisan". Margie giggled and said "meany". Bart stood up and walked unfront of the desk and said "come here you little raskle". Margie ran up and gave him a huge and said "you miss the others don't you"? Bart replied "yea I do". Sigurd stood a the door for who knows how long with his silver hair arching like the letter m almost over his eyes, he grinned and said "we can hold a new festival and invite the others". Bart noded causing his hair to come down on his good eye"that would be GREAT"! Sigurd smiled "I'll get Old Mason and help me with the preperations, if you want you can call them". Bart ran to the desk "I'll do it right now"! he said in excitement and pushed a button to call Citan. Bart sat for a moment and a voice said Hello. Bart said to Citan "Hey Citan I'm going to hold a festival soon, would you like to come"? Citan's voice sounded pleased "I would love to come, I've started to miss everyone down here. How long has it been...a year"? Bart replied "around that much I think". Citan desided "I'll be there tommaro see you later". Bart said "bye". Bart hung up and he pushed another button. Reco's voice said "Who is it"? Bart replied "Reco its Bart everyone is coming to a festival I'm starting, you want to come"? Reco's voice sounded happy "Well by god"! he started agian "I'll be there tommaro"! Bart replied "I'm going to call everyone else bye". Bart called Billy and a voice in distress and Bart asked what's wrong. Billy replied saying "oh its just these new toddlers I'm taking care of". Bart laughed and said "well I'm starting a festival and-". Billy said fast "I'd like to come"! Bart replied "ok it'll be tommaro". Billy said bye and Bart pushed another button and an image apeared on the wall (a technology that Bart has and Fei have) a rusling sound came and he saw Fei turn on a light. Fei's voice answered "yea who is it"? Bart replied "Its me Bart I've called everyone and there all coming to a festival I'm having, you and Elly want to come"? Fei's image finaly apeared and he did not have the ribbon around his long hair like he always did. Fei looked to his right and asked Elly " Elly would you like to come to the festival, Barts going to be there"? Elly sat up out of the bed Fei was in and asked "is Bart meen...everyone will be there too"? Fei replied "Everyone". Elly smilled "yes they'll all be there I miss them so much". Bart's eyes were wide open when Elly popped up "uh, did I disturb you"? Fei laughed "no no, well its about 6:00 in the morning over here". Bart leaned back and laughed "oh ok so you'll be here tommaro"? Fei replied "well see you then, bye". Bart hung up and leaned back in his chair with the biggest smile on his face. Bart thought about a picture of everyone back when they all met and said "It'll be great to see everyone again".

The next morning Bart sat up in his bed and got dressed. A knocking came from the door and Sigurd said "Hurry up there'll be here any minute now". Bart opened the door and walked out. Bart walked over to the intrance were the market was and everyone stopped and smilled and said "King Bart is here"! and Bart walked over and waved and stood at the intrance. Fei, Elly, and everyone else soon apeared in on the sand . Bart smilled and soon they were at the entrance. A little girl ran up and asked Fei "Are you Fei"? Fei smilled and noded "yes". The girl smilled really big and wraped around his knee. Elly giggled and said with a big smile "looks like someone's got a crush on you". Fei shook his head and finally pried the liitle girl of his leg and said "I'll come back during the festival and we can play a game okay"?The little girl replied "that would be great I'll tell my friends" and she ran off. Fei looked up (at were they had the old festival on the game) and saw a statue of Xenogears and everyone else's gears up there too. Soon everyone was in the dinning area and was eating on a delicious Chicken and some stuffing and other food. Reco took some turkey and some mashed potatoes "Bart you got your life made". Elly knoded "this food is great". Bart smilled "I'm glad you all like it".Old Mason stood at the door "I'm glad you like my cooking". Chu-Chu with her small feet hopping and pink fur shaking, started to hop in her chair "I can't reach chu salad". Reco laughed and the orange hair fell back and he reached with his strong green colored arm and grabed the bowl of salad and put some on her plate. Bart looked at everyone and said "I tell you...its great to see you all... I have to cut it short my throat is getting stiff, he he he". Margie smilled and looked at Bart "Its ok, you can cry". Bart looked at her "Its not my style". Margie replied "everyone has to cry sometimes". The time went by and soon it was getting late. Fei was on his way to a bed room when Bart said his name "hey Fei...are you going to be in the tornament"? Fei shook his head "no I'd win anyway". Bart noded "yea you'd win for shur". Fei opened a bedroom door and said "I'll see you tommaro Bart". Bart noded and walked off. Fei walked in and sat down in the bed. Elly roled over and said "It was starting to get cold" Fei sat down on the bed and replied "Its good to see the others". Elly added "yea I really missed them". Fei laid down and fell asleep.


Chapter 2
Danger comes in mysterious ways

The next morning Fei and Elly got up and went to the balcony infront of the tornament ring. Everyone was there and watching. Reco sat up and said to himself "boy I wish I was down there. I tell you if I was, heads would be rolling". The Gong rang and a raggy man jumped up waving his hands all over the place. Fei looked at the other corner and a blue haired girl steped forward. Soon the battle started and the man ran forward wailing his arms all over the place. The girl kicked the man in the gut and the man fell. Fei's eyes widened as the girl looked at him "oh god, Miang". Bart looked at him "what...oh man it is"! Miang jumped off the ring and started her way up to them and Bart looked around "we can take her can't we"? Miang pulled her self up and looked directly at Fei. Fei leaned back and raised his fists for any attack. Miang grined and said "I don't blame you for predicting an attack but I'm here to warn you". Fei replied "what's the warning"? Miang looked at Elly "ID is going to be here, he is going to seperate from fei and he wants to know what love is". Elly asked "So he's going to come after me"? Miang noded "I beleive so". Miang turned at Fei " Fei I'm sorry but there is nothing anyone can do about this. You can't stop him know but later maby". Fei looked confused and Miang started again "I'd be considered for your friend's safty". Miang disapeared and a guard ran up "is everyone ok"? Bart replied "yea everyone's ok no thanks to you what took you so long"? Fei looked confused and said "I'm going to go downstairs". Fei started down the stairs when he heard a voice "I'm coming and there's no stopping me". Fei felt a pulsing and his vision went fuzzy. Fei heard Elly yelling for help and Fei was thrown to the wall. Fei could faintly see bart running up and shaking his sholders "fei you ok"? Bart flew back and flew arcross the walkway. Fei opened his eyes and saw ID standing where Fei was, looking at him. Elly's eyes grew wide and she turned to run. ID turned and said "oh no you don't". and Elly was stopped and pulled by something and ID grabbed her and said "I'm going to find out what this 'love' is, I see you and Fei and wonder what love is, I'm going to find out and your going to help me". Fei stood up but felt weak "Id"! Id turned and laughed "you can't do anything. I'll always be stronger" Id opened a door and dragged Elly off with him. Fei's fists tightened and he felt his strength flowing back to him "I'm going... to kill you Id"! Bart got up and said "hey man calm down he's gone we can't do anything-". Fei looked at him. Bart could sence something different in his eyes, like a crazy look that made his blood freeze "I can do something"! Fei walked down the hallway and looked for Id. Id was at the end of the hallway trying to knock a locked door down. Fei's teeth tightened and he said in an evil town that would make the biggest animal cower "ID...I'll kill you". Id turned looking suprised "you can't kill me". Elly hit Id and he let go of her. Fei replied "I can kill you". Fei's eyes glowed white and light shot out from the sides of his eyes like razor blades. White fire was on his fists and white smoke or fog came off his skin. Id's eyes grew wide and Fei started the attack. Fei attacked like Kishen but instead of a black shadow it was white and he hit about 20 times and punched Id in the head. Id fell to the floor and he could feel bones all over broken from the attack. Id's eyes grew wide he's head throbed and his chest hurt so much "how, how could you be stronger then me"? Elly looked at Fei and put a hand on his shoulder "Fei don't". Fei lowered his hands and Elly said "he only wanted to live like you. He lived in nothing but Hate and no love". Fei opened his pouch and emptied a small bag and a blue glowing ball fell on Id and his wounds were healed. Id looked confused "why...why didn't you kill me"? Fei stepped forward "not everything in life is hate". Id stood up and asked "I wan't to know what is love"? Elly stepped beside Fei and said "Its a friendship, someone you care about. Fei and I love each other. I'd die for him and he'd die for me". Id looked confused "is that love"? Fei noded. Id looked at himself and grabbed his shirt and rubbed his face. The white would not come off but soon it started to fade and saw his real face. He looked alot like Fei but still had the red hair.n Id looked at Fei and ran off into the desert. Elly shook her head "I hope he'll be ok...Fei"? Fei turned and asked "what is it Elly"? Elly looked at him with consern "would you really have killed him"? Fei shook his head "I don't know I thought he might hurt you".

Outside of Aveh. ID looked around and he looked at one of the hills of sand and the sand started to slide. ID looked around and saw a giant creature leaning over him. It was the size of a sky scraper. ID turned and looked up "what on earth is that"? The creature looked like a giant worm but the tip opened up and showed hundreds of razor sharp teeth. ID started to run "what is that"? The creature leaned back and roaring sound came from behind ID and the creatures tail rapped around ID. ID felt blood rushing to his face. ID thought to himself "this is it...and I just learned the good meaning of life".

Fei started to walk across the balcony and he heard the roar of the creature. A pulsing hit his head and he heard ID "help me". Fei jumped off the balcony and Bart rushed after him "Fei what are you doing"?

Back out at the desert the creature tightened even more. ID tightened his teeth and screamed in pain. ID then heard a voice "ID"! ID looked down and saw Fei running up "what the heck is that"? ID lightened his teeth and let out another yell. Fei ran forward "hold on I'm coming"! The creatures tail raised up and its mouth opened wide. ID's eyes grew wide but shut them because the presure almost made his eyes pop out. The heat of the creatures breath and the foul stench of corpses fouled the air. ID looked in its outh and saw a sword from a dead man. ID grabbed the sword and shoved it between a tooth and it's gum and the creature droped him. ID fell what seemed forever and soon hit the sand. He felt his legs buckle underneath and shater and he roled down the sand hill. Fei looked down and saw ID smashed like a rag doll. Fei felt a pulsing again and he grabbed his head ""?

At the castle Bart stud at the Tornament ring and said in horror "my god what is that"? A rumbling shook the castle and the statue of Zenogears started to crack. Citan shook his head "no he's...awakening again". The statue busted open and Zenogears hovered above the castle and shot off towards the monster.

Fei grabbed his head and pain throbed in his head and soon he heard a wail from the creature and the pain stopped "what happened"? Zenogears flowted infront of him and the creature leaned back up with a cut on its body. Fei felt the ground leave his feet and he flowted strait to Zenogears cockpit. The chest opened up and fei flowted in. ID's eyes opened and he couldn't move. ID closed his eyes and a glow came from him and the wounds were gone. ID stud up and saw Zenogears attacking the monster. Zenogears raised a finger at the monster and a flash of light came from the finger and ID covered his eyes but he could hear the monster wailing and was quickly silenced. Zenogears stood victorious above the corps of the creature and ID stood up and grinned " truly are powerful".Zenogears cockpit opened and Fei flowted to the desert floor. ID walked forward and grinned "I didn't know you could pull them kind of moves". Fei shruged "well I've been trying to stop monsters everywere that hurt people so...". A sand buggy rushed up to them and Citan jumped out "Fei is everything...oh dear". Citan looked up at the creature "what creature is this"? Bart climbed out and anwered "a group of people that want to distroy Aveh have been making these monsters". Elly walked out and asked "Fei are you ok"? Fei replied "yes I'm-". Fei stopped because a vibration came from the sand. Citan looked around and said in amazment "what is that"? Citan turned his head and added "its not from the sky or the surface...its below us, eveyone in the buggy"! Everyone got into the buggy except Fei. Elly started to pull the hatch down when she noticed "Fei..." Fei turned and replied "I'm going to get Zenogears out of here...I'll try and fight what every this is". Elly knoded "be careful". Elly shut the hatch and Fei made his way to the cockpit and Xenogears lifted up and turned as Fei saw a mound of sand raise up and slide off of of another creature. Fei's eyes grew big when the creature yelled. Fei shook his head "this is not the same species". The creature had red glowing eyes and blue skin like a Wel and had thousands of razor sharp teeth. The creature jumped forward and grabbed Xenogears' arm and started to chew on it. Xenogears good left arm shot a bolt in it's side and it shot off and wailed in pain. Xenogears flowted with a right arm about to fall off. Xenogears rushed forward and grabbed the creature's thout and lifted it above the ground "what is this thing"? The creature kicked Xenogears and it fell and hit the sand floor. Fei shook his head from the fall and thought "I'd better take him down quick I'm damaged bad". Xenogears flowted forward and Fei's head throbed harder and harder "whats happening to me...Know, I'll kill it".

On the buggy Elly watched the cloud of sand lifting from the battle. Bart leaned forwared "don't worry I'm shur he'll come out on top". Elly turned and put her back on the wall "I'm just a little worried because I never saw a creature like that worm and what every that was back there was bigger". Citan turned his seat around and said "that creature was shurly man made...we must stop these people before they kill everyone". Bart knoded "I know". A flash came from the sand cloud and Bart's eyes widened "oh my god"! ID jumped up and looked out the window "what is that"?

Xenogears shot some steam out and it's eyes turned red and the fingers started to change, they grew twice as long and sharp pointed. The legs grew spikes on the knees and Electricity shot all over Xenogears. A flash blinded everything and the creature flowted up and just fell to pieces. Xenogears flowted above the scraps of flesh and bone and made its way to the buggy. ID's eyes grew wide and yelled "Reco drive faster"! Reco pushed the gas peddle to the floor and started to go faster. Xenogears rushed infront of them and started to pick up the buggy. Citan yelled "eveyone jump out"! Everyone jumped out and the Buggy lifted up and Xenogears crushed it and through it to the desert floor. Xenogears flowted towards them and Fei jumped out and landed on the desert. Citan's eyes grew wide at what he saw. Fei was dressed the way he always did but had the makup like ID. Fei looked at Elly and started at her. Bart jumped infront of him and said "hey Fei stop it your skaring us". Fei stopped and repied "I'm not Fei, Fei is gone". He waved his arm and Bart was knocked away. Citan jumped to Elly "Elly run why'll you can"! Elly turned and ran as fast as she could. The person turned and said in a cold tone "that was not smart". Citan fell uncontuse and the unknown person walked off. Bart sat up and pulled a box and said "Sigurd hurry somethings happened to...Fei". Bart blacked out and everyone else waited for help.

Elsewere in the desert Elly continued running and running when she heard a motor. Elly stopped and put her hands on her knees to take a breath. Elly thought to herself "what happened to Fei"? She could hear footsteps and turned. the person that was Fei was about 10 feet away. Elly started to run and the man ran faster and faster after her. Elly ran as fast as she could and she felt a hand on her sholder "NO LEAVE ME ALONE"! She pulled away but the person tightened around her and started to drag her off. Xenogears flowted down and they flowted to the cockpit. Elly wiggled around trying to get free but she was already inside the cockpit. The cold voice told her "calm down". Elly was freed and went to the corner "who are you"? The man grinned "don't you know...ID". Elly replied "no ID is not part of Fei anymore". ID shook his head "no the evil of ID is in fei and here I am". Elly asked a question "what do you want"? ID grined "what ID wanted". ID walked over to Elly and she held her fists up for any attack. ID shook his head "I'm not planing on hurting you". Elly kept still and ID went to the controls "first we must find a safe place".

Later after Sigurd returned the others to the Castle. At the intrance of the Castle Citan explained what happened. Sigurd shook his head "Thats what happened"? Citan noded and Old Mason walked back and forth "oh poor mrs. Elly what will happen to her"? Bart anounced "I just want to know what happened to Fei"! ID walked up and replied "I know what happened...the hate that I had somehow was left behind when I seperated from him, that is why my powers are not so powerful". Bart shook his head "I going to find some way to distroy whats wrong with him"! ID replied "you can't help him, but I can". Citan noded "Yes, I see, ID can always connect and seperate with Fei". Sigurd looked up and was thinking about something and desided to tell everyone "Citan I got my men to rebuild your gears so they will work now". Citan noded and looked around "well do anyone have any guesses were they are"? Sigurd replied "we can pick up the frequency that Xenogears gives off, lets hope its the same".
somewere at the bottom of the ocean. Elly sat behind ID shaking because she never knew when he would attack. Elly was startled when ID turned the chair around and then he asked "okay...tell me what 'love' is". Elly curled up a little tighter and replied "its a strong feeling between two people". ID gave a puzzled look "I don't understant"? Elly added "well, Fei and I liked eachother a lot and between a male and a female some people don't just become friends they become a cuple". ID still had the same puzzled look "a...cuple"? Elly replied "a cuple is two people that have a relationship or are married". ID noded "I think I understand". Elly asked "now can you let me go"? ID shook his head "no not yet". ID turned his chair around and closed his eyes "go ahead and sleep I'm going to be here for the night". Elly looked at her watch and realized it was late. Elly sat on the floor and curled up and soon fell asleep.



Chapter 3
The Search for Elly


The next morning the Yegdrezil soared above the ocean floor. "No signal sir" one of Bart's men said. Bart turned the helm "search harder". several low pings came from the small speaker and a high ping hit and stopped. Bart turned "whats the location"? the man looked at the screen "location 12,6,34,56". Bart grinned "ok lets go down"! The Yegdrezil started to loss altitude and hit the water. under the water Bart could see aquatic fish and other sea life. soon he caught sight of the ocean floor and Bart pulled a lever to straiten the Yegdrezil. Soon in the distance the image of Xenogears caught Barts sight but instead of seeing it as a weapon for peace, he saw it as a weapon of hate and fear. Bart shivered from the cold look it had the sharp fingers and the evil eyes. Sigurd walked up "young master you should get to your gear I'll pilot the ship". Bart turned around "Ok but stay clear, you know how strong that thing was". Sigurd noded and grabbed the helm and Bart opened the door and went inside the elevator. The Elevator stopped and the door opened showing Margie stairing at him. Margie grinned "be careful heroics"? Bart shrugged "ok I won't take any risks". Margie stepped aside and let Bart out and he made his way to his gear. A macanic holding a note pad checking the armor and the other important parts of Barts gear "oh King Bart"! Bart noded and the man stepped aside "go ahead its almost time to leave Reco and Emerelda will come with you". Emerelda already had her gear ready and Reco had just started his. Bart jumped inside and started his gear and made his way to a hatch way on the floor. The door opened and water was below him. Bart jumped into the water making a large splash. Reco and Emerelda followed. Bart's gear hit the ocean floor and he walked closer the Xenogears. The three crept carfully closer and closer to Xenogears trying not to catch the evil man's attention.

Inside Xenogears Elly woke up to an alarm and ID sat up "whats happening...those fullish people". Elly stud up and saw from the screen and saw the three gears creaping to Xenogears. ID pushed some buttons and Xenogears came to life. ID pushed another button "fullish pilots of those gears give up or die"! Bart replied "no I'm not giving up on Elly"! Xenogears jumped forward and slashed Barts gear and it fell. Bart pulled himself up closer to the controls "man I'm down, Emerelda be carefull"! Emerelda jumped forward wailing her metal armes on her head wildly at Xenogears "aaaaaarrrrhhh"! Xenogears lifted a hand and a bolt hit and ripped a hole, water flowed into her gear and her gear was down. Elly looked around and saw only Reco's gears standing there not knowing if he should attack. ID smilled "die like your friends". Xenogears started it's way as Elly rapped an arm around ID's neck "leave bart alone"! ID struggled and waving his hands to grab her rists but he hit a button and Xenogears stopped. Reco had a confused look "are they out of fuel"? Reco's gear jumped forward and slammed into Xenogears pinning it down. Reco looked at the cockpit and saw a picture of ID struggling to grab Elly. Elly looked at the screen "Reco shoot the gear with all you got before he kills you"! Reco shook his head "no I couldn't I won't". Elly shook her head "you have too"! Reco shut his eyes and grinded his teeth "I hope you'll be alright". He started to shoot bullets all over Xenogears and water started to flow into the cockpit. ID started to spit out water and Elly let go. ID jumped up and gasped for air and he inhailed water drounding. Elly looked around and saw only a little air left and she looked around "was this a good Idea"? the air left and she looked around she swam to the pannel pushing ID's body out of the way. she pushed buttons but nothing happened. Elly's lungs felt like they were about to explode and then she desided to give up and inhailed water into her lungs and everything went black.


A voice was above Elly and her eyes opened when she coughed up water and she saw Citan above her "are you ok Elly"? Reco came up beside Citan with a worried look "I'm sorry Elly you told me to shook and I went ahead and shot and when I saw you dround I went into a panic, are you ok"? Elly sat up but felt weak and laid back down. Emerelda walked up and asked "are you ok Fei's Elly"? Elly noded and everyone left except Citan and he sat beside her for a why'll. soon she got up and started to walk around. Elly looked at Citan and asked "Citan is Fei"? Citan noded "he's ok, we put him in the restraint that cuts off the nerves so he can't move". Elly noded and looked down, Citan gave a concerned look and asked "Elly are you ok"? Elly noded "yea I'm just a little worried and shaken up". Citan grinned "I'll let you stay here for a why'll and you come out when your ready". Citan walked out and the door slid shut behind him. Elly sat down on the hospital bed on the Yegdrezil. She rubbed her knees and wondered "I wonder how fei is doing"?

A few rooms away Citan ran in and looked up "Fei how are you feeling"? Fei noded "I'm doing a little better". Citan looked up "do you know what happened to Elly"? Fei shook his head and Citan told him "the hatred took over and he kidnapped Elly and when Bart, Reco, and Emerelda went to rescue her he took down bart and Emerelda. Reco pined Xenogears down and Elly told him to shoot and he did...the cockpit flooded and you drowned and Elly did too". Fei's eyes grew wide in consern "is Elly ok"!? Citan noded "do you want to see her"? Fei noded and Elly walked in and Citan walked out to give them some time alone. Elly looked up at Fei "are you ok"? Fei noded and replied "yes I'm feeling better". Elly looked down "I hope you can come back to normal soon". Fei looked up and back at Elly "yea, I wish I could too". Elly turned around "well I'll see you later sometime Fei...goodnight". Elly walked out and shut the door behind her. Fei lowered his face feeling sad of being alone. Then a voice ecoed in his head "Kill them"! Fei lifted his head but could not see. He felt his strength wash away. His head went down and he fell into a deep sleep.

Fei woke up in a flowting in a blue room like he was when Id was part of him. He turned around and saw a red flame come closer and closer "you will kill them all". Fei shook his head "no, I'll never kill my friends". The flame came even closer and a face apeared, no face but like a shell that looked like Id's face when he had the mask on. the mask came closer and closer till it was an inch from his face "if you don't I'll force you to kill them". Fei shook his head and tried to run but went nowhere. The creature smiled "you can not run from me Fei". Fei clenched his teeth and started to see images of his friends...Bart, Billy, Citan, Reco, Elly, Chu-Chu, Margie, Maria, and everone else. Fei felt strenghth flow though him once more and he opened his eyes and saw the flaming mask give a confused look "what are you doing"? Fei gave a evil cold look and the flaming mask went back a foot "what is this"?! Fei felt the floor come back to his feet "I..won' them"! Fei's fists closed shut and sealed and he slowly lifted a hand and lifted another and small flames around him Gold, Blue, Red, and orange cirlcled around him and slowly creeped to his fist. The colorful flames went completly into his fist and he rushed forward hitting the mask and a shock wave went from his fist to the mask. The mask started to shake and the mask looked at the flames that soon disapeared "no I underestimated you"! the mask started to crack and light shot out and soon it fell apart and disapeared. Fei found himself in the foid and looked around and heard a voice "Fei wake up Fei"! Fei's eyes opened and saw Id above him "did you distroy him"? Fei noded and asked "how did you know what happened"? Id answered "I helped you". Citan rushed in "did it work"? Id noded and he ran up to Fei "Fei are you feeling ok"? Fei noded and Elly rushed in with a happy smile on and rushed up and hugged him "I'm glade your ok". Time went by and soon everyone knew that Fei was ok. About a half an hour Fei, Citan, and Elly was siting by the table drinking some of Old Mason's tea. Old Mason pored a forth cup of tea for Citan and he warned "I'd calm down on the tea good doctor it will bring you only the pot". Citan laughed "I know but your tea is so good I have to drink some". Old Mason laughed and replied "I'm glad to hear that". Fei rubbed his chin "so is Bart planing on doing anything on that group that made those giant creatures"? Old Mason replied "yes he does master Fei. He want's to see you in about a half an hour". Fei stood up and said "I'm going up to see Bart I'll see you later Old Mason". Old Mason noded and started to talk to Citan. Fei walked over to the Gear room were Bart was watching his gear. Fei walked up and asked "hey Bart when are we going to get that group"? Bart turned and grinned "I remember when you didn't like fighting". Fei shook his head "I'm doing this so no one gets hurt". Bart turned back to his gear "the group is called the shakkan clan from the old king". Bart turned back to Fei "we must leave tommaro "Fei so you should gets some rest. Old Mason made a room for you and Elly to share". Fei smilled "well I'll see you tommaro Bart". Bart noded and walked closer to his gear as Fei made his way to the door. Fei walked up the halway and opened a door saying (Fie and Elly's room). Fei opened the door and Elly was already asleep. Fei got into the bed making shur he did not awake Elly and closed his eyes.


Chapter 4
Fight for Freedom

Fei woke up about 8:00 A.M. and Elly was already up and out of the room. Fei sat up and got dressed and opened the door and Margie walked by "Fei good morning Bart's by his gear again and he wants to see you". Fei noded "good morning Margie" and walked off. Fei opened the door leading to the gear room and saw Bart again by his gear. Bart turned and said "hey Fei hurry up and get a biscuit now, we got a problem"! Fei ran up to his gear and started the engine and Xenogears flowted proudly in the hanger and sarted towards the giant door for the gears. The door opened and showed the clouds rushing by and the front opened up showing yellow lights pointing out to the clouds. Xenogears started to power up and steam shot out from the spikes on its back and blue electricity shot all over and white beams of light went to its fists. Xenogears leaned back and shot off leting a sonic boom shake the ship as Xenogears shot off into the clouds. Fei cloud see though the window a giant sand creature was making its way to the new rebuilt lahan that was still under construction. Xenogears could still be controled by his mind so Xenogears turned and made its way to the creature. Soon behind Xenogears Bart and Citan came in view. Xenogears landed infront of the creature and it stopped and leaned back to warn but Xenogears did not move. The creatures mouth opened and made an attack but missed and Xenogears shot a bolt into the left side of its head and leaned to its right and Citan came down slaming his sword into the creatures tail making shur the creature could not run "Fei...Bart I can't hold him for long this creature's strenght is amazing". Xenogears lifted a hand and shot another bold at the creature. Bart's gear rapped a wip around its head and pinned it to the ground and then Citan's gear lost its hold and the tail hit Citan's gear flinging him into the forest. The creature wailed and swung its tail striking Bart's gear in the chest throwing him to the ground. by then Fei was furious and grabbed the creatures mouth and started to pull. Bart got up and said "Fei its usless you cant pull its mouth open"! Fei ignored and the creature wailed again and wiggled furiously to get Xenogears to let go. Then a ripping sound came from the creature and Barts eyes went wide. the creature's jaw ripped off and the creature fell limp to the ground. Citan soon got free from the forest and said in amazment "how could a gear do that"? Fei did not start to talk but looked around and soon Citan noticed what Fei heard. A rumbling shook the ground and a ship roared by and Citan exclamed "thats the groups main ship after it"! Citan's gear lifted up and so did Bart's and rushed after the ship. Fei looked down at the creature as if thinking if the creature really was an animal then rushed off after the ship. Citan was closer than anyone else and noticed "oh lookes like the Yegdrazil"! Bart noded "I noticed". Citan got close enuff to grab a wing and bart swung his wip around and grabbed the other side of the wing. soon Citan saw Xenogears gaining more speed than the ship and soon made his way to the front of the ship and flowted giving a deadly stair and rasied a hand as if to say to stop. The ship gained speed and soon was almost on Fei and then it happened. A white flame grew around Xenogears and it reached out and hit the front of the ship and pushed it like a hand to make it stop. Soon the ship stopped and a voice came on the F band and said "you won't stop us Fei"! Xenogears slowly went forward as if to frighten the man. The man said again "you will never stop, me". a pause came from the man showing the man was nervous. The man started again "I'll kill you". a door on the top of the ship opened up and a blue gear came out and had wips on its hands simular to Bart's gear. It swung a wip around and grabbed Xenogears left rist pulling Xenogears to the ship. Xenogears grabbed the metal wip and ripped the wip off of its rist. The voice gulped and said again "you won't get away"! he swung both wips around Xenogears and electricity shot all over Xenogears and shocked Fei and he grabbed his head and screamed in pain and slammed his head on the black clear pannel and passed out. Citan's gear came closer and yelled in consern "Fei...Fei are you ok"! Xenogears did not go down but started to move. Xenogears rushed forward and grabbed the gears throat and lifted it up and squezzed harder and the metal on the neck started to colaps. soon the gear started to shoot electric all over showing the system was going down. Xenogears finaly let go and the gear fell down and Xenogears lowered down and put a hand on the ground. Citan's gear came down and put a hand on Xenogears sholder and the cockpit opened up and Fei stumbled out shaking from the electricity going through him. The other man stumbled out holding his head moaning from pain. The man spoke "I've never seen a man with so much power"! Fei looked confused "I never really attacked ". the man shook his head "look at my gear"! he pointed to his gears neck which was crushed "your gear did that its did a chock hold and slammed me on the ground"! Fei shook his head "I passed out when the Electricity hit me". The man's eyes went wider and he realized what happened "your gear is not really going by is part of you"! Fei gave a confused look "what do you mean"? the man walked forward "that gear has it's own personality and feelings"! Fei looked up and Xenogears head moved up and looked at Fei and made a moaning sound and stud up. Fei walked forward and looked closly at Xenogears and it looked down at Fei. Fei turned around and asked "who are you"? The man turned around and added "I am Zack, last trainer of the great King Fatima". Bart's gear landed and Bart asked "you mean Roni Fatima"? The man answered "yes and Ron go way back". Bart opened the cockpit of his gear and jumped out "then you may know me, Bart Fatima, Roni's son". The man steped forward "I did not know yet that the new king was Roni's son, I'm so sorry for the terror and fear I unleashed on your people". Bart noded "It's ok Zack". Zack raised his head back up and looked at Xenogears "A gear like that would be a great defender of the would". Fei never looked at Bart or Zack the entire time but looked at Xenogears and then pulled out a small tracking but and placed it in a small crevise in the ship because he didn't believe what Zack was saying, and then climbed up into the Xenogears. Fei looked at the black smooth console that did not even show a letter. Fei looked around and asked "Xenogears...can you hear me"? letters shot across on the black console reading "yes master Fei I can hear you". Fei looked around "you don't have to call me master, just call me Fei". The console read again "Yes m-...Fei". Fei grinned and asked again "what happened when that evil persona controled me and captured Elly"? The console read nothing then letters ran across again "I was controled by the enormous powers the entity had. Fei looked at the console "When ID was still part of me Weltall changed into something different...when that happened to you earlier, what did you look like"? The console showed a picture of Xenogears with long talons on its fingers and a cold look on its face. Fei's eyes went wide "hold on for a minute I need to say something to Bart". Fei got up and opened the cockpit "hey Bart"! Bart stopped talking to Zack "what is it"! Fei replied "I want to show you something hold on"! Fei came back in and asked "Xenogears can you change to this form for me for just a why'll"? Xenogears replied "I don't know...I gess if you want, yes". Fei sat down "ok change now". Bart looked up when Xenogears started to swey and the Fingers grew long and the fase changed, the Arms grew bigger and the spikes on Xenogears back grew bigger and sharper. Bart stumbled back and fell down and Zack looked up with eyes like a golf ball "how did he do that"!? Xenogears looked at the fingers and its arms and then changed back to its normal self. Fei looked at the console and letters read "was that good Fei"? Fei noded "yes that was great". Bart stud up and asked "how did you do that Fei"! Fei replied "I'll tell you later"! Citan got out of his gear "I suggest that we go back to Barts hiddout because Yegdrazil was low on fuel and went back to fill up". Zack turned around "Yegdrazil...that's the sister ship of my ship"! Citan noded "I expected as much so lets go". Citan and Bart got in there gears and all three gears rushed off and Citan said on the radio "Zack follow us". Xenogears rushed by the clouds leaving a tear in the center and Bart came from behind and Citan and the ship followed. Soon the image of the desert rushed by and Fei could see Aveh and soon saw the mountains that helped hide Bart's hide out. A voice came over the speaker "Master Bart, Citan, and Fei are you escorting that ship here"? Bart responded "yes this ship is the sister ship of the Yeggdezil". The speaker went silent and then Sigurd replied "The sister ship"? Bart pushed a button "I'll explain later". Fie could see the main doors opening to the hangar and the ship made its way inside. Citan and Bart acompanied the Ship inside and Fei looked at the base "reminds me of the old times". Fei started to move Xenogears forward but it stopped. Fei tried again but would not budge "Xenogears whats wrong"? Letters shot across the screen "I sence a presence of pure evil with enormous power". Xenogears turned to the desert and after a few seconds the sand started to shake "Xenogears what is it"? Letters shot across the screen saying "I don't know". Fei flipped the inter com "Citan, Bart Get everyone out somethings coming"! Citan replied "what is it...oh dear what ever it is I hear it". Fei added "get everyone out now I'm going to fight it"! Xenogears shot to the desert floor and landed infront of the shaking mass of sand. Fei leaned back "what is that"? The sand started to come off and a Giant tentacle shot out and hit Xenogears slamming it on the desert floor. Xenogears jumped back up and slammed a fist in it but nothing happened it just leaned back and then wrapped around it. Xenogears was being crushed. Fei could hear the metal squeaking. Fei said to the gear "is there anything you can do"? Letters apeared saying "there's nothing I can do". soon Fei could hear a roaring sound and could see Citan's gear roaring down at the creature. Citan lifted the sword and sliced through the tentacle and Xenogears fell to the desert floor. Xenogears got up and slammed it's fist into the tentacle, shooting a laser from the other. The monster stopped and laid its tentacle down as a sound came from the base "number 12 stand by for command". The monster sat peacefuly and Fei made his way to the hanger "Zack what is going on"! Zack replied on the speaker "that is my gardian, when I'm attacked that creature is my reinforcements". Zack flipped a switch on his belt and said "number 12 go under sand and power down I'll call on you when the time comes". A shaking came from the sand and the creature was gone. Fei got out of his gear and Bart and Citan followed. Bart walked up to him and asked "Zack...tell me about my father". Zack turned around to him and answered "well...he was strong hearted and always took risks". Old Mason interupted "sounds like a young king that I know". Bart turned to Old Mason "Mason"! Old Mason walked off and Zack continued "he was a lot like you". Bart paused and replied "a lot like me"? Zack walked off and said "well I'm going to find something for dinner". Fei's stomach rumbled and Fei remembered the last thing he eat was a buisket and then he went off. Bart and Fei walked over to the bar and sat down beside Zack. Zack was eating some steak and some mashed potatoes and gravy. Bart told the cook the usual and handed him a plate with some chicken and some stuffing. Fei told the cook to fix him some fish. Bart sat up strait and asked " is your gear doing"? Zack shook his head " can a gear have so much power"? Fei put down the piece of fish and answered "well, its a long story". Zack leaned closer "come on I like long stories". Fei leaned back in his chair and started the story "well, when I was a child my mother was controled by Miang. She used me as a test subject saying that I was a contact. The test caused lots of pain and I made a second persona called Id". Zack leaned forward "really, oh go on". Fei took a deap breath "That persona felt nothing but pain and evil. Soon he unleashed a great power killing my mother but before she died she came back to her normal self...and gave me one last hug". Zack shook his head "oh poor kid, must have been tuff on you". Fei continued "in lahan were I was left a few years later the town was under attack and a gear was infront of me with a dead pilot that fell out. I got in the gear and fought to save the village but Id was still part of me and took control, the next thing I know, the town is distroyed. but to cut it short that gear Weltal was upgraded into Weltal 2 which Id took and used the Zohar to change it into Xenogears but at that time it was red and evil. Soon I took control and turned Id to the good side and showed him that he still has a chance to experiance happiness. I got the gear and it turned white, well thats how it was made". Zack staired at Fei then blinked and said "oh, so thats how it happened"? Fei noded and soon they heard a thud and then a crash. Zack stoop holding a whip "what on earth"! Fei jumped up and grabbed his shoulder "its ok, Id must be practicing". Zack turned "that guy you told me about joined with you"?! Fei explained and Bart walked over to the door leading to the hanger. All the machanics watched Id like he was a show. Id was attacking in Xenogears in red, but somehow the white Xenogears was still sitting waiting to be worked on. Id was attacking a tall circular pole with shock pannels that will give in and out on an attack. Eather power shook the hanger from the mighty blows. Citan stepped out and watched almost falling down from the shockwaves. Fei walked down the stairs in a confused look "Xenogears, but". Red Xenogears stopped and turned to Fei and he jumped back. Xenogears went to the docking area for gears and he walked out and said "Well that gear is powerful". Fei ran up "but how, Xenogears, well my Xenogears is still in the docking area". Id reached into his pocket "well I've had this, a duplicator devise that I used to make a replica of Xenogears but I made it red like it was when I had it". Fei scratched the back of his neck "oh". Bart looked out the window "well I believe I'll be going to bed now". Fei looked out a window seeing nothing but darkness and stars being the only thing lighting the sand and the mountains. Bart and the others were already in bed but Fei. Fei walked down the hallway, his shoes making a clanging sound when they tutch. Fei finaly found the door saying researved for Fei and Elly. Fei walked in and went into the bathroom to change. After about 5 minutes he came out in boxers and went to bed. Elly roled over and mumbled something but Fei couldn't make it out. Fei just grined and closed his eyes.


Chapter 5
Betrayal hurts the most

Late that night Elly woke up from some sort of sound. Then she heard it again a clanking sound. Elly looked around in the dark room but nothing was wrong. Elly started back the bed when she heard someone near the door. Elly pulled up the covers as the door slowly opened. She felt fear rush through her "is it an assassin"? she tought as the footsteps came closer. Then she heard a voice wisper "its ok there asleep". Then she heard metal rubbing metal making a squeaking sound. Elly slowly pulled down a part of the sheet seeing a masked man holding a gun with a silencer on the tip. Elly pulled up the cover and thought "no, there going to kill us"! Elly closed her eyes and soon heard the door shut. She let the air out of her lungs and pulled the sheet down slowly looking around the room. It was clear, she got up and stepped softly but fastly to the door and cracked the door open to see outside. A man in a Gebler uniform was by the door holding the gun with the silencer. Elly jumped back and then crabbed one of her rods she uses to attack with that has the sharp tip. She opened the door slowly and tossed out a small bead from a necklace bouncing on the floor to distract the man. Sure enuff the man turned aiming the gun in the right direction. Elly shuved her arm out jabbing the rod in the man's neck. The man gurgled as blood dripped form his mouth and blood dripped down his neck and his eyes roled to the back of his neck. Elly closed her eyes and the man fell towards her almost landing on her feet. She quickly grabbed the body dragging it to the corner and looked out the hallway. No one was out, Elly stepped slowly and saw a small light near Xenogears and said wispering "no there after Xenogears". another wisper came form behind her and she turned to see another man with a mask ready to hit her with the end of a gun. Elly turn her head and closed her eyes and soon she felt sleepy hearing a familiar voice wispering "hurry up and get her to the ship"!

Elly came too and saw the masked man ifront of her. She sat up and asked "who, who are you, were am I"?! The man crossed his arms "your on my ship". Elly sat up "your ship, but no one docked or anything, no one was even near" Elly paused "no". The man grabbed the bottom of the cloth mask and pulled it of showing the man was, Zack! Elly gave a suprised look "wha but, but wasn't you a friend of Barts"? Zack turned his head "humf, that boy is weak, his father was weak, I know". Elly asked "what do you mean, you know"? Zack sat down and answered "when I was a teenager I was a thief, one day I heard that the king was coming out of his castle to see the people of Aveh one day. I was in the front waiting for him. Soon as they said he came walking down in a red robe and a gold crown on his head showing that he was rich and better than us. I was furious because I had little and had old raggy cloths, so I ran up the stairs and on the cloth roofing were they were selling the bannanas and jumped on him stealing his crown. I ran of but when I turned my head I ran into a tall man called Lacan who stopped me. I was startled earlyer that your friend Fei looked just like Lacan. Later the king wanted to train me as a fighter and that is were I learned to use a whip so good". Meanwhile Elly had found that a table was behind her with a scalpel and other operating eqipment on a table. She already had half the rope cut with the scalpel and was almost through. then a man in a white trench coat asked "do I implant the mind controler now"? Zack looked up "yes proseed doctor". Elly looked up "what are you doing"?! Zack replied "oh I forgot to tell you" teasing her "were going to implant a mind controle devise so you will never tell this happened, and also you will be our little spy". Elly was almost through and then the rope snapped and Elly jumped out of her chair and kneed Zack between the legs causing him to fall on the floor moaning in pain. Elly turned and the doctor was rushing towards her to restrain her but she punched the man in the jaw senting him stumbling hiting the table. Elly started to the door but a large strong man opened the door seeing Elly trying to excape. The large man got a hold of her arm and lifted her up to were she was defenseless. Elly swung her leg behind the man slamming the heel of her boot into the back of the man's head sending him to the floor. Elly hit the floor hard and she rolled over and saw a window with wiring going through it. She ran over picked up a chair hitting it slowly prying the metal wiring from the window. Soon there was a small hole and she slipped out and found herself on a small ledge bairly able to fit a person to walk across but she knew she had to do it. Another guard popped his head out and said "hold on, down fall, I'm not going to hurt you". Elly knew he was lying and praid that somehow the others would find her. Then the sun came up and the site was grand. Elly bit the bottom of her lip and turned to the man at the window "thats it lady come over here". Elly didn't lissen but ballanced herself trying to figure something out.

Fei woke up and roled over to see Elly but she wasn't there. Fei figured that Elly was already up and started to rest when he smelt the sent of blood and he sat up and saw the dead man at the door. Then the door busted open and Sigurd said loudly "Fei your gear and Elly are gone, someone has also taken the yegdazil"! Fei ran up and put some pants on and figured he could do without his shirt for a minute. He ran outside and saw the Nisan cross he gave Elly laying on the floor. Fei picked it up and closed his eyes and hoped nothing happened to her. The Id was beside him "Elly's gone, are you ok"? Fei noded and stepped forward and grabbed the railing. Id stepped towards him "your not ok". Fei turned and walked fastly down the walkway shuving a machanic out of his way. Id watched him walk off and then saw him heading towards his gear "hey fei you can ride my gear its to strong"! but Fei didn't answer. Id ran after him and managed to get in before he shut the door. The gears engines purred and then roared as it staitened up and spun towards the exit then is shot off into the desert sending Citan as well as the machanics falling to the floor from the sonic boom. Fei was inside the gear and remembered that he slipped a small tracking devise because he didn't believe what Zack told Bart. Fei pulled out a small pannel with a dot near an X on the screen. Fei straitened the gear up and aimed directly at the vessel which was now docked were Elly was.

At the base Elly was still on the balcony after those 5 hours. She could bairly stand from the muscles aching to relax and felt blisters on her feet. Now they were sending a man down the building after her. The man was about 15 feet away now and getting closer. She started try and scoot away but afraid to fall stopped her. The man was now 8 feet away and started to pull out another cord and a gun. Elly grinne her teeth and desided they would not her her alive. The man was now infront of her and said "ok connect this cord to your belt of something or I'll have to shoot. Elly replied "I won't no matter what you do". The man pulled back the hammer of the gun and aimed at Elly's forehead and started to pull the trigger "this is your last". The man's eyes roled back and he dropped the gun. Elly gave a confused look and soon saw the red Xenogears flowting infront of her. The door opened and Fei held out a hand "take my hand"! Elly reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled her in. Xenogears lifted up and stared to turn to head to Xenogears when missled struck the armer of the gear. Fei turned and saw about a dozen gears standing with guns and riffles aiming at him. Fei remembered a tactic and waved his hand sending a sinic wave hitting and distroying every gear. The red Xenogears rushed down leaving a great heat trail behind it and landed on the landing platform.

Zack was in a room overlooking the landing area still flenching from the pain Elly gave him. He staired at Xenogears with a jaw to his chest. Xenogears turned aiming directly at the control room were Zack was. He fell back from seeing that Fei could tell were he was. Zack stood up and walked fastly to the door. He walked down the hallway and red lights and a siren signaling danger. Zack opened a metal door and locking it behind him. he walked towards his blue gear ready to go. He walked up the stairs and opened the door and sat inside turning on his gear. The gear rushed to the roof as Zack made his excape.

Fei looked at the control room and lifted one leathal hand and shot one bolt at the room exploding it to shards. A lone gear rushed up holding a sword and shook because anyone could see he was afraid. Fei lifted his hand and noticed the shaking and desided to give the man a chance. Fei turned on a switch and a young boy looked at the screen "uh, give up or...or I'll...". Fei replied "leave why'll you can". The boy replied "no I can't I stole this gear form the hanger so I could fight you, I have to save my family". Fei's eyes went wide as the image of him climing into Weltal trying to save Lahan. Fei saw his own image as the young boy and then realized he was in the role of, Graf". Fei leaned back and shook his head "he's like me". Id leaned closer "what are you talking about"? Fei replied to the strange boy "leave because I won't fight you". The gear rushed up and attacked with the sword swinging in a wild manner. Xenogears lifted a hand and shot a bolt into the left knee of the gear causing the gear to fall. The boy was uncouncious and Fei looked around at the damage. Fei got out of the gear and looked down at the damaged gear and jumped down and climbed to open the door. The door slid open and a few sparks shot at Fei but he was focused on the boy. Fei grabbed the boy's rist and pulled him out. He got back in and picked up the boy with Xenogears and sat him in a save place. Then a engine shook as the blue gear tried to excape. Xenogears turned and chaised after him leaving a cloud of smoke. The blue gear rushed through the clouds and Fei was almost in reach when Xenogears warned "Fei, I'm overheating I can b-" Xenogears stopped as the gear went silent. Soon the clouds were above and soon the ground would be at there feet. The gear rushed down like a meteor and then Fei's head started to throb. Id put a hand on his shoulder "hey Fei, you ok"?

In the hanger of the base, Xenogears was on a platform with an x on it and a machanic was looking at it. Then the engine roared to life and the machanic fell back and tumbled down the stairs (receiving only painful bruises) and landed on his back. The white Xenogears lifted up a little and went forward. A gear that had just been turned on rushed at the gear. Xengears just egnored the gear and turned to the right and blasted out of the hanger sending the gear crashing into the wall. Xenogears was soaring past the clouds and soon saw the red Xenogears plummeting to the earth.

Fei's head started to hurt more and more as the white Xenogears came closer and closer. The cockpit opened and Fei could see Xenogears infront of him. Fei stood up and grabbed Elly and jumped at the same time and landed into the cockpit of the white Xenogears. Id just staired at them, Fei looked at him "Id jump, you can't save it"! Id shook his head "my gear is stronger than you think"! Then the cockpit shut and Fei closed his eyes and looked down. Elly pushed a button and closed the door "He'll take care of himself, so remember to think about us"!n Fei turned and ran to the controls and Xenogears lifted and hovered above the ground. Fei turne and saw red Xenogears falling and then crashed into the ground. Fei shook his head and then desided to check. Xenogears rushed over the land and past a small lake. Then Fei saw him, a crater was now in the ground and he saw the red Xenogears on it's right side not moving, no sound, no electronic pulse from the gear. Fei staired at the gear and soon the line going across the light picked up the gears signal and then the right arm twitched. Fei got Xenogears to pick up Id and carried him towards Bart's Hideout. Smoke boiled out of the gear's head and fei only hoped that Id was ok. A few years ago, Fei would have been glade that Id would die, but not now, Id was not evil anymore, Id was his friend now and Fei woundered if Id would still be alive. Citan's gear as well as Bart and Emeralda came rushing up to Fei and helped carry the twitching gear of Id. Citan and Bart had an arm and Emerelda had the giant wing like hands underneath. They carried the gear into the hanger and sat it down and Fei jumped out landing on the red Xenogears. Fei stepped slowly and a pannel slipped almost causing him to fall. Fei got to the chest of the gear and started to pound on the cockpit doors. A machanic ran up and tossed a crow bar to him and he pounded harder and harder at the cockpit door. Then the door slid open and Fei's eyes went wide from what he saw. Id was hurt bad and the room was covered in his blood. Fei jumped in and felt for a pulse "he's out cold" Fei thought and grabbed an arm and pulled him out. Now Citan and Emeralda was on the gear and helped Fei get Id out. Two men ran up with a stretcher and they put Id on it and took him to the emergency room. Fei jumped off and landed on the metal floor with a clang and watched them take Id in a room. Elly came out of Xenogears and now was walking to Fei. Elly asked "is he going to be ok"? Fei shook his head "I don't know, I hope he will". Fei walked down to the room and watched as the quiet body of Id laid in the bed. The doctor came out and informed Fei "Id as you call him, is in a deep coma. Fei shook his head and walked off.


Chapter 6
The message

Id woke up on top of water that was like a droplet hitting water causing rings rippling on top of the water. Id looked up and saw a glowing yellow ball flowting and a voice said "Zack the man who tried to kill you is going to resurect god as himself" the voice paused and added "you must help Fei stop this man for he can not do it himself". Id stood up and realised that the voice was from his past. Id said confused "no, it can't be". The image of Fei's mother apeared as the glowing ball "you must stop the evil man Zack or the fate of the world will come swift and sudden spairing no one". Id's throat stiffened and said to her "I'm sorry for what I did those years ago". The voice replied "you didn't kill me, you saved me". Id contemplated from her words. Id asked her "what trouble waits for Fei mother"? His mother answered "brainwash". The image disapeard and so did the water leaving only a room with unknown mass, Id felt gravity behind him and Id felt himself falling and falling back. Then he saw it the red flame with the mask, coming closer and closer. Id tried to flee but couldn't. The flame spoke "you will destroy Fei or I'll distroy you"!

Inside Barts hideout the small room holding 2 chairs and a bed, a nurse was in one chair reading a book when Id's body stirred. The nurse got up and held his rist "Id are you awake"? Id didn't move and she resumbed in the chair reading her book. Then suddenly Id's body jurked up and he held out his right hand and yelled in fear and sweat pored down his forehead. The nurse rushed forward and held a glass of water "here drink, calm down". Id rotated and scooted off the bed and walked out the door. He rushed to the Control Room and opened the door. There Citan looked at him and grinned "Id your out of your coma I see". Id looked down and back at Citan "were's Fei"? Citan looked confused "he's out looking for Zack, whats wrong"?

Outside near the fallen city of Shevat the sun already down and the stars being the only light on that side of the earth, Xenogears roared above the snow and flowted shooting a mist of snow away from him. he survayed the area searching for Zack "were are you". A beep came from the radar and Xenogears informed "someone is coming in at 300 mph at 7 a-clock" Xenogears turned and saw a glow like a star and then a vibration came from the snow. Fei looked at the snow sliding from the mountains "thats odd, a gear dosn't make that much sound...but a fleet dose"! By the time Xenogears turned Zack's gear and about 30 or 40 gears with guns and giant swords were aimed and ready to strike. Fei looked up and saw the war ship that was sister of the yegdrezil hovering above him and had there ion cannons aimed at him. Fei could tell if he could get out of here it would cost him an arm and a leg. Zack lifted a hand "oh by the way I never told you what my gear is called, it's name is, Blue star" Blue star pointed behind him "and this is my fleet, I won't underestimate you, but before they fight I want a new battle with you"! Blue star jumped forward wrapping a whip around Xenogears neck. Zack made a remark "lets see how your gear looks without a head"! The whip tightened and the metal squealed, Fei made his move, Xenogears grabbed the whip shooting a bolt into the whip cutting it and twirled around tearing his gear with the sharp tips on the back of Xenogears and slammed the whip end into Zack sending his gear to the ground. A bullet hit Xenogears causing him to fall. Zack got up and leaped at Xenogear's neck and vilantly shook him "I'll kill you"! A boom echoed on the ice island and Blue star fell of on the snow. Xenogears stood up and saw every gear aiming not at him but at Zack. A golden gear flowted above Blue star and held a large rifle at him. Zack asked "what is the meaning of this"!? The mistery man replied "I made a deal with you, and look what you do, you break it". Zack asked "what did I do"? The man replied "I want Fei alive". Zack answered "but I wasn't going to ki-" The man interupted "no excuses"! The trigger was pulled back and a bolt of gold shot through the cockpit killing Zack. The gear was motionless and didn't even flench. Fei looked at the distroyed gear and made a move for it. Xenogears shot several bolts into the group striking the gold gear and the others. Xenogears turned and shot like a rocket across teh ocean leaving a tear in the surface in the ocean surface. A laser bolt shot by his right shoulder and Fei turned to the left. Another bolt shot and missing to the left then a hit struck the back, the power of the blow was enormous and the engine in Xenogears was distroyed then Xenogears flowted to the ocean and then the legs started to go under and tilted so the right arm was at the water. Fei looked at the ocean water coming fast and asked "is this the end, Elly"? The water struck the gear like a hammer and then Fei lifted from the seat hitting the cockpit wall, blood gushed and splatered on the wall, Fei leaned back and yelled in pain as the stinging of this back and legs throbed from pain coused him to black out.

Bart, Citan, and Emeralda soared above the brightly shining ocean looking for Fei. Citan asked "Bart any sign"? Bart replied "just open ocean" Emeralda looked to the left and stopped and said in fear "C-Citan, B-B-Bart"! Citan turned to see the worst "no..." Bart turned and closed his good eye and hit the gear's control pannel "No"! Emeralda flowted above the reckage and said "this is the objects that made Xenogears. Citan pushed a different button "Frenor to base, do you read"? A young boy answered "yes" Citan replied "I have bad news". Then a scuffling sound came from the base and he heard the man say no but muffled and a Old Mason asked "what happened is Fei ok"? Citan replied "no we found reckage of Xenogears but there's no sign of any bodies". Mason said shaking "no, no it can't be" Citan heard Mason crying and Sigurd said saddly "come to base, we can't do anything else". Bart was leaning on the control pannel and struck it again "no I won't leave I'm going to look around for Fei"! Citan jumped forward and grabbed his shoulder "no we have to go back". Bart swung a whip hitting Citan in the chest "no I won't believe Fei's dead...He's my best friend". Bart splashed under water and Citan said to Emeralda "he'll get over it, it must be tuff, I know it is". Citan and Emeralda turned and headed to the base.

In a dark room a light flashed on waking Fei up. Fei looked around but his sight was fussy but he focused and saw a man infront of him. Fei roled his head back and lifted it again "who is it, what do you want"? The man said "I'm Richard but everyone calls me Rick, I tried to get Zack to implant the control bug but, she resisted and excaped. I saw how powerful you were and I'm prepaired to put it in you". The seat he was in slowly straitened out making a table and Fei could feel that he had ropes bounding him to the table. A man with a white cloth came over him and said "this won't hurt your head is numb that's why your drowsy. The man lifted a scalple and made an incision on his forehead and conected a small black pannnel and connected it to Fei's skull. Fei twitched and then lossened up and head a voice "you will do as I say". Fei shook his head "no". The man turned a nob "you will do as I say" the voice was louder and Fei studdered "n-n-no-o" The man turned it up more and said "do as I say"! Fei tried to say no "n..." Fei paused and couldn't finish and then blurted out "yes". The man grinned "good, I have good news, we fixed your gear but left some scraps that we had and left them flowting in the ocean for your friends to find, you are now dead to the world". Fei tried to say no but said instead "I don't need them". Fei didn't mean that but tried to say no but said "I'll do what ever you say". Fei was now a slave to his own body, a prisoner in himself, he couldn't do anything. The man said to Fei "now take your gear and distroy your friends"! Fei yelled no in his head but his body said "yes I will master" the word master made Fei's blood boil. "Ok my slave" The man said louder and felt proud "I wan't you to kill all of your friends, but not Elly I wan't to have fun with her, he he he.". Fei was crazy he could kill that man for saying that, mostly the part about Elly. Fei wanted to punch the man's lights out but he couldn't. Fei felt his legs start to move and he stepped normaly out of the room but stopped at the door and said "yes my master" and walke out. Fei was going to kill the man, when he could break loose from this machine. Rick said to him "hurry it up"!

Fei was walking down the halway and went into the hanger intering his gear. The gear activated and detached from the fuel pump and the steam like wings sprouted and he rushed out like a missle leaving a sonic boom shaking the hanger. The gear was rushing over the ocean now and then rushed over the land making shur he was above the clouds. Soon he could see the base. Xenogears hovered infront of the hanger and Citan's voice came over it "Fei..."? Fei answered with no emotion "let me in". Citan replied "but what about the reckage"? Fei answered "that was from another gear". The door opened and Xenogears went in the hanger and turned around and docked into the spot he always parks. Everyone came up grabbing his shoulder and saying they missed him and if he was ok, also about what happpened. Fei didn't answer he looked around for Elly and then she walked up and asked "Fei are you ok, you sounded different on the radio". Fei reached out and grabbed her around the neck, put her back to his chest and put an end of a gun to her head "no one move or I'll kill her". Citan asked confused "what is it, you wouldn't kill her". Fei pointed the gun at Citan's head...and pulled the trigger. The gun shot echoed and everyone staired at Fei. Emeralda looked at him "that's not Fei at all". Fei turned and through Elly into the cockpit and aimed at the group "...who's next"?

Xenogears 2: Twin Gears
Part 2 of 2

Chapter 1
Mind control


Fei held the gun steady at his friends as they all looked at him with confusion.

Bart jumped forward “Fei what are you doing”!?

Citan’s body was motionless as Billy examined the wound to the head.

Fei looked around and Id pushed through “...that’s it, isn’t it, remember the mole on Elly, its the same thing”! Bart shamed his fist into his hand “I’m gonna wrap my whip around the person’s neck that did this”!

Fei stepped backwards into the gear and the doors closed behind him. Id just looked at the door and before they closed he heard a slight voice From Fei “lets go”.

Fei sat down in the chair and placed his hands on the smooth black console and the gear lifted off.

Elly leaned against the wall of the cockpit wondering what was going on. Elly noticed her rod was still in her boot and she pulled it out and placed it in a choking position on Fei’s neck “stop this gear Fei”!

A picture on the cockpit window flashed on showing A bald man grinning “ah, Ms. Elly, I’m expecting you at the base, It’s useless, Fei is under my control and unless you surrender I’ll have to make him jump of a cliff or something”.

Elly looked at Fei, he had a black expression and Elly put away her rod.

The old man grinned “that’s a good girl”. The picture went away and a faint object appeared through the cloud as a large platform floated above a cloud and she was getting closer to it, or it was getting closer to her.

Xenogears soon was above the large black platform and it stopped and a long catwalk stretched out and stopped in front of the cockpit.

Fei stood up and grabbed Elly’s arm squeezing it hard “lets go”.

Elly pulled away but was then thrown out. She landed hard on the gray catwalk and started to get up when 8 men with guns walked up and aimed at her.

Fei reached down and took the rod from her shoe and motioned to go to the armed men.

One man put a plastic strap around her wrists and took her to a large room were the old man was. He turned around and laughed “I’m doctor Plantigon, I’ll be placing a remote in you today also Elly”.

She stepped back but Fei stopped her.

The doctor walked over to a white table “will you bring her over here”?

Fei grabbed the back of Elly’s neck and guided her to the table, he cut the plastic straps and pinned her on the table.

The doctor grabbed the leather straps and strapped her wrists and ankles down. She tried to get free but it was useless.

The doctor pulled out a needle and squirted a water like substance to check if there was any air in it. As he dabbed a wet cotton ball on her shoulder he informed her “this is not fatal, it is a tranquilizer and will make you sleep for...2 hours, that will be long enough for me to make the incision and connect the remote to your forehead”. The doctor placed a finger on the spot for the incision “that’s were the remote will be placed”.

Elly wiggled around and the needle pricked her arm and the tranquilizer started to numb slowly spreading from that area, soon she was drowsy and fell asleep.

Back over at Bart’s hideout Id was warming the motor coils in his gear.

Bart and Billy walked over to his gear “Id, we’ll come with you, 3 is better than 1 right”?

Id paused and nodded “all right get your gears ready to go”.

Billy and Bart rushed down the stairs and hurried to there gears.

Andivary stepped forward and the gear stretched showing a impressive pose. Billy’s gear walked out and did the same.

Id’s Xenogears floated out and the eyes glowed and evil glow and the three blasted out leaving the hanger shaking.

Id piloted the gear to the direction he saw Fei go and the blue ether wings glowed bright and a wave of heat hit Billy and Bart.

Billy continued beside Id and Bart also followed.

Id noticed a large cloud and he could tell it looked strange “OK, lets go up there, that cloud looks suspicious”.

The three gears lifted and a Black platform slowly appeared. Id grinned “there is were they took him”!

Bart quickly informed him “wait”! As they stopped he continued “We can’t go in busting them up, Elly and Fei is in there somewhere, maybe we should sneak in”?

Id thought wanting to go out with force but agreed “good thinking, looks like there is an opening in the corner, when we get in, lets send our gears somewhere safe”.

Id’s gear lifted and he jumped out and checked the door. Bart and Billy quickly followed and jumped beside him to keep out of sight.

Id opened the door and the large metal door lifted with a light hiss and they walked swift and quiet down the hallway. Id went by the corner and noticed two Gebler guards holding large machine guns. Id ducked back and leaned back hold his two hands out and charged up, showing a red glow from his fists, and shot two ether bullets in there back.

Id motioned to follow and the two hurried by quickly.

Id came by a normal metal door and turned the knob but it was locked so he went on. He stopped by another door and it opened.

Inside two gebler guards turned around and shot at him.

Id jumped back and Billy went around the door and shot them and quickly the three jumped in when some more gebler men ran up the hallway.

Bart leaned against the wall next to the door and he heard someone behind it “did it come from here”?

The door opened and Bart used his whip and wrapped around one of the men’s neck and jerked him back breaking his neck.

5 more Geblers walked in and Id opened fire with more Ether bullets killing them.

Id looked out the door and it was quiet. He continued down the hallway and found another door but was different, he noticed a label saying “Dr. Plantigon”. He turned the knob when he heard a voice and jumped back. “OK is Ms. Elly asleep”? A voice said in the room.

Id opened the door and the doctor noticed and aimed the scalpel at Elly’s heart “Stop or I’ll kill her”!

Id grinned with and evil look “If you don’t I’ll let you live, if you do I’ll slowly burn you to a crisp”.

The doctor started to shake and dropped the scalpel and ran into the next room.

Fei was sitting in the chair with no expression and Id loosened the straps and shook Elly “come on wake up”! Elly faintly opened her eyes but the medicine was to strong.

Fei stood up and informed Id “leave her be or I’ll have to attack”.

Id noticed the small knot on his head showing were the remote was. Id grabbed a chair and struck Him in the forehead breaking the chip. Fei then tumbled to the floor and blacked out.

Id went to Fei and picked him up “Billy, Bart get Elly to in one of the gears now”!

Billy and Bart carried her out and Id laid Fei on the table and went after the doctor.

Id opened the door and a chair was hurled at him.

He ducked dodging the chair and jumped forward grabbing the man’s throat “Remove the broken remote from Fei, NOW”!

The doctor hurried to the table shaking and injected a green liquid that numbed Fei’s forehead and then he pulled out a clean sterile scalpel and made the incision and pulling the skin away he pulled out the remote pieces and placed them on a cloth, rapped it up and threw it away. The doctor inspected the skull for any injuries and then stitched the tissue up. The doctor exhaled deeply and had a cloth soaking up the blood from the incision. The doctor then placed a piece of gauze over his forehead and used medical tape to hold it down “ok just don’t hurt me”.

Id picked Fei up and carried him out. He hurried down the hallway and as he opened the door he noticed that a group of Desert men were aimed at Bart and Billy. They didn’t notice him yet so he placed Fei behind a few barrels.

Id Rushed forward shooting ether bullets at the large group of at least 50. Several were hit and fell to the ground and open fire on Id. But he was to fast, Id used his ether power and lifted him to his gear’s shoulder “you can run, or you can die, it’s your choice”!

The men stood still and Id floated down to the cockpit and activated his gear. The sand men froze in fear and Id made an intimidating stretch and open fire on the sand men shooting on after the other.

There was 3 left and Id asked again “you have the choice, live or die”.

The three sand men turned and ran away.

Billy and Bart carried Elly to Bart’s gear and Fei to Billy’s gear, but before they could take off, a large thumping noise came from the base.

Id looked around and then he saw it, A large gear stood with tendril arms and large hooks on the end stepped forward, it attacked first.

From the 4 tendrils it shot two after Id, grabbing the red Xenogears’s waist and throwing him about, and then smashed him into a warehouse beside it.

Bart jumped forward and wrapped a whip around the enemy’s waist “I have a technique like that too”.

Bart flipped the large gear around but it was to heavy and he only could flip it once. The large whip swung and struck Bart’s gear in the chest and Andivary tumbled into the warehouse next to Id.

Now Billy jumped forward keeping a good distance. Billy started to shoot Electric ether bullets at the tendrils and shot one off. One of the tendrils went for him but he jumped back and shot that tendril off as well.

Id rose from the warehouse and was furious “ha, you’ll die now”! Id struck the large gear with sonic blasts denting the gear’s armor. Id then charged up and shot a large ether bullet at it blasting a hole through the cockpit.

The gear fell down in flames and they left in the red Xenogears and headed for home.

Id piloted the gear and as he went off the platform a hail of bullets chased him but as he went off he shot strait down to dodge the bullets, Bart and Billy also did this.

The Red Xenogears stopped just above the water and a ring of water went around him and Bart and Billy fell down beside him.

Id opened a radar with his mind sense the gear was piloted by thought, a large blue square appeared showing the base. Xenogears headed for the base cutting through the water. He started to near land as a large red laser went by Id’s gear.

The enemy base was firing at him and he thought to himself “I thought they would be happy to have me out of there hair”?

Id lifted and turned back to the base and went at full speed. Billy turned around and looked at Xenogears flying towards the base “where is he going”? Bart replied to his question “That’s his business, we have Fei and Elly, lets get to the base, he can hold out”. Billy agreed and headed to the base as Id reached his destination.

The base commander passed back and forth “have you hit one yet”?!

The 4 gunners trying to hit there target shrugged “No Sur, there to fast”!

The commander kicked his chair “I want them disintegrated right now”! He passed back and forth and the red emergency light lit the room “A gigantic red gear is closing in with phenomenal ether power”.

The commander ran to the comm switch “how strong is the ether power”!? The man replied “The reading says...gasp”. The commander asked again “how much”!? The man replied “The strongest gear recorded was 100 thousand...but this one is 400 thousand”.

The commander stumbled almost falling to the floor “400 thousand, that’s impossible, that is the strength of thousands of gears”!

Xenogears arose like a angel of death and the commander looked in fear “uh, raise the white flags”!

Id open fire on the four torrets and destroyed them. He grinned and turned around diving back off to catch up to the others.

Id submerged under the water to be careful they tried to follow. Id sat peacefully in his gear watching the fish run away from him. He looked to his right and noticed a large whale was interested in him. The large whale followed beside him and he saw the whales eye look at him, it looked sad, like an abused puppy.

Id shook his head and looked forward. The whale followed and Id went on full throttle and out ran the whale.

He noticed a large coral reef and new he was near land. He lifted up and went over a large mountain were the base was.

Lowering down slowly he entered the hanger.

Mechanics went to the walls and Id parked the gear for repairs. He stepped out and hurried to the hospital room.
Id slid down the railing to hurry up and ran to the door.

As he opened it he saw Elly still asleep peaceful on the hospital bed and Fei was sitting at the edge of the other bed and the doctor was looking over the incision.

Id noticed Citan’s body was on the bed and he looked at the nurse “Is he ok”?

The nurse shook her head “I don’t know, but he is in a deep comma, I’ve never seen one so strong, We’ll be lucky if he wakes up in a few years”.

Id slumped down in a chair and some of the other people came in.

Emeralda walked in and scolded Fei “you should be more careful Fei”.

The doctor stepped back “well Fei, you’ll be ok, there won’t even be a scare, but there will be a bruse there for a why’ll”.

Fei flenched “how did they get rid of the remote”?

Id answered “you started to attack so I hit you in the head with the metal chair”.

Fei fell back with his arms spread out “A CHAIR”!

Citan’s body moved a little and everyone watched to see if he would wake up. Nothing happened.

Id looked back down “were you awake when all this happened”?

Fei noded “yes, I wanted to kill myself for shooting Citan, I thought I killed him”.

At that Elly’s eyes opened and she looked around “where am I”?

Fei jumped off the bed and rushed to Elly’s left hand “are you ok”?

Elly looked at Fei “Dizzy, but ok” Elly looked around then jumped up “CITAN, is he ok”!?

Fei grabbed her shoulder and lowed her back to the bed “He’s in a coma”.

Elly tried to move her legs but she couldn’t, the doctor added a chemical to numb her, her legs were still under the effects of the medicine.

A mechanic walked in “Master Fei, I’ve been searching around what’s left of Deus’s base, We have found many strong gear parts that was left behind from the angel gears”.
He then held out a paper showing a part of what he found “the boys and I were looking over it and look, Its a Anima Relic”!

Fei jumped up “what”?

The mechanic continued “We tested in and it works, your gears will be twice as strong, but The two Xenogears can’t hold them”?

Fei nodded “The Xenogears don’t need Anima Relics to be strong, they have a great amount of ether power”. The mechanic nodded “ok, I added them to the other gears”. The mechanic started out but turned back around “oh, I almost forgot, I was picking up parts and I found a part that lets you go almost the speed of light...This would be good if we can go into space”.

Fei stepped outside and Andivary was swinging it’s whips around and a red glow came from them “man its good to have an anima relic back in again”!

Fei started back up the stairs and went to his room, It was getting late and he was getting tired.

He opened the door and it was odor free and the room shined. Fei new a maid must have came in and cleaned up. Fei slumped down on the bed and all the muscles were tensed up “oh, I must have been doing a lot of things”. Fei pulled the pillow under his head and rested for a an hour or two. It must have been an hour long as he rested thinking about the past.

The door opened and Elly walked in “Are you hungry”?

Fei sat up and notices his stomach growl “I could use something”.

Elly replied “Well come on, Yui is cooking”.

Fei’s expression lifted “Yui is cooking”!

Fei jumped out of bed and hurried to the dinning room. Fei sat down with the others and most of the crew and Yui walked out with many chickens and other foods, with the help of some other cooks.

After Yui and the others sat all the food on the table, the smell of Lemon Hobgob and deep fried Sand sharks with Yui’s secret seasoning made his mouth water.

Fei looked at all the food on the table.

Reco looked around “Boy oh boy, look at all this food”!

Sigurd announced “tomorrow we go to battle, we attack the base at sunrise before it attacks Aveh”.
Fei sat up

Sigurd continued “eat all you can, celebrate and socialize”.

Fei reached out and took a piece of the lemon Hobgob and some Garlic seasoned Chicken, as well as some salad.

Fei wanted to laugh because Reco was digging in on the Deep fried sand shark. ?Fei tried some of the Hobgob and it tasted great, it was so tender too.

Fei continued to chew and he noticed Chu chu was trying to get some salad.

Billy pulled the plat closer to Chu chu and She placed a good amount of salad on her plate.

Fei finished the Hobgob and grabbed his fork and started on the salad.

Yui walked over from behind “all this salad was a gift from Tora, the nano machines made it rich in vitamins and very healthy”.

Fei looked over his shoulder “were is Tora anyway, I haven’t seen him in a year or two”.

Yui continued “He’s in our new nature section”.

Fei lifted his head “Nature section”?

Yui nodded “they use to have little trees in some corners, but they were so small, so they build a new section with fresh plants and the air is pure”.

Fei smiled “I’ll have to see him soon”.

A few minutes later everyone was full, Fei got up and rubbed is stomach “oh...I eat to much”.

Fei walked out and opened a door to his right. Fei stepped in and the air was clean and fresh.

Tora stepped away from a large darango bush and looked at him with a smile under the short glass dome over his head “Ah, as you see, Bart was generous in making me a delightful room, how do you like it”?

Fei looked at all the trees in the room and nodded “I like it”.

Tora stepped forward “I’ve been making many medicines in here and this one is my best so far, It has the nano machines living inside the leaves to increase the healing rate and can even cure a dying man”.

Fei’s jaw dropped a little and Tora gave him a handful of leaves “That should be helpful for battle tomorrow”.

Fei nodded “Thank you”. Fei walked out with the leaves and went to his room and shut the door. He put the leaves in a box and sat down looking at his clock “7:30”. Fei looked at his bed “I’d better rest all I can”. Fei changed and went to bed hoping for a peaceful dream before the nightmare that would come tomorrow.


Chapter 2
Blood soaked sand

Fei woke up early that morning and looked around and found Elly sleeping beside him.

He turned on his reading lamp and opened a drawer and pulled out a white box and opened it, inside it held a crystal and was held in a bright shinning gold ring. Fei quietly slipped the ring on Elly’s right hand and it fit just right. Fei quickly looked at it and pulled it off slowly “After our battle today, I’ll ask”.

Fei shoved the box in the back of the drawer and laid back to bed. Fei thought about how it would be, having kids and all.

Fei heard someone walk by the door and Fei stood up and got dressed.

Fei tightened his belt and opened the door, a few mechanics were on there way to prepare the gears for battle.

Fei walked out and they turned on the hallway lights. It would be 2 hours till everyone would have to get up. Fei went to the Dinning room and noticed Old Mason was already awake and ready.

Fei walked quietly up slowly and smacked the table. Mason jumped up in fright and turned around “Good lord, Master Fei, don’t do that to an old man like me...hahahaha”.

Fei grinned “Can I get something to eat”?

Mason nodded “Over there, Yui noticed you went to bed early so she cooked your breakfast early too”.

Fei grinned “She is always so kind”. Fei walked over to the table and heard Yui coming “New you’d be awake”.

Fei sat down, Yui gave him a plate of eggs and sausage “So, how is my husband doing”?

Fei shook his head “Still in a coma”.

Yui lumped down in a chair “Always putting himself in danger”.

Fei quickly eat the egg and Sausage and finished his milk.

Yui looked up “My my, your hungry”. Fei stood up “I’m going to warm up my gear, tell the others were I’m at ok”.

Yui nodded and stood up continuing to cook.

Fei walked by the hallway and was careful not to wake anyone up.

He opened a metal door and the smell of oil and machinery hit him.

He walked up the ladder and opened Xenogears’ cockpit. Fei looked at his watch “3 hours till we leave, they’d better get up”. Fei activated Xenogears and the motor made the hanger rumble. Fei eased Xenogears forward and looked out the hanger, Sunrise was near.

Fei looked at the sky which was starting to turn purple and red. Fei then heard a gear walk up, as he turned He noticed Elly was beside him “Can’t let you watch the sunrise alone”. Fei continued towards the horizon as the sun rose, Many colors lit the sky and the light made the sand glow like thousands of stars.

Elly sighed “Beautiful isn’t it”.

Fei nodded “yea...”. Fei remembered about the ring and thought to himself “Just after the battle”.

The sun continued to rise and he was absorbed in the sunrise and noticed gears were starting up.

Fei turned again and all of his friends was behind him, Bart informed Fei “Sense everyone is ready to go, Sigurd gave us the go, so lets go”.

Xenogears tilted forward holding its arms out and the wings busted out and bits of ether fell to the ground and disappeared.

A burst hit the hanger as Xenogears shot from the hanger and the others followed. Fei was told this would be a solo mission with no connection with the base, so they had to strike fast.

Xenogears flew over the sand throwing it from him, Id was close behind followed by the others.

The base was flying low and Fei lifted towards it “Lets go”! all 7 gears headed after the ship except Citan who was still under a coma.

The surface was filled with gears and guns. A hail of bullets flew after Fei and the group shifted to the left to dodge them.

Fei open fire on two torrets and they exploded into flames.

Id’s gear lifted over Fei’s and rapidly shot wave after wave of ether at the gears blowing them up.

Billy jumped onto the platform and rapidly shot at any other gears.

Elly jumped up as well and charged into the swarm of gears, smashing the gear’s heads and arms.

Reco jumped up above them and showed other gears and torrets with bullets. The base was covered in flames already.

Fei’s gear landed beside Elly “this is to easy”.

Elly nodded “To easy is right, a diversion or something”? Id jumped forward and smashed a gear leaping after Fei “I just received word that there are 6 strong large gears heading towards the base”. Bart hit his console “We’ve got to do something, lets go”.

The gears lifted and headed back to the base in a hurry, because the enemy gears were only a few miles away from the base.

Back at the base Sigurd studied the radar “6 is correct, the leader is the biggest”.

Mason ran in “Civilians are now in the shelter, what do we do”?

Sigurd bit his lip and tapped on the radar screen “Hold on till Fei gets here”. At that sounds of engines came.

Mason jumped “is it Fei”? Sigurd’s eyes widened “No, the enemy”.

A large white gear flew towards the control room.

Sigurd realized the attack “There attacking the control room”! A large black ray shot towards them but a red pirate gear took the shot and exploded.

The torrets open fire on the white gear and 2 more gears landed and shot rapidly at the turrets. The gunners exploded into flames and Sigurd gave the order “open the ether cannons”.

Outside Large round cylinders rose from the ground and aimed at the two enemy gears and 2 red lasers gut through the two enemy gears.

Sigurd grinned and ordered to fire again.

The enemy gear jetted up before they could aim.

The torrets looked around and everything was quiet, nothing was moving except the torrets and the desert wind blowing up against the base.

5 torrets blew up in flames and as the only 4 left turned 4 black bolts blew them up.

Sigurd could not believe this, hitting the console panel “Come on Fei, Bart...”!

Several explosions shook the base and the comm system flickered on “The enemy is in the base, there i-”. A blast came from behind and the man screamed in pain and Sigurd heard the man’s body fall limp on the floor, sounds of men crying out and suddenly silence came from a distance and Sigurd could only listen “Lets get the escape pods ready, lets get whoever we can out”.

Franz flipped a switch and trying to sound human with his dolphin mouth “everyone please hurry in an orderly fashion to the closest escape ship nearest to you, we must evacuate in an orderly fashion”.

Sigurd nodded to Franz “By any chance any of you don’t make it, or if I don’t...its been a great time working with all of lets get out of here”.

The crew including Sigurd and Mason hurried to the escape ship.

Off in a distance Fei rushed over a mountain and blew over a ledge descending slowly level to the ground.

The trail of smoke settled and Bart’s voice was heard “They got us those sunsa bitches”!

Fei increased speed as far as possible and left a large dust trail behind him. As he went up a large mound of sand he saw the base almost destroyed.

Fei stopped and the others stood behind him “were to late”.

Bart hit his console “someone should have stayed behind”!

Fei lifted his head “its not over yet, look”!

A large escape ship lifted and was flying towards Aveh.

Fei cheered in delight “there safe”!

Then it happened, 4 large gears 1 white and 3 blue was in hot pursuit of the escape ship.

Bart leaned forward “what are you waiting for lets help’em out”!

Fei grinned his teeth “I’m not loosing my friends”!

Xenogears wings stood out farther and brighter and then the others stood beside him and luckily didn’t get hit by the sonic boom, a bolder behind him exploded into dust and chucks of rock as he went past the speed of sound after the enemy.

Bart jumped back “did you see that”!

Id nodded “I did, those guys don’t know what’s coming”!

Bart turned his gear towards him “why you say that”? Id shook his head “his power is well above mine, I’d never service against that power, his rage and his experience awoke the spirit inside him”!

As the 4 gears closed in on the escape ship the commander laughed deeply “nothing can stand up against the clawmaster”! opening rounds of ether bullets, scorching the armor of the ship leaving a black spot on the ship.

A large boom came from behind him “what on earth was that”?

As he turned around he saw Xenogears tearing two gears in half and then started to squish the other one like a tin can.

The man’s eyes widened “W-what are you”?

Xenogears face aimed at him and sent a shock of terror “I’m Fei, and this is the power of Xenogears”!

Xenogears then rushed towards him grabbing the gears neck “Uh, c-can we negotiate this”?

Fei answered “your not going to hurt my friends”!

The man continued “ok you win”.

A blast came from the man “I didn’t say I wouldn’t hurt you”!

Xenogears jumped back and Fei looked at the man’s gear “that wasn’t a good idea”.

The man realize who he was “you, I know you know... you destroyed deus, YOU”!

The man froze in terror realizing who Fei was “I’m done for”!

Fei replied “me and my friends destroyed deus, not just me”.

Xenogears grabbed the gears neck and through him to the ground. As Xenogears floated toward the ground the man attacked, but before he could fire he was lifted up and all 4 limbs were ripped of and he was thrown full force towards the ground “call for your friends for help, they should matter the most to you”.

Xenogears turned around and headed toward the escape ship. As he drew near the others came from behind, Billy asked “did you have to be that tuff on him”?

Fei ignored him “lets help the crew”.

Fei speeded up and examined the blast near the engine, the blast opened a hole right next to the fuel tank, luckily not blowing it up, but fuel was leaking “looks like we’ll have to help them over to Aveh”.

Fei flipped a switch “Sigurd, are you there”?

Sigurd quickly answered “were hit and lo-”

Fei stopped him “your losing fuel, turn the engines lower and we’ll help carry you to Aveh”.

Sigurd replied “yes, were to far away from the base, so we’ll go to Aveh’s military base”. the blue lights from the engines dimmed and the gears went under the bottom to help it up.

With all the gears it was easy to hold it up, Id was in the back holding the back end up so the fuel would not get blown into the engines and explode.

Off a distance at Aveh, the vice president took command sense Bart was gone.

The man sat back as Bart did with his boots on the desk and hands behind his head “this is the life”.

The door swung open and the man fell over in his chair and jumped up with his hair messed up “Knock next time”!

The messenger nodded “yes, but it appears that Bart is coming back, with his friends”.

The man sat up “well get ready for there arrival”!

The messenger nodded and closed the door behind him.

The vice president looked over in the mirror and brushed his hair back into place “that’s better”.

He then inspected the desk for any smudges and walked out.

He then walked down the stairs and hurried towards the exit. He hurried towards the market place.

He was halfway there when a small girl pulled on his sleeve “you like to buy this apple, only 10 gold”. The man yanked his arm away from her “stop that, you’ll get dirt on me you filthy brat”!

A long red leather cord wrapped around his neck, as he turned Bart pulled the whip “to think I let you take charge when I was gone...get out of Aveh and never come back”!

The whip loosened and the man ran away.

The little girl ran up and gave Bart the apple “thank ou Bart, have an apple”

Bart looked at the apple and it was a perfect red color “thanks”.

The girl smiled and ran over to her mother.

Bart hurried over next to his office and used the elevator to go down to the military section.

The men had already pulled in the crippled escape ship and were working on it.

Bart and the others ran up to see Fei telling what happened.

Bart patted Fei’s shoulder startling him “thanks Fei that saves time”.

Fei nodded and Bart hurried over to the commander of the fleet “were going to have trouble commander” the man turned around sporting a thick mustache “what trouble”?

Elly started to giggle and said to herself “his mustache wiggles around like a broom”.

Bart continued “Richy is going to constructed a new deus and there’s going to be some trouble”.

Fei finished informing the mechanic and stood beside Bart.

Elly looked behind her and noticed them start to hall in the Yegdrazil, they installed a bigger and stronger motor and more antigravity unites.

The commander went to the control tower and as he went up, a red wave of light went across the sky, small white glowing balls fell to the ground, Fei knew this was nano machines.

People started to fall down and Fei and Elly quickly ran into the stairway towards the control tower.

As they went up small nano colonies formed into white balls rolled at a fast speed up the stairs.

Fei held Elly’s wrist pulling her up, As they reached the top the nano machines were drawing near, the mechanic was ready to shut the air sealed door when he saw them and Fei leaded Elly inside and the mechanic quickly shut the door just before the Nano machines could get in.

Fei slumped down in a chair “what about the others, I hope there all right because these nano machines are different”.

The mechanic pointed out “I saw them run inside the base just as they came after them”.

Fei looked around as the Nano machines stuck to the glass.

Elly jumped back “remember they can make substances in those clear tubes right”. Fei nodded and Elly continued “then can’t they break a substance down, like the glass and metal that’s protecting us”!

The Nano machines started to dig there way through the glass and the mechanic turned around “get to your gears and run, before it’s to late”!
The man quickly pushed Fei and Elly into a small tube and the glass door shut and they were sent somewhere into the base.

Just before Fei went down he saw the nano machines break in and the mechanic cried in pain as the skin cells were ripped out and soon was nothing but a pile of blood.

The tube picked up speed and the tube shifted to its side and Elly fell onto Fei and then the tube turned again and again and as they leveled out the tube stopped and the door opened and they saw the rest of the group running out to the hanger.

Fei and Elly followed as the nano machines broke in and started to break down the mechanics bodies into nothing but blood.

Fei entered the hanger and Bart saw him “lets go Fei”!

Fei jumped in his gear and Elly quickly got into her’s as well.

Xenogears then powered up and strange enough the nano machines stopped what they were doing and went after them.

The nano machines were closing in and they stopped in midair as if there were a barrier stopping them. Fei thought to himself “they can’t attack if we contain the anima may damage that and destroyed deus”!

Fei rushed out the hanger and the others followed with the nano machines behind them.

Deep in the base Sigurd, Mason, and a few survivors that escaped the slaughter were deep down below ground and the sound of the nano machines grew near.

A small little boy was running around “mom, mom... were is my mom”!? The boy fell down in tears realizing that his mother didn’t make it down in time.

Mason ran over and picked him up “it’s ok, she’s probably hiding somewhere, don’t worry”.

The boy wiped the tears off and hugged Mason.

Old Mason bit his lip and hugged the little boy as well.

The sound suddenly stopped and everyone looked up “are they gone”?

Sigurd looked at Mason “If I don’t come down in 5 minutes, then don’t come up”.

Sigured opened the elevator door and shut it behind him. the Elevator lifted up for around a minute and then it opened.

The sight stopped his breath and he stench of death almost knocked him back “my god”! body’s were everywhere, some dead...some dying. Sigurd looked around, there were piles of red slime and blood, some had no skin, and some were only skeleton’s and organs.

Sigurd pulled up his shirt and pressed it against his face “how could this happen”!

The nano machines had left and Sigurd continued back to the Elevator.

As he went down he wondered if Bart was ok, as the door opened Mason stepped forward “is it clear”?

Sigurd nodded and looked around “ok I need everyone who works here, but not the civilians to follow me up the stairs to inspect the area”.

A dozen men stepped forward and went up the large elevator.

Back out over the ocean the gears left a trail of mist and the nano machines were still near.

Fei heard Bart ask “dose anyone know how long we have to go”?

Elly replied “as long as they don’t destroyed us then that’s long enough for me”.

Fei continued “they won’t destroyed us because we have the anima relics equipped to our gears”.

A sigh of relief came from Bart “good...I thought we were goners”!

The sun was up and beating down on their gears and then Fei announced “lets save on our air coolant and go underwater”.

Bart shrugged “why not”?

At that the 7 gears suddenly dropped strait down and soon was deep underwater. Fei sat up in his chair “anyone know about chu-chu”?

Reco answered “I saw her with Margie going for the shelter’s elevator”.

Bart sat back and put a hand on his forehead wiping the sweat of his face “I hope she’s ok”.

As they continued Fei noticed something that was not coral, sand, or rock...something metal. Fei pointed out “there’s something down there”.

The nano machines swarmed around the ship and then ran inside.

Fei sat back and looked down at the ship “what is going on down there”.

The ship suddenly moved and started to go up. The ship soon lifted to the top of the water.

Elly looked up and asked “what on earth is going on”?

Billy quickly replied “nano machines can take things apart and build things right”?

Billy continued “the nano machines are making a bio weapon to stop us”!

The ship started to bend and then a large green claw slashed through it and another arm came from the other side. A red dot of heat came from the tip of the ship and the face of a giant insect reared it’s face out. Then 4 legs ripped through the bottom and carried itself to land.

Fei looked up at the creature and it appeared as if it was a giant mantis. The mantis used the armor of the ship to defend itself from them. The creature attacked first, it grabbed Fei and Reco and bashed them together several times and through them to the ground hitting Id and Bart.

Id stood up and jumped forward grabbing the creatures right antenna and pulled it back.

The creature wailed in pain and grabbed Id with it’s right claw and started to squeeze.

Fei joined in doing a flip and smashing Xenogears’s sharp heels into the creature’s face.

The mantis let go of Id and kicked Xenogears with it’s left front leg. Elly jumped in and stabbed her rod into the mantis’s eye blinding it.

Black insect blood mixed with nano machines flowed out. The nano machines started repairing the eye as the right claw slapped Elly’s gear out of it’s way.

Reco and Billy jumped forward unleashing hundreds of bullets at the creature and the green thick armor started to crack and more of the black blood with nano machines flooded out.

The mantis was furious, the creature lifted up and swing it’s claws at the gears throwing them like rag dolls towards the ground.
Fei lifted his head and heard blood drip on the cockpit floor “I...m...Blee...ding”.

Elly rushed forward and picked him up “hold on”!

A claw swung striking Elly’s gear throwing her away. The creature calmed down and noticed only 1 enemy was left. Elly stood with her rod up and electric bolds struck the creature scorching it’s armored skin.

The vessel’s armor started to break off and the mantis had no armor to protect itself.

Fei sat up and noticed Elly was exhausted and almost out of the fight.

The creature realized who this enemy was and it’s black eyes blankly looked at her with the two thin red rings looking at her.

The mantis swayed back and forth and Elly found herself under some hypnosis and couldn’t move. her arms fell beside her and couldn’t move. She couldn’t even sit up and she slumped over to her side and the mantis picked her up and ran.

Fei tried to touch the controls but couldn’t and fell back.

He heard a gear get up and saw the red Xenogears hover overtook of him. Fei grinned a little but then remembered the ring he had, but before he could look back up to Id he blacked out.

Fei was awake but everything was black, a voice appeared in his head “Ha, you can’t even protect the woman you love...your not even worth putting out of your misery”!

Fei couldn’t move but he heard himself cry out “no I can protect her, I’ll show you”!

The blackness turned red and a red hot feeling came from behind him.

Fei turned around and the white mask that resembled the same design as Id appeared with the red fire behind it.

The lips of the mask moved humanly saying “you can’t even protect her”.

Fei swung his fist at the mask but the flames hurt to much. The mask grinned “how can you protect her, your to weak...ha a giant mantis defeated you, but you destroyed deus”?!

The mask looked up “seeing that your body will never join with me, then I’ll give you my strength and become one with you, not you become one with me”.

Fei stepped back “what do you mean”? The mask flouted towards him and stopped “I’m asking for a truss, you don’t fight me, I don’t fight you, and your nature will not change ether”.

Fei stepped back again “NO I’m not that stupid, I know you”!

The mask shook his head “my power is on a thread as it is, if I don’t join with you then I die, even if it means I don’t control you”.

Fei shook his head “I won’t”.

The mask laughed “I knew you would act this way, I may be the only hop of saving Elly”.

Fei bit his lip “ok, but I can find a way to destroyed you if you double cross me”!

The mask nodded “you can destroyed me if I lie, lets join forces”.

The flames wrapped around Fei and slammed into his chest knocking him backwards.

Fei felt 4 hands on his arms and shoulder holding him down.

His eyes flew open and his body jerked uncontrolably.

The nurse was thrown back and Reco dove in grabbing his arm “calm down man”!

Bart was still holding on and Billy was holding on too.

Fei was jerking around so hard that Reco had a hard time holding him down.

After about 2 minutes he stopped and Bart and Billy slumped down sweat dropping off of them, Reco was breathing hard too.

Reco shook his head “man what happened”? Fei started to talk but all of his muscles ached so bad, Fei started to grind his teeth.

The nurse stepped forward “I’ve never seen anything like this before”!

Fei closed his eyes and rested for a few hours cramps kept him awake it struck from everywhere on his body.

Fei was in constant discomfit and finally it slowed down and exhausted he fell asleep again.

Fei woke up later and sat up, his muscles felt stronger and his entire body was a little stronger looking.
Fei stepped outside and noticed everyone looked up at him and everyone asked if he was ok. Fei told them about the mask and joining with it.

Sigurd overheard and stepped forward “our gears are ok and we think we know were Elly is”.

Fei lifted his head “were”? Sigurd replied “A new nano colony has built a new place, it appears the same like it did before but, its a little different”.

Fei asked “when do we leave”? Sigurd answered “as soon as your ready”.

Fei nodded and headed for his gear.

The nurse grabbed his arm “shouldn’t you rest, change cloths or something”?

Fei looked at his cloths and noticed they were dirty and he smelled a little.

Fei sighed “I’ll change”. Fei went to his room and immediately took a shower, Several minutes later Fei walked out and brushed his hair, He grabbed a small red ribbon and tied his hair behind his head and put his shirt and pants on. Fei started out when he remembered the jewel.

He opened the drawer and pulled out the box with the ring. he put it in his pocket and hurried to his gear. Fei walked up the ramp and opened the cockpit door and he could tell everything was clean because he could still smell the clean soap.

He sat down and started his gear up and noticed everyone else was already in there’s.

Sigurd appeared on the screen and announce “ok I’ll tell you this, we can not contact you because they will track us and attack us when you are gone, the location is on the radar, nav alpha”.

Fei looked at the green dot and back at Sigurd “go to this point, good luck young master, and everyone else”.

Fei started his gear and rushed out of the hanger and the others followed behind him. Fei slowly turned and the dot eased in front of the radar.

The trees below him were a blur, the clouds rushed by quickly and then over the large lake it stood exactly the same but the beak end was not there.

Fei floated above the bird shaped head and he went down alone. As he went through the hallway, it was dark so he turned on his lights but the hallway was still black.

Soon he jumped up some large gear size stairs and went onto an open area with a large tube going down the front. As he drew closer the tube opened up showing two figures one being held around the neck by the other. Fei rushed forward and stopped.

Miang had a knife to Elly’s throat and was ready to slit it.

Miang looked up “get out of your gears or she dies”!

Fei replied “and if she dies, you follow with her”!

Miang laughed “remember, when this form leaves, I just inhabit another, hahahaha you can’t kill me”!

Fei opened the cockpit door and jumped out in front of her. Fei clamped his jaws shut with anger and looked at Miang. Miang’s eyes widened “you’ve tripled your strength sense I last fought you”.

Fei stepped forward “leave her alone and fight me”!

Miang stepped back and cut only enough to be a razor blade cut to the neck, some blood ran down. Fei’s eyes widened and white fire came from his hands “put...her...DOWN”! ether power made his voice thunder in the large room.

Miang grinned and threw Elly aside “ok I’ll fight you”!

Miang jumped forward slashing at Fei but he dodged it and grabbed her wrist flipping her over.

Miang quickly jumped back up “what are you going to do, I have nano machines tending every wound you give me”.

Elly woke up and stood up but Miang through the knife into Elly’s back killing her.

Fei stepped forward “NO”! Miang grinned “your not going anywhere” she pulled out the blade and as she turned around towards Fei the white flames on his hands spread and the fire burned over his entire body the flame was so entice his cloths and hair lifted defying gravity. A strong breeze blew in and Miang was thrown back.

Fei lifted his right hand and a white ball grew in his hands.

Miang grinned “nice trick”.

Fei through the ball and as it rushed towards Miang it ripped the metal tiles of the ground and struck Miang throwing her several yards back.
As she stood up Fei grabbed her arm and squeezed hard breaking her arm.

Miang dropped to the ground and Fei stepped back.

Miang stood up and laughed “ok now it’s my turn”!

Miang’s body started to change, her skin turned white and large white tendrils shot out, her body grew and the cloths she was wearing ripped and soon she was a giant white creature with 6 tendrils.

Fei held out his hand and he shot like a rocket towards Xenogears.

The gear activated to hyper mode and stayed that way Fei struck several times white ether balls struck Miang and through her back.

Miang quickly swung a tendril around Fei and through him to the ground.

Fei stood back up and attacked again.

The ether ripped parts of Miang’s deformed body’s flesh of and wailing sound came from her and then she started to change back to her normal self.

Miang slumped down on the ground spitting up blood “what is happening”?

The large rod came down with a tube with something inside, the creature inside awoke and came out of the watery substance and looked around “Fei, I’ve been watching you and Elly’s past lives, I am the one who caused this, I am the real deus, the true core of the original deus, but this body is but a clone for by soul to inhabit, Fei, step forward”.

Fei suddenly flew out and found himself in front of the white figure.

As it stepped out of the shadow the creature stepped forward showing a human look but was nothing but white skin and a mouth with eyes, like an alien.

Fei stepped back and Deus quickly asked “don’t step back, you don’t have to fear me”.

Deus pointed at Miang who was still spitting up blood “you have done your last evil deed, be gone”!

Miang lifted up and suddenly disappeared.

Deus looked back at Fei and continued with a smile “I’ve watched over you for countless millenniums and I your life as been nothing but tragedy, by saving Elly the last time you fought Miang, you broke the chain that never could be broken by nothing...not even me”. Deus lifted her head “but your strength and devotion to Elly broke that, I honor your strength, you are greater than me because of this”.

Deus looked to his right and saw Elly and Blood was already running on the ground “it pains me, to see that somehow your fate ends like this, BUT NO MORE”!

Deus lifted her hand and Elly rose to her feet and Elly’s eyes opened and she gasped for air.

Fei jumped towards her catching her before she fell.

Elly inhaled deeply and looked at him. Deus added “go now, I’m going to destroyed this place, see that no one ever brings this back”.

Deus then disintegrated into water and flowed back into the tube and the room started to shake.

Fei carried Elly to his gear and as they left the large circular room were Deus was a wall of fire rushed after them and Fei picked up speed.

The wall of fire boiled closer and closer, Fei went on full speed and the fire soon touched the ether wings

Fei went faster and faster but the fire came closer and closer. A ray of light showed the exit and Fei continued at full speed as much as he could.

Elly held onto him tight and Fei could see flames touching the cockpit window. Fei lifted his gear out the exit as the flames went over them.

The cockpit shook violently and Elly and Fei held eachother.

Back on the ground Bart stepped back in amazement “look at that”!

Citan recovered from the coma stepped forward “so that is were Fei is...did he make it”?

Bart kicked a rock in front of him “he had to of made it, I know it”!

Margie grabbed his arm “calm down, there probably save”.

Reco looked at the towering cloud of black smoke and then the structure exploded and collapsed. The ground shook and everyone started to stumbled around.

Chu chu looked around “I don’t see Fei, do chu Billy”?

Billy looked around and bit his lip “I don’t think they-” the sound of engines erupted and everyone looked up.

Bart shook his head “Damn it Fei, you did that the last time you fought deus”!

Everyone cheered and Old Mason and Sigurd cheered and laughed as Xenogears came down.

Inside Xenogears Elly rested on Fei and he decided it was a good enough time as any. Fei reached into his pocket and opened the box and showed the diamond ring to Elly.

She looked at the ring and then at Fei.

Fei shrugged “Elly, will you marry me”?

Elly laughed “I knew you had that ring all along, I was awake when you fit it on my finger that night, and yes I do”.

Fei laughed as well and fit the ring on her finger.

~The End~