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A New Threat

By: LaufingBoy

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Xenogears: The Nisan Sanctuary


The time is a year after the defeat of Deus. All gears except for Regrs and Xenogears are disengaged. But a new threat is coming.

Fei looked down from Xenogears. "Elly, a Gear is being chased by three Solarian Gears. I don't know how they were started, but it dosen't look good."

"Solarian class?" Her voice contained the disbelief that Fei himself felt.

"That's impossible. Gears? Hm, maybe we should go after the Solarian class gears. Anything with Solaris is definitely not good."

"Okay." Xenogears sprouted its infinity wings, and tore after the Gears. Regrs followed suit.

Xenogears battered the leader, and threw him into another Gear. The remaining Gear tried to smash Xenogears cockpit, but Elly stopped him and crumpled him. "I think the pilot is still alive, but we need to get him out."

Fei opened the cockpit, jumped out and ran toward the huge Gear. "It looks like it was excavated from Kislev."
He forced open the cockpit, and dragged the pilot outside. His face was caked with blood and dirt. "Elly, we need to transport him to Aveh. What should we do?"

"Take him to Nisan. It's closer, and we can heal him there. "

As Fei dragged him out, a scarlet, shining gem fell out. One of the Solarian pilots jumped out and grabbed it. He ran off.

"Crap! Oh well, we didn't really need it."

The pilot moaned. "Grahf, oggg grahf Crystal, destroy the wwwwoolllrrllrld." He started stuttering. Fei shook his head. "He's in shock. We better get him there, and fast!"

The pilot awoke with a groan. "Booga booga!" Bart jumped up and made a face. "Agh!" He almost fainted again.

Bart looked cheerful. "Hey chum. How ya feeling?"

"I've been worse. Um, what am I doing here?"

"Well, Solarian Gears attacked you, you went unconscious, We saved you, treated you, and brought you to the capital of Nisan, where you will be released shortly after getting two million G," Bart said seriously.

"Tell me what really happened."

"Okay, you don't get released and get two million G. I was lying."

"No, about being rescued and stuff."

"That's true. You'll have to talk to Fei on that one. By the way, what's your name?"

"Michael. Michael Fenn."

"Well, Michael Fenn, you will be here for a long time. Here comes Fei now."

Fei entered, with Elly. "Hi Bart. Is he okay?"

"I guess. You have to talk to him. Let me introduce you. Fei, Michael.
Michael, Fei. Elly, Michael. Michael, Elly. Elly, Fei. Fei, Elly. Elly, Bart.

"We know each others names thank you."

"Hmph. I won't be nice again than." And with a huff he walked off.

"Hello Michael. Are you okay?"

"Yeah." He felt his pocket, grinning with happiness. Then his grin turned sour. "Oh no! Where's the crystal?"


"The Red crystal I had in my pocket. Where is it?"

Elly frowned. "It fell out of your pocket and a pilot grabbed it. Why? It didn't look to be worth that much."

"No, not the value! That's the Grahf Crystal! It's the only crystal who can restart, restore and repair Gears! If the Sovarians got it than."

Fei's blood ran cold. "A Grahf Crystal? Is-is it made by Grahf?"

"This guy, Grahf, was something like an angel of Power. He created it and buried it somewhere. The Sovarians had it, so I stole it, and they stole it back. Oh no."

"The Sovarians?"

"The Solaris Second Advent, The reincarnation of Solaris. They took over all the resources after Solaris crashed and been running like hell. The leader, Felth, has a Gear the power of an omni-Gear, thanks to the Grahf Crystal. If we don't get it back, we're in deep trouble."

"Elly, call Bart. We have something going on here."

Bart gaped. "G-grahf? Er, didn't he die or something?" Elly nodded. "He did, but he left his legacy here. Michael here says that he created this crystal capable of giving any person or Gear the power of millions."

Rico spoke up. "Hey, if they got the crystal, let sleeping dogs lie. What're they gonna do? Get two hundred Gears and conquer Ignas? I don't think so." Billy stared at him. "It's like having Id with a super devastating weapon,
and a powerful Gear, more powerful than Weltall."

At the mention of Id, Fei winced. Elly knew how torturous it was to be trapped while Id took over. Fei sighed. "Look, everyone, we have to stop them. Either way, if they get the crystal and have enough Gears, even everyone on Ignas couldn't stop them. We need to get the crystal and fast. We all have obligations. I don't think
any of you would refuse to stop them. We have to do it."

Margie nodded. Chu-chu jumped up and down. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ME go chu! Everybody has chu go." Maria shrugged. "Got nothing better to do." Bart slapped Maison on the shoulder. "Yes! C'mon!" Maison protested. "Young Master, please calm down! Ow!" Citan spoke, after much thought. "Fei, even if we find where they are, our Gears don't work."

Bart stopped jumping up and down. "Uh, crap!"

Fei nodded. "Michael's Gear, Aero, still works, and Elly's and mine do too. So we just investigate one place and you investigate another."

"How?" Sigurd ran in. "Young master, the Yggdrasil is working now. We can go anytime!"

Bart took the pose of a pirate bent on robbery. "Sigurd! Launch the Yggdrasil!"

They all gathered in the Gun Room. They all looked solemn and sad. Fei took out a map. "Here's what we SHOULD do." He pointed to the Aquavy Islands. "I had some people from the Yggdrasil scan the Aquavy Islands. There seems to be a small base there, with a hundred Gears. It's probably safe to assume that all or most of them are
operational." He pointed to a smaller continent near Ignas. "I checked this place out with Xenogears. There's a very large base there, with some battleships. There also seems to be a aerial city near there, as large as

There were gasps. "It has enough power to take out a whole city, but it has to recharge often to regain the energy," Fei said, glancing around to each of them. "I think we should have two teams, both to investigate both sites. Who knows when they might run."

Bart spoke up. "Fei, I think we should have a backup too, just in case. Who knows when they might attack?"
There were murmurs of agreement among the party.

Fei nodded. "Right. But how will they get transport?" Citan shrugged. "Well, I suppose."

"What is it Citan."

"Well, couldn't the Yggdrasil drop off the people? I mean, it would save fuel for the Gears and solve the problem of transport."

"Right. Now to work out the teams. Elly, myself and.Michael are going. Since we have the only Gears that work, after all.

"The team that should go to the next site should be." Billy stood up. "I can go." Citan raised his hand. "Me too."
Chu-chu jumped up and down. "Yeah! Me chu! Yeah!" "Okay, and the rest of you are going to act as backup. Rest tonight everyone, we need all the energy we can get."

Elly crept to Fei's side. "Hey Fei, wake up." She felt him start. "Huh? Blooguhm. What?" "Is this really going to work?"

"I don't know. I think it will. Needless to say, I would even give my own life to stop them." Fei felt Elly's hand grip his.

"Then I shall too."

Bart called to Fei. It was morning, the day that they were going to tackle the Sovarians. "Fei, we're almost there. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, but I need a little more time."


"I have to pee."

Bart groaned. "Come on Fei! Geez, you can do that LATER." Fei sighed with impatience. "Oh, all right." He hurried to the cockpit of Xenogears and crawled in.

The intercom buzzed. "Nice to have you with us, Fei," Michael said with sarcasm.

"Shut up, I had to pee."

"Okay, can we go now?"

"Yeah, we're going. Hold on, this accelerator in the Yggdrasil is pretty fast." Xenogears sprouted it's infinity wings, and accelerated toward the rising sun.


Felth started. "Are they here?"

The Grahf Crystal answered with a shimmer. <They have just blasted off. Are your troops ready to attack?>

"I am ready. What about the other team?"

<They are going toward the site. They have brought along a few commandos as well.>

"We can defeat them. With you, we cannot fail."

<You can, but it would have to be very difficult.>

The leader of the Solaris Second Advent smiled. "Of course."


Fei, Elly, and Michael flew toward the camp in the lower continent. Michael broke the comm silence "Say, who is this Grahf anyway? All I know are the things I read in history books, and those were in Aveh when Shakhan was
in power."

Fei let his mind wander. "Grahf.he was one of my ancestors."


"His name was Lacan. His friend Sophia died in the Great War five hundred years ago. He felt he was powerless to stop it, so he went to the Zohar, a power source and became Grahf. He's lived on by possessing other people. He
also possessed my father."


There were sighs of disbelief on the comm. "Well," She tried feigning relief, "We are here. Let's have a look around."

Fei swept the area with the sensors in Xenogears. Nothing, nothin.wait a minute. "Hey. Everyone, search over here. There are some Gears over there."

Ten Gears burst out with a hundred Sovarian troops going after them.

"Crap!" Fei yelled over the comm system.

Three Gears attacked Michael. He shook them off and started pounding two Gears at a time. "We can't get caught now. We just found them!" Regrs tried to fend off two more Gears. "But these Gears are powerful! We
can't possibly win!"

"We got OmniGears! If we have the will, we can!" Fei heard that, and remembered what Elly did back at Merkava. Her will was so strong, she fended off two melded Gears alone.

"That's right!" He shouted. "Elly, remember Merkava?" He sprouted his infinity wings and smashed 50 people with it. Regrs let out her AERODS and attacked three more Gears, fatally injuring them. Michael Picked up two Gears, used them as shields as he fended off three more Gears. After they turned red hot, he threw them against the rest of the forces.

"Let's go!" He screamed. They turned on their booster jets and followed Michael out the exit. A huge, bulky Gear lifted down. "Hmph. Stop, or you'll be destroyed."

Michael gasped over the communication device. "Crap! Felth!"


"That's his Omni-Gear made by the Grahf Crystal. We can't defeat him!"

"But there are no more forces and it's three on one."

"Listen, his Gear is as powerful as all of us. If we don't run, we won't live!"

Felth moved toward them. "My Gear, Justice and I will stop you and KILL you if nesessary. Stop immediately."

Justice made a move toward Aero. "Stop! Felth, you can't get rid of me and Aero so easily! We have the same power as Justice!"

"Ah, but you do not the finesse or experience to destroy me. Perhaps your friends do, but I doubt they have the power necessary to destroy me. Surrender now Lieutenant."

Fei felt something inside him grow, his fury heating, like the time when Id took over. His power was overwhelming. "Lieutenant?!" He stepped toward Michael. Aero stepped back.

"Please! Stop!"

"Never! So you decide to betray us for your own benefit?!"

"I am not part of Sovar anymore! Please, stop!"

Felth laughed. "He was one of us, until he quit. He started the group BOULDER and wrote a declaration of war saying that he would not take our punishment anymore. He stole the gem and tried to get away, until you helped him. Did he even tell you what he wanted to do with it?"


"Well, he intended to steal the gem, make a copy, and return the copy for all our money. Do you support thieves? Robbers? I would not think so."

"Yeah, well what was your intention of with the gem?"

"We wanted to restart the Gears, restart excavating, and get rid of some of the hazards in this world. Some of it was going to be used for military, yes, but we also wanted to use it for the TPN, The Perfect Nation to make it

"Ha! You expect us to believe that?"

"If you don't believe it look at Sovar than." Felth spoke into his comm unit, and cube shaped aerial city appeared out of thin air, protected by four Gates. "The Solaris Second Advent."

Billy looked around the small abandoned base. He shivered. "Hey Citan, it looks as though these guys have split. What say we go back to the Yggdrasil? We can report our finds and find Fei." Citan shook his head. "We cannot stop at the first sign of abandonment. Remember when we accompanied you to the supply ship? Perhaps we can find some evidence as to what Sovar is up to."

Chu-chu blinked. "We have chu keep going. We cannot fail now." Billy sighed. "Okay, let's go over in that building over there." They walked over to there. Citan took over his glasses and cleaned them. "Let us go."

They opened the door slowly. Inside of them were twenty people, point chain guns at them, prepared to shoot them if they made a move.


Bart shook his head. "I just don't get it. Billy and the others were supposed to report in a half hour ago. And now Fei's captured. What the hell are we supposed to do?" Sigurd closed his eyes. "Perhaps.we should go where Billy went. We can find out what happened there, and rushing to Sovar would definitely be suicide."Franz spoke out. "Sigurd sir! I picked up an odd sound in the sir. It sounds like an air cruiser, and has a shield capacity to that of Shevat!" Sigurd's mouth dropped open. "That's impossible. We have the only air cruiser that can operate."

Bart nodded grimly. "Unless you count Sovar."

Jerico yelled. "Young master! We are unable to control our flight path! We seem to be captured by a tractor beam!"

Bart turned to Sigurd. "Looks like Sovar found us."


Fei, Elly, and Michael were thrown into a cell, shielded and openable only by passcode. Fei rubbed his elbow. Michael stood sullenly at the corner. Elly was unconscious, but she woke up soon. "Where are we?" She asked sleepily.

Fei growled "That bastard betrayed us so we got captured by Sovar and we're stuck here until kingdom come."

"Oh, okay."

Michael glared at them. "I didn't betray you. Besides, I probably saved your friends."

"What? What are you gibbering about?"

"I sent BOULDER to the site that your friends went to. They took it over and they were waiting for your friends so they could plan a strategy."

"So what was that about giving Felth the copy for money? If you needed money that badly, than you should have asked me for it. I would have given it."

Michael sighed. "No, that's not all of it."

Fei and Elly listened.

"When I was in Sovar, I saw what they planned to do. They had a plan of using the Grahf Crystal to conquer Ignas. With the crystal, they had already restarted millions of Gears. Million of them! I started BOULDER, but that
wasn't enough. We stole hundreds, but that number was tiny compared to the ones Sovar had. We started to get desperate. I stole the Grahf Crystal. But they chased me. That's where you came in. With your power, we could have beaten them. But there was one more reason."

Elly asked quietly, "What was that?"

"I saw computer plans. They decided to remake ALL the Elders. With all the Elders with him, they could plan their attacks accordingly. I disrupted it because I also saw a violet haired-"

An indigo hair woman walked in. "Me."

Fei gaped. "Miang!?"

Elly gasped. ""

She nodded. "My human name is Lauren. My true name is Miang, however." Fei stared at her. "I thought that you were gone along with Deus."

"I did, but I escaped because I wanted more. I wanted to see Solaris resurrected because I could figure out to do next, all at my disposal. I wanted to see land dwellers gone. GONE! But you had to defeat Deus. So I am starting it again. I am going to create a second Deus, artificial Deus, all by myself."


Billy raised his hands. "Er, wrong place. Sorry."

One of them came forward. "I am Jason. We were expecting you. We have a plan." Citan swallowed. "Excuse me, but we are looking for Sovarians."

"We are BOULDER. We have a plan to spring our leader from prison. Follow me." With that, he spun sharply on his heel and walked down the hallway. Billy glanced at Chu-chu. "Should we?" Chu chu nodded. "We have no choice. We are surrounded." She nodded at the guns.


They walked down the hall and opened the door into the Gear Hangar.


Bart swore. "We got caught?! How?"

Rico shrugged. "I was expecting this from the start."

A voice came over the comm unit. "Attention! Crew of the Yggdrasil, if you will surrender and give up the ship, we will hold back from hitting you!"

"Yeah? With what?"

"The special edition Gungany Missiles, imported from Solaris first batch."

The weapons officer gulped. "First Edition?"

Bart yelled at him. "What's up OFFICER?"

"Well, those are one of the most powerful missiles around. The only thing that could stand up to those are Solarian Warships."

Billy gasped. "Wow."

The hangar was filled with almost every Gear made in the world. There were Etone Gears, Digger Gears, Excavating Gears, Battling Gears, and even Solarian Gears.

Jason led them all to the most powerful Gear squadron of them all. "We were ordered to give you this Squadron. This is BOULDER Squadron, and these Gears were as powerful as you can imagine. Here are your orders.
"You are to attack the base, and attack the Gear forces there. Distract them for an ample amount of time while twenty commandos go free your friends and our commander. Spare any unnessesary deaths and try holding them off for at least an hour. If we get them out in time, we get them to their Gears and you must go. They will fight Felth, and then you will free the Yggdrasil. We will attack with the rest of our Gears and than the Yggdrasil will let us board, and than we shall escape. If they still follow us, get in other Gears. And fight."

Citan blinked. "It seems that this plan is rather risky." Jason shrugged. "It's the only plan we have." Billy nodded. "We should do it. But what about the Grahf Crystal?"

"If you manage to find it, than use it on your Omni-Gears. We're bringing them along and use the crystal. Than you can fight with familiar Gears."

Billy nodded to Jason. "We will do it. Will you excuse us?" Jason nodded and walked away.

Billy said, "Where would this crystal be?"

Citan thought. "Perhaps we should rescue Fei first before thinking ahead in irrevelant matters."

"This isn't irrevelant!"

"It isn't, but for now our main goal is to rescue Fei. We should concentrate on that for now and not brood on what might or might not happen."

Fei pounded uselessly at the steel bars holding him in the cell. "Why can't we get out of here? How come Doc and the others aren't rescuing us? Why is Miang creating another Deus.?"

Elly calmed him down. "Fei, they're probably on their way. Don't worry. As for Bart and the rest, they were caught and now are probably trying to get out."

Michael called out. "Fei, look out the window. Something's happening."

Michael moved aside and let Elly and Fei look out. Twelve Gears were attacking warships and destroying them. "There goes the Yggdrasil! It's free!"

Elly heard the sound of a scuffle in the hallway. "Hey! What's that sound?"

Fei stretched his neck and looked through the bars. Five commandos ran toward them.

Jason saluted. "Michael Sir! We have rescued the Yggdrasil crew and have freed your Gears as well. We have to find the Grahf crystal! Billy and the others are distracting so we have enough time to find it!"

Michael cheered. "Okay, find the password to this door." Jason looked glum. "We can't find it! You don't need it anyway. Bart should be blasting in the wall-"

A loud thump resonated through the hall. Followed by rubble. Fei pointed. "There are our Gears! Let's go!"


Billy gasped. "Gee, I didn't think that the other Gears would be this many." Citan agreed. "We won't be able to keep this up for much longer!" The intercomm buzzed. "This is Jason! The prisoners are freed!" Bart chimed in. "Let's bail!" Chu chu interrupted. "We can't go until we find the Grahf Crystal! Plus we have to pick up the commandos!"

Bart cursed. "You guys leave! We can take them on, and we'll pick them up later. GO!"

Billy stammered. "O-okay, but hurry up, okay!?"


Fei climbed into Xenogears. "Okay, let's go everyone."

Michael sighed. "Oh well, here we go."

Elly cheered. "Hey, look at that! Only two warships left!" Behind them, Justice silently floated down. "And only three Gears here. Too bad."

Xenogears whirled around. "It's Felth!"

Aero moved quickly between Fei and Felth. "Stop. I can take him on. Go help Bart! He won't be able to stand up to those Sovarian warships much longer." Felth drew out a huge mace. "You're not going anywhere."Aero froze, than stiffened. Fei noticed the change. "Michael! What's going on?!"

Michael didn't answer. The Gear started changing, with parts moving and reassembling, and than a compartment in the back opened up and a huge cannon hovered in the air. "There! Alpha Mode engaged."

"What were you doing?"

"I included a little mode where I could change my Gears level of power and defense. This is the result." Felth stepped back a little. "Even so, with Alpha mode, you can't beat Justice."

"Oh really? Even if it's three on one?"

Felth held up his mace. The spiked ball in the middle glowed. Fei saw that it was turning red, as if it were in a fire. "This is the Grahf Crystal."


Bart stumbled as the Yggdrasil took another hit. "Crap! What's our status, Officer Parkle?"

"Maneuverability cut by 50%. Firepower is jammed, only guns Anton and Belta are operational."

"Did you find the Grahf Crystal, Franz?"

"There's an unusually large amount of energy east of where we are right now. It seems that the Grahf Crystal is being used right now."

"Darn. Where's Billy?"

"Billy's moving toward Sovar. He's leading off the other Gears toward Felth. Should we engage?"

"No. Is our new tractor beam still operational?"

"Yessir, but."

"I don't care. Move toward the Crystal, than use the tractor beam to get it."



Fei gasped. "How can it be that big? Last time I saw it, it was as big as a nut."

"When the crystal is used more frequently, it grows in size. But for now, I can use this to destroy you. Grahf Crystal, heed thy call!"

The Crystal shuddered, than rose up in the air. It's shape turned into the shape of Alpha Weltall, and Grahf was on its shoulder. "Seeker of power, what does thy request?"

"I want the power to destroy these idiots."

"So shall it be." The Gear rose its hand. "My hand is the divine breath!" The hand glowed, than the other hand was lifted. "Blossom, o fallen seed, and draw upon thy hidden powers!" The hand shot a blinding ray of Ether energy at
the Gear, and on the visual communications screen, Felth's face turned red and contorted."

"Hahahaha! I now am enough to wipe you out!"

Billy flew in. "Shut up. You talk too much."

Chu-chu bounced in, slammed into Felth, and grabbed the crystal. "Thank chu! I have chu be going now."
Citan's Gear flew in. "Chu-chu, use that on our Omnigears!"


Fei cried in relief. "What are you all doing here? I thought we were done for!"

"Bart saw what you needed. He was going to grab it with the tractor beam, but the lens was chipped, and he couldn't focus it."

"All done! Get in your Gears!" Citan hopped out, and ran into Fenrir. "Systems are functional. Let's go!"

Felth started to rise from the place where Chu-chu knocked him down. "Get. . . you."

Fenrir turned, and threw its katana, hitting it straight in the cockpit. "Let's go Fei! The Ether energy here will wipe us out if we don't hurry!" Chu-chu turned to them. "I can stand the Energy a bit longer! Try to get back
to Bart!"

Fei shook his head. "This energy is too intense! Move out!" Fenrir turned toward Justice. Justice was getting up, and despite the Katana sticking out of it's chest, was pulling out a vulcan gun and winding it up.

"We cannot stay here much longer! Justice is already getting up!"

Fei made a choice. "Okay, you guys split. Xenogears and I can take this stupid guy on."

Michael spoke up. "I have to stay. Got you guys into this mess, now I have to get you out."

"I'm staying too!" said Elly.

"Okay. Citan, tell Bart to try to get the Depth Charges ready! Tell him to hit when I say so!" Bart came in on the intercom. "Already done. Hit that guy fast! If you can't take him much longer, I'll go out in Andvari."


The vulcan gun had finished winding, and fired two slugs at the Yggdrasil. They hit, but they scattered off, and didn't do much damage.

Felth growled. "You filthy bastards. By the time I'm through with you, you'll be nothing but a shadow on this earth." Aero stepped forward. "Yeah? Well, since I have the power AND the experience, I'm enough to take you down!"

Bart frowned. "This is not good."

Sigurd nodded. "We have taken very serious damage so far. That fight with the Solarian warships just about took all our strength and armor. We can't last for long out here."

"Sir! On sonar we have TWO Gears, one matching the description of Justice, but the other is red. The structural frame is similar on both, but the other has a high Ether and power output."

Bart gasped. "Could it be.that Felth has an Id himself?"

Fei blinked. "Is it just me, or did Felth's Gear.multiply?"

"That's right, but that Gear is red. What happened.?"

The red Justice, hunched over, stood up, and it held the Grahf Crystal.

"I am the Grahf Crystal entity. I am known as Id/Grahf."

"Id.? What happened to Felth?"

"He was cloned by me, now he is worthless. You see, if you use the Grahf Crystal, you're basically signing your life away. I then have the power to possess you, and take out your Id."

The Red Gear began to glow. "I am now free. Try to destroy me. At this very moment, Miang2 should be preparing Deus, and sending Seraphs around the world. You can't do anything."

Fei sprouted it's infinity wings. "I just have one question. Why didn't you possess Chu-chu?"

"That low life animal? Hmph. You HAVE to be smarter than that." Chu-chu screamed over the comm unit. "I'm not lowlife, I'm Chu-chu."

Fei shrugged. "Okay. But we still gotta stop you. First things first." The Id/Grahf drew a Mace. "Well prepare to die."

Michael stepped up. "I'm not afraid of you."

"I didn't think you were."

Michael rammed into the Gear. "Shut up Grahf. I have to stop you."

"And how are you going to do that?" The Gear rose up and smashed Michael's sensors with the Mace. "Face it, you're helpless."

Michael's Gear began to glow with Ether Energy. "One thing you did not know, is that I had direct contact with the Zohar, giving me unlimited Ether energy." The Gear turned toward Fei. "I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. I
had to get the crystal, and telling you that I was stupid enough to go to the Zohar and risking my sanity was not the best choice I had in mind."

"But.but why do you still have Ether? That's." Fei's voice drifted off.

"There was an alien presence in the Zohar. It felt comforting, like an old friend. I didn't know what to call it, and in my mind was power. It granted me that and I crashed into Sovar getting the crystal."

The Wave Existence. Fei thought. "Michael, what should we do?"

"I can take on both of them. MY Ether energy rating is about 500 now. If you don't go, you'll be incinerated. Go."

"What about you?"

Michael frowned. "I've done too much. I'm gonna take myself out too."

"NO! You're the only one who has Contact powers like me! You can't die! We are an endangered species.sort of. Anyway, what am I gonna tell the others?"

"Tell them that I'm sorry for being so selfish. GO!"

Michael used his Ether aura to push away Fei and Elly. "Fei, one other thing. I'm not the only one. There are two more. I found them, but now I can't do anything. Find them, and have them go on our side. If Sovar catches them.we're in trouble. Get out of here. Find them."

"Two.more? Where? What."

Aero began to stream coherant light out of it's body. Fei and Elly boostered they jets and scrambled out.


The beams hit Id/Grahf and Felth as well. "Farewell, my friends." Then everything exploded.


When Fei regained consciousness, he was lying in the Medical bay of the Yggdrasil, with everyone looking over him. "Hmm, huh?" Bart looked like he was going to cry. He plopped down on a seat and tears streamed down. Margie ran out. Rico leaned against the wall and stared blankly at the floor.

Citan looked solemn. "Fei, are you all right?"

"Yeah. What happened?"

Bart choked out in spite of his tears. "He died to save us."


"Michael destroyed everything.Sovar, the warships, and Felth as well."

Fei felt himself shudder. He remembered the sacrifice Grahf had made to save Fei. "Did he really.?"

"Of course you idiot! He died so we could save the world. He saved." Bart's voice faltered and he ran out of the room.

Citan looked sad himself. "I did not know that he would even go that far. He made the ultimate sacrifice. He also destroyed the Grahf Crystal. What.are we to do now?"

Fei closed his eyes. He remembered how Michael had saved him, had laughed, smiled, frowned.And they were never to see that again. "He made the sacrifice. So now what? I know now I am not the only one with
Contact powers. Time to go find them."

End of Part 1 be continued