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By: Nathan Walsh

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Xenogears: The Nisan Sanctuary

Author's Notes:
For a complete character background and description for this story, please do read the
Character Add-On.

Nutz' Notes:
This particular fanfic doesn't necessarily follow the conventional Xenogears topic and set of characters, however, this piece has its own plot that would certainly make you read on. Enjoy.

'Imagine a world that has suffered from chaos, destruction, and war. Peace was now a memory that never happened, and civilization was on the verge of death. Suddenly, one day, a miracle arrived. A mysterious being came from the sky and looked at the dying land and people. Five curious little children wandered towards him. He could not find their parents. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out five imprinted stones on chains. He put the stones around each of the children's neck and teleported them to five different points on the planet, each to a family who could support them. The being then pulled out a giant crystal and buried it in the earth. The earth began to sprout life again, but it would only last for 15 years. Then, the crystal would wear out. He hoped that when that occurs, that the five children would come together and find a new crystal, or destroy the people that mutilated the planet. Then, the being vanished. The name of this planet is....


The year is 4501. Dionn is located at the edge of the Cultax system, which is located over 1,000,000 light-years from earth. Technology here is highly advanced from earths. Five species live on this planet, Human, monster, robot, changeling and magician. These species rarely come in contact all at once. Almost exactly 15 years later, this story begins. It tells the story and journey of all five children and their friends. The five children's names are Clian, Dior, Sicaor, Merlin and Fiop. The story now begins…



"Clian! Time for dinner!"

Clian lives in a little village in the eastern-most continent of Dionn. For the most part of Clian's life, he is a farmer. He gets most of his food and money from that. At this moment, Clian is in the field gathering up the harvest.

"Coming Ma!" Clian yelled. Clian rushed back to his house and put his harvesting tools away. He went inside and washed up for dinner.

Clian, now at the age of 18, is a hard-worker. He has never taken off the stone around his neck ever since he got it. He does not remember how or when he got it, but he seemed connected to it. He did not know what the symbol on it meant, but he did not worry about it.

"What's for dinner, Ma?" Clian asked his mother.

"Lamb" his mother answered.
Clian sat down at the dinner table with his two sisters, his mother, and his father. They all said grace, and started to eat.
"So" Clian's mother asked, "When do you think that everything will be harvested?"
"I'd say in about a week or so" Clian answered.
"That's sooner that I thought it would be done" his father stated.
"Well" Clian started, "I don't see you go…"
"Clian!" his mother interrupted. "You know your father can't walk!"
"It's all right, Bedte," his father said. "You don't have to protect me. If he wants to say something, he can. It's not like he's our…"
"That's enough, Ben!" Bedte shouted.
"No Ma." Clian ordered. "Not your what?"
Ben thought for a minute, knowing that he stupidly let the cat out of the bag. Then he said.
"That you are not our son."
"You're pulling my leg dad!" Clian said chuckling. "Now tell me the truth."
"I just did." Ben said.
"What do you mean?" Clian asked curiously.
Ben took a deep breath and started a long story.
"About 15 years ago, me and your mother came across you outside our house. A vision of a being appeared and told us to take care of you until something happened 15 years later. Then, this land was completely dry and dead. Nothing grew. The being put a crystal in the ground and said it would produce life for exactly 15 years. 15 years will e the exact date in 2 weeks."
"And…" Clian started, "What does this thing on my stone say?"
"We don't know." Bedte chimed in. "He never told us. But we do know that there's 4 more of them somewhere on this planet."
"Well I guess I better go find them then." Clian stated.
"WHAT?" Ben yelled.
"You now the law," Clian told him. "When you turn 18, you leave home. I've passed that date by 6 months. I'm leaving in 2 days."
With that, Clian left from the table and went upstairs.
"You think he's ready?" Ben asked.
"He has to be."

Clian's journey will begin soon...


Dior cannot speak. He is a changeling. Changelings have no vocabulary. They make shapes and works out of their liquefied skin. When Dior arrived as a kid to his family, they would not accept him and abandoned him. Since changelings do not eat, drink, or sleep, caring is not something they need. Dior just wanders the world. At this point of time, Dior is on the southwestern continent. He has one companion with him that knows he's a changeling and has tried to teach him English. His name is Axle. Now, the two of them are walking to the rich city of Dennmar. Dior is now 20 in human years.

"So," Axle stated, "Where we going in Dennmar, Dior?"
Dior looked at him, knowing the answer.
"…Hhho…. Hottt…. Hhoottteeeee…. Hhootell…. Hhotel. Hotel. Hotel!" Dior told him with confidence.
"Right." Axle told him. "If you don't want to speak, just use the sign language I taught you, Ok?"
"Ok.'' Dior told him.
After a few hours, Dior and Axle arrived at the Dennmar border. Axle went up to the counter.
"How long will you to be staying?" asked the booth.
"About 3 days." Axle told him.
A slot opened on the booth and handed out a small ticket. Axle took it and the booth said:
"Enjoy your stay."


"So, after we stop at the hotel, where do you want to go from their, Dior?"
Axle and Dior were on their way to the hotel, cutting through the alleyways because there was so much traffic. It was a lot faster then the hover-cars, and was less noisy.
"Well?" Axle asked him again.
"What the hell are you doing here, jerks?"
Dior and Axle looked above them, and saw a few dozen punks hanging from the staircase.
"This is our turf! Get lost, or we'll make you!" one of them yelled.
Axle looked at Dior and pointed to the punks. Dior looked at them at put his finger to his neck and pretended to slice it off. Dior knew what to do. He ripped his hand off and turned it into a boulder.
"What are you? A freak!" the punk yelled.
Dior launched the boulder at the punks and it smothered them. It did not kill them, though. As soon as it hit them, it formed back into a liquid and went back into Dior.
"Let's go before they get up!" Axle yelled to him, and they ran to the direction of the hotel.

Until Axle and Dior rest at the hotel, we shall switch again. From Clian, to Dior, and now to Sicaor.



Sicaor grew up learning the art of what people from earth called "Vegas." Of all the people from Dionn, Sicaor was the first Dionnian to learn this art. Being at 20 years of age, he learned this art from a fanatic Vegas player from earth. He taught him everything that he knew. Sicaor lived with him until he went back to earth a year ago. However, when he left, he knew everything that he needed to know. His favorite Vegas games were Poker and Blackjack. Now, the Vegas sport is now a national event in Dionn. He is now on the southern most continent.

"Gee, Sicaor. You can't lose can you?"
"No, Ion. Remember, I learned from the best."
Sicaor and Ion were in the "Vegas Lot," the biggest casino in Dionn. Since Sicaor dedicated this place to his mentor, the legal age to play is his own. 20. Him and Ion go there every day.
"Hey, Sicaor!" Ion yelled to him. "Maybe we can find someone who can actually beat you!"
"I doubt that very much." Sicaor said laughing at him. "The only one who could beat me is Vegas himself!"
Somebody tapped him on his shoulder. Sicaor turned around and almost went into shock.
The man looked up at Sicaor and grinned.
"Yep. It is me, kid. How ya been doing?"
"Damn, am I glad to see you. When did you get back?"
"Yesterday. I went to your house, but no one was there. I heard that there was a casino named after me. I came here, am here I am."
Sicaor and Ion looked like they saw a ghost.
"It's a honor to see you Mr. Lot!" Ion stated to him.
"Please," Vegas ordered, "call me Vegas."
"So," Sicaor asked him, "Why did you come back here?"
"Well," Vegas started, "Once I got to earth 6 months ago, I found out that my old house was torn down. Therefore, I came back here. Since it takes half a year just to get to earth, it seems like I've only been gone 2 days."
"So why you back then?" Ion asked.
"It's home."

Sicaor and Vegas will have a family reunion in a while, but now we must switch again. From Clian, to Dior, to Sicaor, and now to Merlin.



Someone also raised Merlin from earth. However, this being came from earth over three millenniums ago. Merlin received his name after the person who raised him. Now he's just as good magician as his mentor was. Until his mentor's death 3 years ago, Merlin always tested his magic to the limit, trying to make new spells as he learned. At this point, Merlin, now 19, is in the middle of the southern forest in the middle continent, testing more magic.


Merlin raised his hand in the air and pointed it to a rock close to 50 yards away.
"Fira, bigga, nuka!" Merlin yelled and shot the rock with his hand.
At first, the rock did nothing. Suddenly, it started to glow. It grew a little, and then, blew up into hundreds of pieces. Merlin seemed pleased with himself.
"Exceptional results." murmured Merlin. "I think I'll call this spell, nuka. Master said that the word nuke came from the 20th century. It was a weapon used by the humans. It was very powerful. It could take out a mere city in one shot. Too bad they do not make them anymore. I would love to experiment on it. I bet…"
Merlin stopped talking. He thought that he heard something. Looking around, he saw a piece of blue clothing on a branch of a tree.
"Now how did this get here?" Merlin asked.
Suddenly, he heard a branch crack. Merlin spun around, and saw a robot about a foot tall skidding away.
"Hey you! STOP!" Merlin yelled.
The robot turned around and started at Merlin.
"Identify yourself."
"My name's Merlin. What about you?"
"" the robot answered.
"Hum," Merlin whispered. "How about we call you 098?"
"…Acknowledge. Name changed to '098'"
"All right then." Merlin stated. "Now, why are you in the middle of this forest?"
"10 years ago, master sent me on mission no.13. Objective: Classified. When finished mission, return to base in Site ABC. Mission has now lead me to this location."
"OK then," Merlin told him. "Now, where's site ABC?"
"Location classified."
"Of course it is," Merlin said sarcastically. "Well, if you tell me what you're looking for, I could try to help you. OK?"
"Sure. I could be a big help."
"When were you sent on this mission?"
"…Approximately 10 years ago."
"Well don't you think that what you're looking for is gone?"
"Permission to come along?"


Merlin and 098 will leave the island soon, and until then, we shall change yet again. From Clian, to Dior, to Sicaor, to Merlin, and now to Fiop.



On the northwestern continent, in a much-polluted town, Fiop lives as a writer. She has learned so much about her past, since she has a photographic memory. She tries to write whenever she can. Her "parents" always work in the south, and pay no attention to her. Now, at the age of 19, she is now writing a novel on one of the best-selling games of Earth, "Duke Nukem 3D" Let us read…

Duke roamed the streets of the now destroyed LA. The aliens have arrived only a few hours ago, but he has seen no sign of human life. Crushing alien…
A strange noise came from the next room.
"Boxx! What the hell are you doing in there? You've been in there for over an hour!"
"It wont come out, Fiop!" someone answered.
"Gees, how long does it take to get a hairball out of the sink?"
"This long!" Boxx answered and opened the door.
Fiop left her computer and went in the room. A hairball the size of a video was on the ground near the sink.
"My god Boxx, what have you been eating?"
"Beats me." Boxx shot back.
"Man, just put it in the house next door and let's go down town."


In Fiop's town of Licos, there are video arcades, malls, and other fun activities. Her and her friends hang out there all the time. Nothing exiting ever happens at her house, and she has nothing better to do but to write.

"Hey, Fiop. Why the long face?" Boxx asked.
"There's nothing to do!" she snapped. "We do not have any money, so why are we here?"
"Helloooo Fiop!" someone howled.
Fiop and Boxx turned around and saw three people walking up the promenade.
"Great." Fiop whispered to Boxx. "It's Macs-Dioxii."
Macs-Dioxii is the worst student at University in Licos. He thinks that he is so cool. He does drugs as much as he tries to hit on women.
"How's it going, Fiop?" Macs asked her winking.
"Get out of my face, Macs!" Fiop scowled. "I'm in a bad mood."
"Oh! Fiop's in a bad mood! Stay away! St…"
He did not get to finish, because she cracked him on the side of his head.
"Come on Boxx. Let us get out of here. I'm tired.''

Fiop and Boxx will arrive back at her house soon, but now we will switch again. Now, there will be a letter on the side defying the person talking now.


"Just as well I leave. Pa never did anything for me. Going to find out what this stone means and where the other ones are."
Clian packed all he could that was important into his case and went down stairs to say goodbye to his family. His pa was at the door waiting for him.


"Hi son." Ben stated.
"Where's Ma and my sisters?" Clian asked demandingly.
"They went out about an hour ago. I wanted to apologize for two days ago. I shouldn't have said what I did."
"That's Ok, Pa." Clian told him. "But do you know what this stone means?"
"Haven't the dumbest idea." Ben told him. ''But good luck."
"Yeah, yeah." Clian yapped and left the house.
Ben watched as Clian walked to the road and walked towards Barrod, the capital of the continent.
"He's going to need it."

Clian walked for about 5 miles until someone finally picked him up. The hover-truck slowed to a stop to pick him up. As soon as Clian got him, the H-T diver sped away.
"Thanks for picking me up, Mister."
"Nothing to it, kid."
The driver looked drunk, smoking a cigar and pot-bellied.
"So," Clian started, "where you going?"
"Stoppin' at Barrod before I go to the Kuliar continent down south."
"Great. That's where I want to go." Clian told him. "What's down south?"
"Site ABC," he told him. "By the way, the name's Turoc."
"Clian. What's site ABC?"
"Um, lets see… it's 'Atomic Biological Compound'."
"Why you going there?"
"Classified information."
With that, Clian sat back and Turoc drove down the road to Barrod.


"Man, am I beat!"
Dior and Axle arrived at the hotel only 10 minutes ago, and after fighting the punks, they were tired.
"Mind if I turn on the TV?" Axle asked.
Dior nodded and Axle flipped the switch and the TV turned on.
"Hey, know what time it is?" Axle asked.
Dior pointed at the clock witch read 3:58.
"News should be coming on soon," Axle told him. " Maybe something interesting will be… WHAT?"
Dior and Axle stared at the TV screen that showed a picture of Dior with a wanted sign above it. It had a reward of 10000 gel. It had the charge of 1st degree murder to a UPO (Universal Peace Officer). The date of the murder was yesterday.
"That's impossible!" Axle yelled. "You were walking with me for the past 2 days. Wait a minute… Changelings can form into other people, right?"
Dior nodded.
"Your being framed, Dior! We gotta get out of here, now!"
Dior and Axle left the room with the "Do not disturb" sign hanging on the door handle.


"You mean I'm that popular?" Vegas asked in astonishment.
"Yep." Sicaor told him. "Everyone in this province is obsessed with the sport. Somebody donated a lot of money to make it that popular."
"So," Vegas started, "nobody but you two know I'm here?"
"Not that I know of," Ion said piping up.
Vegas took them out of the building and went to Sicaor's house next door.
"Listen," Vegas started," while I was on earth, I asked around about the pendant you have there. Somewhere else on this planet, there are four more pendants. The symbols are Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Life."
"You know what mine is?" Sicaor asked curiously.
"I don't know." Vegas told him. "I think I can tell you where they are though."
"How's that?" Ion said questioning him.
"See this?" Vegas said pulling out something from his pocket." A friend of mine tuned it so it will find all the stones. They are all different colors. Watch."
Vegas pulled a switch and the screen turned on. It showed a map of Dionn, every continent. On the Vegas continent, it had a black spot.
"That black spot is you." Vegas stated. "These other spots are the other stones."
"Anything else you found out about?" Sicaor asked.
"Only that is you don't do in the next 12 days, there will be no point to it."


A huge cloud of smoke came out of nowhere near Site ABC, and out of the cloud, Merlin and 098 emerged. The hot wind hit their heads.
"This site ABC?" Merlin asked to 098.
"So, where's the front door?"
Merlin looked around and saw nothing but rocks and sand for miles. The only man made thing was a post beside them. 098 went towards it and a little trigger came out of him. 098 pushed the trigger, and it went into the post and suddenly the earth began to shake.
"Hey! What did you do?"
An elevator came up from the sand behind them.
"Come Merlin."
Merlin went with 098 into the elevator and it descended into the earth.
"I must contact my master now. Be patient. We will arrive soon."
"Fine by me."


Fiop got back at her house late in the evening. Boxx went home, and now she was pretty board.
"Well, I guess I could write on my story."
She went to her laptop and turned it on.
"Hello? What have we here?"
Fiop looked at the screen which read "New Mail Has Arrived!" She clicked on the mail and started to read.
I am the one who sent you the stone around your neck. Go outside your house immediately."
Fiop did what the letter said. She went outside and waited.
"Been 10 minutes. Guess the person's not going to show."
Before she had a chance to move, the wind kicked up and a bright light came above her.
"What the hell? What is this!"
"Hello, Fiop."
"Who are you?"
"My name is not important," the light told her. "I gave you that stone 15 years ago. In the near future, this planet will be the way it was before. You are one of the five people selected to save Dionn."
"Where are those people?" Fiop yelled to the light.
"Take this map and find out." From the light, a map fell to the ground.
"But what do these stones mean?"
"All I can say is yours means Water." Then, the light vanished as fast as it appeared.
Fiop picked up the map and looked at it. There were colored dots on it, Black, Red, Blue, Green, and white. By looks of the map, hers was Red.
"Better go wake Boxx up. This may take a very long time."


Suddenly, a buzzer started going off at the bottom of the radio.
"What's that?" Clian asked curiously.
"A Com system," Turoc stated. "Someone's calling me."
Turoc reached for the receiver and pressed the flashing button.
"Turoc here."
"Hello master."
"Who is this?"
"What? You're still alive?"
"In the metal, sir."
"Man, it has been a long time, 098."
"10 years, sir."
"So, where are you now?"
"Site ABC, sir."
"You completed your mission?"
"No, sir."
"Then… why you there?"
"Someone took me here."
"His name is Merlin."
"Can you trust him?"
"You have any information on your status in the mission?"
"Is anyone with you, sir?"
"He must leave. Now."
"Sure thing. Hey, kid."
"Yeah?" Clian asked piping up.
"You think you can walk the rest of the way?"
"How long is it away?"
"About a mile."
"I guess so." Clian said doubtfully.
Turoc slowed to a stop and Clian jumped out. As soon as he did, Turoc drove away.
"Better start walking."


Dior and Axle rushed up the fire escape. Since probably all of Dennmar saw that broadcast, taking the streets was out of the question.
Busting out the roof door, Axle asked, "You can turn into something that can fly, can't you?"
Dior nodded and started to change his form.
Wonder what he's changing into, Axle said to himself.
After a minute of so, Dior turned out to be a rocket of some sort. Out of the rocket, Dior jumped out. Signaling Axle to get in, Axle rushed into the rocket within a second.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Axle told him. "Hit the gas!"
Without wasting a second, Dior launched the rocket off in the sky.


"Hey! Where'd all these bright lights come from?"
Dior and Axle found themselves in a storm of lights in the middle of the sky. Suddenly, the rocket stopped moving.
"What the hell happened? Dior, why aren't we moving?"
Dior shrugged his shoulders, and right after that, a figure of a man came in the rocket.
"Greetings, Dior," the man said. "Do you remember me from 15 years ago?"
Dior nodded.
"Good. In the next 12 days, you must save this planet. The pendant around your neck is the key to saving this planet. There are four more of them in this world. You must find them and join in the quest. Your pendant means Earth. Here is a device to find the other pendants. Good luck, Dior."
From the see-through man dropped a control panel and then the man disappeared.
"…You know that thing?" Axle said in astonishment.
Dior nodded.
"I guess we better find the other people then." Axle told him. "So, where's the nearest pendant?"
Axle took the panel from the ground and stared at it for a minute.
"Lets see…The two that are closest to us are moving east pretty fast. The other two are on the eastern continents. One of them is moving south; the other is not even budging. Let's go to that one first."
The rocket turned and veered towards the Kuliar continent.


After Vegas told Sicaor and Ion about the four other stones, they took the first light-train to the warp-airport a few miles north from there.
"Ok." Ion said half-awake. "Where to first?"
"Well," Sicaor stated, "the one that is probably closest is on the continent Cliio. Always wanted to visit Licos as it is. Might as well go there first."
"Don't matter to me." Ion yawned.
Sicaor and Ion just sat back and waited for the train to stop at the airport.


They both arrived on the plane about five minutes ago and already have traveled halfway to Licos.
"Hey," Ion said waking up, " does that thing have any information about who has this stone?"
"Maybe." Sicaor told him. "I can look."
Sicaor started to press some buttons and a picture of Fiop finally appeared on the screen. Ion whistled and his jaw dropped.
"My god!" Ion said in shock. " She's hot!"
"Glad you think so." Sicaor told him. "You don't even know her."
"Maybe." Ion said snickering.
"Lets have a look." Sicaor said looking down the screen. "Fiop, age 19, 5'10'', likes writing, and so on. Pretty boring if you ask me. Well, were going to see her in about half an hour."
"I can't wait to meet her!" Ion said excitingly.
"Sure you can't."


Still waiting for 098 to stop talking to his master, Merlin paced around the small elevator.
"I wish that I knew who he was talking to." Merlin thought to himself.
After a few minutes, 098's com. Light stopped blinking.
"I am finished."
"Well, how much longer do we have to wait to get down to where we're going?"
"Approx. 45 seconds."
"Down to the specific, aren't you?"
"So who'd you talk to?"
"My master."
"Who's he?"
"I know, I know. It's classified. He's coming here?"
"Hey, I gotta favor to ask you."
"You wouldn't have any information about this pendant, would you?"
098 stayed silent. Some of his lights blinked and flickered, processing the info that he heard.
"Well? What do you have?"
Suddenly, the elevator stopped.
"We have arrived."


"So, you want me to help you find these other pendants?"
"Come on Boxx!" Fiop yelled. "It's a matter of life and death! Please?"
"Well…" Boxx mumbled, "Ok. So, where do we go first?"
"Let me check the map." Fiop told her and pulled it out. "That… man told me that this tracks the position of all the pendants. Whoa! One of them is coming here fast. It's only a mile away."
"Let's go meet him then." Boxx said anxiously.
"Why should we?" Fiop asked. "You can see him from here."
Looking off into the distance, a small hover-car was darting towards the little suburban community. Finally, it stopped about 10 feet in front of them. The door slid open, and two people came out.
"Fiop, I presume?" one of them asked.
"Yes," she answered, "and you might you be?"
"My name is Sicaor, and this is my friend, Ion. I'm guessing you have one of the pendants?"
"Yes I do," Fiop stated. "This is my friend Boxx. You don't mind monsters, do you?"
"Doesn't bother me at all." Sicaor told her.
"So…" Ion said piping up, looking at Fiop. "You busy tonight?"
Boxx raised her arm at him and it turned into a giant claw the size of a bear claw. It was an inch off his eye.
"Nobody, and I mean nobody, tries to hit on my friend! That understood, little guy?"
"Gulp. Clearly." Ion said in a small voice.
"Ok then." Boxx said shrinking her hand to its normal size again.
"So," Fiop started, "where to now?"
"First," Sicaor stated, "we have to find the other pendants. What I know of, they mean Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Life."
"I know." Fiop told him. "A vision of a man came yesterday and told me mine was Water."
"I think mine is Wind." Sicaor said unsure. "On my way here, the pendant on the Riook continent was heading towards another on south-west from here. They will probably meet us later. Let's go to the one that's on the Dioli continent."
"Don't matter to me." Fiop stated.
"Lets get going then."


After a while, Clian arrived at the Barrod city limits. Tired, he stopped at the first bar he saw.
First, Clian though to himself, I'll ask around about the pendants and where there at. Once I find out where they are…
"You want to know about pendants?"
Shocked, Clian turned around and saw a woman about 20 years old beside him.
"You a physic?" Clian asked.
"Yep," the woman said. "For about 4 years."
"And you are…?"
"Sorry. My name is Sayon. And you?"
"Clian. Yes, I want to know about the pendants. You know anything about them?"
"Not much, sorry. I only know what the symbols are and what they mean."
"What does this one mean?" Clian said raising his pendant to her.
"Your one of the receivers? WOW! It's an honor to see you."
"Don't worry about it. Do you know what this one means?"
"Hum…I think this one means Life."
"Life? What does the other ones mean?"
"Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth."
"You know where they are?"
"Sorry, but no."
"You mind if you help me look for them?"
"You serious? Of course I will!"
"When are you ready to leave?"
Sayon picked up her purse and books.
"Now would be good."

On the Cliaox planet, in that same solar system, in a fortress of evil, was the emperor of the Cultax system. He was watching the course of events that had just happened in the past 2 days.

"DAMN! Those kids are going to ruin everything! Why did Power tell them about the pendants again? I CANNOT let them find another crystal! They do not know it affects this planet. Huras! Get the hell out here! NOW!"
The door on the left slid open and a man in a cloak rushed out.
"Yes, my emperor?"
"I want you to stop those kids from saving that planet!"
"Why, my em…."
The emperor raised his hand and Huras lifted into the air, unable to breathe.
"Is that understood?" the emperor yelled.
With that, the emperor put his arm back down and Huras crashed into the floor.
"I shall go at once, my emperor."
Huras left the room from the door he came in.
"If those kids save that planet, I can never forgive myself. I hope that they'll forget about the pendants."



"So were going to the Kuliar continent?"
Dior nodded quickly.
"We should be there in about 3 minutes. Where's the pendant in there?"
Dior took the panel from Axle and pushed some buttons. He gave it back to him, pointing at a few lines.
"Site ABC? I didn't think it existed!" Axle said shocked.
Dior shrugged his shoulders.
"Doesn't matter then does it? Well be there soon."

"So… where is it?"
Dior and Axle were in the desert at Site ABC. However, they could not find the elevator to get down.
"Shouldn't there be a door? Or an ele…"
Axle stopped in mid sentence when he saw a little piece of metal on the ground with some buttons. He pushed the one that said DOWN, and an elevator popped up behind them.
"Identify yourselves!"
The voice came from inside the elevator. Axle pushed the open button.
"It's been a while since I've seen a human face!" the man inside yelled.
"Who are you? Axle asked.
"My name's Merlin. This is 098." Merlin said pointing at the robot beside him.
"My name's Axle. This is Dior. He's a changeling."
"Why are you present here?"
"We found a signal of a pendant here."
"Like this?" Merlin asked showing his pendant.
"Exactly! Do you know where you got?"
"Not a clue. Why?"
"Because this planet is coming to a end. Only the five pendants can save it. We have to find the other one's. Will you help us?"
"Just wait a sec."
Merlin then turned to 098.
"You going to come?"
"I must wait for my master. You have permission to leave."
Merlin then turned to Dior and Axle.
"Where to first?"


"Hey Sicaor, you have and info on the one who has the pendant on the Dioli continent?"
"I can check." Sicaor responded. He started to push some buttons.
"OK. Let's see." Sicaor stated. "Clian. Age 18. 6'0''. Farmer, and so on."
"Who you talking about?" Fiop said from the seat behind them.
"The one who has the pendant that were going to see." Ion told her. "Oh, and…sorry for earlier.
"It's ok." Fiop mumbled. "Now, what about that guy were seeing?"
When Fiop saw the picture of Clian, all she did was stare at him.
"Where seeing him? How soon?"
"About half an hour." Sicaor stated.
Ion just sat in his chair and grunted.
"Do I detect a hint of jealousy here?" Sicaor asked quietly.


"Well," Axle started, "the two people north-east from here are going the Barrod City up north. The last person must be up there."
"Know how long it's going to take to get up there?" Merlin asked.
"I'd say about an hour."
"I think that we can get…."
"So that you know," Axle interrupted," Changelings cannot transport by magic. Don't ask me why, its just fact."
"Well, that… wait. How'd you know I could do magic?"
"By your name."
"Oh. So, what are we going to use to get there?"
Axle pointed to Dior, and Dior started to change shape.
"What's he changing into, Axle?" Merlin whispered.
"I think a rocket again."
"Yeah. That's how get got here."
A few minutes later, Dior finally had a rocket made and was ready to go. Dior came out of the rocket and motioned them to go in.
"Are you afraid of flying by any chance?"
"No. Why?"
"Because Dior isn't really good at steering." Axle snickered.


Fiop, Boxx, Sicaor and Ion were on the plain going to the Dioli continent and they had about 15 more minutes to go before they got there. Fiop was sitting in her chair, studying the picture of Clian.
"Does it seem that you're interested in him, Fiop?" Boxx asked.
"You bet I am!" Fiop responded. "Just look at him!"
"I know. I saw him. From what I can tell, the two other pendants are going to see him now. There be there in an hour by estimate… Hello? You home?"
"What? Yeah I heard ya."
"I think it's going to be hot up there."
"Why is that?"
"It's the middle of July. Take a guess why. You are only about half-awake their, Fiop. Take a rest."
"I guess your right." With that, Fiop leaned back in her chair and fell asleep.


In the evil fortress on the Cliaox planet, emperor Rex lives This fortress is called Rex, which is Latin for king. The emperor Rex has owned the fortress for over 30 years.

"Those kids are really pissing me off! If they meet that, last… wait a minute. HURAS! Get back in here!"
The door on the left opened again, and Huras came back out.
"Yes, my emperor?"
"That last kid there. I want you to capture him. I do not want those kids finding him. EVER!"
"Where shall I put him, sir?"
"Hum…Huras, where is a life threatening place on Dionn?"
"There is the 26 hour active volcano, the new ending abyss, Site ABC, the…"
"Site ABC. Take the kid to Site ABC."
"As you wish, my emperor."
Huras pressed some buttons on his left arm, and transported off Cliaox to Dionn in 10 seconds.
If he fails me, Rex thought to himself, I still have four other worthy servants.
Rex grinned and watched the screen in front of him, which showed Clian.


While exiting the bar, Clian and Sayon stopped in front of a mysterious man. He had a cloak on which covered his face.
"Good afternoon." The man told them.
"Hi." Clian said friendly. "Um, do we know you?"
"I don't think so," the man told them. "Excuse me. My name is Huras."
"I'm Clian. This is Sayon."
"Hi." Sayon told him.
"Could you two come with me for a second?" Huras asked quickly.
"I suppose so," Clian answered. "Come on Sayon."
Clian and Sayon followed Huras for about five minutes down the road and then he turned towards them.
"Can you take this?" Huras asked handing out a cloth.
"What is it?" Sayon asked back taking it.
Clian opened the cloth to see a small crystal inside. Suddenly, the crystal started to glow.
"What's with this…."
Sayon did not get to finish, because then at that time they disappeared.


"…Thing? Hey! Where are we?"
Clian and Sayon appeared in Site ABC. Behind the two teenagers was an elevator. Suddenly, the elevator light came on and the door opened. Inside the door was a little robot.
"Intruder! Intruder! Hands above your head!"
The robot's arm went into itself and came out as a HSRR (High Shot Rate Rifle) which pointed at both of them. Clian and Sayon did what he told them to do.
"In front of me. Now, walk!"
Clian and Sayon walked down the corridor where the robot told them to go. As they walked deeper and deeper into the complex, Clian tried to have a conversation with the robot.
"So, what's your name?"
"I am 098."
"Where'd you come from?"
"Here. Stop talking. Walk!"
Suddenly, 098 stopped rolling.
"Come here. You will stay in this room."
098 hit a button and a door opened beside them. Clian and Sayon went into the room and the door shut.
"Now what?" Sayon asked.
A huge growl came from the dark.
"I think were going to be lunch."


"Was that what you wanted, my emperor?"
"Just what I wanted. Thank you, Huras, you serve me well. You may have 60 minutes free time. Go."
Huras left out the back door.
That is what I wanted indeed.

"Isn't there a light switch in here?"
Suddenly, the whole room lit up and in the corner of the room, where the growl came from was a huge monster. On it's back legs, staring at Clian and Sayon like prey. Looking behind the creature, Clian saw that huge chains against the wall locked it up.
"I guess it can't get us." Sayon said relieved.
The creature started to claw and bite the chains until they broke.
"…Or not."
It started to crawl towards them until it saw Clian's pendant. Then, it sat down, waiting for something.
"Why aren't we dead yet?" Sayon asked nervously.
"It saw something that made it… the pendant. It saw the pendant."
"Well, now what are we going to do?" Sayon asked.
"Get out, that's what." Clian told her. "But how are we going to open the do…."
Clian stopped in mid sentence. He looked at the creature, motioning it to come towards them. The creature went towards them.
"What the hell are you doing?" Sayon whispered.
"Watch." Clian said grinning.
Clian pointed to the door. The creature gazed at the door, at Clian, and then it slashed the door down.
"Damn! How'd you do that?"
"Don't have a clue."
The creature then reached into a little package he had and gave Clian a transporter unit.
"Thanks. Can you get out by yourself?"
The creature nodded as if he understood what he said. The creature then ran down the hallway and around the corner.
"Well…" Sayon said in shock. "You think we should leave now?"
"Like hell. Yes I want to leave!"
Clian pushed the big red button on the panel and selected to go back to Barrod City.


Rex stared at the screen. Frowning, he yelled, "HHHURRAASSS! GET IN HERE!"
Nobody came.
"Screw him. I will get another minion. Greq! Get in here!"
The door on the right opened, and a large muscular beast came in.
"You called, my emperor?"
"Yes. See those kids? I want you to ELIMINATE them immediately!"
"As you wish."
Greq went back in the door.
"I must get rid of those kids. I hate kids as it is."


At some points, more than one character is talking at a moment.


"Where did that signal go?" Axle asked.
Dior shrugged his shoulders.
"At least the other ones are here." Merlin said.
"How can you tell?" Axle asked
"Look." Merlin said pointing to the people whom where coming this way. Around their necks where pendants.
"Those are the other pendants." Sicaor stated
"There are five all together. Where's the other one?" Fiop asked
Suddenly in front of the group, lights started to appear. After a second, two people arrived with a small control panel.
"What the hell was that?" Sicaor said in shock.
"I don't have the slightest idea." Ion stated.
"Um… can we help you?" the man said.
"Hey, Fiop. Isn't that that guy with the pendant?" Boxx whispered.
"Yeah. I think it is. Hey! Is your name Clian?" Fiop asked curiously.
"How'd you know?" Clian told her.
"Sicaor. He's the one where looking for!"
"Now where all here." Sicaor told everyone.
"You mind telling me what's going on?" the woman asked.
"You know as much as me Sayon." Clian told her.
Before Sayon could get an answer from anyone else, a small ship appeared from the ground. A door in it opened and a huge monster came out. It looked directly and the group of people in front of him, Clian and Sayon being behind him.
"Are you the ones with the pendants?" he asked.
"Yes." Sicaor told him.
"Good." He said and pulled out a small gun.
"Hey! Wait a min…"
The beast shot them all and a huge force field went around them. Then he and the group disappeared. Clian and Sayon were still there.
"Who? Where'd they go?" Clian asked.
"I don't know." Sayon told him.


Suddenly, a huge cloud appeared at Clian's feet.
"This is getting way to weird for me." Sayon moaned.
A being came from within the cloud.
"Hello, Clian." It said.
"Who are you?" Clian asked the person.
"I am the one who gave you the pendant. Those people that Greq took are holding the other four pendants. You must go to Cliaox and save them."
"Cliaox? The capitol of the Cultax system?"
"Yes. If they're killed, no one else can save this system."
"Wait. What does this pendant mean?"
"Life. Please hurry. Save them."
"Wait! How do I get there?"
"Use the transporter you have. Now go."
Then, the being vanished. Clian turned to Sayon.
"You wanna come with me?"
"No," she exclaimed. "This is getting way to weird for me. You go ahead."
Clian took the transporter, tuned it until it said 'CLIAOX', and pressed the activation button.
"I'll see you again someday, Sayon." Clian said waving and then he disappeared.


Rex stared at the monitor showing Clian disappearing.
"That bastard Greq! He missed one of the kids. Now he's coming here for him comrades."
He picked up a receiver.
"Attention! Attention! We have an unwelcome guest arriving in a few minutes. Be on the lookout, and position a dozen guards at the prison cells. When the intruder is spotted, shoot to kill. That is all."
Lets see that kid get in this fortress with all the security. Rex thought to himself, and returned to the monitor.


Cliaox is almost like Dionn, but mostly is all vast forests, jungles, and mountains. Rex's fortress is atop one of the highest mountains called 'Forview'. Most of Cliaox's population is close to the mountain.

Clian arrived in a small village right below the mountain. He did not know where the fortress was. Looking for directions, he went to a bar close by. He walked to the counter.
"Hey," Clian said asking the bartender. "How's it going?"
"Good. What do you want?" he exclaimed
"You know someone named 'Greq'?"
"Greq? He's the emperor's bodyguard."
"You know where I can find him?"
The bartender looked at him in shock.
"New around here, aren't you? Atop of the mountain is his fortress."
"Wait. Before you go, take this gun." He handed him a small revolver. "You might need it."
Clian walked out of the bar. Suddenly, someone jumped him.
"HEY! What's goi... mhhnsmmffmrm." Clian yelled.
The person hit him on the head with something hard and Clian fell, out cold.



Dior, Axle, Sicaor, Ion, Merlin, Fiop and Boxx are held in Rex's maximum-security prison, in the lower section of his fortress. Its torture room is known to kill over 1,000,000 people in the past 10 years.


"How the hell are we going to get outta here?" Ion asked quickly.
"Dior could go through the cage door…" Axle stated.
"But the guards would shoot at him!" Sicaor snapped.
"I could shoot it with magic…" Merlin suggested.
"But that still leaves the guards over there." Fiop said pointing down the hallway.
"HEY!" One of guards yelled. "Shut up in there, will ya!"
"Hey, you two!" Boxx screamed. "Come here for a minute."
The two guards walk in front of the cage.
"What do you want?" The other guards asked.
Boxx raised her arm at him and it turned into a stone fist. She hit the door as hard as she could, broke the cage, and sent it flying into the two guards. The impact killed them both.
"Geez!" Axle screeched in shock. "How'd you do that?"
"I'm a monster." She told him. "It's what I do."
"So," Fiop started, "How are we going to get outta here?"



Clian awoke with a splitting headache. There was a huge lump on his forehead where he was hit. Chains onto the stone wall tied him up. It looked like a dungeon to him.
"Where…am…I?" he asked
A door to his right opened, and a man with a cloak came in.
"Hello, Clian." The man stated
"Huras! Why the hell are you here? Where are we?"
Huras pulled out a magnum out and pointed it at Clian
"You're in no position to be asking questions, kid! Now, I do not care what the emperor wants done with you. He does not even know you are here! I am supposed to be dead right now, but…"
Huras took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the chains.
"Get outta here." He told him. "I'm dead anyway. Your friends are up one floor."
"Why? Why do you want me to go?" Clian asked.
"I have no interest in killing children. Now go, before I change my mind. Leave!"
With that, Clian rushed out the door.


Rex was furious about the kids escaping. He was looking at a radar of the fortress.
"Those damn kids! Security teams to section…"
He stopped in mid-sentence. The five dots on the screen, which were the kids, disappeared.
"What the hell? Computer, where did those kids go?"
"To Dionn."
Rex sat back in his chair.
Go ahead. Go back to Dionn. I will find you. I will find you.


"They have arrived at the designated site." The man in Blue said.
"Are you sure they can succeed?" The man in Red asked.
"We don't know." The man in Green responded.
"What if they fail?" The man in Yellow asked.
"They will not fail." The man in Orange told him.
"I hope so." The man in Purple stated
"Tell Power to go to the island." The man in Black ordered.
"As you command." The man in White responded.



The group of people suddenly appeared on an island in the eastern ocean.
"Hey! Does anyone know where we are?" Ion asked.
"We're in the north-eastern hemisphere." Axle stated looking at his control panel.
"How the hell did we get here?" Sicaor yelled.
A sudden beam of light appeared above the group. Inside the beam was a figure of a man.
"Hello, Clian, Dior, Sicaor, Merlin, and Fiop."
"Who are you?" Sicaor asked.
"You will call me Power. As you may know, Dionn is in the state of total destruction. The crystal that is underneath us will wear out in less than 2 weeks. After that, this planet will become obsolete and all civilization will become destroyed. You must either find another crystal, or destroy the people who made this planet the way it was before 15 years ago."
"Are there other crystals?" Axle asked.
"I do not know."
"Who made this planet that way?" Fiop asked.
"The Overlords."
"Overlords? Who are they?" Clian asked.
"They are the superior beings that have more authority then emperor Rex."
"How are we supposed to destroy the Overlords?" Boxx mumbled. " Were not that strong!"
"You must first receive the gift for being able to use your pendants. Then, you might have a chance against them."
"And how are we going to receive the gift?" Sicaor yelled.
"I will give you a training course to receive the gift."
"I don't like the sound of that." Merlin stated.
"When does it start?" Clian asked.
The huge beam of light disappeared and Clian, Dior, Sicaor, Merlin and Fiop disappeared with it.


In the Cultax system, there are five planets, Jordi, Dionn, Sosade, Fiden, and Cliaox. Jordi, the planet closest to the sun, is mostly hot temperatures and millions of volcanoes. A normal temperature here is 120ºF. Day and night. Sosade is made of extremely high cliffs and no water. Huge tornadoes happen here at least 3 times a week. Fiden, the planet farthest from the sun, is made of ice and water. There is no earth on this planet, just continents of ice, water and snow.



Sicaor appeared on the surface of the planet Jordi. The scorching heat hit him as soon as he got there.
"HOLY! Geez it's hot!" he yelled.
A bright light appeared above him. It was Power.
"This is where you will train to get the ability to use your pendant of Fire."
"Fire? So that is what it means…" Sicaor mumbled.
"You see up there?" Power said pointing upward.
Sicaor looked up to where he was pointing. It was to a huge volcano. It looked like it would be active in less then an hour.
"There is a small rune about the size of a large ball. I want you to go up there and get it. Bring it back down to here before the volcano erupts. You have 60 minutes to do so."
"But what if I don't get it?" Sicaor asked sacredly.
"You will get it. Go."
With that, Power disappeared. Sicaor looked up at the huge mountain and sighed.
"Better start climbing."



Fiop appeared on the surface of the planet Fiden. With what she had on, it was freezing. Her teeth started to chatter immediately. The beam of light came over here and Power appeared.
"This is where you will train to get the ability to use your pendant of Water. Here."
Power snapped his fingers and a scuba suit fell from the sky in front of Fiop.
"Somewhere under this ice and water is a small rune the size of a large ball. When you get it, come back here."
"In that water? You got to be kidding!" Fiop screeched. "I'll die from hypothermia!"
"You have an hour before all the heat from your body is gone, in which you will die."
"I'm not doing this!"
"You have no choice."
With that, Power was gone. Fiop started to put the scuba suit on.
"He's gonna pay. Power, he's gonna PAY!"



Dior appeared near the DDC (Deep Dark Cave) south in the Kuliar continent on Dionn. The beam of light came above him. It was Power.
"This is where you will train to get the ability to use your pendant of Earth. Take this."
Power extended his hand and gave Dior a small flashlight.
"You will be blind down there without it, I'm sure. Unless you can make light like me."
Dior nodded. He bent down and picked up the flashlight.
"There will be many dangers when you go down their, Dior. Just because you are a changeling, it does not mean you cannot be killed. You do not have Axle here to help you. You have one hour to get a small rune the size of a large ball near the end of the cave before all the walls collapse. Come back here once you get it. Good luck."
After saying that, the beam was gone and so was Power. Dior started to walk in the cave, unaware of what was in the cave.



Merlin arrived and the base of a mountain and desert on the surface of the planet Sosade. The wind almost knocked him off his feet. A beam of light appeared above him, with Power in it.
"This is where you will train to get the ability to use your pendant of Wind."
"So, what do I have to do?" Merlin asked impatiently.
"To the point, aren't you? See up there?"
Power pointed up to the top of the highest mountain.
That is bigger then the size of the highest mountain on Earth, Mt. Everest. Merlin thought to himself. It was 5 miles high. This must be at least six or seven.
"Up near the top of the mountain is a small rune the size of a large ball. Once you get it, bring it back down here."
He then turned towards the desert.
"A huge tornado is coming. When it hits, nothing will be standing. You have one hour to get the rune."
Then Power snapped his fingers and left. From the sky fell an oxygen mask.
"He could've gave me a grappling hook." Merlin said sarcastically and started to climb up the huge mountain.



Clian arrived on the surface of the planet Cliaox, 1 mile away from the fortress "Rex." Behind him was a jungle. A cliff was in front of him. A beam of light came beside him and Power appeared.
"This is where you will train to get the ability to use your pendant of Life."
"So…" Clian started, "what do I have to do?"
Suddenly, the beam of light started to fluctuate. Then, it disappeared.
"WAIT!" Clian yelled. "Come back! Where the hell did you go?"
Not knowing what to do, Clian walked into the jungle on a small trail that was made.


"What happened to Power?" The man in Red asked.
"Somebody jammed his signal." The man in Purple stated.
"But who?" The man in Green asked.
"Only one group could…" The man in White started.
"The Overlords!" The man in Yellow yelled.
"Those kids must get rid of them immediately." The man in Blue demanded.
"They haven't got the ability to use the necklaces." The man in Orange stated.
"Me, Orange and White will stay here." The man in Black told the group. "The rest of you find and bring the people here. Understood?"
"Yes Black!" The rest of them shouted.



Sicaor was sweating and cursing because of the intense heat up the volcano. Twice already, he almost fell off.
"When …I …get …that …rune…" Sicaor stammered out, "I'm …going …to …kill …that …WOAH!"
A huge fireball came from inside the volcano and just missed Sicaor by about a foot. He could feel the heat and it was like inside an oven.
"He…could…of…told…me…where…on…the…volcano…the …rune…is." Sicaor mumbled.
Finally, Sicaor reached a small cave. Walking in, he saw a patch of fire in the middle of the room. In the middle of the fire was the rune.
"How am I going to get that?" Sicaor complained.
Looking to his left, he saw a small glass of water. Beside it, there was a note. It read:
Take this water and put out the fire. Let not one drop hit the ground, or death will occur.
"Damn! How can I put out the fire without putting the water on it?" Sicaor yelled.
Looking around, he saw no other source of water that he could use, or any water for that matter.
"There has to be another cave up here somewhere." Sicaor said quietly.
The heat was really getting to him now.
"Man, am I ever thirsty!" Sicaor said pleasantly and drank the glass of water.
As he drank, he saw that the fire around the rune started to disappear. Curious, he drank some more. The fire got lower. He drank it all, and the fire was gone.
"Well I'll be damned!" Sicaor stated.
He went and took the rune. Nothing happened, which was a good sign for him. As soon as he exited the cave, a green light stopped him and a figure of a man in green appeared.
"Sicaor," The man in Green started, "you will come with me immediately."
"Why should I?" Sicaor questioned.
"No time to explain." The man the Green stated.
He shot the beam of light at Sicaor and then they both disappeared. A few minutes afterwards, the volcano erupted.



As soon as Fiop entered the water, the coldness in the water hit her fast. It must have been at least -50ºC in the water.
Now I know why Power said I only have 1 hour. She thought to herself. It is pitch black down here. How am I going to find that damn rune?
Suddenly, a small, dim light appeared way underneath her. It seemed at leased a mile down. Fiop swam down towards it. When she finally got to it, she saw that their was 4 electric eels their. They were swimming around the rune. It was impossible to get to, because if she went for it, the eels would grab her, and she would be done for.
How can I get it with those things in the way? Fiop wondered.
She looked around for something she could use to throw at the eels. There was not anything. She only had about 10 more minutes left, and Fiop was getting tired now.
Hello, what is this? Fiop asked herself.
A few feet away from the rune was a trigger of some-sort. She swam to it and pulled it. The rock that the rune was on shot upward to the surface.
Better, hurry, only got a few minutes! Fiop said rushing herself.
Finally, with a minute left, she came up out of the water. The rock was mysteriously floating on the water, the rune atop of it. As she grabbed it, the rock quickly sank. Suddenly, after she took of the scuba suit, a yellow beam of light appeared beside her, and a figure of a man was inside.
"Fiop, you will come with me immediately!" The man in Yellow commanded to her.
"Who are you?" Fiop asked quickly.
"Ask later." The man in Yellow responded.
The man in Yellow shot a beam out which hit Fiop and then they both disappeared.



Dior shape-shifted into a huge iguana so that the animals in the cave would ignore him. So far it worked. With the flashlight in this mouth, he continued crawling farther into the cave.
Suddenly, a small rumble made him stop.
The walls are starting to fall apart. Dior thought to himself. I do not have much time left.
His flashlight started to get dimmer and dimmer. Dior picked up the pace. He had to be very careful not to trip and then fall deeper in the cave with no flashlight.
Dior could see a small light ahead of him. Changing into his human form, he ran towards it. It was the rune, but at least five chains on the wall tied it up.
How am I going to get that? Dior questioned himself.
Dior thought for a while and the walls started to get weaker. Dior snapped his fingers. He made his hand until it was watery-like, put his hand over the rune, sucked it into himself, and spit the rune out of his hand.
Pleased with himself, he stared to walk out of the cave. Suddenly, a blue light came in front of him, with a figure of a man inside.
"Dior, you will come with me immediately." The man in Blue stated.
He shot out a beam of light at Dior, and they both disappeared.



Merlin stopped a few feet of where he started.
Why should I climb this mountain when I can teleport myself? Merlin asked himself.
He thought of where he wanted to go, he started to glow, and he suddenly appeared near the top of the mountain, oxygen mask on his face.
Geez, where is it? Merlin said looking around.
He was on a small platform, but he could not see the rune in site. There was no cave, or railing.
That is great. I am screwed up. Merlin thought. It must be farther… What the hell is that?
Merlin looked out into the horizon. He saw a small hawk. Around it's neck was the rune.
How am I going to get that hawk to come over here? I cannot even talk up here. Theirs no oxygen. Merlin thought quickly.
The hawk, curiously, flew towards Merlin. It saw the pendant. It landed right on his arm. Merlin reached for the rune. The hawk screeched. Merlin backed off, thinking. Putting his hand across the hawk's head, he tapped his opposite shoulder. The hawk turned, and quickly, Merlin snatched the rune. The hawk took no notice, and then left.
Stupid bird. Merlin thought smiling.
A purple light came suddenly in front of Merlin, with a figure of a man inside the light.
"Merlin, you will come with me immediately." The man in Purple told him.
He shot out a beam of light a Merlin, and they both disappeared.



Clian was still walking, deeper into the jungle, not knowing where the trail ended. The sun was going down, and a sudden chill filled the air.
I had better get somewhere fast, or I am going to freeze. Clian thought to himself.
Up ahead, Clian saw a dim light in the jungle. Curious, and because he had no where else to go, he went towards it. He found a small house, the size of a shed. Smoke was coming from the smokestack.
Someone must be in there. Clian pondered. Maybe they can tell me where I exactly am.
Clian knocked on the door. There was no answer.
Maybe they are asleep.
"Hello? Anyone their?" Clian yelled.
The door creaked a little…
Then it swung open, with a little man at the doorway holding a semi-automatic shotgun at Clian's head.
"YOU LEAVE NOW!" the little man yelled "You ain't getting' no of my moony!"
"Easy!" Clian said backing up. "I don't want your money! I just want to know where I am!"
"You ain't from 'old emperor?" The little man asked, still pointing the shotgun at him.
"No, I'm not." Clian told him.
The little man lowered his shotgun.
"First guy who wouldn't want my moony." The little man mumbled. "C'mon in here, boy. M'name's Xirod. You?"
"Clian. And why are you so jumpy?"
"'Old Rex has been stealing from me for years." Xirod stated opening the door.
"Rex? Emperor Rex?" Clian quickly asked.
"Yep. Comes here every day or so." Xirod told him sitting down. "Killed the last bunch he sent."
"Where am I, anyway?" Clian asked.
"Hmm…'bout 10 miles from the fortress." Xirod grunted, eating some food on a table.
"I'm going there. I have a grudge against him." Clian mumbled squeezing his fist.
"Wait 'til morning'. Things come out at dark." Xirod told him.
"Mind if I get some air?" Clian said standing at the door.
"Sure. Don't go far, ya hear?" he yelled.
Clian left and closed the door.
Suddenly, a red light appeared in front of him, with the figure of a man inside.
"Clian, you will come with me immediately." The man in Red stated.
"Power didn't tell me what to do!" Clian yelled to him.
"There's no time." The man in Red told him.
He shot out a beam, which hit Clian, and then they both disappeared.



The man in White and the man in Black waited patiently for their comrades.
"What is taking them so long?" White asked.
"Don't ask me, there your brothers." Black responded.
"Yours too." Orange shot out.
"Wait." Black said pointing at the color meter.
The color meter was a small panel that showed what colors were in the base. So far, only White, Orange and Black were flashing. Suddenly, Green started flashing, then Yellow, then Purple, then Blue, and finally Red.
"They have arrived." Black stated.
In front of them, The man in Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Red appeared, each with one of the children.
"We have found them." They all responded at the same time.
"Good." White told them.
He then turned to the children.
"Hello, Clian, Dior, Sicaor, Merlin, Fiop."
"Who are you guys?" Sicaor asked loudly.
"SILENCE!" Black yelled.
"It's ok, Black." White said quietly. "We are the Peace Keepers. You may know Power, our servant. We sent him to find you and train you. I see that you all got you runes."
"I don't."
They turned to Clian.
"Red, didn't you let him get the rune?" Black shot.
"You said to get him…" Red started.
"Forget it." Orange interrupted. "We have to find it."
"No, I have to find it." Clian told them. "It's my rune, my ability."
The men in colors looked at each other, and had a brief conversation. Black turned to Clian.
"Did Power tell you what to do?" he asked.
"No, he disappeared before he was going to." Clian said in disappointment.
"Then how are we going to find it?" White mumbled.
"Wait a minute. Can you send me back to Cliaox? To the same spot you took me?" Clian asked.
"Why?" Red argued.
"Because I think I know where to ask." Clian told him.
"Red, send him back, but go get him in 30 minutes." Black stated.
"That should be long enough." Clian said happily.
''Be careful!" Fiop yelled suddenly while Clian and Red disappeared.
The seven men in colors turned to the children.
"In the mean time," Black started, "we are going to make those pendants work."
"Wait a minute!" Sicaor yelled. "What about our friends?"
"They have been transported here and are waiting in the quarters outside that door." White told them pointing to the door behind them.
"Be quick with hello's." Orange ordered. "We don't have much time to spare."
With that, the four people left out the door.

"Damn…damn…DAMN! Computer, where are those kids?"
"They are not on the planet surface."
"Then where are they?"
"They are in time space."
"? Where the hell's that?"
"Find out where nowhere is!"
Rex paced across the room. The kids disappearing did not make him very happy.
"Where oh where… Greq! Get in here!"
The door on his right opened up and Greq came out.
"Yes, my emperor?" he asked.
"I want you too…" Rex stared
"One has been found."
"What?" Greq asked.
"The children. One of them is 10 miles south-east from here."
" Your job just got easier, Greq." Rex said turning around. "Find that kid and kill him. No questions asked. Got it?"
"Yes, my emperor."
Greq turned around and started out the door.
"Wait!" Rex ordered. "I have a better idea. Put a tracker on the kid. He might lead us to the others."
"Of course, my emperor." Greq stated and left out the door.


A few light years away from Dionn is a transport ship called "The Attacker". Its whole population is Overlords.

"Starboard, 45º." The Captain ordered.
"Where the hell are we going, Captain?" his first mate asked.
"We have detected transportation signals near that area, Yris." The Captain responded.
"Optes, you don't mean…" Yris started.
"Yes. The PKHQ. (Peace Keeper Head Quarters)" Optes told him. "If we attack now, before they can detect us, we should be victorious."
A door behind Optes opened.
"I found who was transported to the PKHQ, Captain." The woman who came in stated.
"Well, Redls," Optes mumbled, "Who?"
"Five kids from each planet in the solar system." Redls responded.
"Each planet…5 kids…Oh shit!" Optes yelled.
Optes stormed out of the room, leaving a shocked Redls and Yris.
"What was that all about?" Yris asked.
"You got me." Redls answered.
"Continue on journey." Yris commanded.

The hover-truck slowly came to a stop. The driver-side door opened, and Turoc stumbled out. In front of him to meet him, was 098.
"Hello, commander."
"Just Turoc, OK 098?"
"As you wish."
"Why aren't you in the base?"
"2 unexpected guests arrived when I was descending into the base. After a brief chat, Merlin went with them…"
"The man you were with earlier?" Turoc asked curiously.
"Affirmative. I then descended into the base. Two intruders then met me when I arrived. I locked them up in one of the 'B' cells, but they disappeared. I looked all over the base, but I could not find them. I locked up the 'B12' creature back up. I came to the surface to scan for the intruders life force, but they weren't up here either."
"Who were the intruders?" Turoc asked.
"One I did not recognize. The other sounded like the person you were with."
"How did he…?" Turoc started. "Never mind. 098, get the crew and attack ships ready."
"Don't you know? Hard to believe that you didn't detect it yet."
"Detect what?"
"An Overlord ship has been spotted 2 light years west from Dionn. Someone has to defend our ground. You think the DMF (Dionn Military Force) is going to do anything, or if they can?"
"I suppose."
"Then get the crews ready. Were leaving in 10 minutes."
"Has anyone else detected the vessel?"
"Only one ship left the planet, about 20 minutes ago. It was only a small 2-man shuttle. Nothing to be concerned about. Hurry and get the crew."



Clian appeared a few meters away from Xirod's house. Xirod came rushing out the door.
"What the hell was that, boy?" he asked in a loud voice.
"Nothing." Clian told him.
"You call a bright light nothin'?" he stated.
"It's nothing." Clian responded again. "I want to ask you something."
"Shoot." Xirod mumbled going back into the house.
"Do you know where there is a rune on this planet?" Clian asked.
"Rune?" Xirod said surprised. "I know of two runes on this planet. One of them I have."
Xirod went into a closet and took out a small rune.
"The other one Rex has."
"Hum…" Clian started. "Can you translate what the rune says?"
"Let me see…" Xirod stated putting on his glasses. "Ah…hum…I…think it says 'Life'."
"Can I have it?" Clian asked quickly.
"Why should I give it to you?" Xirod asked angrily.
"Because I have the pendant that goes with it." Clian told him showing him his pendant.
"Well, I'll be…" Xirod started staring at the pendant.
"So?" Clian asked impatiently.
"Sure. Here you go." Xirod stated tossing the rune at Clian. "But if you have a pendant, I wonder if Rex does."
"Don't know, but I have to go now, OK?" Clian asked.
"Go ahead. Watch out for the creatures." Xirod said pointing out in the black jungle.
"I will." Clian said closing the door.
Unexpectedly, a small crow landed on Clian.
"HEY! Get off!" Clian yelled hitting the bird.
The crow squawked, and then flew off.
"Crazy bird" Clian mumbled.


"Greq, is the tracker on the kid?"
"Yes, my emperor."
"Good. Also, find Huras."
"What did he do, my emperor?"
"I have a security video that I want him to see. Just find him. He's not in the fortress."
"Of course, my emperor."
Rex turned the comm. System off.
That little bastard is going to pay. Very Badly.

"Optes, we have the PKHQ in long range sensors." Yris stated.
"Good, Yris." Optes responded. "ETA?"
"At max. Specs, 15 minutes."
"Excellent. Redls, prepare a boarding team. Take the medium guns."
"Yes sir." Redls said excitingly marching out the door.
"Do we have a visual?" Optes asked strictly.
"Not yet. 3 minutes minimum sir." Yris told him.
"When we get there, don't stop moving. Keep firing and going around the base until we get back. Understood?"
"Yes, Captain." Yris responded.
"I want no mistakes."


D. M.

Dior and Merlin were walking down the corridor to where Axle was. Unexpectedly, a small book fell out of Merlin's bag that he had. Merlin was going to pick it up, but Dior stopped him.
"You want to read it?" Merlin asked.
Dior nodded.
"OK." Merlin told him and Dior opened the book. It looked like this:

"Rumble - Small boulders flying at the target.
Smash - Large boulders falling on the target.
Heating - A small fire inside the target.
Thaw - Ice freezes the target and fireballs melt it.
Drowning - The target fills with water, instantly killing it.
Cyclone - A huge windstorm blows the target away.
Nuke - A large radiation explosion destroys the target."

"Wondering what this is aren't you?" Merlin asked sarcastically. "This is my spell book, so far."
Finally, Dior and Merlin arrived at Axle's quarters. The door opened by itself and Axle came out.
"Dior! Merlin! Where are we? What are we doing here?" Axle asked quickly.
"Calm down, Axle!" Merlin told him. "I…we don't know where we are, but the Peace Keepers want us to destroy the Overlords."
Axle looked at him, very confused.
"…Who?" Axle asked in shock.
"It's a long story, Axle." Merlin stated.
"I'm listening."


In the sewers of Licos lies a secret organization. A band of highly wanted criminals, as you may call it. They have been known to steal highly classified and experimental materials from the DMF. Not one of them has been caught. Now, they are having a very important discussion.

A few dozen people were arguing, all their words being mixed up.
Everybody turned to the person who yelled. It was Macs-Dioxii.
"Now, one person tell me what all of you are rambling on about." Macs stated.
Again, everyone talked at the same time. Macs pointed to one person in front.
"Can you tell me what everyone is arguing about?" he asked.
"Ah…we…we have detected a huge ship a few light years from the planet. It classifies as Overlord. We have detected 15 ships that have taken off from the Kuliar continent. They are headed towards 75°N, 34°W."
"Hum…" Macs started. "…"
"What should we do, leader?"
"…Prepare the raiding ships. Ships from the Kuliar continent surely came from Site ABC. They have equipment I would love to have. Overlord technology would be very pleasing too. Get at least 20 ships. I do not want to lose this battle. Inform me when we are ready to leave."



Fiop strode down the corridor to where Boxx was. A few meters from Boxx's room, she heard a scratching noise. Curious, Fiop went to where the noise was coming from. It was Boxx's room. Opening the door, Boxx tumbled out, with her bear claw arms, missing Fiop by a foot.
"What the hell were you doing, Boxx?" Fiop screeched.
"Trying to get out, that's what!" Boxx yelled back. "They locked me in that room without my permission, and you know that I'm Claus…."
"I know, I know." Fiop stated. "But you're out now, right?"
"Yeah, I guess…" Boxx started. "Wait a sec! Where the hell are we?"
"Come on." Fiop told her. "I'll tell you on the way."
"On the way where?" Boxx asked.
"You'll find out."


"Computer, has the tracer kicked in?"
"Well? Where is he?"
"75°N, 34°W."
"Hum…how long would it take to get there?"
"5 minutes minimum."
"Get a small shuttle ready. Tresa will take my place while I am gone. TRESA!"
A door in front of him opened, and a slim woman came out.
"My name is Sayon, my emperor." She stated.
"You will comply to the name I gave you." Rex told her. "Is that understood?"
"Yes, my emperor." Tresa responded.
"Good. You will reign until a get back. Understood?"
"Yes, my emperor." Tresa responded again.
Rex then pressed a button on his chair and he descended, leaving Tresa standing there.
I will reign indeed…


Sicaor walked down the corridor, to where Ion was staying. Finding his room, he opened the door. Ion was sitting down at a table, playing Blackjack. He then glanced up.
"Sicaor! What are you doing here?" he yelled jumping up.
"Don't worry!" Sicaor said calming him down. "Were safe, where ever we are, that is."
"What? You don't know?" Ion asked loudly.
"No, I don't know, but it's OK. And what are you doing?" Sicaor asked looking at the table.
"Trying to be better then you, that's what." Ion snickered.
"Try me."


"Captain Optes, we are ready to commence bombardment. Your orders, sir?"


"Turoc, the Overlord ship is in targeting range. Shall we fire?"


"Macs, the Overlord ship and the Site ABC ships are within boarding range. On your command."


"BLACK!" Red yelled.
"What is it?" Black asked. "I thought that you were getting…."
"Yes, yes I did." Red told him. "But we have bigger problems."
"What?" Black demanded impatiently.
"Turn on the screen." Red ordered.
Black went over to a control panel and pressed a few buttons. The screen in front of him flickered on. Then, he saw what Red was talking about.
"There's an Overlord ship, a fleet from Site ABC, a fleet from Licos, a shuttle from Vegas, and a shuttle from Cliaox, possibly from the emperor." Red stated.
"…SHIT! Red put on the defenses. NOW!"


"Fire on the station!"


"Fire on the Overlord ship!"


"Board the ships!"

For people who are confused, here is what happened. The Overlord ship has started to fire on the PKHQ. The Site ABC ships have started their attack on the Overlord ship. The Licos ships have started to board the Overlord ship and the ships from Site ABC. A shuttle from Vegas is closing in on the PKHQ, and a shuttle from Cliaox is closing in on the PKHQ.



A minute or so after Clian arrived; explosions started to happen on the outside of the station.
"What the hell is happening?" Clian yelled.
People started running around the station, probably going to the defensive systems. Other people in different uniforms were shooting.
"Gotta get outta their range." Clian mumbled running away from the shooting group.
Luckily, he found a ladder hatch that would go up to another floor. A laser shot just missed his head by about a foot. Steadily, he climbed up the ladder, away from the fighting.


The huge door in front of Tresa busted open. Greq came storming in, with Huras dragging behind him on a chain.
"Who're you?" Greq asked quickly.
"Never you mind." Tresa told him. "I'm in the emperor's place until he gets back."
She then looked at Huras.
"Who's he?" Tresa demanded.
"Someone that the emperor wants to see." Greq responded.
"Leave him here for now." Tresa commanded. "I'll handle it."
"As you wish." Greq mumbled going in the door to Tresa's right.


"Yris, what's the status?"
"Optes, we are being attacked by 20 unknown ships, and being boarded by another 20 unknown ships.
"Where the hell did they come…."
A huge explosion hit the ship, shaking it completely.
"Sensors show they came from Dionn, sir."
"Leave the boarding party on the PKHQ, circle around towards the other ships and fire! Stay in transporter range of the boarding part!"
"Yes sir."


D. M.

Dior and Merlin were running away from approaching soldiers, Axle right beside them. They were not from the station.
"Where did they come from?" Merlin yelled.
Dior and Axle just shrugged their shoulders. The soldiers were getting closer, the firing of guns getting louder. Dior made a liquefied bolder and threw it, closing off the corridor.
"Smart move, Dior." Merlin stated.
"But I don't think it will hold them for long!" Axle said nervously.
Suddenly, Dior stopped, pointing ahead.
"More people?" Axle shot out.
Dior nodded.
"Where would a safe place be?" Axle asked.
"Wait a sec…" Merlin ordered.
Putting his hand together, Merlin made a huge cloud around them. When it disappeared, so did they.


Rex strode down the corridor with ease, shooting the occasional guard he saw. Since most of the ship was attacking the Overlords, nobody was very worried about him.
They probably do not even know I am here. Rex thought to himself smiling.
He heard a few people moving ahead of them. Sneaking up, he listened closely.
"Come on, Ion. We gotta get as far away from the soldiers as fast as we can."
"But where would be a safe place?"
"I don't know, but we're going to have to hurry."
"Can't you use that pendant of yours?"
PENDANT! Rex thought loudly. He must be one of those kids! Have to eliminate then. Can't count on Greq now…
Rex pulled out a small knife. Looking around the corner, he saw two people standing there. He stood in perfect range, their backs to them, and took aim.



"Wait a sec…" Sicaor started. "We can go to the main room!"
"Main room?" Ion repeated. "Where's that?"
"Just follow me." Sicaor stated moving is hand in his direction.
Ion took a step…
Then a small object flung past Ion's ear, missing it by an inch. A knife hit the wall right beside him.
"WAH!" Ion screamed in shock.
"What the…" Sicaor started looking back down the hall.
A semi-large man wearing a robe of royalty or something was standing there with a small handgun in his hand.
"STAY STILL!" he yelled and opened fire.
Sicaor and Ion ran, not looking behind them to see how close the man was.


"098! Where did those other ships come from?"
"From the city Licos. We are being boarded by approx. 100 troops. Suggestions?"
"Send all Security squads to the sections where they have boarded. Activate the internal security system and laser guns! NOW!"
"Yes Turoc."
098 went to a small comm. system.
"Attention! Attention! All security officers go to sections 12-17, 19 and 22. Take no prisoners. Shoot to kill."
A small explosion hit the ship.
"The Overlord ship has turned on us. Use defense position 13, 2 Beta. Now!"
"Yes Turoc."



Fiop and Boxx stormed into the main room. Black and Red were at a screen, which when they heard them, turned around.
"What are you two doing here?" Red asked loudly.
"Getting away from the fighting, that's what!" Boxx told him.
"Here, give me the pendant!" Black interrupted. "I'll activate it."
As soon as Fiop turned over the pendant, a huge cloud of smoke appeared in front of the group.
"HEY! What gives?" Fiop stated.
When the smoke cleared up, Dior, Axle, and Merlin were standing in front of Fiop and Boxx.
"How did you guys get here?" Boxx asked.
"That's beside the point." Axle responded.
"This place is filled with soldiers that are trying to kill everyone!" Merlin stated.
"Pass me the pendants you two!" Black ordered. "I'm going to activate them."
Dior took his and Merlin's pendant and threw them to Black. Black put the three pendants into three of five holes in the round table in the middle of the room. The door on the other side of the room busted open, Sicaor and Ion coming in. They turned and slammed the door shut.
"Where did all those soldiers come from?" Ion asked quickly.
"They are Overlords." Red stated.
"Must be a lot of them." Sicaor told him. "That last guy we saw didn't look like the other soldiers. He had a blue and red robe with…"
"Blue and red robe?" Black interrupted. "…That isn't a Overlord. That's someone from the emperor!"
"Emperor? That's not so good, is it?" Ion asked.
"No." Black responded. "Give me the pendant. We are going to activate them all…Wait a minute. Red, where's Clian?"



Clian was crawling forward in a ventilation shaft. It seemed that the ladder did not go to another floor.
Since I do not know what this place looks like, I am lost here. He thought. Maybe if… Hello?
Clian looked ahead and saw a small sing that read ''Main Room To Your Right."
Well, at leased I know that room. Clian thought sarcastically.
Crawling to his right, Clian saw a small fence in the floor of the vent. He could hear voices.
"I don't know. Last time I saw his is when he left."
"As soon as the pendants are ready, I want you two to go look for Clian."
That sounds like Black.
Clian crawled right above the fence, but he could not see anyone. Suddenly, he heard a bang like a door closing.


Rex stood behind the small group. His slamming the door caught their attention.
"REX! You have no business being here!" Black yelled.
"That's none of your concern," Rex told him. "I just want the pendants."
"You can't have them!" Sicaor yelled to Rex.
"SHUT UP!" Rex screamed and raised his hand.
Sicaor lifted in the air, and was unable to breathe.
"Now, are you going to give me the pendants, or do you want your little friend to die?"

Clian stared down to see someone in a red and blue robe.
If he is holding Sicaor hostage, I have to get down there. Clian thought.
A small creek sound made him turn around. The fence he was on was starting to collapse.

"What the…?" Rex mumbled looking up.
A small vent fence had collapsed and darted to the ground. Atop of it was a person he could not see. I did not have enough time to move and the fence fell on him, thus knocking him out.

S. D. M. F.

"Who in the…?" Red started.
"Clian! How'd the hell you get up there?" Black interrupted.
"Those guards who are invading this place chased me up there."
He then stared down at the person he knocked out.
"He doesn't look like on of the soldiers. Who is he?" Clian asked.
"It doesn't matter." Red responded. "Throw him in that slot over there!"
Red pointed to the other side of the room. It said "Garbage Disposal." Clian slowly lifted the body and threw it in the slot.
"Clian, throw me your pendant. I'm going to activate all five now." Black ordered.
Clian tossed the pendant over to Black. Black put the last two pendants in the two remaining holes in the table.
"Also, everyone give me the runes. I'll need them too" Black stated.
Everyone gave him the runes except Sicaor.
"Hey! Is Sicaor going to be OK?" Ion asked loudly.
Everyone looked at Sicaor, who was on the floor, knocked out by the lack of oxygen. Black went over to him, looking and picking up the rune he had.
"He'll be OK. He's just knocked out." Black informed everyone.
Black then put all the runes in the five slots around the table.
"Red, press the round black button on the terminal." Black ordered.
As soon as Red hit the button, the whole ship lit up like a huge light bulb.


"Turoc, a large energy source is being exerted from the station. The people who boarded the ship have suddenly left. What shall we do?"
"The same thing that they're doing. Back off .3 Specs!"
"Yes Turoc. Backing off now."


"Macs, everyone is back on the ship. Now what?"
"How much supplies did we get?"
"Calculating…we got approx. 86 kg of useful objects."
"Good enough. Head back to Dionn 2 Specs!"
"Yes sir!"


Optes turned and grabbed the running Yris from exiting the bridge.
"And where do you think your going?" Optes yelled.
"Away from that station, that's what!" Yris told him getting free of his grip.
"Why is… Computer, how many people are left on the ship?" Optes asked loudly.
"One…one…" Optes mumbled "How many Overlords are left on the station?" Optes asked pacing around the bridge.
"Now why… Computer, turn on the screen! NOW!"
Optes started at the screen, seeing the PKHQ glowing like a Christmas tree.
"…Oh no! Computer, back…"
Optes did not get to finish. The PKHQ suddenly shot out a huge light beam in all directions. As soon as it hit the "Attacker," it suddenly started to compress. Then, it expanded and blew up.


"! Ah! My…head!"
Rex awoke with a splitting headache. After the fence falling on him, he was in pain.
"Where…is…my…shuttle?" Rex blurted out.
Rex tried to remember where the shuttle was. His memory just got shot because of the incident a minute or so ago.
"I…think…I…know…where…it…is." Rex mumbled.
He put his hands together and a huge cloud of smoke appeared around him. When the clouds were gone, so was he.


A small number of shuttles where gathering near a small moon, half a light year from the PKHQ.
"Yris! Where is Optes?" Redls asked over the comm.
"He didn't make it." Yris told her. "From what I can tell, I was the last one to get out alive. Is everyone else here?"
"Except for Optes, all present, commander." Redls responded. "What shall we do now?"
There was a long pause from Yris's comm. System.
"We will go back to Overland and inform the Emperor. I will take full blame for the incident. Understood?" Yris informed.
"Yes sir." Redls responded.
The shuttles then headed towards the Overland.


S. D. F. M. C.

Finally, after about five minutes, the bright light suddenly vanished. Sicaor, Dior, Fiop, Merlin and Clian looked at the table where the pendants were put.
"It's done." Black stated.
Red and White went around the table, collecting the pendants from the slots. They threw the corresponding on to the right person.
"…That's it?" Sicaor asked. "What do they do?"
"They each use one the powers of the elements to defend themselves or to fight evil." Black stated
"But how do you us them?" Merlin asked curiously.
"One of the Peace Keepers will teach you how to use them. Each one has a different ability then the other." White stated.
From the side door, the other five Peace Keepers came into the room.
"Dior, you will go with Orange." Black informed. "Merlin, you will go with Yellow. Sicaor, you will go with Red, and Fiop, you will go with Blue. Your friends can come with you, but they cannot interfere."
Once Blue, Red, Yellow, and Orange started out of the room, everyone but Green, Purple, White, Black and Clian left with them.



"And…" Clian stared. "How are you going to teach me how to use mine? How can I use life?"
Black turned to him.
"Using the 'Life' pendant is not as easy as the other pendants." Black told him. "You will have to take a certain 'Soul' quest to be able to use the pendant. It will consist of mental, physical, and sub-conscious obstacles to accomplish."
"When do I have to go on this quest?" Clian asked quickly.
"Once you have all the supplies you need, and after you farewells to your friends, you can leave." White stated.
"But I don't know anyone here!" Clian said puzzled.
"It doesn't matter." Green interrupted. "Me and Purple will help you get the supplies you need. Come on."
Green, Purple and Clian left out the door opposite of the one the others left.
"Should we contact Power again?" White suggested.
"It's worth a try." Black responded. "But if the Overlords are still blocking the transmission, it will be pointless.""
"Why don't we go to his home?" White asked willingly.
"If it comes to that, sure." Black stated.


The door in front of Tresa opened, and Rex walked through, holding his head.
"Are you all right, emperor?" Tresa asked nervously.
"It's nothing you should be concerned about." Rex told her. "Did anything happen while I was gone?"
"Some beast came in and gave me someone you were looking for. His name is…Huras, I think." Tresa responded.
"Where is he now?" Rex yelled.
"Chained up, behind that door." Tresa said pointing to the door at the right.
"Good. You may have 60 minutes free time. Go." Rex commanded.
"As you wish, emperor." Tresa said walking away.
Rex stopped in front of the small double doors in front of him.
OK Huras. We are going to have a little chat.


"098, damage report!"
"Section 12-14 have been damages badly. 4-5 days to be repaired. Gravity has ceased on level 3. Gunshots have damaged section 37. 1-2 days to be repaired. All other damage minimal…commander."
"What is it 098?"
"I have determined what the cause of the light beam was."
"What was it?"
"The power of the five pendants."
"Five pendants?"
"15 years ago, a mysterious being brought 5 pendants and gave them to 5 children. He then put a crystal in the earth and life came back to Dionn."
"I thought that the land grew back by luck and praying!"
"Negative. Merlin had on of those pendants. The person who was with you had one also."
"You saying there back at the station the Overlords were shooting at?"
"Tell the other ships to go back to Site ABC. We're going back to that station."



Sicaor, Ion, and Red strode down the corridor until they reached a large red door. Entering it, Sicaor saw that the room was like a targeting area. Huge red targets were at the other end of the room.
"This is where I'll train you so that you can use the pendant." Red told him.
Red turned to Ion.
"You'll have to wait in that room." Red said pointing to a small room to their right.
"Fine by me." Ion stated, walking towards the room.
"Now…" Red started, "shoot that target."
"? How?" Sicaor said confused.
"With the pendant, of course." Red told him. "Now shoot the target."
Sicaor pointed the pendant at the target. Nothing happened.
"How is the pendant supposed to shoot?" Sicaor asked.
"Here, give it to me." Red ordered.
Sicaor tossed the pendant over to Red.
"Watch." Red commanded.
Red put the pendant in his hand and squeezed it. His whole hand started to glow red. Red then pointed to the target. From his glowing hand shot a stream of fire, which exploded the target.
"How did you do that?" Sicaor asked in shock.
"You have to want to use the pendant." Red told him.
He then tossed the pendant back to Sicaor.
Sicaor pointed down at the targets. A stream of fire went from his hand and blew up the target.
"Now open you hand and point." Red told him.
As Sicaor did so, the stream of fire got bigger. Sicaor closed his hand and the stream got smaller.
"Now pretend your throwing a ball." Red commanded.
Sicaor pretended to throw a ball, and a large fireball came from his hand and hit the target.
"But how do I stop the glowing?" Sicaor asked nervously.
"Squeeze your hand with the other hand." Red ordered.
As Sicaor did that, the glowing suddenly stopped.
"Go ahead and practice." Red told Sicaor. "See what you can do. I'll be back in a while."
Red then walked out of the room, while Sicaor started to shoot the targets again.

"Turoc, we have an unidentified shuttle attached to out starboard bow."
"Anyone on it?"
"One life from…human…Identified as Lot, Vegas."
"Vegas Lot is here?"
"Transport him to the bridge!"
"Affirmative. Transporting now."
A small blue light ball started to form in front of Turoc and 098. It then formed into Vegas Lot.
"Welcome, Mr. Lot." Turoc stated.
"May I ask where I am?" Vegas asked looking around.
"Site ABC ship 1 in 1st fleet." 098 told him.
"Hum." Vegas mumbled. "What a complex piece on machinery. Anyway, where are you heading? I have to meet someone."
"We are going to that station." Turoc stated pointing at the screen in front of him.
"That's were he is!" Vegas yelled. "How soon can we be there?"
"A few minutes." Turoc said turning away. "Who's there, anyway?"
"A friend of mine." Vegas told him quietly.


Rex hit Huras in the face again. They were in the torture room in the fortress.
"Now, I'll ask this one last time, Huras." Rex stated quickly. "Why did you let the kid GO?"
"Your mad. YOUR MAD!" Huras yelled half-awake.
"Well, it seems your not cooperating with me." Rex said keeping in the rage. "VRONG! GET THE HELL IN HERE!"
A man in a small floating platform can into the room.
"Yes, my emperor?" Vrong asked quietly.
"Get any information valuable out of him as quick as you can!" Rex ordered.
"Sure. Sure." Vrong said motioning Rex to leave.
Rex exited the door and started to walk towards the throne.


Dior, Axle and Orange were walking down the hallway, towards a large Orange door. Opening the door, it looked like a huge target area, with red targets at the other end of the room.
"Axle, you'll have to wait in there." Orange said to him pointing to a small room to their left.
"OK." Axle told him walking to the room.
As soon as Axle closed the door, Orange turned to Dior.
"Shoot that target." Orange stated.
Dior looked at the target, then back at Orange, a confused look on his face.
"…With the pendant." Orange sighed. "Shoot the target with the pendant."
Dior, not knowing how to shoot the pendant, squeezed it and pointed it to the target, hoping that it would shoot. His hand started to glow orange and small boulders came from his hand, hitting the targets. Dior opened his hand immediately and dropped the pendant.
"Don't worry!" Orange yelled. "It's supposed to do that! Pick it up, but this time, open your hand a little more."
Dior did what Orange told him to do. Bigger boulders started to come from his hands. Dior closed his hand again and smaller boulders came again.
"Try pointing your hand at the ground." Orange told him.
Dior did so, and the boulders stopped coming, but the ground started to shack.
"I'll give you some time to perfect it." Orange stated.
Orange the opened the door, leaving Dior shooting at the targets again.


"Turoc, the station is hailing us."
"Put them through."
098 turned on the comm. System.
"This is the PKHQ! Identify yourselves and why you are present here!" The voice on the other end stated.
"This is Site ABC 1 ship in the 1st fleet." Turoc told the voice. "We have friends on the station."
"Who?" The voice asked.
"Merlin and Clian." 098 responded.
"And Sicaor." Vegas finished.
There was a long pause from the PKHQ. Then, it spoke up.
"You may dock in bay 16B, 15° right from your Port Bow."
"Thank you." Turoc said turning off the comm. System.



Merlin and Yellow were walking down the corridor until they got to a large yellow door. Opening it, Merlin saw it was a training area. A huge pit on sand was in the middle of room.
"Stand in the middle of the sandpit." Yellow commanded.
Merlin walked to the sandpit and went to the middle.
"Shoot the sand with he pendant." Yellow ordered.
"How am I supposed to do that?" Merlin asked nervously.
"Squeeze the pendant." Yellow told him loudly.
Merlin then squeezed the pendant. His whole hand started to glow yellow. Merlin just stared at his hand in shock.
"Now, point your hand at the sand." Yellow told him.
Merlin did so. A small cyclone came from his hand, lifted all the sand from the ground, and put a barrier around him.
"Now what?" Merlin yelled through the sand.
"Close your hand!" Yellow yelled.
As Merlin closed his hand, all the sand fell to the ground.
"Point your hand in the air." Yellow said calmly.
Merlin pointed his hand in the air. Huge windblasts came from his hand, hitting the wall.
"I'll give you some time to practice." Yellow said turning around.
Merlin started to shoot more windblasts while Yellow left out the door.


The door to the left of Black and White opened, and the three people from the Site ABC ship came in.
"Welcome." White stated.
"This is 098," Turoc stated. "And this is Vegas Lot."
"Vegas Lot?" Black yelled. "Is it really you?"
"Yes it is, brother." Vegas told him.
"I do not comprehend." 098 interrupted.
"He is the lost Gray Peace Keeper." White answered. "But I fought he was lost somewhere on Dionn…"
"Until I found out that Sicaor had one of the five pendants." Vegas told White. "After that, I just waited until he got here. I forget how to get to the station. That reminds me, where is Sicaor?"
"He's in the red door down that hallway." Black said pointing to their right.
"Thanks." Vegas stated walking out the door to their right.
"Location of Merlin." 098 stated.
"Merlin?" White repeated. "Down that hallway in the Yellow door."
"Acknowledged." 098 said going down the hallway White pointed to.
"Would you have any idea where Clian is?" Turoc asked.
"He should be coming back here in a few minutes." Black told him.


Vrong came in the throne room on his platform. Rex stood up from his chair.
"Did you find anything?" Rex asked loudly.
"Not a thing." Vrong said shaking his head. "He has extremely superior mental stability. I couldn't even get inside."
"DAMN IT!" Rex yelled. "...Vrong, can you use 'Mind Control' like you did on Say... I mean Tresa?"
"I can, but I'll need some time to get into his head." Vrong responded.
"Do it!" Rex ordered.
"I'll try." Vrong stated going out the door that he came in.
Rex stood in the room, along.
Greq, Tresa, Vrong, and Salis. Rex thought to himself. My best minions. It is time that I give them the Alternate Pendants.
Rex sat down in his chair and pressed a small blue button. The chair then descended downward in the fortress.



Fiop, Boxx and Blue were walking down the hallway, until they found a large blue door. Opening it, Fiop saw that the room was a targeting room, with huge targets at the other side of the room.
"You'll have to wait in there." Blue told Boxx, pointing to a small room to their left.
"I'll stay here, thanks." Boxx shot back.
"Then wait outside!" Blue said raising his voice.
"OK! OK!" Boxx yelled, going out the blue door.
Blue then turned to Fiop.
"Shoot the target." Blue commanded.
"How?" Fiop asked quickly.
"With the pendant!" Blue yelled.
"How? Just point, click and shoot?" Fiop asked sarcastically.
"Close. Point, squeeze and shoot." Blue responded.
Fiop squeezed the pendant. Her hand started to glow blue. Pointing at the target, a stream of water came from her hand and hit the target.
"Open your hand more while your pointing." Blue stated.
Fiop did so, and the stream of water got bigger.
"To stop the glowing, squeeze both of your hands together." Blue told her. "I'll let you practice for a while. I'll be back later."
Blue opened the door and left, leaving Fiop shooting targets.



Clian, Green and Purple were in a supply room a few rooms away from the main room. He had just about everything that he needed, and was practically ready to go.
"Do you not want any weapons?" Purple asked curiously.
"I already have this." Clian stated pulling out his revolver.
"Impressive." Green started. "But a good laser-gun is way more powerful."
"This has better aim and stability." Clian shot back.
"Have it your way." Green said finishing the argument. "We will have to hurry, though. I think Black and White have your quest ready."
"Sure." Clian mumbled.
Green, Purple and Clian then left the room, and entered the door to the main room. Looking to his right, Clian saw Turoc standing there with Black and White.
"Turoc! What are you doing here?" Clian asked shocked.
"Clian! It's great to see you." Turoc told him.
"He's here because of what he told us," White started. "098 has very valuable information about the pendants, and the quest."
"…Who's 098?" Clian asked suddenly.
"I think he's the one who saw you in Site ABC." Black responded.
"! That little robot?" Clian blurted out.
"Yes." Black said. "He can make your journey a lot clearer."
"Where is he now?" Clian asked quickly.
"Visiting Merlin." White said answering his question. "He'll be back in a while."
"Black," Clian started. "When do I have to leave?"
"Soon." Black told him. "Why?"
"I'm going to go visit some of the others." Clian told him.
"Sure, go ahead." Black told him.
Clian then left out of the door to his right.


Approximately 8,000 light years from Dionn is the planet called "Overlord." It has a population of over 100 billion. Pollution and crime have more then destroyed the planet. "Overlord" is known as the most powerful planet in the whole galaxy. The emperor, "AZ," rules it. It means, "The first & the last."


Oh great, AZ is going to kill me! Yris thought to himself. Wait a minute. It is not my fault of what Optes did.
Yris had a little grin on his face, and then he walked into the large green and red double doors.
The Throne room was quite large, with a dozen guards at each opposing side, except the back, where the emperor's chair was. Yris walked forward to the large red mat in the center of the room.
"What have you to report, Commander?" A voice in front of him asked.
It was so dark at the other end of the room that Yris could not see who was talking to him.
"Can you please turn on the lights first?" Yris asked nervously.
"As you wish." The voice told him.
There was a loud clap from the dark side of the room. Then, six torches at the sides of the room lit up like a flash. Looking forward, Yris saw a woman sitting in the large chair of the emperor. Beside her was Redls.
"Emperor?" Yris asked trying to keep the shock back.
"Yes." AZ told him. "I'll ask one more time. What have you to report?"
"When we arrived approx. 1.05 light-years from Dionn, Optes ordered us to go Starboard 45°…."
"To where?" AZ interrupted.
"To the PKHQ." Yris told her.
"Continue." AZ ordered.
"He decided to attack the PKHQ without authorization from the higher officers here. The results were then disastrous. Two different fleets of ships then attacked us. A large energy beam then came from the PKHQ, blowing up the 'Attacker' with Optes in it. Everyone else survived."
"Why did a look of shock just appear on your face a moment ago?" AZ asked changing the subject.
"Um..." Yris started "I had no idea that the emperor of Overlord was a woman. Not to be offensive, your highness. I suspected...."
"You suspected wrong!" AZ yelled. "I am a god compared to emperor Rex!"
"I'm sorry, your highness." Yris started. "How may I apologize to you?"
"By dying." AZ mumbled.
"What?" Yris screamed shocked.
"Redls!" AZ said getting her attention. "Shoot him!"
AZ threw a large HSRR over to Redls.
"Redls, don't!" Yris yelled.
"DO IT OR I'LL KILL YOU BOTH!" AZ yelled impatiently.
"I'm sorry, Yris." Redls said sadly raising the gun.
"NO!" Yris screamed.


The chair stopped descending. Rex stood up and walked forward to a small door. Opening it, Rex saw a small room, with a large table in the middle with slots on the sides. On the table were five pendants and five runes.
"I hope that because the other 5 pendants are active," Rex started. "That these ones will activate too."
Rex put the five runes in the slots around the table. Then, he turned on his comm. System.
"Greq, Tresa, Vrong and Salis! Use transporter signal 13 immediately!" Rex ordered.
After a minute or so, Greq, Tresa, Vrong and Salis appeared in front of him.
"Why did you stop me from using…" Vrong started.
"Not now, Vrong." Rex said silencing him. "Put these pendants and runes into these holes."
"Why?" Tresa asked.
"Because we are going to take a little trip." Rex said grinning.



Suddenly, the red door behind Sicaor opened. Sicaor turned and saw Vegas entering the room.
"VEGAS!" Sicaor yelled in shock.
"Didn't we already have this conversation?" Vegas said grinning.
"Damn man, how did you get here?" Sicaor asked.
"I took a shuttle from Dionn to get here." Vegas told him.
The small door to their left opened up and Ion came into the room.
"Vegas!" Ion screamed. "It's great to see you."
"You too." Vegas said not paying attention to him. "I see that you got the pendant to work."
"Yeah." Sicaor told him. "It controls fire."
"Hmm." Vegas said nodding. "Can you two come with me to the main room?"
"Why?" Sicaor asked turning off the pendant.
"I have something for you to see." Vegas said opening the red door.
Vegas left out the door, with Sicaor and Ion following him.


The yellow door behind Merlin opened slowly. As Merlin turned around, he saw 098 rolling in.
"Hey!" Merlin yelled. "How did you get here?"
"Long story." 098 responded.
"What are you doing here?" Merlin asked.
"Also long story." 098 told him.
"You don't like talking a lot, do you?" Merlin asked sarcastically.
"Ha!" Merlin laughed.
"Are you finished here?" 098 asked.
"I suppose." Merlin said turning off his pendant. "Why? You want me to go somewhere?"
"Affirmative. Main room."
"Yeah, I guess."
098 opened the door, and rolled down the hallway, Merlin being a few meters behind.



Clian continued to walk down the corridor, looking for one of the other people with the pendants.
Let me see… Clian thought to himself. They went into four doors. Red, Yellow, Orange, and…
"Blue." Clian stated looking forward. There, he saw a huge blue door, with a woman sitting on the ground.
"Hey!" Clian said. "You awake?"
The woman jumped to her feet, looking around until she saw Clian.
"Yeah, I'm awake." She stated. "You're… Clian, right?"
"Yes." Clian told her. "And you?"
"The name's Boxx. What are you doing here?" Boxx asked.
"Just visiting the people with the pendants before I leave on the quest." Clian said looking at Boxx.
He then pointed to the door.
"Who's in there?" Clian asked.
"Fiop." Boxx told him standing up. "I think she's done practicing now."
"Practicing?" Clian repeated. "Practicing doing what?"
"Using the pendant." Boxx said turning to the door.
"Mind if I come in too?" Clian asked.
"Sure." Boxx said grabbing the door handle. "You seem like an OK guy, not like that Ion person."
"Thanks, I guess." Clian said walking behind her.
Boxx then turned the handle and they both walked into the room.


Rex looked at his minions, who have put the pendants into the slots.
"Greq," Rex started. "Can you push that black button over there?"
"Sure." Greq said turning to his right.
Greq walked forward to a small terminal on the table. He pushed the small black button in the middle. The whole room started to light up.
"What the…" Tresa yelled.
The light got so bright it practically blinded the group.


Outside the fortress, large light beams started to come out, hitting a few mountains in the distance. After a few minutes, the lights dimmed down and disappeared.



Fiop heard the door open and close behind her. Turning around, she saw Boxx and Clian standing at the door.
"We have a visitor, Fiop." Boxx told her.
Fiop squeezed her glowing hand with the other, thus making the glowing stop.
"I'm Fiop." Fiop said extending her hand.
"Clian." Clian stated shaking it.
Neither of them moved for a minute.
Say something, stupid!
"What are you doing here?" Fiop asked.
"Just came to meet the people with the pendants before I leave." Clian said looking at the large room.
"Leave?" Fiop yelled in shock. "Why? Where?"
"Have to go use my pendant." Clian told her calmly. "I don't know where yet. I have to go to the main room to find out where."
"I'm coming with you." Fiop said firmly.
"? To the main room, or on the quest?" Clian asked confused.
"Both." Fiop said heading to the door.
"That's not up to me." Clian told her opening the door for the two women.
"I'll ask White and Black then." Fiop told him in confidence.
"This way." Clian said walking to the right of the room down the corridor.


Turoc, White and Black were looking at a small radar screen in the center of the room.
"Black, call the rest of the PKs and get the others here too." White commanded.
Black hit a small red button on the wall behind him.
"Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Sicaor, Ion, Merlin, 098, Dior, Axle, Vegas, Fiop, Boxx and Clian. Get to the main room immediately! Double-time!" Black yelled.
After a few minutes, all of the crew was in the main room.
"Why did you call us here?" Blue asked.
"Because of this." White told him hitting a black button on a small panel he had in his hand.
The small radar screen in the center of the room enlarged and was 6 feet long and high. Of what the people could see, it was a map of the Cultax system. The planet Cliaox was exerting a large white beam.
"Wait a minute." Axle started. "Doesn't that look…."
"Yes." White said cutting him off. "It is a identical beam that of when we activated the pendants."
"What, there are more pendants?" Sicaor asked nervously.
"Unfortunately, yes." Black answered. "The five other pendant. Light, Dark, Time, Space, and Death. Rex must have searched for decades to find them all."
"Why weren't we told about this?" Clian said piping up.
"We didn't think that it was a problem at the time." Black stated. "Now that Rex has activated them, he has probably given them to his 5 minions."
"Who are they?" Fiop asked curiously.
"Greq, Tresa, Vrong, Salis, and Huras." White stated.
"I don't think Huras is one of them." Clian interrupted. "He helped me escape."
"Rex probably used the last pendant on himself." Black stated.
"What about the quest?" Clian stated. "It's not going to interfere, is it?"
"No, you must do the quest, no matter what happens." White told Clian.
"Where do I have to go first?" Clian asked quietly.
"WE, you mean." Fiop said finishing him off.
"…? Who said that you were going with him?" Green questioned her.
"He'll need someone to go with him!" Fiop answered.
"No body can go with him." White told her. "Besides, you four have to stop Rex and is minions before they interfere with saving Dionn."
"But what if something happens to him?" Fiop asked concerned.
"It's ok, Fiop." Clian told her in confidence. "I'll be ok."
"Are you ready to go now?" Black asked.
"Yeah, I guess so." Clian mumbled.
"Follow me." Black ordered.
Black then left out of the door behind him. Clian followed, leaving the rest of the crew behind him.


"I suspect that all of you now know how to use the pendants?" Rex asked.
"Yes." His minions replied.
"Good. Go back to your business for now." Rex ordered.
All of his minions tapped a button on their wrist and transported away, except for Vrong.
"What is it, Vrong?" Rex asked impatiently.
"There are some things that I must talk to you about." Vrong stated walking around the room.
"Like?" Rex mumbled.
"First off, when I was using "Mind Read" on the crew for their assessment, I founded that Salis has been to Dionn a few days ago."
"What was he doing there?" Rex asked interested.
"He framed a changeling for 1st degree murder." Vrong stated.
"He killed someone again?" Rex asked loudly.
"A UPO at that, but that's not the interesting part." Vrong continued.
"Then what?" Rex said sitting down.
"He framed the changeling that has the pendant. Dior." Vrong finished happily.
"Is that so?" Rex said relieved. "We'll have to use that to our advantage later."
"Also, about Huras." Vrong said interrupting Rex again.
"What about him?" Rex asked.
"It seems that when I was trying to control his mind, he used a brain collapse pill and he's now in a coma. He won't be able to wake up for approx. 100 years." Vrong said trailing off.
"As long as he can't help those kids anymore." Rex said standing up. "Anything else?"
"No." Vrong stated.
"You may go now." Rex commanded.
Vrong pushed a button on his wrist and then transported away.



Clian and Black stopped in front or a small black door. As they entered, Clian saw that the room was a transporter room.
"Stand over that blue pad there." Black stated going behind a control panel to Clian's right.
Clian walked over to the blue pad and stood on it.
"Where do I go first?" Clian asked curiously.
"I can't tell you that." Black mumbled. "Just don't interfere with the natives, and watch out for Fiona."
"Who?" Clian asked nervously.
"You'll know her when you see her." Black stated pressing some buttons on the panel. "Ready?"
"Yeah." Clian told him.
Black then pressed a large white button, and Clian transported away from the PKHQ.

"Macs, we have detected a transport from that huge station."
"Well? Where is it going?" Macs yelled.
"Umm… the Pixas system, approx. 12 light years 34° west, 22° north."
"Who is it of?" Macs asked loudly.
"I don't know, but he has something that is identical to the large beam that came from the station."
"Get a shuttle ready. I'm going after it." Macs ordered.


D. S. M. F.

White went over to a small orange button on the table that was flashing. Pressing it, White saw a map of Dionn.
"What is it?" Axle asked looking at the map.
"It looks like a F-disease has occurred in the Riook continent." White informed the group.
"F-disease?" Merlin asked.
"It deteriorates the cells in the brain." White mumbled. "With no treatment in a few weeks, the person will collapse in a deep sleep."
"How can it be treated?" Fiop asked curiously.
"An injection of the Q-vile." Green said interrupting the group. "Like this."
Green pulled out a small tube of a blue substance.
"Can you replicate it?" Sicaor asked.
"It regenerates itself after being used." Blue stated.
Blue then pulled out another vile of the blue substance.
"We don't want the disease to spread." Orange said piping up. "We'll have to work on both sides of the continent."
"I agree." White said pressing the orange button, shutting the map off. "Dior, Axle and Merlin will start at Dennmar. Fiop, Boxx, Sicaor and Ion will start at Siria."
"When do we go?" Merlin asked.
"Now would be good." White told them. Green and Blue will send you to the cities."
Green and Blue shot a beam out at the teenagers, and they all disappeared.
"You others may go now." White stated pointing to the doors.
Purple, Red, Orange and Yellow then left out of the door that White told them to go out. Black entered the room through a door that was behind him.
"They've left." White informed him.
"Maybe we should go out and look for Power now." Black suggested.
"I'm with you." White responded.
Black and White then left out of a door that was behind them.


"VRONG! Get the hell in here!"
The door to Rex's right swung open, and Vrong came in on his platform.
"Yes, emperor?" Vrong asked sarcastically.
"The tracer that was on one of those kids has moved." Rex informed him. "He's arrived at the Pixas system. I want you to go there and get him. Alive."
"As you wish." Vrong mumbled exiting the door.

12 light years away from Dionn is the Pixas system. It has only two planets, Worsz and Jadett. Each of them is populated by at leased 15 billion. Worsz is made of desert plains and rich farming land. Jadett is made of large oceans and jungles.



Clian appeared on the surface of the planet Jadett. Looking in front of him, a small control panel appeared from the sky. Picking it up, it activated. A large screen showed the picture of Black.
"This is a recording to whom receives the pendant of Life. If you receive this panel, you are on the planet Jadett. Listen carefully. The tests and tasks you must accomplish are all out of the way of the population. There are three tests. Physical, Mental, and Sub-conscious. When you find one of the three flags, which are Red, Blue and Green, you will begin that test. Do not fail, since you can only do this once. Good luck."
The panel then shut off. Clian looked ahead, seeing a path that was in front of him.
"I guess I have to follow the trail." Clian murmured.
Clian then started to walk up the trail, revolver in hand.


D. M.

Dior, Axle, Merlin and Blue appeared a mile away from the city of Dennmar. As soon as they arrived, Blue turned towards them.
"Here is a comm. System you can use to contact the PKHQ or the others." Blue told them giving them the comm. System. "You'll need to inject the vile into the public within the next day, before the disease becomes untreatable."
With that, Blue disappeared. Axle turned to Merlin.
"How are we going to give this vile to the public?" Axle asked nervously.
"Umm…" Merlin started. "How about in the water supply?"
"That might work on the most part," Axle answered. "But it's no guarantee. Not everyone drinks water."
Dior snapped his fingers. Axle and Merlin looked at him.
"You have an idea?" Merlin asked.
Dior nodded. He then pointed to the sky, then to his mouth.
"Ah!" Axle blurted out. "Make the vile into a gas, and let the people breathe it in!"
Dior nodded again.
"Can we do that?" Axle said turning to Merlin,
"I can try and make it into a gas." Merlin mumbled. "But what about the others?"
"Let's call them and figure something out." Axle yelled.
Merlin turned on the comm. System and tuned it to find Sicaor, Fiop, Ion and Boxx.


S. F.

Sicaor, Fiop, Ion, Boxx and Green appeared a mile away from the city of Siria. As soon as they landed, Green turned towards them.
"Here is the vile." Green said giving Fiop the vile. "If the public doesn't get the injection in the next 24 hours, it will be too late to treat the symptoms. Also, take this comm. System. Good luck."
With that, Green disappeared. Suddenly, the comm. System started to blink. Pressing the flashing button, a picture of Dior, Axle and Merlin appeared.
"You arrived?" Axle asked.
"Yeah." Fiop told them.
"We have an idea how to inject the vile into the public." Merlin informed them.
"How?" Ion asked questioning him.
"Merlin is going to make the vile into a gas and put it into the oxygen on this side of the continent. Then, everyone will breathe it in with the oxygen." Axle told the group.
"What about down here? How will we get the people to inject it?" Sicaor asked.
"Look around, Sicaor." Boxx snapped. "What do you see?"
"I see a desert. Why?" Sicaor asked her.
"Damn, you don't know a lot about Riook, do you?" Boxx told him. "This half of the continent is mostly hot and full of deserts. How often do you think they drink water?"
"All the time I guess." Sicaor told her uncertain.
"Exactly." Fiop told him. "We'll put the vile into the water supply of this side of the continent."
"Call us when it is in the water supply." Axle commanded them.
The screen of the comm. System turned off.
"Which way to Siria?" Ion asked curiously.


Macs pulled out his binoculars and looked forward. He thought he saw something move.
Come on, where are you? Where are… Bingo. Macs thought to himself.
About 100 yards ahead was a man, roughly the same age as him, walking up a large path. Around his neck was a pendant. Macs took out a small panel and scanned the pendant.
Yep, has the same energy signature. I Imagine I could sell that for about 1,000,000 gel easy. Probably to…
Something tapped him on the shoulder. Macs turned around and was awake long enough to see the heel of a boot hitting his head.


Pretty big jungle, if you ask me.
Vrong was standing on his platform, going further into the bush. He landed about 250 yards from the signal of the pendant. Vrong looked at his own pendant.
Rex said that this pendant was for Time. Wonder what will happen if I use it. Slow it down, speed it up…
Vrong heard footsteps ahead. Looking in the distance, he saw a person walking upward on a hill.
Let's go get our child then.



Looking up the hill, Clian saw a large red flag.
"Finally, I can start the tests, and get outta here." Clian mumbled.
"You won't be doing any tests, kid!"
Clian spun around quickly, and saw a man who was standing on a floating platform, about 10 feet behind him.
"Who are you?" Clian asked loudly.
"Vrong, and as I said, you can't do the tests."
"Vrong! One of Rex's minions?" Clian yelled.
"Yes," Vrong responded. "Rex want's me to take you back to the fortress. You're coming with me!"
Clian pulled out his revolver.
"I don't think so!" Clian snickered.
"Please." Vrong sighed.
Clian looked at Vrong, who grabbed the pendant that was around him neck. His hand started to glow.
"Go ahead! Shoot!" Vrong commanded.
Clian hesitated… and pulled the trigger.
Vrong lifter his hand within a millisecond and pointed at the bullet. The bullet then came to a stop in mid-air.
"Ha ha ha!" Vrong laughed.
Vrong's arm then went into himself and became a HSRR.
"What the…!" Clian said shocked.
"I'm a cyborg, if you didn't know." Vrong told him. "Now come with me!"
Suddenly, a loud BOOM was heard. A large hole appeared in Vrong, showing a lot of wires and technical materials. Vrong then collapsed to the ground, shutting off when he landed. Looking behind Vrong, Clian saw a girl a few years younger then him holding a large shotgun.
"You better explain why you're trespassing on my land!" She yelled.


D. M.

A large cloud of smoke appeared on a skyscraper in the middle of the city of Dennmar. Once the cloud disappeared, Merlin, Dior and Axle were standing there. Axle looked down at the large city.
"Are you sure this is the largest building in Dennmar?" Axle asked.
"Can you see a bigger on?" Merlin shot back.
"I guess not." Axle responded. "Let's make that gas then."
"Pass me the vile, Dior." Merlin instructed.
Dior reached in his pocket and pulled out the blue vile. He then passed it to Merlin.
"I hope this works." Merlin mumbled.
Merlin bent down and placed the vile standing up on the ground.
"Domini, seri, gasa!" Merlin yelled pointing at the vile.
A small laser beam shot from his hands and hit the vile. The vile then turned into a huge black cloud. The white cloud then grew, and grew, until it was spread out over all the land that the group could see. Axle turned on the comm. System.
"Hey you guys," Axle started. "Do you see a large black could near you?"
"Black could?" Sicaor asked. "…I see something black, but it's not moving. It's pretty far away."
"That's the vile." Merlin told them. "It's over this side of the continent. It will become invisible in about 1 hour. Then the public will breathe it in, feeling nothing different."
"Where coming into Siria in about 5 minutes." Fiop told them. "We'll put it into the water supply as soon as we get there."
"Ok." Axle told them shutting of the comm. System.
Suddenly, from behind the group, someone was hitting the door to the roof.
"This is the police! Open the door! "


Approx. 1,000 light years away from Dionn is the small habitable asteroid called "Explorer." Although the asteroid is habitable, no one ever dared to live on it because of the chance it might hit a planet. The only being who lives on it is Power.


Power walked out of his house and looked around his surroundings. Exotic plants and fruit were all over the asteroid.
I hope that the chosen ones have found the runes. Power thought to himself.
Suddenly, in front of Power, A large white beam and black beam appeared out of nowhere. After a second, the beams vanished and a man in white and a man in black stood there.
"Hello, Power." White stated.
"What happened?" Power asked quickly. "Why can't I show a signal outside this asteroid?"
"The Overlords have stopped your transmissions with enormous jamming systems." Black informed him. "We don't know why it only blocks your transmissions."
"Have the chosen ones got the runes?" Power asked nervously.
"Yes they have." White told him.
"Thank god!" Power signed in relief. "Do they know how to use them?"
"Clian is training to use the Life pendant." Black informed him.
"Wait a minute!" Power exclaimed. "Did you warn her of Fiona?"
"Yes we did." Black answered.
"I don't think you warned him enough." Power said walking forward. "The last person who trespassed on the training ground was send to a hospital in critical condition! He's still laying in the bed, paralyzed from the chest down!"
"Then we should help him?" White suggested.
"I'd say so!" Power stated loudly. "I'm coming too."
"You ready to go?" Black asked.
"Yes." Power told him. "Let's go!"



"I'm…I'm…" Clian blurted out.
"Don't stutter!" the girl yelled. "Who are you! What are you doing here?"
"I'm Clian." He told her. "I'm here to train to use this pendant."
"Pendant?" the girl asked astonished. "Don't make me laugh! The pendants have become as forgotten as me!"
"Then what is this then?" Clian stated showing her his pendant.
"They can easily be replicated." The girl shot back.
"Well, I know that there is 10 of them all together," Clian started. "I know of the Peace Keepers, and of Power…."
"Power?" the girl screamed raising her shotgun. "What do you know of him!"
"He gave me this pendant 15 years ago…" Clian started.
The girl walked forward, shotgun pointed at Clian's head.
"Walk!" she commanded.
Clian walked down a train, opposite from the flag, with the girl following behind him.


"…What is it, Vrong?"
"I'm…a…pretty messed…up."
"…What happened, Vrong?"
"Some…one…ugh…shot me."
"I…don't know."
"…Damn it! Can you be repaired?"
"…This is great!"
"Can't…I…use the…pendant?"
Vrong squeezed the pendant and his hand started to glow green. He then touched himself. A large green light appeared all around him. Slowly, the blown away chest started to come back together. After a minute, he was repaired.
"…Are you repaired?"
"You can say that."
"…Good. I want you to come…"
"I can't come back yet. I have some unfinished business. I must get that child."
"…Ok. Don't get killed, ok?"
"As you wish, emperor."
Vrong started to walk forward, down the path that that girl and the one with the pendant walked down.


S. F.

"Finally here." Boxx said relieved.
Sicaor, Ion, Fiop and Boxx had just arrived in the city of Siria. Most of the houses were made of stone, very few of wood. Looking in the distance, they saw a large building at the other end of town. Water was coming from the pipes that were sticking out of it.
"That must be the water plant." Fiop stated.
"Let's put the vile in so that we can meet up with Dior, Axle and Merlin." Ion suggested.
"Come on!" Sicaor yelled running to the building.
Boxx and Ion started to run after him, with Fiop at the back.
"Excuse me!"
Fiop stopped and turned around to see a peasant come out of his house.
"Yes? I'm kind of in a hurry." Fiop told him looking at her friends. She was way behind.
"Would you like to buy a pepper?" The peasant asked holding out a few red peppers
Doesn't look it he's going to take 'no' for an answer.
"How much?" Fiop asked searching her pocket for money.
"5 gel each." The peasant informed her.
Fiop took 17 gel out of her pocket and handed it to the peasant.
"I'll take 3." She told him. "Keep the change."
"Thank you miss." He said giving her the peppers and taking the money.
The peasant then ran back into his house. Fiop ran as fast as she could to catch up with the group. Finally, she made it to the plant.
"What took you so long?" Boxx asked.
"Someone wanted me to buy something, that's all." Fiop answered. "Are we going in?"


D. M.

Merlin walked over to the door on the roof. Opening it, four D.P.D. (Dennmar Police Department) officers came in the door. They turned directly to Merlin.
"What was that big cloud?" One of the officers asked.
"I don't know, officer." Merlin lied.
"I could have sworn that…" another officer started and then looked at Dior and Axle. "Hey! You two! Come here!"
Dior and Axle walked towards the group of police officers. The one that called them over studied Dior carefully.
"Wait a minute!" the officer said pulling out a small picture.
Dior, Axle and Merlin looked at the picture, with was a picture of Dior. The police officers took out their PHG (Pulse Hand Gun) and aimed it at the three teenagers.
"Hands on your head!" the officer in front yelled. "You are under arrest for the murder of an UPO!"
"What are you talking about?" Merlin shot back. "We didn't kill anyone!"
"HANDS ON YOUR HEAD OR I WILL SHOOT!" The officer beside him screamed. "You have the right to remain silent…."



About 30 minutes after his encounter with the girl, Clian found himself about half a mile from a small village.
"Don't stop now, get going!" the girl yelled.
"I don't like having a gun pointed at me…" Clian started. "Hey. What's your name?"
"That's on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know!" she yelled.
"Let me guess, Fiona. Am I right?" Clian mumbled.
"How did you know?" She yelled.
"The Peace Keepers told me to watch out for you, to avoid you." Clian informed her.
"They were right." Fiona told him. "I am a dangerous person. Get walking!"
"Why are you taking me there?" Clian said pointing to the village. "I have to train to use the pendant."
"I have been told not to let anyone be on that land, under no circumstances!" Fiona yelled.
"Who told you?" Clian asked walking down a small hill.
Suddenly, a bright light appeared all around the two people. In front of Clian and Fiona where White, Black and Power.
"Hello Clian, Fiona." Power said nodding his head.
"He told me!" Fiona said in shock pointing at Power.
"You must let him continue on the quest." Black told her.
"But you said…" Fiona started.
"Situations have changed in 10 years, Fiona." White told her. "The crystal is going to burn out in 5 days, and you know what that means for Dionn."
"Yeah, it gets destroyed, so what?" Fiona scowled walking in circles.
"Then finding your family will be impossible and so will be getting the 11th pendant of Elements." Power informed her.
"11th pendant?" Clian asked confused. "How many pendants are there?"
"11. No more." White said calming Clian down. "There is also the pendant tablet, which can absorb the power of all 11 pendants."
"Um, not to be rushing anything," Clian started, "But am I going to start the quest are what!"


Rex tapped the side of his chair impatiently. He pressed a green button on his armrest.
"Tresa, Salis, I want you in here now!" Rex ordered.
In front of Rex a beam of light appeared. Once the light left, Tresa and Salis were standing at the front of the room.
"You called, emperor?" Tresa asked.
"Yes," Rex started. "Two of the kids have been arrested and are in a prison cell in Dennmar. I want you two to go there and get them out. Then, bring them here."
"What if the other ones come?" Tresa asked looking at Rex.
"Take them too." Rex responded. "Is that understood?"
"Yes, emperor." Tresa told him.
Tresa pushed a button on her wrist and transported away.
"Just a minute, Salis." Rex said stopping him. "One of the children is the one you framed for murder. Don't do anything stupid, ok?"
Salis nodded. He pushed a button on his wrist and transported away. Rex pushed the green button on his armrest again.
"Greq, get in here!" Rex yelled.
A door beside Rex opened and Greq walked in the room.
"Yes emperor?" Greq asked calmly.
"Tresa and Salis are bringing in some guests." Rex stated grinning. "I want you to make them feel at home. Ok?"
"As you wish." Greq stated turning around.
Greq left out of the door he came in, leaving Rex sitting at his chair. Rex pushed the green button again.
"Vrong, what is your status?" Rex asked loudly.
"…I haven't found them yet, sir." Vrong stated.
"The tracer is still on him, Vrong." Rex told him looking at the radar beside him. "From your position, he's 60 feet south-east."
"…Thanks, emperor." Vrong said finally. "…Sir?"
"What?" Rex asked quickly.
"…I need some bigger guns."


S. F.

Fiop and Boxx entered the large water plant. Large pipes and valves were all around the two girls. Sicaor and Ion were up a large ladder, heading to a large tank.
"You two going to chit-chat all day or what?" Ion yelled down.
"We coming!" Fiop yelled back up.
"I'm going to seriously hurt him when this is over!" Boxx whispered to Fiop.
"I hear ya. Let's not let him make another comment then." Fiop said climbing the ladder.
After a few minutes, the four teenagers arrived at the top of the huge water tank, which looked like the main supplier for the city. It was at least 50 feet in the air.
"Let's put the vile in and get outta here!" Ion stated.
Sicaor went into his pocket and pulled out the vile. Bending down, he pushed a release button that was on the end. The blue substance went into the water and blended with it in a second.
"What are you doing up there?"
The four people turned around and looked down the ladder. A man in a janitor's uniform was standing at the bottom.
"Um…ah…" Sicaor stared.
"Were…um…from the water-testing company in Dennmar." Fiop blurted out. "Were making sure all the water in the main cities are suitable to drink."
"Oh." The janitor said unsure. "Is it safe?"
"Yes it is." Boxx told him. "This vile tests it right here. If the water turns blue, it's safe to drink."
"Ok." The janitor stated. "Just make sure no one come in when you leave."
"We'll make sure." Sicaor told him climbing down the ladder.
The janitor then opened the exit door and left the building. The group landed on the floor.
"Let's go to Dennmar now." Ion said nervously. "I want to get back to the station as soon as possible."
Sicaor pulled out the comm. System and pushed a red button. A bright light appeared around them and they transported away to Dennmar.


"…An HSRL (Heat Seeker Rocket Launcher) and a RFT (Rechargeable Flame-thrower) has been sent to your coordinates." Rex told him. "…They should be there in a second…. Don't waste them! Understood?"
"Yes emperor." Vrong told him turning off his comm. System.
A black light appeared in front of him and when it disappeared, a large box was where it was. Vrong opened the box and saw the HSRL and RFT. Picking them up, he merged them with himself.
Try to get away now, little man.
Vrong walked forward a few steps, and stopped immediately. Listening, he heard voices. Five of them, and two of them were coming in his direction.
Wish that I didn't fall off my platform. Vrong thought to himself. Since I was knocked off, I can't get back on without being planted on to it.
Vrong jumped into the bushes and watched the two children walk by him. Looking in the distance, he saw they were walking to a red flag.
I'll just wait until he starts the training. Then, I'll jump them both.


D. M.

Dior, Axle and Merlin were in a prison cell in the basement of the D.P.D. building.
"What do they think that you did?" Merlin asked curiously.
"They think that Dior killed a UPO." Axle told him.
"What's a UPO?" Merlin asked confused.
"Universal Peace Officer." Axle responded.
"They think that he killed a UPO? That's insane!" Merlin yelled.
"HEY! Quiet down in there!"
Dior looked down the hall to see a few guards drinking coffee. Dior looked back at his friends.
"So what are we going to do?" Axle asked.
Suddenly, a large beam of light appeared in the middle of the three. After a minute, the light cleared and Sicaor, Ion, Fiop and Boxx were standing there. As soon as they appeared, they looked strait at the prison bars.
"Hey, where are we?" Ion asked loudly.
The sound of footsteps came as one of the guards from down the hall appeared.
"Where'd the hell you come from?" The guard asked looking at the four newcomers.
"We were already here." Sicaor told him in confidence.
"Whatever. You not getting out, wherever you came from." The guard said turning around.
"Merlin, where are we?" Fiop asked nervously.
"In the Dennmar Police Department." Merlin responded. "We've been arrested for the murder of a Universal Peace Officer."
"What are you talking about?" Boxx yelled. "You didn't kill anyone!"
"I know that, but they don't." Axle said pointing at the guards.
Down the hall, someone was talking to the guards. A guard walked down to their cell.
"You guys have some visitors." The guard snickered.
Two people came into view, one male and one female.
"Can you give us a few minutes?" the woman asked the guard.
"Sure. I'll be back in five." The guard said walking away.
"What do you want?" Sicaor asked.
"Manners, please." The woman told him sarcastically. "Just take this."
The woman handed Sicaor some rags. Opening the rags, Sicaor found a small crystal. It started to glow.
"Sicaor! Get rid of…" Fiop started.
Before Fiop could finish her sentence, the group of people disappeared without a trace.
"Guard! Guard!" Tresa yelled. "They escaped! They transported out of here!"



Clian and Fiona finally arrived at the large red flag. A small plaque beside the flag read: "PHYSICAL TEST."
"Don't get killed." Fiona told him.
"What's this? Worried about me, and you tried to kill me a few minutes ago!" Clian snickered.
"Don't get cocky!" Fiona yelled turning away. "Get going."
Clian walked forward into the test area. A few feet ahead of him was a small wooden sign.
"'Obstacle Course'? That's the physical test?" Clian asked. "This won't take long."
After walking for a few minutes, Clian came to a large boulder. It seemed to be blocking another route.
"Guess I go down this way." Clian said quietly.
Clian walked down the only way that he could.
If this is the test, I'll be done in…
Clian turned around and saw the once unmovable boulder rolling towards him.
"Oh, shit!" Clian yelled.
Clian started to run down the path, which had logs, holes, water patches and other things in his way.
Now I know why this is called the obstacle course!


Power, Black and White appeared in the PKHQ's main room.
"I haven't been here in a very long time." Power mumbled. "Must be at least 30 years."
The door to their left opened and Green came running in.
"Black! We have a problem!" Green yelled.
"What is it?" White asked.
"All of the children have been captured! There at Rex's fortress." Green yelled.
"Because of the Overlord's jamming signal, it would be impossible to get them out with Power's help." Black said quietly. "Green, monitor everything that happens. White, Power, come with me. We're going to go visit The Guardians."
"The Guardians? Are you nuts!" Green exclaimed.
"We'll be all right. Juts monitor them." Black stated going out the door with White and Power.


Greq looked at the remaining 'guests' in the prison cell. He put the monster, the magician and the changeling in separate solitary cells and put all the humans in a huge cell.
"Who are you?" the female asked.
"Know your enemy, huh?" Greq said loudly. "I'm Greq, loyal apprentice to emperor Rex. I'm guessing that you are… let me see…"
"You don't need to know our names!" One of the males yelled.
Greq put his hand in the cell and grabbed the male. He pulled him right to the bars.
"You tell me your name or your head is going in this wall!" Greq yelled.
"…Si…caor." He gasped.
"And you?" Greq asked pointing to the others.
"Fiop, Ion and Axle." Fiop told him.
"Good." Greq stated calmly.
He then threw Sicaor to the other side of the cell. He hit the wall, thus knocking the wind out of him.
"You mind giving me your pendants?" Greq asked quickly.
"Forget it." Sicaor told him wheezing.
"Have it your way. I'll get them anyway." Greq said showing them his pendant.
He then walked down the corridor to the other solitary cells. Passing the first one, he looked in and saw the changeling sitting on the cot. Passing the next, he saw the monster hitting the door as hard as she could.
Good thing those are quad-iron plated steel doors.
He then passed the magician's cell. Looking inside, he saw his squeezing his pendant, and his hand was glowing yellow.
What the hell is he…
"Oh, no!" Greq yelled and pressed his wrist button. "Rex, we have…."
He didn't get to finish. Right then, the door of his cell busted open with a large blast of wind and hit Greq in the back, throwing him to the ground and knocking him unconscious.



Faster, damn it, FASTER!
The large boulder was gaining on Clian. Along the way, he avoided all of the obstacles he could and climbed the ones he couldn't. The boulder still didn't stop, even while hitting the holes and logs.
I'm not going to make it. Not going to…
Looking ahead, about 100 yards was a clearing. Clian picked up the pace, getting a little distance from the enormous rock.
Almost there. Almost…
"Wha!" Clian yelled and stopped.
The clearing he saw was actually a cliff, dropping of at least a mile. Turing around quickly, he saw that the rock was getting closer. Clian jumped to a path to his right and out of the boulders way. The rock then went over the cliff, and Clian was safe.
"Don't…have…to run…anymore." Clian said in small breaths.
Looking down the path, Clian saw a large blue flag about 30 yards away.
"Round two." Clian mumbled sarcastically, staggering down the path.


"Greq! Come in! What happened?"
Rex repeatedly hit the green button on his chair, calling Greq, but got no answer.
"Those kids aren't getting away. Not this time." Rex mumbled and hit the white button on his chair. "Activate the T-shield!"
"…Yes sir. Activating T-shield………T-shield activated."
Now that they can't get out of here without turning the shield off, the guards can track them down.
A huge cloud suddenly filled the throne room, covering every corner.
"What the hell is this!" Rex yelled.
After a minute, the cloud cleared and the seven children were in front of him, their backs towards him.
On the other hand, maybe not.


D. M. F. S.

"Where are we, Merlin?" Axle asked looking around.
"I don't know, but it's the biggest room in the fortress." Merlin told him.
"I think it's the main room." Fiop stated.
"The throne room, actually."
The group spun around to see emperor Rex sitting back in his large chair.
"REX!" Sicaor yelled.
"I'm glad that you remembered me." Rex chuckled. "Now, if you will just give me the pendants, you can leave in one peace."
"I don't think so." Boxx said moving into an attack stance.
Rex stood up and pointed at Boxx. She immediately flew to Rex, and he put his left arm around her neck.
"Do you want her to die?" Rex asked quickly. "If not, give me the pendants!"
Boxx changed her hands to her bear claws.
"Big mistake, little one." Rex whispered.
Rex pulled his arm to the right, hard, and snapped her neck.
"NO!" Fiop yelled and squeezed her pendant.
As soon as her hand started to glow, she pointed it at Rex and a large stream of water shot from her hand and hit Rex. It threw him out a door that was at the other end of the room.
Fiop started to run to her dead friend. A bright light suddenly appeared and when it was gone, the woman at the police station was standing there at Boxx's body.
"We meet again, I see." She stated sarcastically.
"Who are you?" Axle asked loudly.
"Tresa, an apprentice." She told them. "And I want the pendants."
Tresa squeezed her own pendant and her hand started to glow white. She pointed at Dior and a large beam of light flew from her hand to Dior. After a few seconds, she stopped pointing at him, and Dior was all dried up, solid and fragile. She then pulled out a revolver and pointed it at Dior.
"Do you want him alive or in pieces?" Tresa said cocking the gun.


In an area that can only be reached by a certain transportation wave, is the fifth unknown dimension. In this realm, the Lords of the Elements, the Guardians, live.

Black, White and Power appeared at the foot of what looked like a large staircase.
"After you." Black told his friends.
The three started to walk up the stairs to the top. After a few minutes, they arrived at a small platform that ended the staircase and went nowhere else.
"Guardians! We call upon you services!" White yelled.
A small light ball came in front of the group.
"Why have you come?" the ball asked.
"We need the guardians help." Black informed the ball.
The light ball divided into 11 smaller light balls and landed on 11 large platforms in the air. The whole room lit up brightly, blinding the group. After a minute, the light disappeared.
"Why do you require our assistance?"
On the 11 platforms stood different colors of light, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Brown, and two Gray.
"Refer to use as Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Light, Dark, Time, Space, Life, Death and Elements." The Brown light ordered the small group.
"Yes, Elements." Black responded. "As you may know, the 10 pendants have been found and activated. We have less then 4 days until Dionn becomes what is was when the Overlords left."
"What's your point?" the Red light interrupted.
"We do not want Dionn to become the way it was, or it may be possible that emperor Rex will expand his empire and take over solar system by solar system with his pendant." White told Fire.
"What do you want us to do?" the Blue light asked.
"To stop Dionn from becoming what it was." Power told the Guardians.
"How can Dionn be stopped from becoming that way?" the Orange light asked curiously.
"Two ways." Black informed him. "Either by finding another energy crystal or by eliminating the Overlords."
"Don't you know that the energy crystals have stopped production 5 years ago?" the Yellow light informed them. "They are extinct!"
"They the Overlords have to be stopped." White shot back at him.
"There are over 250 billion Overlords in the whole galaxy." The Purple light sated. "How are you going to eliminate all of them in less then 4 days?"
"I don't know." Power sighed.
"We can stop time!" Black blurted out suddenly.
"How?" the Black light asked.
"You can control the elements, am I right?" White asked quietly.
"Yes, and?" the White light told him.
"You can stop time then." Power stated pointing to the Green light.
"Do you know how much that can affect the time waves all over the galaxy?" the Green light asked in a loud voice. "It could also destroy me as yell as the Time pendant."
"Can you at least stop it in the Cliaox system then?" Black suggested.
"No promises." The Green light mumbled.



Clian appeared at the large blue flag. A small plaque beside the flag read: "MENTAL TEST." A few feet ahead was a large stone wall with a small door.
"Here we go." Clian mumbled opening the door.
Clian found himself in a large room, with the room 15 feet above him. At the other end of the room was a control panel. Walking up to it, it started to buzz.
"Answer the following questions and you will survive." The panel informed him.
A large SNAP could be heard and Clian looked up. The ceiling was slowly coming down on him.
Come on! Ask the questions.
"A plain full of passengers was going across two continents. The engine fails, and plain crashes on the border of the two continents. Where do they bury the survivors?"
Where? On the first continent? The second? Where would they bury the survivors? Survivors…survivors?
"You don't busy survivors." Clian exclaimed.
I guess the questions are trick questions then. Clian thought quickly.
Clian looked up and saw that the ceiling was only 7 feet above him now.
"There were two properties that belonged to farmers. On the edge of the properties was a doghouse. A rooster from one property went atop the doghouse, laid an egg, and the egg rolled on the other property. Who owns the egg?"
It's a trick question, remember! What doesn't make sense? Two farmers, properties, doghouse, rooster…Rooster laid an egg?
"Roosters don't lay eggs." Clian said looking back at the ceiling. It was only 4 feet above him now.
I hope that this is the last question.
"I am any shape and size. If you put me in an object, I will make it lighter. What am I?"
What the hell kind of question is that?
The ceiling was only 2 feet above him now.
Any shape and size? Makes an object lighter? What could it be? What makes things lighter? When there is less of the object, I guess. What gets rid of objects? A gap or hole… a hole?
"A hole." Clian stated quickly.
"Correct. Last question."
The ceiling was at Clian's head now.
"As I was going to Saint Ives, I met a man with seven wives. The seven wives had seven sacs. The seven sacs held seven cats. The seven cats had seven kittens. How many were going to Saint Ives?"
It's a trick question! It would take too long to add all the numbers. What was it again? 'As I was going to Saint…' I? I?
"One?" Clian said unsure.
The ceiling stopped lowering 3 feet from the ground. It then whizzed up to the top in a second. A small door appeared beside the panel.
"You may leave."


S. M. F. D.

"OK! Ok." Fiop yelled backing up.
Tresa never changed her expression; her gun still pointed at Dior.
"That's better," Tresa said lowering her gun slightly. "Now give me the pendants!"
"Why do you want them so badly?" Merlin asked calmly.
"Why wouldn't I?" Tresa shot back. "They are pretty powerful you know!"
The door behind the group opened up and Greq stumbled in.
"Where is he?" Greq screamed. "…YOU!"
Greq ran towards Merlin and grabbed him. He lifted him up in the air, trying to choke him.
"Let go of him!" Sicaor yelled squeezing his pendant.
His hand started to glow red. He lifted his hand and pointed it and Greq.
Everybody stopped and turned to the sound of the shot. Tresa pointed her smoking gun to Dior.
"He'll be next if you don't shut up!" She yelled. "Greq, drop him!"
"Whatever." Greq mumbled letting go of Merlin.
Merlin dropped to the floor, gasping for air.
"Now, if you would…" Tresa started, then stopped. She just started at Greq.
"? What?" Greq asked confused.
"Your pendant… it's not there!" Tresa said shocked.
Greq looked down and saw that his pendant was missing.
"Where the hell did it…?" Greq asked looking around.
"Right here." Merlin said raising Greq's pendant.
"GIVE IT BACK!" Greq snarled.
Merlin squeezed his pendant and pointed at the top of the room. The whole throne room then engulfed itself in darkness.
"Tresa, light up the room!" Greq yelled.
After a second, a large light beam came from Tresa's hand and lit up the whole room. She looked around and saw that the group was gone.


"…Who…the hell?"
Macs stood up slowly, holding his head in pain. A large boot mark was on his head.
"When… I find who… did this, their going to pay!" Macs yelled.
Macs started to walk further into the jungle until he reached a path. It was the same path that the person with the pendant was on earlier. Farther down the path was a girl standing in one place holding a shotgun, looking up another path. Macs walked towards her.
"What's a nice looking girl like…" Macs started.
The girl turned around and pointed her shotgun to him.
"You again!" She yelled. "Didn't you learn the first time when I crashed your head in? LEAVE MY LAND!"
"What the…! It was you?" Macs asked shocked.
The girl cocked her shotgun.
"Yes, now go!" she yelled.
Suddenly, a large hand came from behind the girl and hit her hard over the back of her head. The girl fell to the ground, the shotgun falling from her grasp. Standing behind the girl was a large man with two large guns in his hands.
"Who's side are you on?" he asked.
"Mine." Macs told him.
"Smart boy." He informed him. "Here, catch."
The man threw him one of his weapons, a flame-thrower by the looks of it.
"My name's Vrong. Pick her up, we're going hunting for children."


"Emperor, are you all right?"
Tresa was trying to wake up Rex, without much success. He started to moan and slowly sat up.
"What the… Where are they!" Rex yelled getting up.
"They're gone." Tresa told him slowly. "They use Greq's pendant and then disappeared."
"Greq still has the pendant, right?" Rex asked loudly.
"Yes, he does." Tresa said calming him down. "He's trying to find the kids now."
"They can't leave the building, the T-shield in activated." Rex stated walking to his chair. "Send the Stalkers out, Level 2A Series. Lock down the whole fortress. If they are found, inform Greq and me immediately. Send Salis on the Stalker team."
"As you wish, emperor." Tresa said heading to the security room.



Outside the door that lead to the 'MENTAL TEST', Clian found himself to another large wall. Beside the wall was a green flag, with a plaque that read 'SUB-CONSIOUS TEST'.
"Round three." Clian mumbled going to the wall.
A large door suddenly appeared beside the flag. A large speaker above the door started to speak. It was in White's voice.
"This is the sub-conscious test. In this area, anything is possible. Some things might be real, others may not. There is a large green button near the end of the building. Reach the button, and you will succeed. Good luck, and remember. Your imagination is a powerful thing."
The door opened about an inch. Clian walked and opened the door.
"Time to get out of this planet." Clian stated walking into the room.


S. M. D. F.

Sicaor, Merlin, Ion, Dior, Axle and Fiop appeared in what looked like the Mess hall of the fortress. No one was there, luckily.
"Where are we going to go now?" Axle asked holding on to Dior.
"Out of this building, that's where!" Sicaor yelled.
"HEY! What about Boxx?" Fiop screamed getting everyone's attention.
"Forget about her, she's dead!" Ion informed her. "We should worry about…."
Whatever he was going to say was cut off by Fiop punching him in the nose. He fell to the ground, his nose bleeding.
"…You…bitch!" Ion blurted out.
"If you guys aren't going to find Boxx, then I will!" Fiop said running to a door at the other side of the room.
"FIOP! Wait!" Merlin yelled, but Fiop was already out the door.
"You guys, lets melt Dior, then chase after Fiop, ok?" Axle suggested.
"I think I can handle that." Sicaor said squeezing his pendant.
Once his hand started to glow, he pointed at Dior and a stream of fire came from his hand. Slowly, Dior started to melt. After a minute, Dior was a large puddle in the ground.
"Dior, wake up!" Axle yelled.
For a second, nothing happened. Then, Dior started to form into an object. After a few more seconds, Dior was in his human form.
"You alright, Dior?" Merlin asked.
Dior gave him a thumbs up. He looked around, pointed at his pendant, held up his hand, and raised four fingers.
"She's gone right now. You wanna go after her?" Axle asked him.
Dior nodded his head.
"I'm not going after her." Ion said getting up slowly.
"We'll go look for Fiop." Merlin stated. "Sicaor, you stay here with Ion."
"Sure." Sicaor said calmly.
Merlin, Axle and Dior ran to the door that Fiop went through, leaving Sicaor and a bleeding Ion behind.


Seems that this kid is useful after all.
Vrong and Macs had just left through the door of what seemed to be the second test. While the room was coming down, Macs torched the panel and a door appeared. After they ran through the door, the ceiling collapsed.
"Hey, Vrong!" Macs yelled. "She's starting to wake up."
"Tell her if she moves, she's as good as dead!" Vrong told him stopping at a green flag. "This has to be where he is. It's the last test."
"Then let's get going." Macs stated dragging the half-awake girl behind him.
"He has a gun, so that you know." Vrong mumbled to him. "If he tries to shoot, don't hesitate. Got it?"
"Yeah, let's just get him." Macs told him.



White was right, imagination is powerful. It seems that since this is the sub-conscious test, my mind makes the challenge.
Clian's imagination had made the test very difficult. First, he had to trample threw a jungle. Then he found a ladder. Going up the ladder, he came to a large cliff. It took him a while to get to the top, but once he did, he saw a large pole with a green button on it just a few meters away.
"Finally I can get outta here." Clian said exhausted.
Clian took one step…
A bullet hole appeared at his feet. Turning around, he saw Vrong with two guns and another man who was holding Fiona. The cliff had apparently vanished.
"Vrong! How did you get up here?" Clian asked quickly.
"With no imagination, it wasn't so hard." Vrong chuckled. "No imagination, no problem. Remember what the panel said?"
He then raised both of his guns at Clian.
"This is the last time I am asking you to come with me, and this time…."
Vrong snapped his fingers. The other man took out a large gun and pointed it at Fiona's head.
"You have no choice." The man snickered.
Clian backed up slowly.
'In this area, anything is possible.'
Clian though about what White had said.
"You got 5 seconds to come!" Vrong yelled.
Clian looked right at Vrong… and squeezed his pendant. His hand started to glow gray.
"What the hell…" The man started.
Clian then pointed at Vrong and the man. Then both slowly lifted in the air.
"What is he doing?" The man asked in shock.
"This pendant is the pendant of Life." Clian told him. "It has the power to make life… and destroy it!"
"You wouldn't DARE!" Vrong yelled.
"Oh? How about when you said to shoot you? Did I dare then?" Clian asked.
Clian then turned his attention to the man. He then made his hand look like a pair of scissors.
"STOP IT!" The man yelled.
"You picked the wrong team to fight with, pal." Clian mumbled.
He then cut his scissors hand. The man's head lowered just a bit, and he said nothing. His body then fell to the ground. Clian then turned back to Vrong.
"Now, listen to me." Clian started. "You go back to Rex and tell his the only way that he is going to get this pendant is by getting it from my dead body. GOT IT?"
"Yes." Vrong said calmly.
"Well, go!" Clian yelled.
Vrong tapped a few buttons on his arm. A large light beam went over Vrong, and then he disappeared. Clian then walked over to the sleeping Fiona.
"Hey, Fiona!" Clian said shaking her lightly. "Come on! Wake up!"
Fiona blinked quickly, looked around and stared at Clian.
"What happened?" Fiona asked slowly.
"Seems like that guy you blew away and another guy jumped you or something." Clian told her.
"Where'd they go?" She asked.
"One left, the other is over there." Clian said pointing at the dead man.
Fiona got up and walked over to the man. She bent down and picked up his gun.
"What a bastard." She murmured.
"Your welcome." Clian said quietly.
"'Your welcome.'?" Fiona asked.
"I just saved your life from them." Clian told her.
"Well I saved your life from that other guy, so we're even!" Fiona snickered.
"Come on, let's get outta here." Clian said walking to the green button.
As he pressed the button, a speaker overhead turned on.
"You have passed."
A large light beam surrounded the two teenagers and in an instant, they disappeared.


The green light came to the middle of the room.
"There is no guarantee that this will work, but if it does, nobody that is currently in the Cultax system will be able to move until they are moved out." The green light informed Black, White and Power.
"Ok, do it." Black ordered.
"Also, if anyone enters the area, they will be unaffected. Other then me, the Time pendant will be the only thing to make time work again." The green light told them.
"All right." White responded.
The green light then started to change form. After a minute, it was in the form of a human. He the pulled a large pocket watch out of his pocket. He turned a switch on the watch until the watch said "CULTAX." He then pressed a small red button on the watch. Nothing happened.
"Did it work?" Power asked.
"Wait." The green light told him.
Suddenly, a large green beam came out of the watch and headed out of the dimension, towards the Cultax system. A large green circle went around the whole system, and every object in the system stopped moving.


A large light beam appeared in Rex's throne room. After is disappeared, Vrong was standing where the light was. Vrong turned and looked at Rex's chair. Rex was sitting down, motionless.
"Emperor, I'm back." Vrong told him.
Rex didn't respond.
"Hey, Rex!" Vrong yelled.
Rex still didn't answer.
"What the hell happened here?" Vrong asked looking around.
Tresa was near the door to his left, not moving. It looked like she was starting to open the door.
"Something is really screwed up here." Vrong murmured.
He then opened the door that Tresa was at and headed to the control room.



Clian and Fiona appeared in the main room of the PKHQ.
"Where are we?" Fiona asked quickly.
"The PKHQ." Clian told her.
The door to their left opened and Blue, Green and Red ran in.
"Clian, we have a problem!" Red yelled. "White, Black and Power went to the Guardians and now, time has stopped in the Cultax system!"
"Where are the others?" Clian asked looking around the room.
"In Rex's fortress." Blue informed him.
"I'm going after them." Clian said going to the transporter room.
"Wait!" Green yelled at him. "You're going to have to destroy the field that surrounds the fortress if you want to get out!"
"All right. You coming, Fiona?" Clian asked.
"I'm sure as hell not staying here!" Fiona told him.
"Let's go." Clian told her running down the corridor.

Vrong opened the control room door. Two security guards were watching the cameras, not moving. He tapped some buttons on the panels, switching the cameras.
Something is definitely wrong. Not a thing is moving anywhere! Time must of stopped or some…
"Hello?" Vrong said looking at one screen.
There were two people not from the fortress standing in the mess hall, not moving like the rest. Around one of their necks was a pendant. Another camera showed 3 people trying to run down a hall, two of them having a pendant. The next camera showed one person with a pendant sitting down at an elevator, trying to cry by the looks of it.
"What the hell are they doing here?" Vrong asked aloud.
Something to his left caught his eye. In the throne room appeared that kid with the pendant and his friend.
Well, it seems we have company. Vrong though happily to himself.
Vrong rushed out the door and headed towards the throne room.



Clian and Fiona appeared in the throne room of Rex's fortress.
"You got any clue where your friends are?" Fiona asked looking around the room.
"No, but they're somewhere here." Clian told her.
"You want to know where they are?"
Clian and Fiona turned to their right and saw Vrong standing in the doorway.
"Vrong!" Clian yelled. "Yes, we want to know where they are."
"Clian, I think something is wrong here." Fiona mumbled. "Where is all the security? This is the throne room of the building, isn't it?"
Clian thought for a moment. Rex was probably very close by.
So where were his guards?
"Well, your friends are in the mess hall, assuming you can get there alive." Vrong told them chuckling.
"Why aren't there any guards here?" Fiona asked.
"Time has seemed to have stopped." Vrong told them. "But it seems you two and I aren't affected by whatever happened."
"Why us?" Clian asked quickly.
"I don't know, stop asking questions!" Vrong yelled raising his guns. "I could start time back up here and have all the guards after you if you want…."
"What do you want?" Fiona said looking at Vrong.
"For you to run." Vrong said smiling. "I don't like my prey to stand still. It's no fun for me to kill you."
"Wait a minute! I though you talked to Rex!" Clian screamed at him.
"Yes, but as you can see, Rex isn't going to be responding to my question." Vrong said pointing to a man in a large chair.
That's the same person that was at the PKHQ! Should have killed him when I had the chance.
"You going to run, or die now?" Vrong said aiming his gun at Clian.
Clian and Fiona ran towards the door closest to them.


Once the two kids left, Vrong went over to Rex's chair. He then squeezed his pendant. Once his hand started glowing, he touched Rex on the head. Immediately, Rex came out of his trance.
"Welcome back, emperor." Vrong said snickering.
"How'd you get here? Did you get that kid?" Rex asked quickly.
"Yes and no emperor." Vrong said unsure.
"What do you mean?" Rex said confused.
"He's inside the fortress." Vrong informed him.
"They why haven't the guards got him yet?" Rex asked angrily.
"Something happened to the fortress. Time has stopped." Vrong said pointing to Rex's screen.
Rex started at the screen, which showed a few cameras of the fortress. Not a single person was moving on any screen. On one screen, the kid with the pendant and someone he didn't recognize were running down a corridor towards the mess hall.
"Let me go get them." Vrong insisted.
"Is there any way they can restore time?" Rex asked worried.
"I'm the only one who can." Vrong said confidently.
"Go, and restore the other minions while you're at it. Greq is in the weapons room and Salis is…wait a sec. Restore the Stalkers too. They should be in the pen." Rex ordered.
"All right, I'm going." Vrong said going to Tresa, squeezing his pendant.


"Before we go, could you restore time to the holders of the pendants?" Black asked quickly.
"If I do that, all of the pendants have to be restored." Time responded. "It will affect my powers to get down that specific."
"Just as long as you can do it, ok?" White insisted.
"It won't take long, just go." Time ordered.
Black, White and Power then teleported back to their ship, leaving the Guardians to their work.


"AZ, we have a timer flux in the Cultax system." Redls announced.
"Cause?" AZ asked tapping some buttons on her panel.
"With the patterns, it looks like the Guardians work." Redls informed the empress.
"Guardians, huh?" AZ said smiling. "Redls, I want you to go there and bring back a sample of the timer flux, got it? Don't come back until you have it."
"As you wish, your highness." Redls said making her way to the front of the room.
"Also, if you happen to see any of the ships that attacked your ship earlier, blow them to hell!" AZ commanded.
"I will." Redls said opening the front door.
Redls took a few steps from the throne room.
"What an asshole."
Redls looked around the hallway, but saw no one.
"Who said that?" Redls murmured.
"I did."
"Where are you? Who are you?" Redls asked nervously.
"I'm right in front of you. I'm not really alive, but not dead."
"WHO are you?" Redls asked again, louder.
"If you must know, my name is Huras. I need your help."
"Why do you need my help?" Redls asked confused.
"Because your side is the only side that doesn't want me dead."
"What do you mean?" Redls asked curiously.
"Long story. Rex's side and the Peace Keeper's side don't want me alive. Right now, my body is in the infirmary in Rex's fortress. I gave myself a mind collapse pill and I'm in a… you can call it midway to heaven area. I need you to go and get my body, and bring it to Earth."
"Earth? Where the hell is that?" Redls asked.
"Where I was born, and about a million light-years from Dionn. They can revive me there."
"…How long have you been watching me?" Redls demanded.
"For about 10 minutes. I was trying to find someone I could trust. Now I did. You going to help me?"
Redls was speechless.
"Think about it. Your going near Rex's fortress as it is. Decide on the way. I will be waiting. Just yell and I'll be there."
Redls continued down the corridor to the launch pad.



A small green beam hit the kneeling Ion and Sicaor. After a few seconds, Sicaor slowly got up.
"What happened?" Sicaor asked shaking his head.
Suddenly, the door behind the two people crashed open. Sicaor and Ion turned and saw Clian and some other girl come bursting in.
"Where did you come from?" Ion asked quickly.
"That doesn't matter, but I came to get you guys outta here." Clian said looking back at the door he came.
"Who's that?" Sicaor said pointing at the girl behind Clian.
"Fiona, a friend of his, but lets just get out of here first!" the girl said nervously.
"Why are you two so worried?" Ion asked confused.
"Come out, come out where ever you are!"


Vrong was searching through the hallways on his way to the mess hall. It seemed that something had made none of the minions stopped in time, which had helped a lot. He sent Tresa to go help Salis, but he couldn't find Greq.
"Come on out! I'm getting impatient!" Vrong yelled.
Vrong then made it to the mess hall doors. He kicked them open, and found the 2 people he was looking for, and 2 other kids.
"Tag, your it!" Vrong yelled raising his HSRR.

C. S.

Vrong opened fire, not really aiming, just shooting in that area. The group of four split up, Sicaor and Fiona heading left, Clian and Ion heading right.
"Stay together! It's easier for me to hunt you down!" Vrong yelled.
"Sicaor! Use the pendant!" Ion yelled to him at the other side of the room.
Sicaor squeezed his pendant until his hand started to glow. He then pointed at the ground in front of Vrong. A large Ring of Fire surrounded Vrong.
"Hey! No fair!" Vrong screamed.
"Let's get outta here!" Clian yelled.
Sicaor and Fiona went to their side and the group ran out the door to their right. At the end of the hallway, Dior, Axle and Merlin were in a running position, but not moving.
"What's with this?" Sicaor asked confused.
Suddenly, a small green beam hit the three people. After a few seconds, they immediately started to run.
"Hey you guys!" Ion yelled.
The three turned around at the sound of Ion's voice.
"I though that…" Axle started. "Hey, where did you come from?"
"Long story, but let's get outta this fortress first before I tell you." Clian said catching up to his friends. "We have to destroy the shield generator to get out."
"First, we have to find Fiop." Merlin interrupted. "She has to be somewhere up ahead."
The now larger group ran ahead to where they thought Fiop headed.


Vrong stood patiently inside the Ring of Fire, tapping his foot on the ground.
That should give them enough time to gain enough distance.
He then simply walked through the fire. He reached the other side, unfazed by the fire.
They should've known that fire doesn't affect cyborgs.
Vrong started to walk towards the door the group of kids ran into.


C. S. D. M.

After passing a few more corners, the group entered a long hallway. A sign to their right read: "ßT-SHIELD CONTROL."
"There was no other way that Fiop could've went," Merlin told the group. "She has to be there."
Suddenly, after taking a few steps, Greq came from around the corner at the end of the hall. He was holding Fiop in one hand three feet off the ground. She wasn't moving.
"What did you do to her?" Axle asked.
"She is still stuck in time." Greq responded. "Now, before she wakes up, I WANT THE PENDANTS!"
"Well your not getting them, whoever you are." Clian told the beast.
A small green beam came out of no where and hit Fiop. After a few seconds, she could move again. Once she knew where she was, she struggled.
"Hey, quit moving!" Greq yelled at her.
Clian pulled out his revolver and pointed it at Greq.
"Put her down!" He screamed.
"Make me!" Greq yelled back at him.
Fiop started to squirm again.
"I though I told…"
Greq didn't get to finish his sentence, because Fiop shoved something into Greq's mouth. Greq immediately dropped Fiop and put his hand to his throat, gagging. Fiop ran to the group.
"What did you put in his mouth?" Sicaor asked pointing at the choking Greq.
"A hot pepper." Fiop told him. "Monsters are allergic to anything spicy."
"Pretty smart." Fiona interrupted. "But can we get outta here?"
"Who're you?" Fiop asked concerned looking at Fiona.
"Ask later when he have time." Clian told her, "Let's blow up the T-Shield and get outta here!"
The group then ran past Greq, who was on the floor, trying to scream.


Rex hit the green button on his chair.
"Tresa, Salis, are the Stalkers ready?" Rex asked loudly.
"They have just been deployed." Tresa announced.
"Send them to the SW wing." Rex ordered.
"As you wish, emperor." Tresa responded.
Rex then sat back in his chair, grinning. He pressed the green button on his chair again.
"Vrong, I need you assistance." Rex stated calmly.
"I'm a little buys at the moment, emperor." Vrong told him.
"NOW!" Rex yelled.
After a few seconds, a light beam appeared in front of Rex and then Vrong appeared.
"What is it? I'm busy tracking down the kids!" Vrong shot a Rex.
"Let the Stalkers do that." Rex told him in response. "We need more guards."
"We don't have any more, they're either dead or quit." Vrong exclaimed.
"Don't you know anyone who could?" Rex asked impatiently.
"No I…" Vrong started. "Wait a minute. I do know someone."
"Where is he? I'll get him then." Rex said standing up.
"He's dead. He was with me when I was getting that kid who was training." Vrong said quietly.
"Bring him here." Rex commanded.
"Ok." Vrong said unsure.
Vrong pressed a few buttons on his wrist. After a few seconds, a dead body appeared in front of the two. Rex squeezed his pendant until his hand glowed gray.
"That glow is the same color that that kid's hand was glowing." Vrong told him.
"Stand back, I'm going to bring this guy back from the dead." Rex informed him.
"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Vrong stated unsure.
"Whose idea was it to put the F-disease on the Riook continent, huh?" Rex asked quickly.
"…Yours." Vrong sighed.
"All right then, stand back!" Rex yelled.
Rex pointed at the body. The body slowly raised from the ground. After a minute, Rex snapped his fingers. The eyes of the body opened.
"…AHH! What…am I dead?" he screamed.
"Not really. Not anymore." Rex told him.
"Vrong! What are you doing here? Who is this?" He asked quickly.
"My name is Rex, and I have a proposition for you." Rex stated smiling.


White, Black and Power arrived on the PKHQ, running to the main room. Green and Red were there to greet them.
"Are the kids back yet?" Power asked looking around the main room.
"No, they're still in the fortress." Green stated. "Clian went down there and is trying to destroy the T-Shield. At this time, they are 50 yards away from the controls to the T-Shield."
"Are Orange and Purple ready to transport them here once the shield is down?" White asked.
"Yes they…" Red started.
A small red light on the panel in the center of the room started to flash. Green went over to it and pressed some buttons.
"…Why in hell's name would…" Green murmured.
"What is it?" Black asked quickly.
"A Overlord Flighter ship is approaching Cliaox!" Green exclaimed.
"Can anyone stop them from getting there?" Red asked quickly.
"Time has stopped everywhere but here, but we have no ships to…" Black started. "Wait a second."
Black hit a green button on the table.
"Hey Turoc, would you like to go destroy some Overlords?" Black asked snickering.


Redls was approaching the planet Cliaox, ready to transport into Rex's fortress.
"You'll have to wait until the T-Shield is down before you can get out."
"Where is the T-Shield?" Redls asked impatiently.
"Don't worry about that, the kids with the pendants will take care of that."
"Pendants? Hey, wait a sec…." Redls started.
"They won't bother you if you don't bother them, just get going! I can see everything that anyone does, remember that."
"All right then, but you better not be lying to me." Redls yelled. "I don't want to get in a unneeded confrontation."
Redls pressed a few buttons on the ship's control panel. After a few seconds, a small beam surrounded Redls, and she transported to Rex's fortress.


"You ready now?" Rex asked looking at Macs.
"Yeah, I'm ready." Macs told him holding up his new gun, a LSU (Laser Site Uzi).
Rex was pleased of what he did to Macs. He was now made up of 50% cybernetic parts.
"Tresa will meet you at the coordinates I gave you." Rex told him.
"Gotcha." Macs said pressing some buttons at the new wrist pad Rex gave him.
After a second, Macs disappeared.
"Sir, I'm detecting a Overlord ship approx. .23 light-years away." Vrong stated.
"Life forms?" Rex asked.
"One, but it just transported into the fortress." Vrong informed him.
"Find whoever was on the ship and bring it here." Rex commanded. "Try to keep it alive, understood?"
"As you wish." Vrong said going to the control room.


C. D. S. M. F.

Clian, Dior, Axle, Sicaor, Ion, Merlin, Fiona and Fiop just opened the door to the T-Shield control. Looking out the door, they found that the T-Shield was on a part of the fortress that was atop of the fortress.
"How are we going to shut this down? Press the off button?" Sicaor asked sarcastically.
"Either that or destroy it." Merlin told him.
"All right, lets go see what we can do." Fiona interrupted.
Suddenly, a large light beam appeared near the T-Shield. After a second, Tresa was standing there.
"You kids don't give up, do you?" Tresa snickered.
"Wait a sec… Sayon! What the hell are you doing here?" Clian yelled.
"Ha! Sayon doesn't exist anymore, little guy." Tresa informed him. "Neither does this guy."
Another large light beam appeared beside Tresa, and after a few seconds, another person was standing there. It was the same person he killed over an hour ago.
"You again? Damn, I though I killed you!" Clian yelled.
"Yes, but Rex brought me back to life." He told him smiling. "But call me Macs, like it will matter when you're dead."
"Macs-Dioxii! What are you doing here?" Fiop asked worriedly.
"Who're you?" Macs asked confused. "If your friends with this guy, you'll die with him!"
Macs then raised a LSU and pointed it at the group.
"Drop the gun, you freak!" Sicaor yelled squeezing his pendant. "I've had enough guns being pointed at me today."
"Pathetic you are, little man!" Macs yelled chuckling.
Sicaor pointed at Macs and a large stream of fire went from Sicaor's hand and hit Macs. After a few seconds, Macs started to laugh.
"I'm made of 50% cybernetic implants." Macs informed him. "Fire isn't going to affect me."
Macs arm then stretched out and grabbed Sicaor. He then lifted him up in the air.
"Let him go!" Fiop yelled and squeezed her pendant.
She then shot out a stream of water and hit Macs. It didn't even phase him. Macs stretched out his other arm and grabbed Fiop. Clian pulled out his revolver.
"DROP THEM!" Clian yelled and pointed his revolver at Macs's head.
Suddenly, a beam of light came from Tresa and hit Clian in the face, immediately blinding him.
"Leave him alone!" Tresa screamed.
"Yo, bitch! Leave him alone!" Fiona screeched raising her shotgun at Tresa.
Dior then squeezed his pendant. He then pretended he was throwing a baseball. An enormous bolder came from his hand and was thrown at the T-Shield.
"NO!" Tresa yelled and pressed a button on her wrist, as did Macs.
They immediately both disappeared. Merlin then made a huge cloud of smoke and hid everyone in it. Then the cloud disappeared.


"VRONG! What the hell happened?" Rex yelled.
"It seems that the T-Shield has been destroyed." Vrong told him calmly from the control room.
"Damn it! Where are Tresa and Macs?" Rex asked looking at his radar.
"They are approaching the throne room with two prisoners." Vrong informed him.
"They had better be important." Rex said tapping his chair impatiently.
The front door of the throne room opened, and Tresa and Macs came in, Macs having the two prisoners in his arms.
"Drop them, Macs." Rex ordered.
Macs let go of the two prisoners, letting them drop to the ground, one of them male, the other female.
She's the one who hit me with the water pendant.
"What is your name, little girl?" Rex asked kindly.
"What's it to you, Rex?" She screamed.
Rex grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled it hard.
"This can be easy or hard, your choice." Rex told her loudly. "Your name?"
"…Fiop." She told him finally.
"'Fiop'…not a bad name, but I don't like it." Rex said turning away. "Macs, shoot them until they're not standing."
"Alright then." Macs said raising his gun at the two teenagers.
"Macs, don't do it!" Fiop yelled.
Suddenly, a large light beam surrounded the two kids, and then they disappeared.
"Vrong, where did they go!" Rex screeched.
"They're off the planet, I can't tell where they went." Vrong said unsure.
"Take Tresa and Macs and go find them. Don't come back until you do. Kill them if you have to. GOT IT?" Rex ordered sitting down in his chair.
"As you wish, emperor." Vrong sighed. "Come on you guys, meet me at the control room. We're going hunting again."


Redls was in the infirmary of Rex's fortress. With Huras's help, it was easy to find.
"Alright, now we gotta get my body outta here."
"It's going to be pretty hard to drag it back to the ship, you know?" Redls said quietly.
"Great sense of humor you have. Just teleport out and my body will come with you. No biggie."
Redls was just about to transport away when a huge beast came in the door.
"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He bellowed.
"I'm Redls, and I was just leaving…" Redls said quickly.
She then pressed some buttons on her wrist and transported back to her ship.


C. D. S. M. F.

The group of teenagers arrived in the main room of the PKHQ. Black, White, Power, Green and Red were there to greet them.
"So you all got out safely." Black mumbled.
"Yeah, and now I can use the pendant." Clian told them.
"Well, that's a relief." White sighed. "Now we can find the 11th pendant and the pendant tablet, and get rid of the Overlords."
"Speaking of Overlords, Turoc just went out to stop an Overlord ship that was heading to Cliaox." Green stated.
"What are the Overlords doing here?" Merlin asked concerned.
"I don't know, but we scanned their ship." Red told them. "There is only one Overlord on the ship and another body of a human. We looked at the database and found out that the body is Huras."
"Huras? What do the Overlords want with him?" Clian blurted out.
"You got me, but we'll wait until Turoc comes back, then will talk about what he found out about the Overlord." Black informed everyone.


Redls got back into her ship, only to find that there was a ship from the PKHQ that was right in front of her.
"…This is Turoc from Site ABC 1st ship fleet. Identify yourself and your reason to be present here." The ship demanded.
Redls was about to reply when Huras interrupted her.
"Shoot the ship."
"What? Are you crazy!" Redls screamed. "They can destroy this ship in a second. This isn't a combat…"
"Shoot that ship. Now."
"…Where?" Redls asked concerned.
"See that red section? That small blue space in the red section. Hit there. Total destruction."
"Alright, but why destroy the ship?" Redls asked.
"I repeat, this is Turoc. Identify yourself immediately!" The ship asked again.
Redls took careful aim, and fired her laser at the blue space.
The effect was what Huras had said, a second after the laser had hit, the engines of he ship self-destructed and the whole ship was destroyed.
"…Turn 37°N and 11°W, that direction is Earth. Don't stop until you get there."


C. D. M. S. F.

The group saw the explosion from the PKHQ. It appeared that Turoc's ship was destroyed. Clian couldn't say a thing.
"Survivors?" Black asked.
"None." Green told them.
"I'm… in need… of… some serious… repairs."
White turned on the screen to see 098 floating around in the debris.
"Are you alright?" Merlin asked quickly.
"I… could be… worse." 098 said slowly.
"Clian, Fiona, go down to the transporter room…" Red started.
"I'm going after that ship." Clian said firmly.
"Four people can go after that ship, the other four stay here." White stated. "Clian, take whoever you want."
"I don't care who comes with me, but I'm going now. Whoever wants to come can come." Clian informed everyone.
With that, Clian ran out the door to his left to the docking bay.
"I'm going with him." Fiona said running after him.
"So am I." Merlin stated going after her.
Nobody moved for a minute.
"If that's everyone…" Black started.
"I'm leaving with them also." Fiop told Black.
"Alright then. Everyone else come with me." Black told the remaining people. "Let's go get 098 and see what happened on that ship."
Axle, Dior, Sicaor and Ion followed Black out the door to their right and headed to the transported room.


"It's smooth sailing from this point on, Redls. Turn on light speed."
"Why did we have to destroy that ship?" Redls asked loudly hitting the light speed switch.
"It was in our way. Anyway, those people didn't like me. They would've destroyed you to get to me. Ok?"
"Alright, I guess you're…" Redls started.
Suddenly, a huge cloud of smoke filled the inside of the ship.
"Huras, what's happening?" Redls demanded.
"Got me."
After a second, the cloud disappeared as quickly as it had come.
"What the hell was that, Huras?" Redls asked.
"Um, I'd turn around and look behind you."
"Why?" Redls asked confused.
"Who are you talking to?" someone asked behind her.
Redls turned around to see four people standing in the small corridor.
"What, you can't hear him?" Redls asked the group.
"I don't want them to hear me, so they can't. Don't let them find my body."
"What do you want here?" Redls asked looking at the group. Three of the people had pendants.
"We want to know why you destroyed that ship." One of the females asked.
Redls saw that one of the males was starting to open the door that was where Huras's body was.
Redls pulled out her HSRR and aimed it at the male.
"Get away from that door!" Redls yelled.
One of the females pulled out a shotgun and aimed it at Redls.
"Drop the gun!" She screamed.
Redls moved slightly to the left and the female shot her gun, missing her by an inch. The bullets hit the controls of the ship.
"YOU BITCH! Why'd you do that?" Redls screeched. "Now I can't land the ship!"
Redls opened fire. The two males ran into the room with Huras, the two females ran into the engine room. She heard a howl of pain from one of the females, hopefully the one who blew away the controls.
"Try and go 64°S. If we can't reach Earth, let's at least not get lost. Land on the planet that we will head to."
"I'll try." Redls said quickly.
Redls saw the planet just as she came out of light speed. She stopped too close to the planet, and had about a second to realize it before her ship hit the water.


"Greq, Salis, get up here NOW!" Rex yelled.
After a few seconds, Greq and Salis stormed through the front door of the throne room.
"Yes, emperor?" Greq asked loudly.
"Everyone else has gone hunting for two of the certain children," Rex started pressing some buttons on his radar. "I need you to go after the other three."
"Do you know where they are?" Greq asked looking at the screen.
"Look." Rex commanded Greq pointing at the screen.
In the Rowis system, on the planet of Birin, there was a flashing white light on the southern continent.
"The tracer is still on the kid with the life pendant." Rex informed him. "I want you to go there and kill him. Take the pendant and try not to kill any civilians. Bring Salis with you. Got it?"
"As you wish, emperor," Greq said leaving the throne room.
Greq and Salis left out the front door, leaving Rex staring at the radar screen.


Approx. 100 light years away from Dionn is the Rowis system. The system has 4 planets, Lorad, Gezz, Birin and Tiravo. Lorad is covered completely in cities. Gezz in a planet made all of robotics. It is run all by computers and not a soul lives there but the manager. Birin is made of multiple islands with minimum technology. Tiravo is a shipping company that has made its industry on many planets. All the planets that it runs are named Tiravo.



Clian blinked quickly. From what he could see, he was in an old hover train, very old by the looks of it. The year on it said it was made in 3211.
Last thing I remember is being on that Overlords ship. Clian thought getting up slowly. If that was so, how did I get here?
"So you finally woke up, huh?"
Clian pulled out his revolver and aimed it at the direction of the voice. A boy a few years younger then him was standing at a doorway.
"HEY! Watch where your pointing that thing, dude!" the boy screamed raising his hands.
"Who are you? How'd I get here?" Clian demanded still aiming at the boy.
"Jumpy, aren't you, pal? My name's Nathan, and don't call me Nate. I dragged you here from the shore about half a mile south." The boy started. "That was some ship you came in. Was it from Lorad, Gezz…?"
"Overlord." Clian told him lowering his gun slightly.
"What the hell is an Overlord ship doing out here?" Nathan exclaimed.
"I don't…" Clian started. "Wait a minute! Did you find anyone else at the ship?"
"I didn't, but people where there before me. If there were anyone in there, they would've found them. "Nathan told him. "A few minutes after I got you out, the ship exploded."
"So you know where the people would have taken them?" Clian asked looking around the hover train.
"If the Pir's took them, there at the old GRF (Galaxy Resistance Force) post." Nathan said going into a closet.
"Do you think you can take me there?" Clian asked looking at Nathan.
Nathan pulled out 2 HSRR's and threw one to Clian.
"We'll have to go to my village to get some of my friends to help." Nathan said opening a door to the outside. "Then, I'll see what I can do. Come on."
Nathan started to walk on a path, motioning Clian to follow him. Clian followed him down the path, hoping to find his friends.


S. D.

Sicaor, Dior, Axle and Ion arrived in the transport room just as Black was commencing the transportation. After a few seconds, what was left of 098 appeared on the floor in front of the group.
"Take him to the repair dock!" Black ordered the group. "You can ask him questions on the way. Hurry, I don't think that his back-up battery will last much longer."
Sicaor and Axle picked up 098 and left the room for the repair dock. Dior and Ion followed closely behind them.
"Why did the Overlord shoot you?" Axle asked 098.
"The Overlord present on that ship was told to shoot by a unscannable being."
"Unscannable?" Sicaor asked. "You mean a spirit or something?"
"Soul of the dead, affirmative."
"Of who?" Ion asked curiously.
"Readings say it was being exerted by the human know as Huras."
"How could a human be capable of doing that?" Axle asked.
"Unknown. Must recharge now. Press the red button on the left-hand side."
Sicaor did as 098 told him, and then they arrived at the repair dock. The group then gave 098 to the mechanics.
"We should have him repaired in about 2 hours at least." One of the mechanics told them.
They then left the dock and went back to the transporter room.



Merlin woke up in what looked like a small mess hall. Looking to his arms and legs, he saw that they were tied to a large metal chair. Fiop was to his left; Fiona was to his right. Beside Fiona was the one who was operation that Overlord ship.
"Where are we?" Merlin asked to no one unparticular.
The door at the front of the room opened and three men in military uniforms came in. They looked directly at Merlin.
"State name and rank." The man in the middle commanded.
"My name is Merlin," He started. "I'm a magician."
"What are magicians doing out here?" The man to his left asked.
"I'm with these people trying to find out information about her." Merlin said pointing to the Overlord.
"We recovered a body of a male, but we cannot revive him. Who is he?" The man to his right asked.
"I don't know." Merlin told him.
"Until your comrades wake up, we need to take you in for TS-Interrogation." The one in the middle informed Merlin.
"TS?" Merlin asked nervously.
"Truth Serum." The man said smiling.
The two men picked up Merlin's chair and carried him out of the room. The other men sat in the mess hall, waiting for the others to get up.


"Vrong, what is your status?" Rex asked loudly.
"…We're about 1 spec away from the coordinates you gave us to where the PKHQ is." Vrong stated. "…You know, it's pretty dangerous doing espionage against the Peace Keepers."
"Don't worry about it." Rex said impatiently. "Just get the kids and get out!"
"…I detect that there are only two pendants on the PKHQ." Tresa added.
"Greq and Salis are after the others." Rex told them calmly. "You can join them in their search after you got these ones. Understood?"
"…Yes emperor." Vrong said turning off his communicator.
Rex pressed a blue button on his chair.
"Greq, status?" Rex demanded.
"…We just arrived on the planet Birin. It seems that the ship that they were in was destroyed. No bodies." Greq informed him.
"Any sign of where they could of gone?" Rex asked, worried that the pendants were destroyed.
"…On the way down, we spotted an old GRF base a few miles north of our position. It seems that people still use it." Greq said happily.
"Go there, and see what you can turn up. Got it?" Rex told them.
"…Yes emperor." Greq answered.
Rex sat back in his chair and waited patiently for either team to respond with good results.



Clian and Nathan arrived in what looked like a very old village. If what was on the buildings was true, they were over 2 millenniums old.
"Only about 20 dozen people still live here." Nathan told him. "The others are taken by the GRF and brainwashed. Then they work for them until either they can't walk, fight, or are dead. Once you reach 18, you're taken and never come back."
"Don't you guys ever fight back?" Clian asked worried.
"We did once, and half of us were killed." Nathan said pointing to a very large graveyard. "We're now waiting for the right moment to destroy their brainwashing equipment. We tried once to destroy it, but a lot of people were taken and were brainwashed."
Clian and Nathan continued to walk in the village until they reached a house near the end of the village.
"Go inside, I'll go get my friends." Nathan said opening the door.
Clian stepped in, and Nathan left the house.
I hope that my friends are all right…
Clian looked around the room. It looked like from a time very long ago. He read somewhere that this is what the 20th century looked like.
It's like I'm in the past.
The door to the building opened and Nathan came inside.
"Come on in, guys!" Nathan yelled motioning someone to come in.
After a second, three people came in the room. Two male, one female.
"So, you're the guy who wants to stop the GRF?" One of the males asked.
"You can say that, and you are…?" Clian told him.
"My name is George." He told him firmly. "This is David, and over there is…."
"Audra." The female said extending her hand, interrupting George.
"I'm Clian." He told them shaking Audra's hand. "Your names don't seem like the regular names from around here."
"That's because were not from this time period." Nathan informed him.
"What do you mean, 'not from this time period'?" Clian asked confused.
"In the year 1985, 5 people were selected for the first attempt in cryogenic space transportation." David said calmly. "The government sent use off into space and we were suppose to call back when we woke up. However, the automatic activation was stopped. We ended up here and we woke up about 14 years ago. None of our equipment worked, so we couldn't call back."
"So you guys have no idea what has happened for over 2500 years?" Clian asked shocked.
"Nope," George told him. "We had to try and figure out this world's way of living."
"Wait a sec, you said that there was five of you…" Clian started. "Where is the fifth?"
"She was taken away from here about 10 years ago. We never saw her since." George told him.
"By who?" Clian asked looking at Nathan.
"We don't know, but it wasn't the GFR." Nathan informed him.
"What was her name?" Clian asked thinking.
"If my memory is right, her name was Fiona." David informed him.
Clian just stood there as if he was shot.
"Yo, you alright, man?" Nathan asked concerned.
"I don't know if you guys are going to believe this, but one of my friends that the GFR has right now… her name is Fiona!"


Greq and Salis arrived at the front door of the GRF camp. There were a few guards along the way, but by the look on their face, they were expecting them. The front door opened and three men stepped out.
"Why are you here?" The one in the middle asked.
"My name is Greq, and this is Salis. We are searching for certain individuals." Greq informed.
"I see…" The man mumbled. "Call me 'C'. I think I might be able to help you. Follow me."
The three men turned around and started to walk into the compound. Greq and Salis follow them, hoping that they found the kids. The men suddenly stopped in front of a gray door.
"I think the people that you are looking for are in here." C told them. "If they are, please inform me so we can put them under careful observation."
"If it is them, I must take them back to Emperor Rex." Greq shot out.
"Rex? Well, I do own him a favor… But you must only take two of them." C informed Greq. "There were six of them all together, but we left one at the beach front because we didn't have enough men to carry them all."
"We were at the beach front about 30 minutes ago, and there was nothing there!" Greq yelled.
"He must have reached Coren Village then." C said calmly.
"Can you take us there?" Greq asked impatiently.
"We have other matters to attend to before we can help you. Check the people out, and then come see me. We'll discuss something."
With that, the three men left, leaving Greq and Salis going inside the door to where he hoped were the children.



Fiop woke up suddenly to find herself in a large room, which looked like a mess hall. She looked down to see that she was tied up by the arms and legs to a large chair.
"What the hell is with this?" Fiop yelled out.
A door at the other end of the room opened, and Greq and Salis came inside.
"So it IS you!" Greq said loudly.
"Why are you here?" Fiop screeched.
"I'm here to take you back to Rex. He's pretty pissed off that you left so suddenly." Greq said smiling.
"You think that no one is going to notice that I'm gone?" Fiop said snickering.
Just then, Salis started to change form. After a second, he was a carbon copy of Fiop.
"How did you…?" Fiop said shocked.
"Don't worry, we're not going to take you yet. We have to find where one of you other friends are first, then we'll take you back." Greq told them chuckling.
"You won't get away with this, Greq!" Fiop yelled.
To Fiop's right, Fiona was slowly waking up, groaning along the way. Looking at her right arm, Fiop saw that she'd been shot, probably by that woman in the ship.
"Where… am… I?" She asked slowly.
"I'll leave you to talk until I come back." Greq informed her. "Salis, change back and guard the door until I come back."
Salis changed back to his original form and followed Greq to the door. They both left room, leaving Fiop, the person from the ship, and a bleeding Fiop alone in the room.


Vrong, Tresa and Macs's ship was just out of the reach of the PKHQ's sensor screen. Vrong turned on his Comm. System.
"Rex, we're as close as we can get to the PKHQ." Vrong stated. "If we go any closer, they will detect us."
"…Good. Transport into the PKHQ, 15°N of the main room." Rex told them. "…Try not to be spotted."
"Yes, emperor." Vrong answered.
Vrong tapped a few buttons on his wrist and a large light beam appeared over the group. In a second, they disappeared.



"WHAT? Are you sure!" George yelled grabbing Clian.
"Yes…I… am!" Clian gasped out.
"George! Let him go!" Audra screamed pulling on George's arm.
George gave a stare at Audra, but did nothing. After a second, he let him go.
"Now listen," Nathan started. "If Fiona is the same person who was with use when we arrived, then we had better hurry. The GFR are very ruthless, especially the Pir's"
"Pir's? Who are they?" Clian asked confused.
"Pir's are then highly ranked GFR's who have not lost any fights that they have been in." David said opening a closet door to his left. "Their patients are extremely thin with prisoners."
"How many GFR's are at the base?" Clian asked looking to see what David was doing.
"I'm guessing somewhere over a thousand." Nathan told him.
David came out of the closet, panting, with a large box in his hands.
"Are you guys going to help me get this things out or what?" David said going back into the closet.
"Hey, wait a damn minute here!" Audra yelled. "I thought that we weren't going to use those things unless there was a huge emergency!"
"I think this classifies as an emergency, honey." George said helping David bring out another box, even larger then the one before.
"Watch what you're saying to her, George!" Nathan said giving George a stunning look, which shut him up.
"I don't mean to interrupt, but what are in those boxes anyway?" Clian asked looking at the size of the boxes.
"These are weapons from our time on Earth." Audra told him, opening one of the boxes while David brought out a small box from the closet. "They were never created again because of their destructive power. We swore not to use them incase of an emergency."
"What… kind of weapons?" Clian asked nervously.
"Let me see…" David said opening the smaller box. "In this we have 75 pounds of C4 explosives, in that one we have Gattling Gun, and in that one…"
"We have a Missile Launcher." George interrupted opening the largest box.
The Missile Launcher was at least 5 feet long, and looked really destructive.
"We're going to carry those to the base? How far is the base?" Clian asked shocked.
"It's about 5 miles north of here." Audra told him grinning. "But it doesn't bother me, since I'm not carrying one of those weapons!"
"Better watch it, or David will give you the ML to take." Nathan said picking up the C4 box.
"That's what I like about you, Nathan. Great sense of humor!" Audra chuckled.
"He's dead serious!" David said picking up the heavy ML.
"Audra, grab my HSRR." Nathan commanded. "Let's get there as soon as we can!"


Redls started to blink slowly. Head throbbing, she tried to raise her hand to her head. Her hand wouldn't move. She looked at her hands to see that her arms were tied to the chair she was sitting in.
"Good, so you're finally awake."
"Huras, what the hell happened?" Redls asked slowly.
"Your head hurt?" Someone asked beside her.
Redls turned her head to see the two females from the ship tied up in chairs beside her.
"WHO ARE YOU?" Redls screamed.
"Why should we tell you? We don't even know who you are, Overlord." One of the females told her.
"Should I tell them?" Redls asked to Huras.
"Keep the part of getting me to Earth OUT of it!"
"Who are you talking to?" The female asked.
Redls ignored the question.
"My name is Redls, and I was sent to check out a timer flux in the Cliaox system." She told them calmly.
"Why were you taking Huras's body?" The female asked.
"I had to bring him back to Overlord for special treatment." Redls said trying to sound truthful.
Redls looked over to the other female, who looked badly in shape. Her right arm was bleeding badly.
Serves her right for blowing out the controls of my ship.
The door in front of the room opened and three military people came in, holding one of the males from the ship in a chair. They put the man down in a empty spot beside the females.
"Take those two next." The man in the middle commanded pointing at the two females. "Take the bleeding one to the infirmary."
The men took the two females out the front door, both of them screaming along the way.
"We'll be back for you soon…" The man who gave the ordered snickered.
He then left out of the front door, leaving Redls and the male alone in the large room.


S. D.

Sicaor, Ion, Dior and Axle arrived in the main room of the PKHQ, waiting for 098 to be repaired. Suddenly, a green light started to flicker on the table.
"Black, we have a transporter beam approx. 30 meters North of our position." White stated.
"Cause?" Black asked patiently.
"Unknown. Wait, three bodies have appeared at that position… and are moving towards us!" White yelled.
"Sicaor, Ion, Axle, Dior, go see who it is. Come back here ASAP." Black commanded.
"Sure." Sicaor said opening the door to his right.
The group then went into the hallway and looked down at the other end. Tresa, Macs and the man in the fortress who shot at him were running down the corridor.
"Well, well! Look who we have here guys!" Macs mumbled. "I think these are the people that we are looking for!"
"We need them alive, remember that!" Vrong informed them.
"But not their friends!" Macs yelled aiming his flame-thrower.
Sicaor squeezed his pendant just as Macs started to shoot. Sicaor aimed at Macs, and there two flames collided.
"Damn it, don't toast them, just incapacitate THEM!" Vrong yelled.
"Gotcha." Tresa said aiming her revolver.
The group ran back towards the main room, with Tresa firing behind them. They opened the door and ran in to room, closing the door behind them, just missed by her shots.
"Um, Black?" Ion said quickly. "We have a small problem!"



Merlin awoke with a splitting headache. The TS treatment was extremely painful, and he couldn't remember a thing that he said or that they asked. He though that they said that the effects would wear off after an hour. He turned to his left to see the one from the ship awake.
"What is your name?" Merlin asked calmly, still feeling the affects of the drugs.
"You'll find out when your friends get back." She snapped back. "Who are you?"
Not questions, not more!
"My name is Merlin." He said without control.
"Merlin? The magician?" She asked hopefully.
"Yes." He told her blankly.
"Can't you teleport us out of here?" She asked loudly, almost demandingly.
"No I can't." Merlin started. "I've been drugged, and I'm in no condition to be attempting magic. Even so, I have to find my friends first before anything."
"Drugged? How so?" She asked interested.
Please no more questions!
"Truth serum." Merlin said sighing. "Please, don't ask anymore questions. I can't take it."
A weird smile came across her face, and Merlin realized that she was going to ask a few more questions.


Greq was walking through the forest, towards the direction that C said was to Coren village. He had been walking for what felt like an hour, but found nothing. He pressed a button on his wrist.
"Rex, I found two of the people with the pendants." Rex informed him.
"…That's go… wait, did you say two? Where's the other one? Rex asked concerned.
"He is in a village a few miles away." Greq told him. "There was 6 people in that ship, the three people with the pendants, two of their friends, an Overlord, and…"
"…And who?"
"Huras." Greq said finally.
"…New objective. Kill all of them and take the pendants. How many survive determines how many times you'll be shot. UNDERSTOOD?"
"Yes emperor." Greq said turning his Comm. System off.
Suddenly, Greq heard faint voices in the distance. Greq moves slowly towards the source of the voices, hoping it was that blasted kid.



Clian, George, Nathan, David and Audra were trudging through the forest. David was taking a long time, with the ML on his back.
"You're sure you don't want me to take that?" George asked quickly.
"I'm… fine. Don't… worry about… it." David panted.
"How much farther do we have to go?" Clian asked walking up a small hill.
"We have about a mile left." Audra said helping David up the hill. "Dave, you gotta lose some weight!"
"Hey, shut up, or I'll…" David started.
"Kiddies, please behave or not treats for you!" Nathan snickered.
"So what are we going to do once we get there?" Clian asked.
"First, we get your friends out, then we'll kill anyone in the way to get back." George informed him.
"But how are me and my friends suppose to get off this planet?" Clian asked concerned.
"If my memory is right, there is a shuttle base about 10 or 12 miles east of the base." David told him confidently.
"What are you going to do if Fiona is the one your looking for?" Clian asked the group.
The rest of them looked at each other for a minute.
"We'll probably have a talk about what happened 10 years ago and everything in between." Nathan said cheerfully. "She'll have to decide whether or not she wants to stay her with us."
"HEY! She wouldn't have seen us for a decade and you'll let…" George started.
"George, SHUT UP!" Audra yelled. "You can't tell someone what to do if they don't want to do it!"
George gave a surprised look at Audra, and said nothing more.
"If this little argument is over, can we continue to the base?" David suggested.
The group then continued to walk towards the GFR base.


Greq just keeled there a few dozen yards away from the group, thinking about what they said.
If they attack the GFR base, most of their defense will be stopping them. They will probably kill them with their weapons. If not, they will be pretty much dead in the water once I come and get them. Easy work for me, hard for them.
Greq smiled and decided to just watch for a while until the group was almost dead.


"Those damn idiots!" Macs yelled shooting the door.
"Macs, it's not going to open!" Tresa screamed at him.
"Then how are we going to get in there?" Macs asked looking at Tresa and Vrong.
"Teleport in, of course!" Vrong said, going to push a red button on his wrist.
Suddenly, his Comm. System started to beep.
"Yes, emperor?" Vrong asked impatiently.
"…I have new orders for you." Rex stated snickering. "…I am teleporting a box to you filled with a A-10 explosive device. Take it to the engine room and blow the station to hell. Got it?"
"Don't you want the kids alive?" Tresa asked confused.
"…Not anymore. I can get then pendants from their dead bodies. DO NOT FAIL!"
A small beam appeared in front of the small group. After a second, a large box was sitting on the ground. Vrong picked up the box and looked at the others.
"Well, let's go blow some stuff up then." Vrong said signing.
The three of them then ran towards the direction of the engine room.



Fiop was put down in a large chair by one of the men in a small room, which looked like a large dental office. Fiona was in a chair at the other end of the room.
"You two have a choice." One of the men said. "Either going with that monster to who knows where, or working here forever."
"How about neither?" Fiona asked grinning.
"Pathetic. B, inject her with the morphine." The man ordered.
'B' took a needle and approached Fiona. She tried to struggle, but with the ropes around her, it was pointless. B injected her in less then a second, and she fell asleep after a few seconds.
"Now, I'm not asking again." The man said louder. "Either stay here, or go with the monster. PICK!"
"I'll go…" Fiop started.
"Fine. A, take her…" The man interrupted.
"I'll go with my friends." Fiop said finishing her sentence.
A, B, and the other man just started at her for a minute.
"You got guts, girl. I'll give you that." The man informed her. "A, take her to the execution range. Give me five minutes!"
A grabbed a hold of Fiop and dragged her out of the room, to the execution range.


S. D.

Sicaor, Dior, Axle and Ion were waiting for Power and Black to come back with some guns. They stood looking at a radar screen, which showed where Macs, Tresa and that other person were.
"Power and Black almost back?" Ion asked quickly.
"They will be back in a minute." White informed them.
Suddenly, the three dots that represented Macs and his group started to move fast in the opposite direction.
"Hey, where the hell are they going?" Sicaor asked shocked.
"You got me." Axle said looking at the screen more closely.
Just then, Power and Black came in the room with 2 HSRR's and a LSU.
"Here you go." Black said handing the weapons to the teenagers.
"Where are they going?" Power asked starring at the radar.
"Wherever they're going, it's in a hurry!" Sicaor said pointing to the dots. "Is there anything that would interest them that much?"
"There isn't any…" Black started.
"The engine room! If they have a bomb, they can blow this place away!" White interrupted.
"How can we get there before them?" Axle asked concerned.
"We'll teleport you there. Just wait a minute." Black said pushing some buttons on the table.
After a few moments, a large light beam appeared around the group. The light then disappeared, and they transported to the engine room.



Clian, Nathan, Audra, David and George stopped in front of a slope that was in the back of the GFR base. Looking downward, the group saw that there were large poles of wood sticking out of the ground.
"That must be the execution range." David mumbled. "When people are immune to the brainwashing, they take them here. Not very many people are immune to it, though."
"About one in a hundred." Nathan finished. "That's how we're going to get in."
"Start taking the weapons out of the boxes." George commanded. "Leave the C4 inside…."
"You guys! Look!" Audra interrupted pointing down to the execution range.
Down at the execution range, two people came out of the building, one a Pir, and the other was a civilian. Clian couldn't tell at that distance who it was.
"Are we going to let the civilian die?" Nathan asked sarcastically.
"Here, you take him out." Audra said throwing his HSRR to him.
Nathan stood still and took aim, careful not to hit the civilian.



Fiop was taken out through a door by A to find herself in a large clearing. By looking at the poles in the ground and bloodstains, she thought it had to be the execution range.
"Stand there, and if you move, you're dead!" A ordered her.
Fiop did what A told her to do. She stood in front of the wooden pole and waited for further instructions.
"Close your eyes and don't open them." A commanded.
Fiop closed her eyes, and waited.
Fiop opened her eyes to see that she wasn't shot. In front of her was A, with a large bullet hole in the back of his head.
"Who the hell shot him?" Fiop mumbled to herself.
"That would be me!" Someone yelled.
Fiop turned to her left and saw someone jumping down the hill, hanging onto the small trees on the way down. The person landed about 20 feet away from her. Fiop noticed that it was a boy a few years younger then her.
"What? No 'thank you'?" the boy asked sarcastically.
"Why should I? You have a gun pointing at me!" Fiop screeched.
"I have it pointed at the door!" The boy stated. "Geez, your bitchy."
"Hey, don't…" Fiop started.
The boy ignored her and turned slightly to his right.
"Come on down, you guys!" He yelled up the hill. "Hey, you guys know anyone with a pendant other then Clian?"
"What do you know about Clian? Where is he?" Fiop asked quickly.
"You know him? He's up the hill." He told her calmly. "HEY CLIAN! I think someone knows you down here!"
A few seconds later, four more people came down the hill. The first three were roughly the same age as the boy, and the last one down was Clian.
"Clian! Your alive!" Fiop yelled happily.
"Um, I don't like to interrupt family reunions, but we have more people to find, right?" The boy asked tapping his foot.
"Who are you?" Fiop asked still annoyed by his sense of humor.
"I'm Nathan. This is David, George, Audra, and I think you already know who that is." Nathan stated pointing to Clian. "And who might you be?"
"Fiop." She told him.
"Do you know where Fiona and Merlin are?" Clian asked her concerned.
"Merlin's in the mess hall of the building, and Fiona is in the infirmary." Fiop told her slowly. "From what I've seen, the doors are operated by certain body signatures. Only the important people can get in and out of important rooms."
"Well, we have our own access card!" David yelled picking his very large gun up.
Fiop and everyone else stood back as David took aim at the wall near the door.


"B, is her injury fixed and has the gas wore out?" C asked impatiently.
"Her injury has been recovered, but the gas won't be out of her body for 20 minutes." B informed him.
"As soon as she…" C started heading for the door.
The whole base grounds shook suddenly for a second, then settled back down.
"What the hell was that?" C yelled hitting a panel beside the door.
"…Something just blew a hole in area A3. A large explosion by a bomb or something." D told him from the commanding room.
"Damn it! Send all security teams there! It has to be the villagers." C ordered.
"…Affirmative, sir." D responded.
"B, take her out of her and shoot her!" C commanded. "I'm going to stop those villagers.
With that, C rushed out the door and headed to area A3, the execution range.


S. D.

Sicaor, Ion, Axle and Dior appeared at the entrance to the engine room, and by the looks of it, Rex's minions didn't arrive yet.
"Is there any other way inside this room?" Sicaor asked looking at the rest of the group.
"Not that I know of, no." Axle told him. "We just have to make sure that they don't get in here!"
Suddenly, a large light beam appeared about 20 yards down the hall. Once it disappeared, Tresa, Macs and the other person was standing there.
"Please don't get in our way, I'm not in the mood." The man stated slowly walking towards them. "We're getting in the engine room and that's final!"
Sicaor, Ion and Axle then raised their guns.
"The only place that you're going is hell!" Sicaor yelled aiming right at the man.
"Such stupidity for humans." He snickered squeezing his pendant.
His hand started to glow green, and he continued walking.
"Stop where you are!" Ion yelled aiming at the man's head.
Quickly, Tresa shot her revolver right at Ion, hitting him in the leg.
"MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" Tresa yelled, ignoring Ion's screams of pain.
"Watch your head!" Something yelled.
Behind the three approaching people, a small object was thrown. Macs reached out and caught the object coming at them.
"What the…OH SHIT!" Macs screeched and started to thrown the object back.
Before he had the chance, the object exploded in his hands, instantly killing him, and sending Vrong and Tresa to the floor.
"It must have been a grenade. But who threw it?" Sicaor asked looking around.
Looking down the hallway, the group saw a small figure come out of the corner. The group just stared in shock.
"What? Surprised to see me?" The robot asked them.
"098! I thought…" Axle started.
"That I was down for the count? Yeah, right! Not me!" 098 chuckled.
"Um, what's with your attitude?" Sicaor asked confused.
"Well, since my old data bank was nearly fried, I needed some new components. One of the components was a new attitude ship. So what do you think?"
"Can you get those guys out of here?" Ion asked looking at the three people lying on the ground.
"Who, them? Sure!" 098 said turning towards the three.
A few noises came from 098 and some lights flashed. Suddenly, a small light beam surrounded them and transported them away.
"Where'd you put them?" Axle asked concerned.
"I put them back on their ship and sent them on a one-way course to Rex's fortress." 098 told them confidently.
"Lets get back to the main room and see where everyone else is." Axle suggested.
The group then walked down the hall in the direction of the main room.


C. F.

Clian, Nathan, George, Audra, Fiop and David entered the GFR base, trying to avoid the guards that were piling to their direction.
"Why won't they stop coming?" Clian screamed to the others.
"You got me!" Nathan responded setting up a C4 explosive.
Nathan hit the timer button and set it to 5 seconds. He then threw down the hall where the guards were coming.
"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Nathan yelled jumping out of the way.
A large explosion occurred, blowing away half of the hallway. Looking down the hall, it broke of two ways.
"Now what?" George asked looking to the left, and then the right.
"We'll have to split up." David informed him. "3 this way, 3 that way."
"But who will go where?" Fiop asked concerned.
"You and Fiop seem to know each other, you two go together." Nathan ordered. "I'll send George with you too."
"Alright then." Clian said aiming his HSRR down the hall.
"Wait! I don't have a gun!" Audra interrupted.
"Here, use this." Clian yelled throwing over him revolver.
"Come back here in 10 minutes!" George commanded. "GO!"
The group of six then split up, looking for Fiona, Merlin and others that may get in the way.



B dragged Fiona slowly out the side of the building. It wasn’t near the execution range, but it would have to do. He then threw Fiona to the wall.

"Sorry out this, but you pissed off C." B snickered raising his HSRR.

Suddenly, the door that he just came threw busted open, and three people with guns came barging out. They were probably from the village. B turned quickly and began to shoot.

"Go back to the hole you came out of!" B screeched.

One of them shot at him, and a huge pain came from his right arm.

"AHH!" B yelled falling to the ground.

His gun dropped from his hands and fell a few feet away from him. He was still able to see the villagers run to their half-conscious friend.

"No… you don’t…" B mumbled slowly, crawling for his gun.

One of the villagers noticed and kicked the gun away from him.

"It’s not so nice to try and kill one of our friends." He chucked walking back to the door.

The rest of the villagers followed him, leaving B bleeding on the ground.

"…Bastards!" B yelled him pain.


Rex stared at his radar witch showed Vrong’s shuttle heading towards the fortress.

"Why the hell isn’t it slowing down?" Rex mumbled.

He pressed a few buttons and Vrong’s shuttle stopped instantly a few miles away from the planet. Rex pushed a blue button on his chair, and a large light beam appeared in the throne room. After it disappeared, Vrong, Tresa, and the remains of Macs were lying on the ground.

"Hum… I guess they failed." Rex said quietly.

He then pressed a red button on his chair. A large red robot came from the door to his left.

"Take those two to the infirmary, immediately." Rex commanded. "Treat to her injuries first."

The red robot picked up Tresa and the remains of Macs and headed to the infirmary. Rex stood over Vrong and picked up his Time pendant.

"You better still work." Rex demanded.

He then squeezed his pendant. His hand started to glow green. He touched Vrong on the head and slowly, Vrong began to repair himself. After a minute, he was fully repaired and awake.

"What the hell happened?" Rex screamed.

"Someone threw a grenade at Macs. He tried to throw it back, but it exploded." Vrong told him slowly.

"Mission failed?" Rex asked angrily.

"The bomb is still there, near the engine room." Vrong said snickering.

"Where is the detonator for it?" Rex asked curiously.

Vrong picked up a small panel, smiling.

"I’ll be at the infirmary, fixing up Macs. Wait here until I say to hit the switch, got it?" Rex asked walking away.

"Yes, emperor." Vrong stated standing up.

Rex then left the throne room towards the infirmary, leaving Vrong alone in his chair.


C. F.

Clian, Fiop and George walked carefully down a corridor, which seemed to lead to one door.

"There could be a lot of guards beyond this door, so be prepared for anything." George informed them.

Clian opened the door slowly…

And another Clian was on the other side.

"…?" Clian gave a puzzled look. "Is this a mirror?"

"It’s not mirror, this is a person all right." George said looking beyond him.

"Give it up, Salis." Fiop yelled at the Clian standing in the doorway.

The Clian just smiled. Suddenly, it turned into a liquid form. After a second, it formed back into Salis.

"Get out of our way, or I’ll shoot!" George yelled holding up the Gattling gun.

Salis just stood there, and extended his arms out, as if to say ‘Shoot me all you want’.

"Foolish move!" George yelled and opened fire.

He sent about a dozen or so shots off before he realized Salis didn’t even move.

"What the…?" Clian said confused. "That should’ve blown him away!"

Salis then raised his palm and pointed it in George’s direction. Suddenly, all of the bullets that George shot came out of his hand and shot at George, hitting him with every one.

"GEORGE!" Clian screamed.

Fiop jolted forward and tackled Salis. As soon as they hit the ground, Salis tuned back into his liquid form and scattered all over the place.

"Where the hell did he go?" Fiop screeched.

"We’ll get him later." Clian told her slowly. "Here, take my gun."

Clian threw his HSRR over to Fiop, and he bent down to take George’s gun.

"When we meet Nathan and them, they’re not going to be happy about this." Fiop said exchanging glances with Clian. "Let’s try and find Merlin and them now."

Clian and Fiop continued down the hallway to a large gray door, hoping that Merlin or anyone on their side was in there.


Rex arrived in the infirmary of the fortress. Tresa was starting to wake up from the explosion, but Macs was another story. His human components were blown off his body, but still in contact. His head was the only thing attached to the cybernetic implants. Rex walked over to Tresa.

"You alright?" Rex asked slowly.

"You… can say… that." Tresa said weakly.

Her injuries must still affect her a little.

"Try to rest." Rex ordered.

He then walked over to the remains of Macs. Rex hit a small black button on the wall, opening the door beside it. Inside the door was a fez dozen cybernetic implants.

"Let’s see if we can fix you up, again." Rex mumbled while starting to attach the pieces to Macs’s body.


Nathan, Audra, David and the girl that they found were running through the corridor back to the intersection.

"Think you can ask her what her name is?" David suggested slowing down.

"I doubt it, she’s not even awake." Audra responded.

The group the arrived at the intersection, but Clian, Fiop and George were not there.

"We said 10 minutes, don’t they have watches?" David snickered.

"If they ran into trouble, you think they would be able to come back?" Nathan shot at him.

"Don’t think so." Audra mumbled.

"I’m going to go get them." Nathan said jogging down the hallway.

"HEY! What about me… err, us?" Audra screamed.

"Yeah, you shouldn’t go alone!" David screeched.

"Listen, I don’t want all of us to be in danger." Nathan explained. "If I’m not back in 10 minutes, get out of here and take her back to the village. Got it?"

"…Yeah." Audra said finally. "You better come back so I can kill you!"

"Don’t worry, I’ll be back!" Nathan yelled opening the door at the end of the hallway.

David, Audra and the girl stood there waiting for Nathan and the others to return.


S. D.

Sicaor, Ion, Axle, Dior and 098 opened the door to the main room. Black, White, Power and Red were at a panel, tapping buttons.

"What happened to them?" White asked looking at the group.

"098 transported them back to Rex." Sicaor told him.

"Is the bomb with them?" Black asked concerned.

"I… think so." Ion said unsure.

"You thought wrong!" Red yelled. "The bomb is still there a few feet away from the door!"

"Can’t you transport it out of there?" Axle asked concerned.

"It will take us a few minutes to get it out of there." Red informed. "But I’d go and disarm it now!"

"Let’s go! Now!" 098 screeched going for the door.

Sicaor, Ion, axle, Dior and 098 ran back to the engine room, hoping to disarm the bomb.


Vrong sat on the throne, starring at a red/black button. That button activated the bomb. A green button beside it started to flash.

"Yes?" Vrong asked pushing the blue button.

"This is Rex. Hit it." Rex’s voice commanded.

"Yes sir." Vrong said smiling.

Vrong then reached over and tapped the red/black button. He then looked out a window in the throne room. He could see what looked like an explosion in the sky very far away.

"Well?" Rex asked.

"Boom." Was the only word Vrong told him.

Vrong then left and went towards the infirmary, still smiling.



Suddenly, the gray door in front of Merlin and the other person opened. Looking up, Merlin saw Clian and Fiop come in.

"Merlin!" Fiop said running towards him.

"She knows." Merlin murmured.

"What?" Clian asked looking concerned.

"She knows. She knows everything." Merlin said weakly.

"Who? Redls?" Fiop said pointing to the girl.

"Redls… Yes." Merlin said raising his hand to her. "She knows of the pendants, the crystal, the PKHQ, Power, us, Rex, everything."

"How?" Clian asked raising his voice.

"Truth serum can help in a lot of situations." Redls said grinning.

Untie them damn it! I want to leave.

Clian, Fiop and Merlin looked around the room to see who was speaking. Other then them and Redls, no one else was there.

"Who said that?" Fiop asked still looking in the room.

Probably the person who said it, idiot.

"Wait a sec…" Clian started. "I know that voice… Huras?"

At least you got brains, kid.

"Where are you?" Merlin asked.

In the center of the room. You can’t see me anyway, so it’s pointless. I need a favor to ask.

"Which is…?" Clian demanded.

UNTIE THEM! You wanna leave, right?

"Sure we do, but why should we untie her?" Merlin said slowly.

How many of you know how to fly a transport?

Nobody answered Huras’s question.

That’s what I thought. To leave, you need her. Now, untie them both so we can get going, all right?

"Well, well. What do we have here?"


David, Audra and the girl were still waiting for Nathan to come back. If he wasn’t back in two more minutes, they were to go back to the village.

"That’s it. I’m going after him." David said walking in the direction of the door.

"Wait a sec!" Audra yelled pulling David back. "He said to wait here! He can take care of himself was well as George can."

"A few minutes ago, you didn’t want him to go, and now you…" David started.


The wall right behind David busted down. The whole wall landed on David, killing him. Out of the hole in the wall appeared a giant beast.

"Who’s this?" The beast roared. "One of the kids friends. She’ll do."

Audra gave a yell of fear as she backed up slowly.

The revolver!

Audra pulled out Clian’s revolver and shot the beast. She hit him with all six shots, 3 in the right arm, 2 in the stomach, and one in the upper chest.

"OUCH!" The beast yelled. "…Hey, that stings!"

Audra backed up a little faster as the bleeding beast took massive steps forward. The beast reached forward and grabbed Audra.

"Weak." He snickered.

It then threw Audra at the other end of the hall, right beside David’s body. Gasping for breath, she got back up.

"Get away from me!" She screeched.

Gotta pick up the rocket launcher.

Audra started to dig through the rubble beside her.

"What’s this? Looking for a rabbit’s foot?" The beast chuckled waling towards her.

"Better." Audra told him picking up the rocket launcher.

"DAMN!" The beast yelled, turning around.

Audra pulled the trigger.



C. F. M.

Clian and Fiop turned around to see a man in an army uniform pointing two LSU’s at the group.

"You’re not going anywhere!" He screamed.

Clian quickly raised the Gattling gun and aimed it at the military officer.

"Oh? I’d move it I was you." Clian snickered.

The officer just started at him for a second, not moving. He pointed the other gun at Fiop.

"If I go, she does!" He yelled.

Suddenly, a noise like a closing door came down the hall where the man came from. He turned to see who is was, and a large stream of bullets came from the hall, hitting him.

"Who the…?" Merlin asked.

Just then, Nathan walked slowly into the room.

"Nathan!" Clian yelled taking a step towards him.

"Don’t you move, asshole!" Nathan screeched.

"Hey, wait a sec…" Fiop said quickly.

"You drop that gun and get to the wall, murderer!" Nathan commanded.

"Murderer?" Clian said keeling down.

"George, remember him?" Nathan said stepping forward.

"We didn’t kill him…" Clian started.

"Then who the hell did?" Nathan asked loudly. "Why do you have his gun? You know he was killed by THAT gun!"

"He was killed by a changeling!" Clian told him backing up.

"Yeah? And where IS he then?" Nathan asked sarcastically.

Suddenly, a large piece of wood fell from the ceiling, hitting Nathan in the head and knocking him out.

"Wood? This is a stone building…" Redls murmured.

The piece of wood then melted into a large puddle. The pulled then grew and formed into Salis. Salis then stood there, smiling, picking up Nathan’s gun.


Suddenly, a large light beam appeared in the throne room. Vrong turned around and when the light disappeared, Greq was kneeling in the room.

"What the hell are you doing back?" Vrong asked confused.

"6 bullet holes and a burnt back, would that suffice?" Greq snickered slowly.

"Geez!" Vrong said staring at his back.

Greq’s back was almost completely burnt with 2nd degree burns. 6 bullet holes were in his right side.

"You look like hell." Vrong chuckled. "Go to the infirmary and fix yourself up."

Greq walked towards the left door, which led to the infirmary. Vrong pressed a green button on the chair.

"You’ll be getting a visitor in a minute, emperor." Vrong informed Rex.

"Who would that be?" Rex asked loudly.

"Greq." Vrong stated.

"…Alright." Rex responded.

A large thump sound came from behind Vrong.

"Greq, the infirmary is that way." Vrong said pointing to his left.

"Ha. Well, I’m not Greq, little man."

"Who is it then?" Vrong asked concerned.

A large bear claw came from behind the chair and grabbed Vrong at the neck.

"You got three guesses, and the first two don’t count."


Rex squeezed his pendant and pointed at Macs. A gray light appeared around him. The now 95% cybernetic implanted Macs stood up.

"Where… am I… now?" Macs said slowly.

"In my fortress." Rex told him. "You died… again!"

"I couldn’t help it… someone threw a grenade at me." Macs pleaded.

"Don’t worry about it." Rex said smiling. "The PKHQ is now destroyed, and out of our way."

Suddenly, the door to the infirmary opened and Greq walked in.

"What happened to you, Greq?" Rex asked angrily.

"Hell, that’s what." Greq said snickering. "One of their friends shot me with a revolver and then with a… BIG gun!"

"Humph!" Rex said walking to Tresa. "Robot, fix him up."

"Now what?" Tresa asked quickly.

"The remains of the PKHQ crashed on Sosade." Rex informed her. "I want you and Vrong to go there and kill anything that’s moving, got it?"

"Yes, emperor." Tresa said getting out of the cot.

"Vrong, get down here now!" Rex yelled hitting the blue button on the wall.

Nobody answered.

"Vrong, are you there?" Rex asked louder.

"…I’m sorry, but your pet is busy at the moment. Call back in a few minutes, okay?"

"Who the hell is this?" Rex screamed.

"…I don’t know… Who is this?"

"Answer me, damn it!" Rex demanded.

"…I’m leaving right now anyway. Let’s just say, I’m going to do to you what you did to me. Bye!"

"Tresa, get up there and kill whoever that is!" Rex ordered.

"Yes, emperor." Tresa said running to the door.


Audra slowly dragged the girl and the Rocket Launcher down a corridor, where she hoped led to Nathan and everyone else. A few minutes before, she passed George’s body, which almost had her sick.

I going to seriously HURT the person who…

"Ung…" the girl blurted out suddenly.

"She’s waking up." Audra murmured.

Audra put the girl down and waited for her to talk.

"…Wh… Where… am I?" She asked slowly.

"You’re in a GRF base." Audra informed her.

"Who… who are you?" She asked looking up.

"Audra. Who might you be?" Audra responded.

"I’m… Fiona." She told her.

Well, it’s her.

"Do you have a weapon?" Audra asked quickly walking away.

"Yeah, why?" Fiona said pulling out a shotgun strapped to her back.

"Clian and the others are somewhere up here, possibly…" Audra started.

"Clian? Where?" Fiona said getting up quickly.

"Somewhere down there." Audra informed her pointing down the hall.

"Let’s go then." Fiona said catching up to her.


S. D.

"…Cough, Cough! Ung… he… huh?"

Axle slowly opened his eyes and looked around the hall. About 10 feet in front of him, the hallway collapsed.

"He… Di… Dior… Dior?" Axle said half-awake.

Axle looked behind him to see a small puddle on the ground. The puddle slowly formed into Dior.

"You… you ok?" Axle asked.

Dior nodded.

"Where… is every… everyone else?" Axle said looking back down the hall.

"Um, a little help here?"

Axle and Dior turned around and saw 098 trying to come out of the debris in front of them.

"You… know where everyone… else is?" Axle asked helping 098 out.

"In the debris, no doubt." 098 informed them.

"Dior, can you go check?" Axle asked.

Dior nodded, and then turned into a liquid form. He then traveled into the debris, and came out the other side. Sicaor was laying about 20 feet from the debris, and Ion’s left leg was in the debris. Dior turned back into a liquid and went back to the other side.

"Are they there?" Axle asked quickly.

Dior nodded.

"Let’s try and find another way around, ok?" Axle suggested.

098 and Dior nodded, and walked beside Axle in the other direction.


C. M. F.

"Who’s he?" Merlin asked looking at the changeling.

"He’s Salis." Fiop informed him. "One of Rex’s minions."

Salis nodded to Fiop definition.

"What do you want?" Clian asked looking at Salis.

Salis pointed to Clian, Fiop and Merlin, and made his fist like a gun and fired.

"Why?" Merlin demanded.

Salis said nothing, and pointed Nathan’s gun at Merlin.

Don’t touch them, Salis.

Salis looked around the room and smiled. Obviously, he knew Huras’s voice.

Redls stood up and pulled out her HSRR.

"Get out of my way! I have other things to do." Redls demanded.

Salis gave a strange look at Redls. He then pointed Nathan’s gun at her, and shot her leg. Redls screamed as she fell back to the floor.

"Leave." Merlin ordered putting his hand together. "Frizi, Wissa, Exlilii!"

A small, dark-blue energy ball appeared in Merlin’s hands. The ball then suddenly shot out and hit Salis. Immediately, Salis froze.

"What was that?" Fiop asked curiously.

"A new spell." Merlin said grinning.

Clian went over and untied Merlin while Fiop went over to Redls.

"You okay?" Fiop asked quietly.

"I’m fine." Redls said pushing her away. "Let’s just go."

The group of four started to walk towards the door…

When a large blast could be heard down the hall outside. Salis’s body then shattered in hundreds of pieces.

"Who the…?" Clian asked in shock.

Just then, Audra and Fiona appeared at the door.

"Hey, miss me?" Fiona stated sarcastically.